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Deeds of the estate of the Robarts family of Tile House, Lillingstone Dayrell, in Lillingston Dayrell and vicinity

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Reference D210
Covering dates 1611-1922
Held by Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Extent 5 series
Conditions of access Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated
Creators Robarts family of Tile House, Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckinghamshire
Related information A pedigree of Dayrell is given in G Lipscomb, History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, Vol III, pp 32-33
The descent of the manor of Lillingstone Dayrell in the Dayrell family is traced in Victoria County History, Buckinghamshire, Vol IV, p 187ff
For other Dayrell papers see Bucks Record Office D 22

These documents represent the contents of a single large metal deed box inscribed "Tilehouse Estate" which was retrieved by the depositor from a firm of London solicitors. They comprise deeds and other evidences of title of properties purchased by successive members of the Robarts family, London bankers, in Lillingstone Dayrell, Akeley and Stowe from Baring, Grenville, Dayrell and others between 1801 and 1922. Included are numerous family settlements, wills, mortgages, etc, of two branches of the old-established family of Dayrell of Lillingstone, whose entire estates were absorbed, as well as particulars of the estate of Richard Dayrell, 1765, and a map showing Marmaduke Dayrell's estate in 1773
The Robarts were at first absentee proprietors, but were evidently resident in Lillingstone Dayrell by 1863, when a county directory lists Abraham John Robarts, JP, at Lillingstone House
Many of the documents were found loose and disarranged while some others were roughly tied together in no apparent order; several original bundles of earlier deeds had come undone and have been wholly or partly reconstituted
D210/1-6 Deeds of estate in Lillingstone Dayrell formerly held by a junior branch of the Dayrell family [Tile House estate] purchased by Abraham Robarts from Baring in 1801
D210/1-5 Deeds 1611-1733 of various small properties added to the estate by Dayrell between 1681 and 1733
D210/6 Deeds of the whole estate, 1682-1801
D210/7-15 Deeds of various properties in Lillingstone, Akeley and Stowe purchased from Grenville and others between 1842 and 1847
D210/7 Lands (222a) purchased from Roper's trustees, 1725-1844
D210/8-11 Broadnetts Wood, Stockholt Farm and other properties purchased from Grenville, 1805-1856
D210/12 Lands (44a) in Stowe
D210/13-15 Akeley Woods and other lands purchased from New College, Oxford, 1866-1868, 1876
D210/16-24 Deeds of estate in Lillingstone Dayrell and Akeley purchased by Abraham John Robarts, from Dayrell in 1887
D210/16-23 Deeds 1687-1882 of various Dayrell purchases, exchanges etc between 1806 and 1882
D210/24 Deeds of the whole estate, 1659-1887
D210/25-29 Deeds of various properties purchased by A J Robarts from Grenville and others between 1889 and 1922 including
D210/26,28 Park lands etc in Stowe, 1897, 1922
D210/27 Estate (741a) in Biddlesden, Stowe and Lillingstone purchased from Loder, 1914
D210/30-31 Miscellaneous papers, 1878, 1936

Estate in Lillingstone Dayrell formerly held by a junior branch of the Dayrell family [Tile House estate] purchased by Abraham Robarts from Baring in 1801  [no ref. or date]

Various individual small properties added to the estate by Dayrell between 1681 and 1733  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance [Lease (Release missing)]  D210/1  22 Jun 1681

(1) Isaac Carter of Heather, Linc, clerk and prebendary of Heather, and Ursula [Carter], his wife
(2) Marmaduke Dayrell of Gray's Inn, esq
5 closes, late parcel of a coppice called Three Slades at Chapel Green Lane

Conveyance  D210/2  28 Jan 1692/3

(1) Matthew Wilkes of Lillingstone Dayrell, gent
(2) Marmaduke Dayrell
Messuage and land (c 34a) formerly part of Postern
Coppice and piece of land part of Hoback Lane

Deeds of estate of Edward Gibbon  D210/3  1611-1725

1 bundle

Purchased by Francis Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell, esq, from the directors of the South Sea Company by deed of 3 June 1725 under an Act of 7 George I for raising money upon the estates of the late directors of the Company. Little Rueth/Tilehouse was purchased by Raph Ingram from Paul Dayrell in 1655 and Upper Rueth by Thomas Ligo from Paul Dayrell the elder and Paul Dayrell the younger in the same year. They were both purchased from Ligo by Thomas Atterbury in 1686 and conveyed to Edward Gibbon in 1720
Tilehouse or Little Rueth close (16a), 1611-1725
Messuage (from 1702) and 3 closes (62a) formerly (before 1702)
Upper Rueth close and sheep pens, 1655-1725
The deeds include
Marriage settlement of Paul Dayrell, youngest son of Edmund Dayrell, of Lamport, esq, and Frances Johnson, one of the daughters of Thomas Johnson, doctor of physic, of the City of London decd, 1628/29
Copy will of Rapell Ingram of Akeley, husbandman, proved 1659

Deeds of property purchased by Francis Dayrell of Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, esq, from Hartley Sandwell of Radclive, gent, 1-2 Dec 1732  D210/4  1615-1732

1 bundle

2 closes called Monks meadow (24a), 1615-1732
Dead Hicke coppice (22a), 1615
Earlier purchasers were were Thomas Egerton (from Sir Thomas Dayrell, kt, and Thomas Dayrell, his son and heir), 1615, and William Hartley, 1671
Deeds include copy will of William Hartley, 1708

Deeds of property purchased by Francis Dayrell of Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, esq, from Elizabeth Lea, widow, and others 14 Mar 1732/33  D210/5  1664-1733

7 items

Dead Hicke wood or coppice (22a) Purchased by Peter Dayrell the younger from Thomas Egerton 1664. Described as "newly converted to tillage" in 1708
Deeds include abstract of title 1615-1709 with pedigree chart endorsed showing descendants of Peter Dayrell [Elizabeth Lea a grandchild]

Deeds of whole Tile House estate  D210/6  1682-1801

Comprising (in 1801) the manor or reputed manor of Lillingstone Dayrell and lands (625a) including mansion house called the Tile House and farms called Tile House, High Elms, Great Oak, Honey Hill and Chapel Green
Some deeds also refer to land in Stowe and to property in the town of Buckingham
The estate descended in a junior branch of the Dayrell family: see VCH Bucks, vol iv p187

Dayrell family settlements, mortgages etc, referring to all, or parts of, the estate  D210/6/1  1682-1794

11 items

Includes marriage settlement of Marmaduke Dayrell of Grays Inn and Mary Glascock, gentlewoman, daughter of William Glascock of Farnham. Essex, esq. 1682, 1765-1794

Deeds relating to conveyance of the estate from Marmaduke Dayrell to Sir Lionel Darell of Richmond, Surrey, bt 28/29 Sep 1795  D210/6/2  1795

Deeds relating to conveyance from Sir Lionel Darell, bt, to Sir Francis Baring of the City of London, bt, 1797 and from Baring to Abraham Robarts of Finsbury Square, Middlesex, esq, 10-11 Apr 1801  D210/6/3  1773-1801

Includes "Plan and accurate Survey of the estate of Marmaduke Dayrell Esqr...surveyed by Benjamin Waddington by the order of Mr Josh Butler 1773" (parchment), found loosely inserted in 1801 deed. 1797-1801, 1773

Office copies made 1791-1795, of family settlements etc of Dayrell estates in Bucks and Lincs  D210/6/4  1716-1796

13 items

Includes: Marriage articles of Francis Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell, esq, and Elizabeth Whitcombe of St James, Westminster, 1716
Will of Sir Marmaduke Dayrell of Shudy Camps, Cambs, kt, proved 1730
Will of Francis Dayrell of Shudy Camps, proved 1760
Will and codicil of Marmaduke Dayrell of Shudy Camps, proved 1790

Miscellaneous Dayrell estate papers  D210/6/5  1712-1740

6 items

Including: grant to Francis Dayrell of site for a pew in Lillingstone Dayrell church, 1718
Cases with legal opinions endorsed relating to estates in Lincolnshire, 1732/33, 1740/41

Various properties in Lillingstone Dayrell, Akeley and Stowe purchased from Grenville and others  [no ref.]  1842-1877

Documents relating to lands in Lillingstone Dayrell formerly Jeaffreson  D210/7  1725-1844

1 bundle

Purchased 27 Sep 1842 by Abraham Wildey Robarts of Lombard Street in the City of London, esq, from trustees for sale under the will of John Roper of Grafton Regis, Northants, gent
Lands (222a) in Lillingstone Dayrell
The property was purchased by John Roper from Christopher Jeaffreson 1808. Some deeds refer also to property in Dullingham, Cambs. Includes
Copy wills of Christopher Jeaffreson of Dullingham, Cambs, esq 1725, 1789
Copy will of John Roper of Grafton Regis 1838
Extracts from Kitelee and Dixon wills 1796-1834

Conveyance and related item 10 Jul 1845, 1845  D210/8  1845

2 items

(1) Richard, Marquis of Chandos
(2) A W Robarts
Lands (c36a) called Broadnetts Wood and Broadnetts
Stripe in Lillingstone Dayrell

Deeds relating to farm and lands (90a) in Lillingstone Dayrell  D210/9  1848-1849

Conveyance  D210/9/1  16 Jan 1849

1 outsize deed

(1) Richard, Marquis of Chandos and others
(2) A W Robarts

Abstracts of title (from 1775), legal opinions and other conveyancing papers, includes auction sale particulars of the Hillesden estate and other lands [Lillingstone Dayrell farm is Lot 6]  D210/9/2  1848

1 large bundle

Attested copies of mortgages etc relating to Grenville family estates (4 Jan 1827), [watermarks 1833, 1848, 1849  D210/9/3  1833, 1844-1848

8 items

Includes; Copy apportionment and release from E F Dayrell and Laetitia his wife (n,e Lyster) and others to Richard, Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, referring to Lamport House and other lands etc in Stowe, (4 Jan 1827) [wmk 1833]

Documents relating to property in Akeley  D210/10  1805-1856

Administrative history:
Purchased by A W Robarts by conveyance of 18 Feb 1856 from Granville Pigott as trustee for sale for Grenville estate purchased at auction Stockholt [called Stockwell 1805-1855] (190a) in Akeley [Purchase deed has plan and schedule] The property was purchased by George, Marquess of Buckingham from Robert, Lord Carrington, in 1805

Grenville family mortgages, assignments etc, includes: Conveyance to Robarts  D210/10/1  1805-1856

1 bundle

Abstracts of title (from 1784) to Stockholt Farm and related conveyancing papers  D210/10/2  1855-1856

1 bundle

Incomplete copy of auction sale particulars of Grenville estates in Northants and Bucks 1855
Schedule of deeds (from 1805)
Declarations by Thomas Beards and others as to title

Deeds relating to property purchased by A W Robarts of Lombard Street, City of London, esq, from Richard, Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, and others by conveyance dated 18 Feb 1856  D210/11  1855-1856

4 items

Farmhouse and land (13a) in Stowe (Plan on deed)
Covenant to produce deeds also refers to property in D210/12

Conveyance  D210/12  17 Apr 1856

Related information: See also D210/11

(1) Francis Barchard of Horsted Place, Sussex esq
(2) A W Robarts
Lands called Rueth (44a) in Stowe

Deeds of property purchased from New College, Oxford by Abraham John Robarts of Lillingstone Dayrell esq  D210/13  1805-1866

17 items

By conveyance of 24 Jan 1866 Akeley Woods (172a), formerly part of Stockholt Woods and keeper's house [plan on deed]
Including: Copy College counterpart leases of demesne land in Akeley, 1805-1807
Rough tracing of plan of New College estate in Akeley 1600 by Thomas Langdon nd
Abstract of title from 1796
Found with D210/14 in parcel labelled "Okeley [sic] Woods - deeds (2 purchases)"

Deeds of property conveyed to A J Robarts from New College, Oxford by deed of 25 March 1868  D210/14  1868

7 items

Pieces of wood (9a) adjoining Akeley Woods. Includes abstracts of title (2) from 1784
Found with D210/13 in parcel labelled "Okeley [sic] Woods - Deeds (2 purchases)"

Deeds of New College, Oxford, estate conveyed to A J Robarts by deed of 11 Oct 1876 Lands in Akeley (66a) [plan on deed]; Includes abstract of title from 1796 and related papers  D210/15  1876

6 items

Dayrell estate in Lillingstone Dayrell and Akeley purchased by E M Dayrell in 1887  [no ref.]  1659-1887

Various Dayrell purchases etc  [no ref.]  1806-1882

Deed of exchange  D210/16  14-15 Jul 1806

2 items

(1) William, Bishop of Bangor, devisee of Richard Dayrell, late of Lillingstone Dayrell decd
(2) Trustees for the Marquess of Buckingham
Messuage called the Manor House and lands in Thornborough exchanged for estate in Lillingstone Dayrell comprising the manor house and lands (163a)
This appears to be part of the property conveyed to Earl Temple in 1765; see D210/24/1

Deeds relating to land in Akeley purchased by Captain E F Dayrell RN from the devisees of Rev Henry Rede Quartley decd (EFD admitted 29 Apr 1840) 1687-1841,1875  D210/17  1687-1875

1 bundle

Copyhold farm and lands (58a) in Akeley
Includes: Abstract of title 1839 (from 1758)
Auction sale particulars for estates in Akely, Leckhampstead and Beachampton 1838, endorsed with sale contract for Lot 3
Copy marriage settlement of Rev Henry Quartley and Miss Constantia Reade 1782
Copy marriage settlement of Edward Hobson esq and Miss Esther Reade Quartley 1828
[Has original wrapper - admissions found separately

Deeds of copyhold estate in Akeley to which E F Dayrell was admitted 29 Apr 1840 on the surrender of John Haddon Copyhold estate (65a) in Akeley. 1709-1842, 1868, 1875  D210/18  1709-1875

1 bundle

Includes: Plan of estate with tenancy agreement between Richard Haddon and John Hollom 1810 endorsed
Abstract of title 1841
Has original wrapper - admissions found separately

Agreement for exchange of lands under the Inclosure Acts  D210/19  6 Aug 1864

(1) E F Dayrell
(2) Charles, Lord Southampton
EFD exchanges 20a for c 30a in Lillingstone Dayrell

Copy order for exchange of lands  D210/20  12 Dec 1867

(1) Charles, Lord Southampton
(2) E F Dayrell
(1) exchanges 27a in Lillingstone Dayrell for 20a in Whittlebury, Northants (with plans)

Assignment  D210/21  24 Mar 1869

(1) Charles, Lord Southampton
(2) E F Dayrell
Leasehold land (3a) in Lillingstone Dayrell (with plan)

Conveyance and Mortgage  D210/22  11 Oct 1876

2 items

(1) New College, Oxford
(2) E F Dayrell
Mortgage by EFD
Leasehold lands (42a) in Akeley

Copy conveyance  D210/23  15 Jan 1881

(1) Board of Guardians of Buckingham PLU
(2) E F Dayrell
Piece of land in Akeley used as a gravel pit

Deeds and papers relating to the whole Lillingstone Dayrell estate  D210/24  1659-1887

Administrative history:
Conveyed from Captain Edward Marmaduke Dayrell RN and his mortgagees to Abraham John Robarts in 1887 [Conveyance missing]
Manor of Lillingstone Dayrell and lands etc (685a) in Lillingstone Dayrell and Akeley
The estate descended in the senior branch of the Dayrell family during this period. Under the will of Richard Dayrell (d 1800) which is cited in a settlement of 1836, a distant relation, Edmund Francis Dayrell, grandson of Thomas Dayrell of Barbados and father of EMD, eventually inherited

Original bundle comprising family settlements (1659, 1742), mortgages, assignments, wills etc  D210/24/1  1659-1765

Relating to the conveyance from the Rev Richard Dayrell DD to Richard, Earl Temple, by deeds dated 26, 27 April 1765 of the whole estate, of the manor house and 292a land were an outright sale and the remainder in trust for the vendor subject to family settlement of 1742
Includes: copy will of Peter Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell esq 1671; marriage settlement of Richard Dayrell of Lillingstone Dayrell and Ann Langham, spinster, daughter of Sir John Langham of Cottesbrook, Northants, baronet, 21, 22 Dec 1742, with schedule of lands attached (297a)
Probate of will of Paul Dayrell of Buckingham, gent 1755; particulars of the estate of Rev Mr Dayrell [c300a, map reference numbers given], 1765
Exemplification (1803) of will of Paul Dayrell of Knig's County in New York State [USA], esq 1802 and administration 1805; schedule of deeds 1659-1765 [some deeds in the bundle are omitted] nd; endorsed with lawyer's receipt for same etc 1848

Miscellaneous papers found in D210/24/1  D210/24/2  1837-1858, nd

8 items

Comprising: declarations made by Mrs Frances Dayrell (widow of Rev John Langham Dayrell), William Cleaver and Mrs Frances Martin, (concerning the beneficiaries under the will of Richard Dayrell dated 1794, etc) 1837; notices 1848 relating to E F Dayrell's 1839 settlement; agreements as to custody of deeds 1852, 1858, etc

Disentailing deed of Richard Dayrell esq  D210/24/3  19 Jun 1779

2 items

Of messuage and lands (338a) previously settled by his parents' marriage settlement of 1742, together with Saunders Coppice (28a) in Lillingstone and Stowe, late the estate of Paul Dayrell of Buckingham, his great-uncle, decd

Settlements made by E F Dayrell dated 30,31 August 1836 and 23,24 August 1837, and mortgage to secure £12700, 2, 3 Dec 1839  D210/24/4  1836-1839

6 items

The settlements refer also to estates in Thornborough and in Kent and Bedfordshire

Deeds and documents comprising deeds relating to mortgages secured on the estate 1852-1858 and appointment of trustee of E F Dayrell's marriage settlement of 27, 28 Oct 1823 [recited], 1852  D210/24/5  1852-1858

5 items

Deeds and documents comprising mortgages and related papers  D210/24/6  1882-1887

Statutory declaration of Thomas Smith, former bailiff of the Lillingstone estate relating to the provenance and status of various portions of the estate 22 Dec 1883 (plan tracing attached)
Lease of the manor house to J W McClintock Bunbury of Malpas, Cheshire, esq, for 21 years, 10 May 1884; and other papers

Akeley estate: Mortages and other general deeds relating to mainly copyhold estate in Akeley only, including copy surrender to the use of AJ Robarts 1887  D210/24/7  1875-1887

7 items, some documents are copies

Sale to Robarts: abstract of title (from 1779) of Capt Edmund Marmaduke Dayrell and his mortgagees, with map tracing of the estate (total of 685a) attached  D210/24/8  1887

Sale to Robarts: papers including requisitions on title; abstracts of title to the Akely copyhold and freehold estate; counsel's opinions concerning title  D210/24/9  1887

6 items

Sale to Robarts: "Lillingstone Dayrell Mortgage"  D210/24/10  1882-1887

Papers including civil registration certificates apparently relating to title, extracted 1882-1887
Also accounts of succession duty on death of E F Dayrell (d 1880)

Documents relating to the redemption of an annuity charged on the Lillingstone estate by the will of E F Dayrell in favour of Rhoda Ann Stevens  D210/24/11  1889

Later purchases of properties in Akeley, Stowe and elsewhere  [no ref.]  1889-1922

Conveyance and related papers  D210/25  21 Aug 1889

10 items

(1) James Bogle Delap of Lillingstone Lovell esq
(2) A J Robarts
Lands (45a) in Akeley and Lillingstone Dayrell
(Includes plan)
Related papers include abstract of title from 1849

Conveyance and related papers  D210/26  31 Jul 1897

(1) Mary, Baroness Kinloss, and others
(2) A J Robarts
Park land (46a) in Stowe (includes plan)
Related papers include: Abstracts of title from 1847
Valuation of timber at Stowe Park

Conveyance and related papers  D210/27  2 Oct 1914

7 items

(1) Sir Edmund Giles Loder, bt, of Leonardsleee, Horsham, Sussex, and others
(2) A J Robarts
Estate (741a) in Biddlesden, Stowe and Lillingstone Dayrell comprising farms called Woodlands, Blackpit, The Fogs and The Crouch (Includes plan)
Also other related items, 1903-1944

Conveyance  D210/28  11 Mar 1922

(1) The Master of Kinloss of Tostock Place, Suffolk
(2) A J Robarts
Lands etc (244a) in Stowe with Deer Barn farmhouse and circular house called the Bourbon Tower (Includes plan)
Also abstract of title 1885

"Stowe Riding Purchase 1914"; Papers [deeds missing] apparently referring to the purchase of part of the Whittlebury [Northants] estate in 1914  D210/29  1914-1918

Miscellaneous papers  [no ref. or date]

Certificate of contract for the redemption of land tax and related bill [see D210/7] property in Lillingstone Dayrell formerly Roper purchased in 1842 (plan tracing attached)  D210/30  1878

2 items

Solicitor's letter and related receipt relating to conveyance 26 April 1887 of the freehold parts of the Lillingstone Dayrell estate  D210/31  8, 15 April 1936

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