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Redifon Air Trainers Ltd, Aylesbury: papers from the office of Mr Bryan Hyde, Personnel Manager

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Reference D 199
Covering dates 1956-1973
Held by Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Extent 197 files

No further details   Pension and Life Assurance Schemes; (Air Trainers Ltd)  D/199/8/1  1948
No further details   1958 Pension Fund and Life Assurance Scheme; (General Precision Systems Ltd)  D/199/8/2  1963

Folder icon  Copy Deed of Appointment of new Trustees and Change of Name of Pension Fund  D/199/8/7  (27 Jan 1972)

These documents are held at Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

2 copies

1 Redifon Flight Simulation Ltd (formerly Redifon Air Trainers Ltd)
2 Sir Walter Pretty of Chippings, Icklingham, Cobham, Surrey, Edgar James of 43 Sloane Ave Mansions, London SW3
(The Retiring Trustees)
3 Timothy Arthur Cross of 106 Somerset Road, Wimbledon, London SW 19 and Eric William Warren of Amherst, Sandy Lane, Kingswood, Surrey
(The Continuing Trustees)
4 Vere Chance of 2 Milburn Walk, Epsom, Surrey and
David William Roberts of 23 Court Farm, Warlingham, Surrey
(The New Trustees)
Appointing new trustees and changing name of Fund from Redifon Air Trainers Limited 1958 Pension Fund to Redifon
Flight Simulation Limited 1958 Pension Fund

No further details   Minutes of meeting re pensions  D/199/8/8  1972
No further details   Industrial Pension Schemes; (Industrial Welfare Society booklet)  D/199/8/9  1956
No further details   Fringe Benefits for Pensioners; (Institute of Personnel Management Information Report)  D/199/8/10  1969
No further details   Superannuation Fund & Life Assurance Scheme (Works); (Bifurcated and Tubular Rivet Co Ltd)  D/199/8/11  1965
No further details   Superannuation Fund and Life Assurance Scheme (Staff); (Bifurcated and Tubular Rivet Co Ltd)  D/199/8/12  1965
No further details   British Aircraft Company Ltd Pension plan  D/199/8/13  1971

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