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Reference P5
Covering dates 1566-1996
Held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service
Extent approximately 621 files
Creators Church of England, Eaton Socon Parish, Bedfordshire

Licences for Incumbent or Curate etc.  P5/0  [n.d.]

Receipts for Archdeacon's procurations  P5/0/1  1800 - 1805

5 items

Episcopal licence to Henry Walter Beauford, clerk, Vicar of Eaton Socon to be absent from the benefice until 1 Nov. 1809, on account of "the Vicarage House being quite a ruin and being about to be rebuilt in another situation"  P5/0/2  22 October 1808

Copy Episcopal licence to Henry Walter Beauford, Vicar, to be absent from the benefice until 31 Dec. 1817, on account of "the actual illness of your wife and the situation of Eaton having been found injurious to it, as duly certified by Dr. Baird", with covering letter (printed) from the Deputy Registrar ordering fees to be paid to bearer.  P5/0/3  29 July 1816

Copy licence to John Frederick Amos, clerk, B.A., to perform the office of Stipendiary curate at Eaton Socon, at an annual stipend of £100 plus surplice fees, on condition that he resides in the parish  P5/0/4  14 March 1843

[no title or date]  P5/0/5-9

Conditions of access: numbers not used

Register of Services (Strange Preachers)  P5/0/10  1921 - 1931

Register of Services  P5/0/11  1931 - 1939

Register of Services  P5/0/12  1939 - 1945

Register of Services  P5/0/13  1945 - 1950

Register of Services  P5/0/14  1950 - 1956

Register of Services  P5/0/15  1956 - 1963

Register of Services  P5/0/16  1963 - 1969

Register of Services  P5/0/17  1969 - 1979

Register of Services  P5/0/18  1979 - 1986

Register of Services  P5/0/19  1986 - 1990

Register of Services  P5/0/20  1990 - 1995

Parish registers  P5/1  [n.d.]

microfilmed as follows: Baptisms 1567-1875, Marriages 1572-1875, and Burials 1566-1850, see MIC 184/15-17.

Transcribed and indexed to 1812 see B.P.R.S. Vol.74

General register  P5/1/1  1566-1645

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

Baptisms 1566 - 1645
Marriages 1572 - 1645
Burials 1566 - 1645
Also contains numerous memoranda, mostly transcribed in full in B.P.R.S. Vol.74, p.378. These include (among entries 1615) note of reading of 39 articles by Robert White, clerk, Vicar of Eaton Socon on 28 January 1615; and (last page) entries relating to the Spenser family 1588-1634

General register  P5/1/2  1646-1703

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

Baptisms 1646-1649, 1653-1703
Marriages 1653 - 1703
Burials 1653 - 1703
Also contains numerous memoranda, mostly transcribed in full in B.P.R.S. Vol.74, pp. 378-386. These include: (at front) list of children born and not baptised, 1696-1700 (among entries 1661) note of induction of Martin Johnson as Vicar on 3 August 1661, and notes on his family. (1686/7) Note of induction of Martin Bassett as Vicar 29 July 1686 (among marriage entries, 1703) Terrier of the land belonging to Joseph Worland, late of Eaton Socon, deceased, in the fields of Wyboston, taken by John Tounsley because the deeds to the land had been destroyed in a fire at the house of Ann Worland, widow, 1694 (last page) note on disputed presentation to the Living, and on the inductions of John Robinson and Joseph Bassett, clerks, 1686 (inside front cover) Note that John Robinson was thrown out of the Vicarage, 1686

General register  P5/1/3  1704-1760

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

Baptisms 1704 - 1760
Marriages 1704 - 1754
Burials 1704 - 1760
Also contains numerous memoranda, mostly transcribed in full in B.P.R.S. Vol.74, pp. 378-386. These include: (front cover) directions for making register entries [pasted inside cover], n.d. [c.1710]
(Among entries, 1739) Note on Presentation and Induction of William Capel as Vicar, 26 December 1738
(Among entries, 1743) Copy of application form to the Corporation for Clergyman's sons for pensions for widows etc., n.d.
(At back) Register of Briefs, 1723-1737
(At back) List of Children of dissenters, 1704-5, 1738. Note on tithes, n.d.

Register of Baptisms; Burials  P5/1/4  1760-1812

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

1760-1772, 1804-1812
1760-1772, 1804-1812

Register of Baptisms; Burials  P5/1/5  1773-1802

1773 - 1799, 1802-3
1773-1786, 1788-1799, 1802 [...] -

Register of Marriages; Banns of Marriage  P5/1/6  1754 - 1788

1754 - 1787
1754 - 1788

Register of Marriages; Banns of Marriage  P5/1/7  1788-1812

1788 - 1812
1788 - 1812

Marriages  P5/1/8  1813 - 1837

Baptisms  P5/1/9  1813 - 1837

Baptisms  P5/1/10  1837 - 1864

Baptisms  P5/1/11  1864 - 1899

Marriages  P5/1/12  1837 - 1864

Marriages  P5/1/13  1864 - 1897

Marriages  P5/1/14  1897 - 1905

Burials  P5/1/15  1813 - 1850

Burials  P5/1/16  1850 - 1892

Burials  P5/1/17  1892 - 1925

Baptisms  P5/1/18  1900 - 1953

Marriages  P5/1/19  1905 - 1928

Marriages  P5/1/20  1928 - 1937

Marriages  P5/1/21  1937 - 1943

Marriages  P5/1/22  1943 - 1964

Banns of Marriage  P5/1/23  1956 - 1964

Banns of Marriage  P5/1/24  1964 - 1971

Banns of Marriage  P5/1/25  1971 - 1986

Marriages  P5/1/26  1964 - 1980

Marriages  P5/1/27  1980 - 1988

Confirmation list  P5/1/28  1921 - 1922

Baptisms  P5/1/29  1953 - 1989

Baptisms  P5/1/30  1989 - 1993

Banns of Marriage  P5/1/31  1986 - 1993

Marriages  P5/1/32  1988 - 1996

Glebe, Church, Churchyard and Parsonage  P5/2  [n.d.]

Terrier and Inventory  P5/2/1/1  1925 - 1933, 1952

Rural Dean's copy 2 April 1925, revised and amended following the destruction of the church and its furnishings etc. by fire on 8th February 1930, with supplementary lists of ornaments and furnishings in the church, 1932, all countersigned by the Archdeacon of Bedford on 12 April 1933
Statement of benefice income, 1945; letter from Helena C.Higham [widow of Rev.E.P.Higham] concerning the gift of her husband's communion set etc., 11 August 1952

Notice of intended transfer of right of presentation to the Vicarage of Eaton Socon from Evelyn Hurst of Great Missenden, Bucks., to Ewan William Harper of Tichmarsh, Northants., with covering letter from the St.Albans Diocesan Registrar  P5/2/1/2  20 March 1984

CHURCH  P5/2/2  [n.d.]

Administrative history:
The Church was destroyed by fire on the night of Saturday February 8th, 1930, and subsequently rebuilt over a period of two years according to the plans and specifications of Professor (later Sir) Albert Richardson, of Richardson and Gill, architects. The fire was first noticed in the organ chamber at 8.40 p.m., and the flames soon engulfed the whole building. All the internal fittings were destroyed, but the registers and plate were rescued from the Vestry.
Within a few days of the fire, the Vestry was prepared as a chapel with a temporary altar, but it was too small to be used for the main services and Morning and Evening services were held in the School from 16th February. The restored Chancel was dedicated on Easter Eve, by the Bishop of St.Alban on 25 June 1932.

Volume containing list of donations (with names, residence, and sum given) to the Rebuilding Fund (total £20,139 14s. 9d.), record of daily collections from boxes on the church walls and gates from 13 Feb. to 24 Oct. 1930 (total £141 9s. 4d.), monthly statements of funds, list of promised donations, and other notes concerning the Fund.  P5/2/2/1  1930

Rebuilding Fund Account book  P5/2/2/2  1930 - 1936

Analysed receipts and payments, also containing Church accounts 1938-1944.

Plans by Richardson and Gill, F.F.R.I.B.A., architects, 41 Russell Square, London WC1, for the proposed rebuilding of St. Mary's, Eaton Socon. Part coloured. Scale 8':1". 20"x26".  P5/2/2/3  n.d. [1930]

1. Ground plan, with plans of tower at Ringing Chamber, belfry, and battlements. Directions regarding surviving architectural features and materials etc. n.d. [1930]
2. Longitudinal section, and sections through Nave and Chancel (looking West), with directions etc. n.d. [1930]
3. North elevation, and longitudinal section (looking South) n.d. [1930]
4. South, West and East elevations. n.d. [1930]

Prints of above plans (nos.1-4) by Richardson and Gill for the rebuilding of the Church  P5/2/2/4  n.d. [1930]

5 items - two copies (slightly different) of no.2

Print of a plan by Richardson and Gill, architects, for the proposed restoration of the Tower. Drawing No. 5, scale 4': 1". Plans of ringing chamber, clock chamber and roof, and two sections. 28" x 29".  P5/2/2/5  n.d. [1930/31]

Print of a plan by Richardson and Gill, architects. Drawing No.7, scale 2': 1". Cross section showing the tower arch and windows at west end of North and South aisles. 28" x 35".  P5/2/2/6  n.d. [1930/31]

Design for stained glass for the East window in the Chancel, signed by A.E.Richardson F.S.A., Ampthill and London, of Richardson and Gill, architects.  P5/2/2/7  April 1932

pen and pencil on green tinted tracing paper, with unattached gloss white paper backing

Panels include the arms of St.Alban (twice), Matthew Paris, and Wolsey, and figures of Bishop Hugh of Lincoln, St.George, and St.Etheldreda above arms (respectively) of Lincoln, England, and Ely.

Design by Richardson and Gill of proposed wall decoration for the East wall of the Chancel.  P5/2/2/8  9 May 1935

pencil and crayon on paper

Scale 2': 1". Coloured. 27½" x 26".

Design by Richardson and Gill of proposed wall decoration for the East wall of the Chancel.  P5/2/2/9  13 May 1935

pencil and watercolour on tracing paper

Scale 2': 1". Coloured. 30" x 28".

Letter from A.E.Richardson FRIBA of Richardson & Gill, architects, to the Rev.J.T.Antrobus, Hatfield, Herts., concerning copies of drawings for the restoration of Eaton Socon church sent to Antrobus at the request of the Rector  P5/2/2/10  11 July 1930

Design by Richardson & Gill for proposed screen and rood for St.Mary's, Eaton Socon, with West elevation, section looking North, plan, and principal details.  P5/2/2/11  n.d. [c.1930]

ink and watercolour on paper

One inch scale. 62" x 30".

Perspective elevation of church interior looking east from nave towards high altar, captioned "Rough diagram sketch showing Parclose Screens, Rood Screen, pulpit, choir stalls, etc" signed by "Richardson & Gill, architects, London".  P5/2/2/12  December 1931

pencil and watercolour on paper

28¾" x 31½"

Plans (2) of St.Mary's Church, Eaton Socon, signed by Cory & Ferguson, architects, Carlisle. Scale 1/8": 1', 24¼" x 33", ink and watercolour on paper.  P5/2/2/13  1869

1) Ground plan showing the old arrangement of seats before restoration of church in 1869 [includes position of monumental brasses] 1869
2) [Ground plan showing the] arrangement of seats [after the church was restored] and added to 1869 (damaged - part of caption missing). [Shows position of brasses and pattern of encaustic floor tiles in church and chancel] 1869

Design by Faithcraft for standard pews and fronts in oak or abura, with sketches by Peter Mackinnon of Wilstead for pew ends  P5/2/2/14  all n.d. [c.1965

3 items

Churchyard  P5/2/3  [n.d.]

Schedule of gravestones in Eaton Socon churchyard.  P5/2/3/1  n.d. and 1965

Giving grave number, type of stone, name(s) and date(s) for 348 memorials (7pp., typescript), n.d. [c.1960] with list of 107 gravestones proposed to be removed from the churchyard, November 1965

Churchyard fund account book, containing subscriptions towards upkeep and payments for work done  P5/2/3/2  1916 - 1956

Also includes (at reverse end):
Church lighting fund 1928
Nursing Fund 1918-1920
Sunday School 1917-1918

Plan of Eaton Socon churchyard by William Jackson, surveyor, St.Neots., May 1883, showing churchyard paths, grace spaces, and adjoining properties.  P5/2/3/3  1883

Unused plots numbered. No names given. Scale 30 feet: 1 inch

VICARAGE HOUSE  P5/2/4  [n.d.]

Plan of Eaton Socon Vicarage site, Bushmead Road, by W.B. Stonebridge and H.A.Harris, 39 the Grove, Bedford.  P5/2/4/1  n.d. [c.1933]

printed on paper, boundaries coloured

Scale 40': 1".
14½" x 13¼".

Site plan of Vicarage as P5/2/4/1  P5/2/4/2  n.d. [c.1933]

pencil and water-colour on tracing papers


Plan of the new Vicarage House, showing North, South, East and West elevations, and ground plan and first floor plan, with alterations.  P5/2/4/3  n.d. [c.1933]

Pencil and watercolour on tracing paper - damaged and part missing

22½" x 22"

Block plan, by Stonebridge and Harris, showing the position of the house and drive etc. in relation to the site, with location of drains  P5/2/4/4  n.d. [c.1933]

Conveyance (copy) by Elizabeth Geeson Marshall of Eaton Socon to the Rev. E. P. Higham of a piece of land (2r. 24p) fronting Bushmead Road, Eaton Socon, for £135 as a site for a new Vicarage (with plan)  P5/2/4/5  26 July 1933

Deed of grant (copy) by S.G. Wilkinson to the Rev. E.P. Higham of a small piece of land (shown on plan) as an addition to the site of the new Vicarage  P5/2/4/6  27 July 1933

Specification by W.B. Stonebridge and H.A. Harris, Bedford, for the new Vicarage  P5/2/4/7  March 1933

File of papers concerning the new vicarage, including report on the site, 12 Jan. 1933; papers about the electrical installation and water heating system, 1933; estimates and accounts, 1933-4; schedule of paints and wallpapers and notes on arrangements for the house and garden; garden plans (2) with details of planting  P5/2/4/8  1933 - 1934

Tithes and benefice income  P5/3  [n.d.]

Returns of benefice income as submitted to the Church of England Pensions Board  P5/3/1  1928 - 1941

Incomplete series

CHURCHWARDENS, Rates  P5/4  [n.d.]

Rate book (detailed assessments)  P5/4/1  1791

Rate book (detailed assessments)  P5/4/2  1792

Rate book (detailed assessments)  P5/4/3  1825

Rate book (detailed assessments)  P5/4/4  1829

Churchwardens, Accounts  P5/5  [n.d.]

Account book (detailed disbursements)  P5/5/1  1692-1794

Under each year: annual receipts by churchwardens for church plate and furniture, 1694-1726. At reverse end: (a) vestry resolution prohibiting parish officers from starting law-suits without authority, 1734; (b) annual receipts by rent of poor's land, 1778-93.

Account book (detailed disbursements)  P5/5/2  1794-1837

At reverse end: accounts of poor's land (annual receipts by rent and totals disbursed in barley to poor), 1796-1838.

"Barley List" (names of recipients). (Found loose inside P5/5/2). (cf.P5/12/4).  P5/5/2a  1837

Account book (detailed disbursements)  P5/5/3  1837-1893

Loose bills  P5/5/4  1772-1840

VESTRY  P5/8  [n.d.]

Minute book (detailed)  P5/8/1  1821-1832, 1839

Related information: See Emmison 'The Relief of the Poor at Eaton Socon, 1706-1834 (Beds Hist.Rec.Soc. XV, 1-98)

Minute book  P5/8/2  1856-1910

With drafts, notices of meetings & some letters interleaved
1858 care of "Parish Fire Engine" (also 1875)
1862 church clock
1865 Wyboston drainage
1867 restoration of church
1868 bridge or culvert at Honeydon
1869 appmt of "pindard"
1870 rent of part of "Old North Road"; School Board
1873 church yard: Rural Sanitary Authority
1876 Honeydon brook
1877 Tythe bridge
1879 Bridge ford
1891 Bridge at the mill; organ and choir sale of pounds at Eaton Socon and Wyboston

Volume  P5/8/3  1933 - 1942

Notes [apparently made by the Rev.E.P.Higham, Vicar] and cuttings from the parish magazine, on Vestry meetings, Parochial Church Council meetings, and Annual Parochial Church Meetings [i.e. this is an unofficial minute book]
Also includes: statement of church rebuilding accounts, 1934
Volume previously used as an index of scriptural notes, etc.

CONSTABLES, Accounts  P5/9  [n.d.]

Account book (detailed disbursements)  P5/9/1  1692-1738

Accounts for Wyboston constablewick only.
At reverse end: accounts (disbursements) of surveyors for Wyboston, 1705, 1706, 1716.
9a Receipts found pinned to P5/9, now pasted on to sheets 1702-1736.
Found in Willington parish records

Constables, Miscellaneous  P5/10  [n.d.]

Justices' warrant for apprehension of an idle and disorderly father  P5/10/1  [c.1825]

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Rates  P5/11  [n.d.]

Related information: For assessments 1691-8 see P5/12/1

Rate book  P5/11/1  1835

Rate book  P5/11/2  1838

Rate book  P5/11/3  1839

Rate book  P5/11/4  July 1839

Rate book  P5/11/5  Oct. 1839

Rate book  P5/11/6  Dec. 1840

Rate book  P5/11/7  April 1840

Rate book  P5/11/8  Feb. 1842

Rate book  P5/11/9  April 1842

Rate book  P5/11/10  April 1843

Rate book  P5/11/11  1844

Rate book  P5/11/12  March 1844

Rate book  P5/11/13  April 1844

Rate book  P5/11/14  July 1844

Rate book  P5/11/15  Oct. 1844

Rate book  P5/11/16  Dec. 1845

Rate book  P5/11/17  1846

Rate book  P5/11/18  April 1846

Rate book  P5/11/19  June 1846

Rate book  P5/11/20  Dec. 1847

Rate book  P5/11/21  March 1847

Rate book  P5/11/22  Sept. 1848

Rate book  P5/11/23  1851

Rate book  P5/11/24  Sept. 1851

Rate book  P5/11/25  Dec. 1854

Rate book  P5/11/26  March 1854

Rate book  P5/11/27  June 1854

Rate book  P5/11/28  Sept. 1855

Rate book  P5/11/29  April 1855

Rate book  P5/11/30  June 1856

Rate book  P5/11/31  April 1856

Rate book  P5/11/32  (?) 1859

Rate book  P5/11/33  [1850's]

Rate book  P5/11/34  [1850's]

Rate book  P5/11/35  Jan. 1844

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Accounts  P5/12  [n.d.]

Account book  P5/12/1  1589-1598

Related information: For an account of this vol. see Emmison 'Poor Relief Account of Two Rural Parishes in Bedfordshire' (Econ.Hist.Review iii, 102-116)

Includes detailed assessment-lists, names arranged under hamlets. At beginning: persons in arrears of payment of rates, 1589-91. Under 1596: (a) 95 recipients of Mr Gery's legacy, 1596; (b) note as to payment of "the woman that teacheth the pore children to worckbone lace", 1596. On page opposite last note: precept [? by justices] to collectors of poor and constables of Eaton Socon as to compulsory setting of idle poor to work, N.D.
[...] - NEG PU 329/1983.

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/2  1706-1710

At reverse end: (a) resolution at a parish meeting as to expenses for hiring for "queen's carriages", 1708; (b) agreements for boarding out of children 1708-09. Under May 1709: 35 recipients of Oldham's gift, 1709.

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/3  1710-1715

At beginning and under respective years: agreements for boarding out of children, 1708-10. Under 1711/12: 74 recipients of Attwood's gift, 1711, names arranged under Eaton Town, Ford End, Woodland, Wyboston.

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/4  1715-1721

Under 1735/6: note of distribution of "the barley gift of the late Mr. Beverley". (cf P5/3/2A)

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/5  1721-1730

Under Jan. 1729/30: contract for medical attendance, 1729/30. Under April and May 1730: notes of apprenticeship, 1730. (1728 - 22 Apr. 'brandy for Jn Sinfield when he had the Gripeing of the gutts at Colmworth')

Account book (including Assessments)  P5/12/6  1730-1738

Under Oct. 1730 and May & June 1731: resolutions as to workhouse, 1730-1. Under April & Jan. 1737: resolutions as to workhouse 1737. At reverse end: (a) "Proposals for the management of a workehouse", N.D.; (b) inventories of paupers' goods, and goods in workhouse, 1733-36.

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/7  1738-1742

Account book (including assessments)  P5/12/8  1742-1762

At beginning: table of names of overseers, with total annual rates in the pound, 1742-63. At end: vestry minutes as to letting of poorhouse, 1744, and to appointment of inspectors of poorhouse, 1756. At reverse end: (a) vestry minute as to production of settlement certificates, 1743; (b) copy of notice of arrival of a new parishioner (under Settlement Acts), 1748; (c) contracts with a local lawyer for legal advice, 1755-58.

Account book  P5/12/9  1789-1795

At beginning: table of names of overseers, 1762-1798

Account book  P5/12/10  1795-1800

At beginning: table of names of overseers, 1795-1800

Account book  P5/12/11  1800-1815

At beginning: overseers, 1798-1814. At end: vestry minutes, 1801, 1804. Under April and Oct. 1807: notes as to contract for workhouse, 1807.

Account book  P5/12/12  1815-1821

At beginning: overseers, 1815-22. At end: "receivals" (miscellaneous receipts and total rates), 1819-21.

Account book  P5/12/13  1821-1827

At beginning: overseers, 1815-26.
At end: "receivals" 1821-27.

Account book  P5/12/14  1827-1832

Related information: For an account of P5/12/2-14 See Emmison 'The Relief of the Poor in Eaton Socon' (Beds Hist.Rec.Soc. XV, 1-98

At beginning: overseers, 1815-31.
At end: "receivals" 1827-32.

Account book  P5/12/15  1832-1849

At beginning: overseers, 1815-86 [number reduced from 3 to 2, from 1873]. At end: "receivals", 1832-35.
Accounts detailed to March 1836; brief, 1836 onwards

A few loose overseers' bills  P5/12/16  1836 - 1842

Several have interesting tradesmen's billheads

Receipt and Payment book  P5/12/17  1836

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Settlement Papers  P5/13  [n.d.]

Indemnity Bonds  P5/13/0/1-4  [n.d.]

Bond of Thos. Cooper, bricklayer and Fra. Bottam, innholder, both of Eaton Socon to Thos. Jarvys, Rich. Wright and Wm. Gore jnr., overseers of poor, to indemnify against charges for Rose Johnson, wid., and family, now tenant of Thos. Cooper.  P5/13/0/1  9 February 1620

Rich. Emrye jnr. of Chalston, Roxton, husb., to churchwardens and overseers of poor against charges for Jn. Barber, late of Sawtree, Hunts., labr. and family.  P5/13/0/2  10 May 1635

Thos. Tharpe of Honydon, Eaton Socon to Rich. Watford and Jn. Thodye, churchwardens and Jn. Watts, Thos. Sothwell and Jn. Blocke, overseers, against charges for Alex. Clarke and family.  P5/13/0/3  24 September 1641

Jn. Banks and Jn. Smith, churchwardens and overseers of Hail Weston, Hunts., to Nich. Livett, Thos. Wiles and Edw. Pridmore, churchwardens and overseers of poor in Eaton Socon against charges for Mary Day, w. of Jn. Day, "being great with child  P5/13/0/4  10 February 1710

Indemnity Certificates  P5/13/1  [n.d.]

Jn. Radwell, w., Ann, dau's., Sar. & Eliz. Hail Weston, Hunts  P5/13/1/1  14 Mar. 1698

Wm. Danger, w., Eliz., ch., Wm., Jos., Eliz. Hail Weston, Hunts  P5/13/1/2  15 Nov. 1698

Wm. Usher [end: this certificate is too short & not sufficiently expressiv 2 the statute.] Keysoe  P5/13/1/3  16 Jan. 1699

Wm. Hall, w., Eliz. Gt. Gransden, Hunts  P5/13/1/4  18 Mar. 1699

Jn. Carter and family St. Paul's Bedford  P5/13/1/5  21 Mar. 1699

Rose Tilly Colmworth  P5/13/1/6  23 Mar. 1699

Jn. Woodstock, w., Sar., ch., Mary, Jn., Sar. Sandy  P5/13/1/7  5 Apr. 1704

Robt. Bull and family Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/8  Apr. 1704

Jn. Hopkins, miller, w. Reb. and child Wilden  P5/13/1/9  24 Jul. 1704

Thos. Wells, w., Hellen and 3 ch. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/10  6 Sep. 1704

Jn. Carter and family Gt. Staughton, Hunt  P5/13/1/11  20 Mar. 1706

Jn. Palmer and family Bugden, Hunts.  P5/13/1/12  19 May 1709

Chas. Bainton, w., Amy, and ch. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/13  24 Mar. 1710

Hen. Lawins, w., Mary and family Silsoe  P5/13/1/14  21 Jun. 1710

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Wm. Hubbard and family St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/15  7 May 1711

Rich. Mason als. Clark, w., Eliz. and chn. Roxton  P5/13/1/16  5 Jan. 1712

Jn. Orsborton, w., Mary, ch., Sam., Jn., Eliz., Mary Steeple Morden, [...] Ca  P5/13/1/17  28 Feb. 1712

Margy. Bruce, wid., and family Little Berkford  P5/13/1/18  12 May 1712

Hen. Stevenson, w., Eliz. and 14 ch. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/19  12 Sep. 1712

Wm. Flanders, w., Mary, s., Jn. St Neots, Hunts  P5/13/1/20  2 Apr. 1713

Thos. Lovell and family Graveley, Cambs.  P5/13/1/21  14 Dec. 1714

Jn. Lovell, w., Ann, ch., Wm. Eliz., Mary Thurleigh  P5/13/1/22  15 Dec. 1715

Jn. Goode and family Roxton  P5/13/1/23  19 Jun. 1716

Thos. Edwards, labr., w., Mary Blunham  P5/13/1/24  24 Nov. 1716

Anne Quarrel and Eliz. Squire now residing in Wyboston Roxton  P5/13/1/25  20 Jun. 1717

Jn. Pits, w., Eliz. and child Tilbrook  P5/13/1/26  28 Sep. 1717

Hen. Clarke, w., Sar. Old Weston, Hunts.  P5/13/1/27  12 Aug. 1718

Jnthn. Carter, w., Anne, ch., Fra., Edw., Sam., Anne, Eliz. Haynes  P5/13/1/28  5 Mar. 1719

Wm. Flanders, w., Martha, ch., Martha, Mary, Han. Colmworth  P5/13/1/29  20 Jun. 1720

Wm. Franck, w., Eliz., s., Rich. Tempsford  P5/13/1/30  27 Dec. 1720

Jn. Whitfield, w., Mary, d., Margt. Roxton  P5/13/1/31  21 Jun. 1721

Jas. Mavely, weaver Little Paxton, [...] Hun  P5/13/1/32  21 Jun. 1721

Jn. Cook and w. Gt. Barford  P5/13/1/33  19 Dec. 1723

Edw. Oliver and w. Hail Weston, Hunts  P5/13/1/34  31 Dec. 1723

Math. Squier and w, Ann Pertenhall  P5/13/1/35  10 Apr. 1724

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Thos. Collings and family Kimbolton  P5/13/1/36  18 Apr. 1724

Phil. Dixie, w., Ann Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/37  11 Sep. 1724

Jn. Cole, w., Eliz. Bolnhurst  P5/13/1/38  29 Sep. 1724

Thos. Nelsey, w., Eliz., s., Wm. Hail Weston, Hunts  P5/13/1/39  29 Sep. 1724

Wm. Poulter clerk, w., Fra. Colmworth  P5/13/1/40  28 Jun. 1725

Thos. Brown, labr., w., Mary, ch., Thos., Mary Colmworth  P5/13/1/41  28 Jun. 1725

Wm. Hull, carpntr., w., Mary Colmworth  P5/13/1/42  28 Jun. 1725

Jn. Kilbe, w., Eliz., ch., Jn., Eliz. St Martins [...] Cutwic London  P5/13/1/43  6 Jan. 1726

Jn. Smith, staymaker, [...] Eliz., Car. Irthlingborough Northants.  P5/13/1/44  18 Mar. 1726/7

Wm. Beard, w., Ann, d., Ann Colmworth  P5/13/1/45  10 Sep. 1726

Rich. Beard, w., Abig., ch., Rich., Abig. Wootton  P5/13/1/46  22 Jan. 1727

Rich. Yerrel, w., Eliz., ch., Sar., Eliz., Mary, Rich. Colmworth  P5/13/1/47  11 Apr. 1727

Ann Favell, wid., s., Jn. Favell, his w., Edith, d., Edith Colmworth  P5/13/1/48  11 May 1727

Geo. Lea, flaxdresser, w., Susnh. St Mary's Warwick  P5/13/1/49  20 Jul. 1727

Nich. Orsborn, w., Carrola and child Southill  P5/13/1/50  14 Oct. 1728

Jn. English, weaver, w., Eliz., ch., Jn., Jas. Pertenhall  P5/13/1/51  21 Feb. 1731

Sam. Smith, w., Ann Cranesley, Northants  P5/13/1/52  2 Dec. 1732

Jos. Jackson, baker, w., Anne, s., Robt., aged c.2mths. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/53  3 Jul. 1733

Geo. Barnard, w., Sar., d's., Jud., Mary, Sar. Gt. Staughton, Hunt  P5/13/1/54  5 Jan. 1735

Jn. Medbury, w., Eliz. and child St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/55  20 May 1735

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Jn. Lyle, w., Ann, ch., Edw., 12, Ann, 10, Eliz., 4, Jn. in first year of age Hitchen, Herts.  P5/13/1/56  28 May 1736

Jn. Grundon, aged c.25, blacksmith, w., Susnh. St Paul's Bedford  P5/13/1/57  4 Oct. 1736

Abrh. Mehew, w., Sar., Ch., Wm., Abrh., Sar. Roxton  P5/13/1/58  24 Nov. 1736

Hen. Weed, w., Eliz. Little Barford  P5/13/1/59  19 Sep. 1737

Wm. Swales, labr., w., Susna. Wilden  P5/13/1/60  18 Sep. 1739

Wm. Austing, w., Ann, s., "Stocken" Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/61  10 Sep. 1740

Rog. Layton, carpntr., w., Eliz Southill  P5/13/1/62  30 Mar. 1741

Jas. Rose, w., Eliz., ch., Mary, Wm., Ann, Han. Olney, Bucks.  P5/13/1/63  11 Aug. 1741

Thos. Clark, w., Mary Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/64  10 May 1742

Thos. Barley, w., Alice Warden  P5/13/1/65  19 Apr. 1742

Jud. Wiltshire, wid., ch., Mary, Jn., Thos., Jud. Hail Weston, Hunts.  P5/13/1/66  21 Oct. 1743

Geo. Fisher, w., Jane Roxton  P5/13/1/67  17 May 1746

Jos. Watford, w., Susnh. Bugden, Hunts.  P5/13/1/68  22 Jun. 1746

Wm. Osman, w., Mary, ch., Wm., Mary, Anne, Jn., Eliz., Thos. Southill  P5/13/1/69  27 Jun. 1746

Jn. Hicks, barber, w., Jane St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/70  2 Jul. 1746

Jn. Endersby, w., Mary Gt. Staughton, Hunts  P5/13/1/71  23 Aug. 1746

Wm. Smith, cordwainer, w., Ann, s., Jn. Blunham  P5/13/1/72  2 Oct. 1747

Wm. Hardwick, w., Grace, d., Eliz. Diddington, Hunts.  P5/13/1/73  3 Jan. 1748

Robt. Radwell, w., Eliz., ch., Mary, Robt., Eliz., Ann Hail Weston, Hunts  P5/13/1/74  5 Jan. 1748

Thos. Shelton, w., Martha, d., Dinah Renhold  P5/13/1/75  6 Jan. 1748

Robt. Ellis, w., Mary St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/76  10 Jan. 1748

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Ben. Blaney, w., Eliz. and family Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/77  19 Apr. 1748

Wm. Lavender, w., Ann Colmworth  P5/13/1/78  6 Sep. 1748

Wm. Lovel, labr., w., Mary, Jermh. & Jas. Hardwick, ch. of Mary Lovel, Jn. Lovel, s. of Wm. & Mary Lovel Gt. Barford  P5/13/1/79  24 Sep. 1748

Squire Day, w., Ann, s., Jn. Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/80  8 Apr. 1751

[End: "that Squire Day went to the Overseers of Eynesbury and did ask reliefs of him on Friday the 14th Janry 1757 in the presence of Wm. Day and Thos. Small. and did afterwards at Eaton Socon the same day did ask relief from the Overseer and Churchwarden of Eaton Socon in the presence of Jn. Robinson of St Neots and Thos. R. Rayment."]

Thos. Inglesby, w., Eliz., ch., Sar., Thos., Edw., Francis Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/81  23 Apr. 1753

Jos. Endersby, w., Rose, ch., Jos., 13, Rhode, 10, Jermh., 8 St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/82  21 Oct. 1757

Wm. Brown and family Cardington  P5/13/1/83  31 Mar. 1755

Thos. Bundy, labr., w., Ann, ch., Thos, Ann Little Barford  P5/13/1/84  13 Apr. 1758

Thos. Day, w., Kath. Sandy  P5/13/1/85  3 Jul. 1758

Rich. Garner, w., Cath. Bolnhurst  P5/13/1/86  22 Feb. 1759

Jos. Farr, labr., w., Sar., ch., Jos., Edm. Hornsby, Sar., Mary Southoe, Hunts.  P5/13/1/87  22 Sep. 1760

Jn. Cupis, w., Mary Edmonton, Middx.  P5/13/1/88  7 Dec. 1760

Joshua Gillins, labr., w., Eliz., d., Ann Diddington, Hunts.  P5/13/1/89  21 Sep. 1761

Wright Cade, labr., w., Ann, d., Lydia, aged 17 Croxton, Cambs.  P5/13/1/90  1 Oct. 1763

--- Warner, w., Mary Oakley  P5/13/1/91  26 Dec. 1763

Thos. Dreward, w., Eliz., ch., Chas., Thos., Mary Stanion, Northants  P5/13/1/92  23 Jan. 1764

Jn. Bull, baker, w., Mary, ch., Benty, Jn., Eliz. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/93  12 Jan. 1765

Rich. Elmes, w., Cath., ch., Cath., Frances, Jane, Jn. Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/94  3 Jul. 1765

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Jn. Fisher, baker, w., Mary, and family Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/95  8 Aug. 1765

Sim. Keech, weaver, w., Eliz., ch., Ruth, 11, Jn., 9. Little Staughton  P5/13/1/96  18 Sep. 1765

Jn. Bridges, labr., w., Sar. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/97  23 Jun. 1768

Jn. Franklin, labr., w., Cath., ch., Jn., Cath., "Ede", Ann St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/98  23 Jun. 1768

Rich. Burton, w., Reb. Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/1/99  5 Nov. 1768

Wm. Hart, labr., and w. Gt. Paxton, Hunts.  P5/13/1/100  24 Dec. 1768

Susna. Salmon Lt. Paxton, Hunts.  P5/13/1/101  8 Apr. 1773

Wm. Clarke, w., Eliz., s., Thos. St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/102  8 Dec. 1773

Jn. Hart, labr., w., Mary, ch., Hen., Jn., Mary Godmanchester, [...] Hun  P5/13/1/103  10 Dec. 1773

Susnh. Leaver Kimbolton  P5/13/1/104  29 Jul. 1774

Joshua Warner, w., Mary, ch., Eliz., 5, Thos., 2, Wm., 8 wks. Bolnhurst  P5/13/1/105  7 May 1776

Jn. Bellamy, w., Mary, d., Eliz. St. Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/106  27 Jun. 1776

Thos. Hopkins, w., Ann St Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/1/107  27 Jun. 1776

Jn. Larkerson, w., Eliz. Hartford, Hunts.  P5/13/1/108  3 Apr. 1777

Abrh. Barber, labr. Lt. Paxton, Hunts.  P5/13/1/109  7 Jul. 1781

Jn. Fountain, w., Susna.  P5/13/1/110  30 Mar. 1782

Wm. Dawson, w., Mary St Paul's Bedford  P5/13/1/111  14 Dec. 1782

Sar. Mason, d., Sar., c.20 and with child Hemmingford Gray Hunts.  P5/13/1/112  29 Jun. 1785

Wm. Jarvis, w., Eliz., ch., Martha, Ann, Robt., Sar., Geo., Wm. Waresley, Hunts.  P5/13/1/113  19 Dec. 1791

Jn. Tibbles, w., Evert, ch., Thos., Eliz. Connington, Hunts  P5/13/1/114  14 Feb. 1794

Robt. Pier, w., Mary, ch., Ann, Eliz., Jn., Martha, Robt. Buckden, Hunts.  P5/13/1/115  31 Mar. 1794

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Rich. Lee, shoemaker, w., Mary Roxton  P5/13/1/116  12 Nov. 1794

Sam. Speechly and family Blunham  P5/13/1/117  14 Jun. 1800

Jas. Hopkins and w. Gt. Stukely  P5/13/1/118  18 Feb. 1801

[Hopkins and w. have been removed to Gt. Stukely but wish to return to Eaton and are therefore acknowledged as parishioners of Gt. Stukeley]

Edw. Althorp and family Gamlingay  P5/13/1/119  8 Jun. 1842

[Who are under an order to remove from Eaton Socon]
Filmed see MIC 184/40

Removal Orders from the Parish  P5/13/2  [n.d.]

Edward Russell & wife Ann Gosbor Kirk, alias Gosbor Town [Gosberton] Lincs.  P5/13/2/1  20 April 1725

Mary Goode, wife of John (who is now in his master's service) Roxton, Beds.  P5/13/2/2  4 Jan. 1740-1

Elizabeth Hitchcock Raunds, Northants.  P5/13/2/3  22 Oct. 1753

Thomas Bentley, Labourer & wife Mary Tempsford, Beds.  P5/13/2/4  21 May 1757

Thomas Bundy, Ann his wife & child Ann aged about 12 months Little Barford, Beds  P5/13/2/5  13 Jan. 1758

Ann Arnold Offord Cluny, Hunts  P5/13/2/6  10 Feb. 1758

Simon Roach & wife Elizabeth. 2 children Ruth 9yrs. John 7yrs. Little Stoughton, [...] Be  P5/13/2/7  16 August 1765

Elisha Newman Bolnhurst, Beds.  P5/13/2/8  29 Nov. 1766

John Franklin & wife Katherine. 3 children, Katherine 12yrs, Edy 8yrs, John 9 months St. Neots, Hunts  P5/13/2/9a  20 May 1768

John Franklin & wife Katherine. 3 children, Katherine 12yrs, Edy 8yrs, John 9 months St. Neots, Hunts  P5/13/2/9b  20 May 1768

William Hart & wife Elizabeth Great Paxton, Hunts  P5/13/2/10a  20 May 1768

William Hart & wife Elizabeth Great Paxton, Hunts  P5/13/2/10b  20 May 1768

Jane Hoodan Great Staughton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/11a  20 May 1768

Jane Hoodan Great Staughton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/11b  20 May 1768

Paul Coborn Marston, Beds.  P5/13/2/12a  20 May 1768

Paul Coborn Marston, Beds.  P5/13/2/12b  20 May 1768

Sarah East, widow, children, Samuel 7yrs. Thomas 5yrs, Sarah 1½yrs. Wilden, Beds.  P5/13/2/13a  20 May 1768

Sarah East, widow, children, Samuel 7yrs. Thomas 5yrs, Sarah 1½yrs. Wilden, Beds.  P5/13/2/13b  20 May 1768

Carter Kendall, wife Mary, & son Carter 1yr Sutton, Beds.  P5/13/2/14a  20 May 1768

Carter Kendall, wife Mary, & son Carter 1yr Sutton, Beds.  P5/13/2/14b  20 May 1768

Joseph Neal Sharnbrook, Beds.  P5/13/2/15a  20 May 1768

Joseph Neal Sharnbrook, Beds.  P5/13/2/15b  20 May 1768

Robert Croot & wife Mary Roxton, Beds.  P5/13/2/16  24 Dec. 1768

John Limage & wife Alice Little Stukeley, Hunts.  P5/13/2/17  13 Nov. [...] 177

Sarah Garner Willington, Beds.  P5/13/2/18  18 Sept. 1772

Susanah Sammons Little Paxton, [...] Hunt  P5/13/2/19  17 Feb. 1773

William Dudley & wife Mary Renhold, Beds.  P5/13/2/20  18 May 1773

Susannah Leaver Kimbolton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/21  27 July 1774

Ann Gregory (singlewoman) Sandy, Beds.  P5/13/2/22  9 May 1777

Thomas Barns & wife Mary Kimbolton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/23  22 Dec. 1780

Mary Blaney, wife of Daniel with 1 child aged about 11 weeks Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/2/24  5 May 1781

Sarah Mason & daughter Sarah aged about 20yrs Hemmingford Grey, Hunts.  P5/13/2/25  27 June 1785

James Croot & wife Ann Everton, Hunts [...] [Beds  P5/13/2/26  19 Nov. 1787

William Gilbert & wife Ann Sutton, Beds.  P5/13/2/27  25 August 1789

Thomas Church Tempsford, Beds.  P5/13/2/28  31 May 1790

John Osborn & wife Elizabeth, children John 5yrs, William 3yrs. Thurleigh, Beds.  P5/13/2/29  2 Nov. 1790

Examination of John Row[e]  P5/13/2/30a  24 Feb. 1797

b. Stukeley [Stewkley] Bucks. lived there until 16 then servant of farmer at Tebworth, Beds. ¾yr. then at Stewkley Mr. William Toms, farmer, 1½yrs [...] No settlement since.

Examination of John Rowe, labourer  P5/13/2/30b  16 Jan. 1800

b. at Stukeley [Stewkley] left aged 16-7. hired by Mr Shaw of Tebworth. returned to Stewkley. Mr William Toms for 1½yrs. No settlement

John Rowe & wife Mary. son John aged 2yrs Stukeley, Bucks  P5/13/2/30c  16 Jan. 1800

Mannister Baxter & wife & child. (no details) Great Barford, Beds  P5/13/2/31  23 Dec. 1799

William Wright & wife Jane & daughter Ann aged 12 months & upwards. Keysoe, Beds.  P5/13/2/32  Feb. 1800

Joseph Pope & wife Alice. 2 children, Mary 2yrs Thomas 14 days. Great Catworth, [...] Hun  P5/13/2/33  8 March 1800

Endorsed: Order of removal to be temp.
Suspended. Alice Pope unable to travel as she has been lately delivered of a child 8 March 1800
Order can now be executed. sum of 30/- payable by parish of Gt. Catworth 18 March 1800

James Joyce & wife Elizabeth & son Thomas, 6 months Little Stewkley, Hunts.  P5/13/2/34  18 March 1800

Samuel Speechley & wife Elizabeth, children Sarah 4yrs & John fortnight & upwards Blunham, Beds.  P5/13/2/35  25 May 1800

Endorsed: Order suspended, Elizabeth unable to travel through sickness 25 May 1800
Order can be executed. 10/- payable by overseers of Blunham 4 June 1800

John Darlow & wife Elizabeth. daughter Phebe 12 months & upwards Holywell, alias Holywell cum Needingworth, Hunts  P5/13/2/36  29 Nov. 1800

John Austin & wife Mary. daughter Frances, 2yrs & upwards Hail Weston, Hunts.  P5/13/2/37  16 Dec. 1800

Joseph Franklin & wife Mary, son William aged 20 weeks & upwards Thurleigh, Beds.  P5/13/2/38  16 Dec. 1800

George Parker & wife Hannah. 2 sons. William 3yrs & Francis 1yr & upwards Ravensden, Beds.  P5/13/2/39  16 Dec. 1800

Ann Austin, spinster Ravensden, Beds.  P5/13/2/40  4 March 1803

Examination of William Braybrook  P5/13/2/41  27 April 1803

b. Wrestlingworth. At 16 yrs. to Dunton, Beds. no settlement, then Potton, hired for 1yr. hired to Mr Bunting of Sandy from Michaelmas 1800-1. No settlement since
Attached removal
William Braybrook & wife Ann Sandy, Beds.

Thomas Pattison & wife Jane St. Neots, Hunts  P5/13/2/42  July 7 1803

Mary Bosworth Winnick, Hunts.  P5/13/2/43  27 Oct 1803

James Newman, the illegitimate son of Ann, wife of John Newman Thornby, Northants.  P5/13/2/44a  1 Dec. 1803

James Newman. alias James Newman - Rush, alias James Rush, illegitimate son of Ann, wife of John Newman  P5/13/2/44b  8 Dec. 1803

Examination of Robert Beethes  P5/13/2/45a  29 Jan. 1812

b. Grafham, Hunts. hired to Mr. Stephen Martin of Great Raveley, Hunts. 1yr. no settlement since

Robert Beethes & wife Elizabeth. children Mary 3yrs, William 3 months  P5/13/2/45b  29 Jan. 1812

Examination of John Parker  P5/13/2/46a  1 May 1812

b. Godmanchester, Hunts. Apprenticed to Mr. Rob. Willy of Brigstock, Northants, blacksmith, 7yrs. purchased house at Ringstead for £25 where lived 2yrs. no rates paid. no settlement since

John Parker & wife Sarah Brigstock, Northants  P5/13/2/46b  1 May 1812; 16 May 1812

Order suspended through sickness of John Parker. May 1st.
Order executed May 16th. £5 15/6 to be paid by overseers of Brigstock

James Bigg & wife Elizabeth Stevenage, Herts.  P5/13/2/47  11 Nov. 1812

Examination of Eden Wadsworth, clocksmith & Watchmaker  P5/13/2/48a  9 Oct. 1813

b. Great Barford, Beds. where father lived & rented a small farm. Father went to Thurleigh & rented fm. annual value £50. At 14yrs Eden apprenticed to Mr. William Peck of Bolnhurst, clocksmith & watchmaker for 7yrs, from April 27 1778. served for 4yrs & master removed to Keysoe, cont business at Bolnhurst. On packing Peck's papers he found his indentures & took them. Tried to obtain work from Mr Civit of Bedford, but Civit refused unless discharged from Peck. Discharge secured for 21/- pd. by brother-in-law Edward Wildman of Ravensden. Worked for Civit.
Entered 49th Division of marines stationed at Chatham 11 April 1800. Never worked as long as a yr. since

Eden Wadsworth & wife Sarah. children, Elizabeth 8yrs. Eden 4yrs.  P5/13/2/48b  9 Oct. 1813

Examination of John Knight  P5/13/2/49a  12 Nov. 1813

b. Oakley, Beds. Hired to Mr Peck of Buckden, Hunts, 1yr. Mr Topham of Tithe Fm, Eaton Socon Lyr, Edward Danny, Great Stewkley, Hunts. for pt. yr. Mr. John Butler of Great Raveley, Hunts 1yr. was to start work day after Michaelmas. Arrived late, master angry, at end of year wanted him to work 2 days to make up for it. Knight refused & docked 4/-. No settlement

John Knight & wife Elizabeth. Son William 4yrs Great Raveley, Hunts  P5/13/2/49b  12 Nov. 1813; 7 Dec. 1813

Endorsed: Order suspended through sickness of John Knight
Order can be executed
£9 1/- payable by overseers of Gt. Raveley

Elizabeth Watson, single woman, being pegnant Kimbolton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/50a  26 July 1815

Elizabeth Watson, single woman, being pegnant Kimbolton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/50b  26 July 1815

John Cook & wife Maria, children, John 11yrs Gamlinggay, Cambs.  P5/13/2/51  14 Feb. 1816; 8 March 1816

Mary 4yrs, William 2¾yrs, female infant 1 week
Order suspended through sickness of Maria.
Order executed & £1 18/- due from the Parish of Gamlingay

Nathhaniel Seamore & wife Lydia. children, Ebenezer 13yrs, Joseph 10yrs, Elizabeth 7yrs. St. Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/2/52  24 April 1816

William Clarke & wife Ann, daughter Elizabeth ½yr. Northill, Beds.  P5/13/2/53  27 May 1816

James Manning St. Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/2/54  27 May 1816

Samuel Houghton Kimbolton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/55  27 May 1816

Warrant to 'examine a person as to his settlement'  P5/13/2/56a  15 July 1816

To the Constable of Eaton Socon: Jane Pattison is with child, likely to be born a bastard. To be examined at The Swan Inn, Bedford, 17.7.1816

Jane Pattison St. Neots, Hunts.  P5/13/2/56b  17 July 1816

Sarah Panther, now with a bastard child Sandy, Beds.  P5/13/2/57  16 Oct. 1816

Joseph Sowell & wife Hannah Tetworth, Beds.  P5/13/2/58  1 Jan 1817

Robert Clark & wife Ainchia Pidley, Hunts.  P5/13/2/59  1 Jan. 1817

William Houghton Bugden, Hunts.  P5/13/2/60  15 Jan. 1817

Examination of John Nicholls  P5/13/2/61  19 March 1817

b. Eaton Socon where father resided. Mayday 1811 let himself to Mr. Thomas Daniels of 'The Lord Nelson' public house at Great Gunnorby [Gunby] Lincs. at £5 5/- for 1yr. No settlement since
Attached: Removal Order

Richard Nicholls, Labourer Great Gunnorby, [...] Linc  [no ref.]  19 March 1817

Order suspended through sickness of John Nicholls
Order executed & £3 2/6 payable by Gt. Gunnorby April 8 1817
Note 9/- per week to be allocated for the maintenence of John Nicholls. Signed: Hugh-Wade Gery & Lawrence Reynolds 19 March 1817

Isaac Dush, single man Godmanchester, Hunts  P5/13/2/62  17 Dec. 1817

Joseph Hopkins & wife Ann, children, Joseph 15yrs (no settlement in own right), James 12yrs Maria 12yrs, Susannah 8yrs, Elizabeth 6yrs, Mary Ann 3yrs. Brampton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/63a  23 May 1818

Duplicate of P5/13/2/63a with note that it is a copy of the original order  P5/13/2/63b  [n.d.]

William Staughton Great Paxton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/64  7 Jan. 1819

Examination of Joseph Lee  P5/13/2/65a  5 Feb. 1819

b. Bluham. Father Richard resided at Wilden as no settlement at Blunham. Apprenticed to a tailor called Endy until 20yrs old. Enlisted in 103rd foot. Oct 24 1817 discharged, returned to father at St. Neots. assisted in business for keep.
m. Sept. 22 last at Eaton Socon. No settlement
Endorsed: at 16yrs his father let him to Jos. Brown of Cardington for 1yr for £5 & 'to have the harvest month. Then to Mr. Carter Potts of Renhold for harvest. Rec'd 30/- & board ret. Jos. Brown & rec'd wages.

Joseph Lee & wife Mary Wilden, Beds  P5/13/2/65b  5 Feb. 1819

Examination of Mary Jakes  P5/13/2/66a  10 Nov. 1819

b. Chawston, Roxton, Beds where parents Thomas & Eleanor lived. Mr. Robert Thomas, Farmer & innkeeper, 1yr, Mr. William Redding, farmer, Wyboston, Eaton Socon, 1yr, Mr William Lauton Abbotsley, Hunts, farmer, 1yr, Mr. William Penny Maulden, miller, 1yr. Lived with father then, Mr. William Newsam, Little Paxton, Hunts. from Christmas to next Michaelmas. Then from Michaelmas 1817-8 to Newsam at Lt. Paxton later Ickwell, Northill, Beds. 19 weeks before end of yr. No settlement since

Mary Jakes, unmarried & with child Northill, Beds.  P5/13/2/66b  10 Nov. 1819

John Andrew & Wife Hannah. Son Andrew about 2yrs & upwards  P5/13/2/67  1 Dec. 1819

Examination of Ann Crow  P5/13/2/68  10 Jan. 1820

b. Duloe in Parish Eaton Socon where parents Wm. & Mary Crow resided, says she belongs to the parish Graveley, Cambs. Michaelmas 1816-7 hired to Mr. Rich. Wiles of St. Neots, Hunts, cornfactor. 9 weeks before end of yr. difference arose with employer & she left with full wages. Now pregnant
Attached: Order of Removal
Ann Crow, unmarried & with child [...] Graveley, Cambs. 10 Jan. 1820

Joseph Richardson St. Trinity, city of Ely, Cambs  P5/13/2/69  8 Dec. 1820

Joseph Smith Spaldwick, Hunts.  P5/13/2/70  10 Jan. 1821

Elizabeth White, a single woman Alconbury, Hunts.  P5/13/2/71  17 Oct. 1821

Charles Sadler, millwright & wife Hepzibah children, James 15yrs, Sarah 13yrs, William 12yrs Mary 7 yrs Westhead, Norfolk  P5/13/2/72  10 Feb. 1826

William Palmer & wife Charlotte Wilden, Beds.  P5/13/2/73  20 Nov. 1827

Jane Furness, widow, & daughter Sophia Hail Weston, Hunts.  P5/13/2/74  26 July 1828

Lucy Ann Norman & her infant about 5 months unbaptised St. Paul, Bedford.  P5/13/2/75a  10 Oct. 1829

Jane Norman, 6yr old daughter of Lucy Ann St. Paul, Bedford.  P5/13/2/75b  10 Oct. 1829

Sarah Bowles, now with child Hailweston, Hunts.  P5/13/2/76  24 Oct. 1829

Thomas Sandford & wife Elizabeth Abbotsley, Hunts.  P5/13/2/77  5 Dec. 1829

Daniel Lea Eynesbury, Hunts.  P5/13/2/78  2 Jan. 1830

John Winter & wife Eleanor. Children, Mary 15 yrs, Sarah 11yrs, William 7yrs, Samuel 6yrs Charles 3yrs Foulmire, Cambs.  P5/13/2/79  4 Dec. 1830

John Newman Glatton, Hunts.  P5/13/2/80  12 Feb. 1831

Examination of Henry Joyce  P5/13/2/81a  24 Sept. 1832

b. Bushmead in parish Eaton Socon where his father kept a public house. 13yrs old hired to New Inn at Stotfold for 1yr. 18yrs old Mr Thomas of the 'White Horse' at Eaton [Socon] 1yr. Aged 24 or 25, Mr Drummond of the 'Cross Keys' Hertford. Served for 2yrs. No settlement since.

Henry Joyce & wife Susannah, children George 13yrs, Marianne 11yrs, William 9yrs, Henry 2yrs. St. Johns, Hertford  P5/13/2/81b  24 Sept. 1832

Duplicate of P5/13/2/81b  P5/13/2/81c  [n.d.]

Examination of Henry Joyce  P5/13/2/81d  8 Oct. 1832

Similar details to above. Went to Mr. Drummond as Hostler at the 'Cross Keys' public house, All Saints, Hertford Boarded with Drummond for 1yr. told his master he was to be married & Drummond had no objection

Removal Order; Henry Joyce & wife Susannah. children, George 13yrs, Marianne 11yrs, William 9yrs, Henry 2yrs.  P5/13/2/81e  8 Oct. 1832

Examination of Martha Wright  P5/13/2/82  30 Jan. 1833

Aged 23 yrs, b. Eaton Socon, her father's name is William, her mother is dead. She lives with her father in the parish of Eaton Socon, has never been in service or away from her father's house

Attached: Examination of William Wright  [no ref.]  30 Jan. 1833

b. at Keysoe where he belongs, removed under an order of removal from Eaton Socon to Keysoe in 1800 [see P5/13/2/32] Martha is 23yrs old & was born after his marriage, about 6yrs old when her mother died

Removal Order; Martha Wright Keysoe, Beds.  [no ref.]  30 Jan. 1833

William Judd; Attached: Examination of William Judd. Clerkenwell, Middx  P5/13/2/83  30 Jan. 1833

b. Southoe, Hunts. Father belonged to Eaton Socon now 19yrs old & in service of Mr. Jones a cow keeper nr. Battlebridge, Clerkenwell, London some 4 yrs ago. stayed with Jones 1yr, paid 16/- given board & money to buy clothes.
Mr Hall of Eaton Socon made the bargain with Jones 30 Jan. 1833

Examination of John Hall  [no ref.]  30 Jan. 1833

About 4-5 yrs ago saw William Jones of Battlebridge who applied to him for a lad to look after his cows. Hall recommended Judd Jones asked Hall what he should give Judd for a twelvemonth. Hall said about £5. Jones said if Judd behaved well he should give him more.

Daniel Nightingale Islip, Northants.  P5/13/2/84  15 March 1833

Indenture of Apprenticeship
Daniel Nightingale, son of William Nightingale of St. Neots, Hunts, Yeoman apprenticed to Benjamen Thornton of Islip, Northants, blacksmith for 7 yrs.
£10 paid to Thornton.
[Extract of original made Sept. 3 1825] 15 March 1833

Examination of Daniel Nightingale  [no ref.]  15 March 1833

b. St. Neots, Hunts, where his father belonged now nearly 22yrs old, that on 3rd Sept. 1825 apprenticed to Benjamen Thornton of Islip, blacksmith for 7yrs. from 29 July 1825. He worked for Thornton for 3½yrs & slept in his house. Thornton died & his widow told him she had nothing for him to do. Has worked since for several different masters. No settlement

John Stamford. & wife Rebecca, 4 children, Ralph 10yrs, Fanny 8yrs, John 5yrs, Eliza about 2½yrs. Hartford, Hunts.  P5/13/2/85a  30 March 1833

John Stamford. & wife Rebecca, 4 children, Ralph 10yrs, Fanny 8yrs, John 5yrs, Eliza about 2½yrs. Hartford, Hunts.  P5/13/2/85b  30 March 1833

Rebecca Stamford at present unable to travel through sickness  P5/13/2/85c  30 March 1833

Rebecca Stamford at present unable to travel through sickness  P5/13/2/85d  30 March 1833

Examination of James Crow  P5/13/2/86a  5 Sept. 1833

b. Eaton Socon where his father belonged
About 13yrs ago, on March 2nd, on a Thursday at St. Neots market he was hired to Mr. Inkersole [?] of Alconbury till Michaelmas next for 4 guineas. A fortnight before next Mich. Inkersole asked him to stay another yr. at 8 guineas. 26/7 March next left Inkersole & worked for Thomas Thorn of Eaton Socon for 8/- per week. m. Ann Pepperday May 31st [1821] Worked for Thorn for 2yrs, then did something Thorn did not like & was dismissed with a weeks wages

Removal Order; James Crow & wife Ann. children, William 12yrs. Samuel 10yrs, George 7yrs, Sarah 6yrs, Rebecca 4yrs Alconbury, Hunts.  P5/13/2/86b  5 Sept. 1833

Examination Of Ann Lenton  P5/13/2/87a  30 May 1834

Maiden name Ann Green, b. Buckden, Hunts, m Thomas Sheppard in March about 1804 at the Parish church St. Neots. Lived at St. Neots. 3-4yrs. moved to Eynesbury, Hunts. Husband d. circa 1817. m. Joseph Lenton at Eynesbury, her husband had a farm at Welde. Then took a farm at Gamlingay, circa 1830 then farm at Little Gransden, Cambs.1833. Lived there 1yr & husband died, gave up farm at Mich. 1833 & took a house at Eaton Socon. Has a daughter Emma from 1st marriage & 3 children, William, Lydia & Elizabeth from the 2nd. Wm. at work in Lt. Gransden

Removal Order; Ann Lenton, widow & daughters Lydia 12yrs, Elizabeth 9yrs. Little Gransden, [...] Camb  P5/13/2/87b  12 July 1834

Examination of Ann [...] Pigott  P5/13/2/88a  6 Dec. 1838

b. Gamlingay, Cambs. where parents lived father d. 20yrs ago and mother received relief from Parish of Biggleswade. About 12yrs after father's death left Gamlingay for Potton. Received relief 2d per week. Her child Eleanor b. 31 Jan. 1838, unmarried, no previous relief from Eaton Socon

Removal Order; Ann Pigott & child Eleanor aged about 10 months Biggleswade, Beds.  P5/13/2/88b  6 Dec. 1838

Samuel Darrington 7yrs, George 7yrs, Sarah 6yrs. Roxton, Beds.  P5/13/2/89  3 Oct. 1840

Includes: Examination of Mary Darrington
A widow, the 3 are her grandchildren, children of son William & wife Sarah. Samuel b. Roxton, Geo. & Sarah at Cambridge. Son Wm. b. Roxton did nothing to gain settlement, m. Eaton Socon church. Her own husband d. 6yrs ago. 3 Oct. 1840

Richard Middleton & wife Sarah & daughter Fanny aged about 2yrs, Great Barford, Beds.  P5/13/2/90  23 Jan. 1841

Suspension of Order of Removal
Sarah Middleton unable to travel through sickness 23 Jan 1841
Order can be executed; 20 March 1841
£1 16/8 to be paid by the overseers of Gt. Barford 20 March 1841
Examination of Richard Middleton
Aged 31yrs, b. Cardington the son of Thomas & Ann Middleton. Father Thomas still living there & he has a settlement at Great Barford which he gained in the service of Benjamen Jefferies. May 3rd 1836 Richard m. at Eaton Socon to Sarah Attwood. 1 daughter, Fanny, aged 2yrs. At time of marriage lived with father at Cardington where he received poor relief from Gt. Barford. His wife is ill & cannot be removed, no settlement. 23 Jan. 1841

Hannah Hopkins, widow Brampton, Hants.  P5/13/2/91  23 Jan. 1841

Order delayed through illness.
Includes: Examination of Hannah Hopkins 36 yrs old & widow of Joseph Hopkins buried at Brampton last Oct. m. at Brampton 16-7yrs ago, he was then a miller aged 22yrs. He worked at Brampton mills for several yrs. for Mr. Lindsell & afterwards Mr. Stokes. She heard her husband say he was never apprenticed, when a boy was removed with his family from Brampton to Eaton Socon. As soon as they arrived his father got a cart & they all returned to Brampton. Her husband & his brother required to show they could not support their father; the Board of Guardians accepted they could not. No settlement 22 Jan. 1843

Removal Orders to Parish  P5/13/3  [n.d.]

Sarah Wignall, single woman Great Paxton, Hunts.  P5/13/3/1  2.1.1768

Robert Finden, blacksmith, w. Ann, d. Anne c. 1 yr. Renhold, Beds.  P5/13/3/2  15.9.1769

Kitty, w. of John Dinglesby and 2 ch., Mary c. 5, Elizabeth c. 3 yrs. St. Cuthbert, Bedford  P5/13/3/3  22.1.1778

William Hicks and 2 ch., Ann c. 5 yrs., Mary, c. 4 yrs. St. Neots, Hunts  P5/13/3/4  10.6.1788

Thomas Townshend and w., Sarah Bourn, Cambridge  P5/13/3/5  13.6.1788

Mary Beale Abbotsley, Hunts  P5/13/3/6  Nov. 1788

William Peacock and w. Elinor and 3 ch. Elizabeth c. 15 yrs., Elinor c. 4 yrs., and Mary c. 1½ St. Mary, Islington Middx.  P5/13/3/7  10.3.1800

John Hadow and w. Sarah St. Paul, Bedford  P5/13/3/8  3.1.1814

Ezekiel Bannister, labourer and w.Elizabeth and ch., William Gillet Bannister Thurleigh, Beds.  P5/13/3/9  19.3.1814

Edith Wright, single woman Barrow, Suffolk  P5/13/3/10  19.6.1816

Thomas Cooper, and w. Mary and ch. Mary c. 15 wks. Whittlesey, Isle of Ely.  P5/13/3/11  5.12.1816

Samuel George and w. Susannah and 4 ch. Eliz. 7, John 5, Stephen 3, Samuel c. 6 mths. Keysoe, Beds  P5/13/3/12  15.1.1817

Susannah Freshwater, w. of Paul Freshwater who sentenced to transportation 2 yrs. ago and left Spithead May 1815, and 3 ch. Will. 7, Susannah 5, and John 2. Willington, Beds  P5/13/3/13  22.1.1817

Edward Dean, labourer Chatteris, Isle of [...] E  P5/13/3/14  7.3.1817

William Corbey and w. Mary and 1 ch. William c. 2 wks. Rowell, Northants.  P5/13/3/15  11.2.1817

Endorsed: a. Mary not recovered from 'laying in' therefore suspension order 11.2.1817
b. Execution of order 11.3.1817 £2 expenses due

Thomas Bale, w. Susannah, 3 ch. Mary 10, John 6, Anne 9 mths. Denford, Northants.  P5/13/3/16  6.4.1818

Richard Wilson and w. Elizabeth Graffham, Hunts  P5/13/3/17  27.2.1819

John Emery St. Margarets, Westminster.  P5/13/3/18  4.5.1819

Richard Sabey and w. Elizabeth Little Cransden, [...] Camb  P5/13/3/19  4.10.1819

William Whittering, w. Sarah, and 2 ch. William 18, and Joseph 14. Ringstead, Nothants  P5/13/3/20  29.12.1819

Richard Baker 10, Margaret Baker8, George Baker 6, Henry Baker3, illigitimate children of Mary Clark and Richard Baker St. Sepulchre, Middx.  P5/13/3/21a  6.6.1820; 8.6.1820

Endorsed: Letter to churchwardens St. Sepulchre from Christopher Wilson, overseer of Eaton Socon asking them to pay 10/- per week to Mary Clark for the support of the above 4 ch. until receiving instructions to contrary.

Duplicate of P5/13/3/21a (without endorsement)  P5/13/3/21b  [n.d.]

William Sturman, w. Mary and 2 ch. Lucy 7, and Ann 3. Chelveston cum [...] Calde Northants.  P5/13/3/22  22.9.1824

James Crawley, w. Bridget, 1 ch. Ann c. 2 Mile End New Town, [...] S Dunstan, Stepney, [...] Mdd  P5/13/3/23  11.9.1824; 16.9.1824

Endorsed: a. suspension because of sickness of James Crawley.
b. execution. James dead, expenses £1.8s 6d.

Charlotte Hannah Lee and 5 ch, Charlotte Mary 8, Goerge Joseph 7, Hanna 5, Robert Richard c.2, Sarah Lydia c. 17 mths. St. James Apostle, [...] Do  P5/13/3/24  9.11.1824

James Ellis c. 35 yrs, w. Sophia c. 36, and 1 ch. William c. 12 St. John, Hampstead, Mddx.  P5/13/3/25  7.10.1824; 13.11.1824

Endorsed a. suspension because Wm.Ellis sick
b. Executed, charges £1 10s

Susannah Ekins, w. of William Ekins who has deserted her Enfield, Mddx.  P5/13/3/26  2.2.1825

Samuel Dimblebee and w. [...] Mary Hitchin, Herts  P5/13/3/27  2.8.1825

James Brown, w. Susan and 3 ch. Louisa 12, Jane 5, and Martha 2. Great Staughton, Hunt  P5/13/3/28  22.10.1825

John Wiles, w. Eleanor and 4 ch. Mary 10, John c.6, Sarah c.5, and Eliza c.6 mths. Bow, Middx.  P5/13/3/29a  3.2.1827

Bill to Overseer Eaton Socon for John Wiles & family, Aug. 22nd 1826 - Feb 3rd 1827 for £4. 5s. 0d.  P5/13/3/29b  [n.d.]

Letter dated Bow, Middx. 4th Feb 1827 from J. Willis to W. Hall Overseer of Eaton Socon, concerning the Wiles family: they are so much distressed 'the Man being out of Employment' it would be better to send them home.  P5/13/3/29c  [n.d.]

Charles Mayle, w. Elizabeth and 1 ch., Eliza c. 12 mths. Pertenhall, Beds  P5/13/3/30  27.10.1827

George Briggs and w. Elizabeth Leighton Buzzard, [...] Bed  P5/13/3/31a  8.6.1830

i) John Norman Potton, Beds.; ii) Illness of same, order suspended (same date); iii) Order to be executed. £5 4/6 payable  P5/13/3/31b  3.8.1831; 24.9.1831

Thomas Spencer, w. Esther and 4 ch. Mary 14, Lucy 12, Ann 10, and Elizabeth 8. Sharnbrook, Beds  P5/13/3/32  24.4.1832

William Bailey All Saints, Poplar, Mddx.  P5/13/3/33  9.2.1833

John Monk, w. Mary Ann, and 1 ch. Jane c.1 Chatteris, Isle of [...] E  P5/13/3/34  21.1.1834

a. Mary Ann Wiles, single woman, pregnant. St. Mary, Stratford Bow, Mddx.  P5/13/3/35  10.6.1834

b. Examination of above 12.7.1834 that on 24th June delivered of male bastard child in Eaton Socon. John Simmons of Bow, Mddx. was father

Sarah Felce, widow St. Benedict, [...] borough of Huntingdon  P5/13/3/36  10.6.1834

(James Harper, one of overseers of St. John, Huntingdon was also examined concerning above)
Endorsement: a. suspension because of sickness
b. note of death. Expenses £2.16s.6d 25.6.1834
c. receipt for above signed by George Morris Fox, Overseer

Emma Ekins, 7, Arthur William Ekins, 4, John the Baptist [...] up Walbrook, London  P5/13/3/37(i-iii)  20.10.1836

William Ekins, grandfather of above, examined concerning their legal settlement

James Lovell, w. Sarah and 1 ch. Elizabeth c. 1¾. Gamlingay, Cambs.  P5/13/3/38  6.6.1837

William Wilds, w. Sarah and 1 ch. Jane 3, Mile End Old Town, [...] St Dunstan, Stepney.  P5/13/3/39a  13.3.1839

Endorsement a. supension because William Wilds sick.

Examinations, Sarah, w. of William who is in London hospital. married c. 9 yrs ago at Edmonton, Mddx. and 1 ch. Jane 3. Has heard husband bound apprentice to Mr James Gaskins of Eaton Socon, tinman, and served 3 yrs living at father's home in Upper Staples in Eaton Socon. Master gave him two indentures when he left business. Has no other settlement.  P5/13/3/39b  No date

Copy of order, suspension and examination  P5/13/3/39c  [n.d.]

Robert Pickard; St. George, Mddx.  P5/13/3/40a  [n.d.]

i) Examination of Robert Pickard
Age 63. [...] b. Bluntisham, Hunts. were parents settled about 35-40 years ago. Hired to Mr. Norton of Cross Hill Eaton Socon, farmer and brazier, for 1 year. Married at Houghton in Hunts. 27.7.1839
ii) Removal Order Upwell, Hunts.
Robert Pickard and wife Mary 27.7.1839
iii) Notice of Order for Removal
Robert Pickard and wife 27.7.1839

Edward Tungate  P5/13/3/40b  5.12.1840

Nathaniel Harper, w. Mary and 2 ch. Edward 17 Samuel 14; Northaw, Liberty of St Alban, Herts  P5/13/3/41a & b  15.12.1840

2 cops. Endorsed a. examination of Nathaniell
c. 55 yrs old. c. 20 yrs ago hired by Mr. Neat of Beggeridge, Eaton, Farmer as ploughman for 1 yr at £9 p.a. Since then no settlement elsewhere c. 23 yrs ago married Mary Harper, widow, at Marylebone Church, Mddx and have 4 ch Sophia 22, Mary 19, Edward 17, and Samuel 14
b. copy of order and examination, endorsed 5th Jan 1841. For 3 wks relief to Nathaniel Harper and family at 4/- per week

Robert Noble, w. Sarah and 5 ch. Benjamin 11, Eliza 9, William 7, Mary 5, and an infant girl c.3 wks; St. Ives, Hunts  P5/13/3/42  18.1.1841

Endorsed: a. examination Robert Noble
c. 37 yrs old. Born Sharnbrook, Beds. 1804 apprenticed to William Jeeves of Wyboston, Eaton Socon, cordwainer, for 7 yrs. Served 5 yrs and 7 wks when became 21. Married at St. Ives Parish Church c. 11 yrs ago. c. 1826 removed from Godmanchester, Hunts to Eaton Socon and recieved relief there. No other settlement.

William Bailey, inmate of Workhouse; St. Botolph without Aldgate, London  P5/13/3/43a, b  22.2.1841

Examination above.
c. 40 yrs ago lived as hired yearly servant with Mr. James Parker of Cross Hall, Eaton Socon, farmer, for c. 2 yrs at £9 first year, and £10 second year c. 9 or 10 years ago removed from All Saints, Poplar, Mddx. to Eaton Socon. No subsequent settlement.

Examinations  P5/13/4  [n.d.]

John Baxton  P5/13/4/1  21.8.1764

Servant to Joseph Baldock of Eaton Socon. Was servant to Edward Embery, of St. Neots, Huntingdon, husbandman for 1 yr from c. 1761. No other settlement.

Orders for Examinations  P5/13/4/2  [n.d.]

Related information: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Thomas Drew or Drue
Franklin, Thomas M
Richard Humble
John Bridges
Thomas Hatton
Mary Fisher
Thomas Chapman
Henry Smith
John Larkin
Widw East
James North
Thomas Brown

Thomas Shelton  P5/13/4/3  4.2.1773

Aged 21 yrs; born at Eaton Socon, his father then under certificate from Renhold. At c. 15 let himself to James Topham of Lower Staploe for 1 yr at c. £2

William Wadmore  P5/13/4/4  28.11.1777

Born at Wilden; aged c. 25 yrs.
Last whole years service with John Goodley of Eaton Socon c. 2 yrs ago.

James Foote  P5/13/4/5  1778

Born at Chawson, Roxton, where his father James Foote lived. c. 29 yrs old c. 10 or 12 ago hired as servant in husbandry for 1 yr to Joseph Baldock of Wyboston, Eaton Socon.
c. 8 yrs ago hired by Head Ostler at the Wheat Sheaf at Alconbury Hill, Huntingdon, as Under Ostler at 4/- per week. Liverage to be paid by Head Ostler. During this years service spent 1 month in Huntingdonshire Militia 'during the Exercise' and then returned to the same service.

George Laton  P5/13/4/7  14.9.1778

Born at Biggleswade; c. 30 yrs old.
c. 5½ yrs ago hired himself to Mr. Smith of Wyboston and stayed 1½ yrs.

James Jopham  P5/13/4/6  20.4.1778

c. 12 yrs ago hired at St. Neots Statue by Joseph Eden of Eaton Socon. Retired for further year.
Since then hired by Mr. George Walker of Eaton Socon by the week and hired at Cross Hall after Michaelmas for 1 yr. No other legal settlement

Joseph Pope  P5/13/4/8  8.3.1800

Filmed see MIC 184/40.

Born 1768 at Little Addington, Northampton where his father was legally settled. 1784 let himself to George Gaskin, farmer of [...] Litt Addington for 2 yrs. 1786 let himself to Rev. W. Ellis of [...] Moleswort Huntingdon and served until 1791. 25.2.1792 apprenticed himself to Isaac Sparrow, Carpenter and Wheelwright, of Great Catsworth, Huntingdon, for 3 yrs
Has since worked with Sparrow and others for various periods at various places. Married to Alice and has two children, Mary c. 2 yrs and Thomas c. 14 days.

James Joyce  P5/13/4/9  n.d

Born at Honeydon, where father still lives
After various jobs let himself in 1794 as a labourer to Charles Seymour, of Begwray, Eaton Socon, farmer for 1 yr.
1795 let himself to John Nicholls, farmer, of Eaton Socon but only served until Lady Day when they parted by mutual consent. Has wife, Elizabeth and 1 child Thomas c. 6 mths

Thomas Hull, Labourer  P5/13/4/10  6.4.1800

Born at Roxton, where his parents lived.
Went to service to Mr. Rolls in the same parish for 1 yr
Let himself to Mr. Thomas Eyres of Roxton for 1 yr
Let himself to William Freshwater of the same parish for 1 yr
Lived part of a year at Great Barford and then returned to Roxton and let himself for 1 yr to Jacob Eyres.
Let himself at St. Neots Statute to Mr. Thomas Harper of Southoe, Huntingdon for 1 yr but left a fortnight early
Afterwards worked as a labourer in Mr. Rowley's grounds.

Samuel Furness. Labourer  P5/13/4/11  9.5.1800

Born Hailweston, Huntingdon, where Father has settlement
c. 17 yrs old let himself to John Topham, farmer, of Eaton Socon for 1 yr. Lived 1 yr with Mr. S. West, Tetworth cum Everton, Hunts and then returned to service of Mr. Topham for 1 yr
Let himself to Edward Chandler, farmer of Beggary, Eaton Socon for 1 yr. No other settlement
This examination held in Huntingdonshire

Samuel Speechley  P5/13/4/12  21.5.1800

Born June, 1768 in St. Pauls Parish, Bedford, under Father's settlement. 14 May 1782 bound apprentice, with the consent of the Masters Govenors and Trustees of the Bedford Charity Estate to William Rutt of Blunham for 7 years. Served c. 4½ yrs when master failed and let him to William Elson of Blunham, bricklayer for 1 yr at £2. 5s. During this year he was freed from [...] apprenticesh and relet himself to Elson for 1 yr at £3.
18th February 1789, being under 21 yrs old, bound himself to John Barcock, cordwainer of St. Neots, Huntingdon for 2 yrs. His aunt Elizabeth Custerton, of Bedford, widow, paid Barcock 4 guineas for instructing him. Speechley took the first harvest month of the 2 yrs to himself and gave Barcock half his earnings. No other settlement.

John Darlow, labourer  P5/13/4/13  29.11.1800

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Born at Little Barford, where his father still lives.
After various jobs, in 1791 let himself to John Allpress, farmer of St. Ives, Huntingdon for 1 yr.
Let himself to Mr. Whetham of Holywell, otherwise holywell cum Needingsworth, Huntingdon for 1 yr. Absent for 2 days with his masters leave and 1 day without leave, for which 1/- stopped from his wages. 1794 let himself to Mr. Fletcher of Forseland, Huntingdon, farmer and served c. ¼ yr when he and Mr. Fletcher parted by consent before the Bench of Justices at Huntingdon.
No settlement elsewhere.
Has wife, Elizabeth and 1 child, Phibe c. 12 mths.

John Austin  P5/13/4/14  n.d

Born in Essex and 4 years later came with father to Wyboston After various jobs, let himself at Bedford Fair, 1795 to Mr. John Hart, Farmer, of Honeydon, for 1 yr. On following Lady Day master moved with him to a farm in Hailweston, Huntingdon and he served there for the rest of the year, except for 3 or 4 days at home and when he worked on his master's farm at Honeydon. Left on Michaelmas Day. Has since done nothing to gain settlement. Has wife, Mary and 1 child, Frances c. 2 yrs.

Joseph Franklin, labourer  P5/13/4/15  16.12.1800

Born in Little Staughton, Beds.
Let himself to Mr. Murfin of same parish and served 2 yrs.
Let himself to Mr. Ward of Thurleigh and served 1 yr.
Let himself to Mr. Edward Goodliffe of Dulo, Eaton Socon, for 1 yr.
Let himself to Mr. Grant of Great Barford for 1 yr.
At Bletsoe Statue let himself to Mr. John Murfin of Notting Fox for 1 yr but left 1½ days early and therefore lost 1/6d of his wages.
While at work for Mr. Bodgers of Chawson, married Mary and has 1 son, William c. 20 wks old. No other settlement
Examination taken at desire of Overseer of Eaton Socon, Mr. Parker

George Parker  P5/13/4/16  16.12.1800

Born in Ravensden
After various jobs let himself to Mr. John Mayes the younger of Ravensden, farmer, at Bedford Fair on 11.10.1794, for 1 yr. Served until 4.10.1795. No settlement elsewhere
Has wife, Hannah, and 2 children, William c. 3 yrs, and a daughter Francis c. 1 yr.

Anne Austin, single woman  P5/13/4/17  4.3.1803

Born at Duloe and lived there with parents until 17 yrs old.
Let herself to Mr. Lenton of Abbotsley for 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. Barker of Eaton Ford for 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. Banks at Buckden but did not stay 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. Garret of Stonely for 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. Emery of Ravensden, farmer for 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. N ? of Wennington but did not stay 1 yr
Let herself to Mr. Snitch of Offord but did not stay 1 yr
Let herself to Mrs Gray of Weybridge but did not stay 1 yr
She then went home to her parents

Thomas Pattison  P5/13/4/18  7.7.1803

Born at St. Neots, Huntingdon, where his father, Samuel Pattison lives. Ever since his birth he has lived and worked in St. Neots Has a wife, Jane. Has never gained settlement elsewhere

Examination of Ann, wife of John Newman, concerning the settlement of her son, Jacob Newman  P5/13/4/19  1.12.1803

Filmed see MIC 184/40

She had an illegitimate son by John Newman at Thornby, Northampton c. 20 yrs ago. This sons 'Incapacity is so great that he cannot give a reasonable answer'. Jacob left Northamptonshire at 1 month old and has always lived and worked with John Newman as a chimney sweep until 13 months ago. Since then he has had various jobs all lasting less than 1 yr.
Ann is now legally married to John Newman and settled in Eaton Socon

William Curtis, cordwainer  P5/13/4/20  1812

Born at Stagsden, where his father, William Curtis lived. At 14 apprenticed to William Robinson of Kempston Bridge End for 7 years and served whole term. Afterwards did piece work. Married Ann c. 1 yr after his apprenticeship ended and continued to work at Kempston until he. was certified to the parish of St. John, Bedford where he lived in a house of £1 19s 6d p. a. for 15 yrs. c. 16 yrs ago came and did piece work at Wyboston and has been a Lodger all that time. Has done nothing else to gain settlement 1 child Sarah, c. 2 wks old.

William Clerke  P5/13/4/21  27.5.1816

Born at Bythorne, Huntingdon, where his father was living.
Hired for 1 yr by Mr John Pearson of Keyston, Huntingdon
Hired for 1 yr by Mr. Manning of Molesworth Lodge, Huntingdon
Hired for 1 yr by Mr. Grey of Titchmarsh Lodge
Continued to let himself as a yearly servant until Michaelmas 1812 when he let himself to Mr. William Inskip of Northill at 15/- per week but at harvest time 1 guinea per week. During the harv he worked for Mr. Holmes of Beeston with his master's permission
At end of year went to Mr. Pepercorn of St. Neots and stayed c. 6 mths. Married Christmas 1813.

Samuel Houghton  P5/13/4/22  27.5.1816

Born Eaton Socon
After several services, all of less than 1 yr, went to live for 1 yr with Mr. John Goodliff of Dulo at Michaelmas 1813. The following Michaelmas was hired by Mr. Wright of Hornditch, Kimbolton, Huntingdon for 1 yr, except for 3 weeks when he returned, home because of his mother's illness and had 5/- deducted from his wages.

James Manning  P5/13/4/23  27.5.1816

Born at Eaton Socon
After several yearly hirings, was hired by Mr. Clark of St. Neots, Huntingdon, 3 wks after Michaelmas until the Michaelmas following.
Rehired for further year and served until 13th March when he enlisted No settlement elsewhere. A single man during service

John Andrew  P5/13/4/24  21.12.1819

Born at Pertenhall, where his father, John Andrew, lived.
Rented a farm at Great Paxton, Huntingdon at £150 p.a. for several years but no act since to gain settlement elsewhere. Has wife, Hannah, and 1 child, James c. 2 yrs.

William Woods, Post Boy.  P5/13/4/25  12.2.1827

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Examinations in form of letter from J. Wells of Equesbury to William
Hall, Overseer of Eaton
Born at Great Paxton
As Woods has never lived 1 yr in any one place he should take his, father's settlement. According to mother, the father; derives his settlement from his father, who was buried at Little Barford. Woods says that Mr. Fowler, the Overseer, is satisfied that his father belongs to Barford. After the father 'went for a soldier' an infant daughter was maintained and brought up by Little Barford parish and therefore strong assumption that Wood's father was settled at Little Barford. Suggests examination of Woods father.

Jane Furness, widow and Sophia Furness, spinster  P5/13/4/26  26.7.1828

Jane, widow of Samuel Furness, late of Saton Socon. Her husband was born and always lived at Hail Weston and his father belonged there. 1821 Furness hired a house and orchard at Hail Weston from Mr. Hart for £11 p.a. for first 2½ yrs, a William Shelton had hired the place for c. 9 yrs before at £11 11s p.a. For the first 3 yrs Furness paid £11 p.a. and afterwards £10 p.a. until Michaelmas 1827. They paid Poor Rates and also paid Mr. Darnell 10/- for small tythes of the orchard and 1 yr they paid 10/- more for, the tythe of a sow and pigs. At Michaelmas they moved to Eaton Socon and Samuel Furness died c. 20th June, 1827.
The second daughter, Mary, is married and lives at Eaton. Sophia has only been out of the parish for 9 wks and has never gained 1 settlement elsewhere.
In 1826 they paid 6/- land tax which was afterwards allowed them out of their rent.

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Apprenticeship  P5/14  [n.d.]

Agnes Parson, dau. of Mich. Parson of Eaton Socon, whittawer (saddler) to Hen. Cooper of Eaton Socon, bricklayer, and w., Elenr., to learn to spin.9yr.term.  P5/14/1  March 1617

Ellen Tomson, dau. of Jn. Tompson, late of Eaton Socon, labr., decd., to Jn. Edmondes of Over Staploe, labr., and w., Jane, to knit, sew and spin. 7yr. yerm.  P5/14/2  17 Jun. 1621/2

Edw. Dammucke als. Dammucke, s. of Win. Dammucke, late of Eaton Socon, baker decd., to Jn. Thodie of Eaton Socon, weaver. 12yr. term  P5/14/3  20 May 1635

Ann Linford, dau. of Edw. Linford, late of Eaton Socon, decd., to Wm. Thodye of Eaton Socon and W., Susn., in housewifery. 7yr. term  P5/14/4  10 Jun. 1638

Fra. Linford, dau. of Edw. Linford, late of Eaton Socon, decd., to Wo. Graves of Nether Staploe in Housewifery. 7yr. term.  P5/14/5  20 May 1639

Bond by Wm. Graves to indemnify p. against expenses for apprentice, Fra. Linford  P5/14/5b  20 May 1639

Geo. Oliver, poor orphan, to Thos. Goodes. 7yr. term  P5/14/6  9 Feb. 1691

Ben. Oliver, poor orphan, to Jn. Topham, 8yr. term  P5/14/7  9 Jun. 1693

Wm. Hoton, orphan, to Wm, Hookham. 9yr. term  P5/14/8  23 Jun. 1698

Bond in £20 that in return for relief from payment of taxes for poor, Manesty Green of Eaton Socon, yeo., agrees to indemnify p. against charges for Ann Cotton, poor orphan.  P5/14/9  12 May 1702

Mary Rawlins, orphan, to Jn. Smith of Eaton Socon, butcher, until 21  P5/14/10  28 Sep. 1702

Jn. Barber, poor boy, to Thos. Baxter of Eaton Socon, yeo., 7yr. term  P5/14/11  26 Jan. 1703

Jn. Spar row, poor orphan, to Robt. Gray of Eaton Socon, carpntr., until 21  P5/14/12  21 Feb. 1704

Eliz. Moakes. poor orphan, to Thos. Baxter of Eaton Socon. yeo., for 7yrs.  P5/14/13  25 Apr. 1704

Eliz. Crawley, poor orphan, to Thos. Joyce of Chawson, Roxton, yeo. 7yr. term  P5/14/14  29 Sep. 1707

Mary Crawley, poor orphan, to Ann Addinton of Eaton Socon, wid. 12yr. term  P5/14/15  29 Sep. 1707

Filmed see MIC 184/40

Mary Mill, dau. of Mary Mills, wid., to Thos. Baxter of Oakenberry, Hunts., yeo.  P5/14/16  18 May 1710

Jud. Mires to Thos. Attwood of Eaton Socon, yeo. 6yr. term  P5/14/17  23 Apr. 1711

Ann Mires, orphan, to Thos. Geeson of Eaton Socon, labr. 7yr. term  P5/14/18  23 Apr. 1711

Hen. Firmley, poor orphan, to Abrh. Firmley of Eaton Socon, labr. 10yr. term  P5/14/19  9 May 1711

Susn. Firmley to Jn. Safford als. Stafford of Eaton Socon, butcher  P5/14/20  6 Jun. 1711

Han. Firmley to Thos. Connington of Eaton Socon, yeo. 10yr. term  P5/14/21  19 Jun. 1711

Si. Watts to Thos. Watts of Brampton, Hunts., tailor. 7yr. term  P5/14/22  19 Nov. 1712

Susn. Mason to Fra. Garner of Tempsford, yeo. 7yr. term  P5/14/23  7 Jun. 1715

Jn. Fisher to Jn. [...] Luffe of Eaton Ford, yeo. 7yr. term  P5/14/24  29 Sep. 1717

Copy of P5/14/24  P5/14/25  [n.d.]

Geo. Eakins to Jn. Oakley of Eaton Socon, tailor, until 21  P5/14/26  24 Jun. 1719

Ann Eakins to Thos. Sibley of Eaton Socon, yeo., until 21  P5/14/27  24 Jun. 1719

Ann Wiltshire to Jn. Staughton of Eaton Socon. labr., until 21  P5/14/28  15 Jun. 1720

Robt. Foott to Jn. King of Eaton Ford, tailor, until 20  P5/14/29  20 Dec. 1720

Jos. Henson to Jn. Willowson of Eaton Socon, blacksmith, until 21  P5/14/30  17 Jan. 1721

Wm. Jeaks to Geo, Key of Eaton Socon, yeo., until 21  P5/14/31  21 Jan. 1721

Wm. Wiltshire to Jn. Baker of Eaton Socon. husb., until 21.  P5/14/32  23 Jan. 1721

Jane Henson to Jas. Sparrow of Eaton Socon, yeo., until 21  P5/14/33  19 May 1721

Rich. Wiltshire to Wm. Endersbee of Eaton Socon. Labr., until 21  P5/14/34  27 May 1721

Susn. Brown to Rose Luffe of Eaton Socon, wid., until 21.  P5/14/35  29 May 1721

Copy of P5/14/35  P5/14/36  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Alice Brown to Robt. Bigg of Eaton Socon, labr., until 21  P5/14/37  13 Feb. 1721

Thos. Seabrook to Wm. Joyce of Eaton Socon. 9yr. term  P5/14/38  14 Feb. 1722

Jos. Henson to Jn. Bruce of Eaton Socon, yeo. 6yr. term  P5/14/39  1 Feb. 1723

Mary Watts to Thos. Squire of Eaton Socon, yeo, until 19  P5/14/40  16 Mar. 1723

Wm. Watts to Robt. Killingworth of Brampton, Hunts., tailor, until 21  P5/14/41  29 Mar. 1725

Thos. Howard to Jn. [...] ow of Eaton Socon, tirker, until 21  P5/14/42  29 Mar. 1725

Rich. Radwell to Jn. Bruce of Eaton Socon. yeo., until 21  P5/14/43  28 Apr. 1725

Jn. Ashbolt to Wm. Brings of Colmworth, labr. 7yr. term  P5/14/44  23 Apr. 1726

Wm. Seabrook to Jn. Rawlings of St Neots, Hunts., waterman, until 21  P5/14/45  25 Mar. 1727

Jn. Fitzhugh to Jn. King of Widen, yeo. 9yr. term  P5/14/46  2 Feb. 1727

Wm. Watts to Silvester Edmonds of Eaton Socon, baker  P5/14/47  24 Aug. 1727

Jn. Howell to Edw. Briars of Eaton Socon, shepd., until 21  P5/14/48  6 Feb. 1728

Robt. Firmley to [...] Hen. Lowen of Eaton Socon, wheelwright, until 21  P5/14/49  13 May 1723

Jos. Howard to Thos. Wiles, jnr., of Eaton Socon, until 21  P5/14/50  13 May 1728

Wm. Fisher to Thos. Squire of Eaton Socon, until 21  P5/14/51  22 May 1728

Kartha Paine to Wm. Joyce of Goodwick, Eaton Socon, until 21  P5/14/52  22 May 1728

Ben. Sheperson to Edw. Offley of Hoton cum Witton, Hunts., waterman, 7yr. term  P5/14/53  1 Jun. 1728

Robt. Fitzhugh to Thos. Connington of Eaton Socon until 21  P5/14/54  - Nov. 1728

Mary Ashbolt to Hen. Fox of Eaton Socon, husb.  P5/14/55  15 Apr. 1729

Wm. Rootham to Wm. Rootham, his grandf., of Gt. Staughton. labr., until 24  P5/14/56  24 Jun. 1729

Wm. Homes, aged 16, to Robt. Rawlings of Eynesbury, [...] unts., bricklayer. 7yr. term  P5/14/57  3 Feb. 1730

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Thos. Rawlins to Wm. Bailey of Lte.Paxton, Hunts., labr., until 21  P5/14/58  7 Apr. 1730

Mary Hawatt to Thos. Phasant of St Neots; Hunts., until 21  P5/14/59  26 May 1730

Jn. Brown to Jn. Barston of Eaton Socon, cordwainer, until 24  P5/14/60  21 Mar. 1731

Robt. Beadles to Wm. Abbys of Wyboston. 7yr. term  P5/14/61  29 Sep. 1731

Eliz. Brown to Chris. Sibley of Tilbrook, husb. 9yr. term  P5/14/62  24 Aug. 1733

Jn. Rich of Eaton Socon to Thos. Fisher of Eaton Socon, carpntr. 7yr. term  P5/14/63  13 Jul. 1756

Thos. Brown of Lte. End, Eaton Socon to Sam. Wootton of Lte. End, Eaton Socon, weaver. 7yr. term  P5/14/64  18 Feb. 1762

Bond by Sam. Wootton in £40 to reduce term of apprenticeship in 64 to 5yrs.  P5/14/65  18 Feb. 1762

Wm. Fisher to Jn. Fisher of Eaton Socon, baker, until 23  P5/14/66  3 Jul. 1764

Eliz. Meeks to Jn. Woollerston of Eaton Socon until 21 or marriage  P5/14/67  8 Jun. 1776

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Overseers of the Poor, Bastardy  P5/15  [n.d.]

Marmaduke Blacke of Cardington, shoeman, and Joan Merriwether of Blunham, wid., to churchwardens and overseers of poor in £20 to pay £1p.a. to churchwardens and overseers for nxt, 6yrs.  P5/15/1  24 Nov. 1647

Wm. Cool of Eaton Socon, farmer, to cwdns. and ovrsrs. in £50 to indemnify against charges for bastd. ch. of Alice Bennett, of whom he is reputed fath.  P5/15/2  18 Jun. 1714

Bond of Thos. Lawrence of Bugden als. Buckden, Hunts., mason to chwdns. and ovrsrs. in £100 to indemnify against charges for bastd. ch. of Mary Hatch of whom he confesses parenthood  P5/15/3  14 Jun 1717

Wm. Austin of Eynesbury, Hunts., fellmonger, Robt. Austin of Titchmarsh, Northants., gent., Jn. Austin of Titchmarsh, gent., Jn. Lettice of Toseland, Hunts., yeo. and Thos. Chapman of St Neots, Hunts., gent. to chwdns. and ovrsrs. in £100 against charges for bastd. twins of Mary Rogers, whom Wm. Austin confesses are his.  P5/15/4  7 Jan 1718

Jn. Rowlitt of St Neots, Hunts., and Ben. Everitt of Colmworth to chwdns. and ovrsrs. in £20 for charges of bastd. ch. of Han. Creamer, dau. of Wm. Creamer of Eaton Socon  P5/15/5  9 Jan 1748

Wm. Smith of Eaton Socon, husb., and Thos. Bloodward of Northill, yeo. to chwdns. and ovrsrs. in £40 against charges for bastd. ch. of Eliz. Brown  P5/15/6  13 Dec 1748

Thos. Markham the elder, yeo. and Wm. Burton, chwdns. and ovrsrs. of Alconbury, Hunts. to chwdns. and ovrsrs. of Eaton Socon in £50 against charges for bastd. ch. of Sar.Teate  P5/15/7  13 Dec 1752

Jn. Chaplin of Wistow, Hunts., yeo. to ovrsrs. and chwdns. in £40 for charges of bastd. ch. of Man. Holding, late of Wistow End but now of Eaton Socon, of which Jn. Chaplin,s. of above Jn. Chaplin, is reputed f.  P5/15/8  23 Jan 1755

Abrh. Norman of Colmworth, shopkeeper, Rich. Everett of Colmworth, farmer and Wm. Raines of Colmworth, victualler to chwdns. and ovrsrs. of Eaton Socon in £40 against charges for bastd. ch. of Mary Nicholls, aged 8 or 9 weeks, called Ellen Nicholls, of which Abrh. Norman is reputed f.  P5/15/9  5 Apr 1758

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Jn. Dearmer of Honeydon, Eaton Socon, yeo., to ovrsrs. and chwdns. of Eaton Socon in £40 against charges for bastd. ch. of Sar. White, which he confesses is his.  P5/15/10  12 Mar 1761

Wm. Mace of Tempsford, butcher, Jn. Brown of Tempsford, yeo., Pet. Addington of Roxton, yeo. and Luke Addinton of Wyboston to chwdns. and ovrsrs. of Eaton Socon in £40 against charges for of Eliz. Whittimore of which Wm. Mace is reputed f. see Miscellaneous 1.  P5/15/11  13 Dec 1763

Chas. Fisher of Honeydon, crpntr., to ovrsrs. and chwdns. in £15 for charges of bastd. ch. of Mary Taylor of which Chas. Fisher is reputed f.  P5/15/12  16 May 1776

Justices Orders and Notices to Appear  P5/15/13/1-18  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Eliz. Harding Wm. Eat  P5/15/13/1  22 Apr 2 Geo III 1761-2

Ann Pack Jn. Bowsherd late of Eaton Socon, labr.  P5/15/13/2  8 Apr 1812

Copy of P5/15/13/2.  P5/15/13/3  [n.d.]

Eliz. Townsend Jn. Foskett of St Neots, cordwainer  P5/15/13/4  28 Apr 1813

Charlt. Cooper als. Briggs Jas. Ingle of St Neots butcher  P5/15/13/5  20 Apr 1814

Mary Ratcliff Geo. Waltham of Sibsey, Lincs., drover  P5/15/13/6  8 Apr 1817

Dinah Chapman Chas. Medlow of Eaton Socon, servt.  P5/15/13/7  26 Aug 1817

Eliz. Gibbs Wm. Goss of St Neots, tilesmith  P5/15/13/8  11 Sep 1821

Sar. Brown Wm. Rowles of Wootton, labr.  P5/15/13/9  21 Aug 1832

Mary Moore Geo. Fensom of Buckden, Hunts., ostler  P5/15/13/10  4 Dec 1830

Jane Ratcliffe Edw. Croot, horsekeeper  P5/15/13/11a  3 Jul 1838

Unsigned form accepting fatherhood of ch. of Jane Ratcliffe  P5/15/13/11b  1838

Notice to Edw. Serjeant that Guardians of St Neots Union intend to apply for order  P5/15/13/12  14 Dec 1839

Jane Ratcliffe Edw. Serjeant  P5/15/13/13  23 Dec 1839

Copy of P5/15/13/13.  P5/15/13/14  [n.d.]

Susn. Stamford Jn. Martin of Buckden, Hunts., labr.  P5/15/13/15  1 Jan 1839

Jane Flanders Kingswell Berry  P5/15/13/16  2 Jan 1839

Ann Sabey Jn. Thompson  P5/15/13/17  7 May 1840

Copy of P5/15/13/17  P5/15/13/18  n.d

Miscellaneous  P5/15/14/1-9  [n.d.]

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Warrant to Constables of Tempsford to apprehend Wm. Mace, butcher of Tempsford, reputed f. of bastd. ch. of Eliz. Whittimore see Bastardy Bond 11  P5/15/14/1  9 Dec 1763

Warrant to Constables of Eaton Socon to apprehend Geo. Crouch, late of Sandy, reputed f. of bastd. ch. of Ann Gregory  P5/15/14/2  5 May 1777

Warrant to Constables of Southoe to apprehend Jn. Bowsherd for neglecting payment of maintenance under order of filiation see Justices Orders 2.  P5/15/14/3  13 Jun 1812

Deposition of Mary Ratcliff:reputed f. Geo. Waltham of Sibsey, Lincs., drover. see Justices Order 6  P5/15/14/4  8 Apr 1817

Indemnity certificate from chwdns. and ovrsrs. of Eaton Socon against charges for bastd. ch. of Sar. Lee of St Neots  P5/15/14/5  4 Jun 1829

Deposition of Sar. Brown of Wyboston:Wm.Roley, late of Wyboston but now of Wootton, labr., reputed f. see Justices Order 9.  P5/15/14/6  16 Aug 1832

Copy of P5/15/14/6.  P5/15/14/7  [n.d.]

Deposition of Eliz. Bolton of Eaton Socon:reputed f. Wm. Smith of Eaton Socon, labr.  P5/15/14/8  13 May 1833

Warrant to Constables to apprehend Thos. Tompkins of Clifton, thatcher, for [...] falling to pay maintenance of bastd, ch. of Ann Franklin  P5/15/14/9  8 Jan 1835

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Settlement, Miscellaneous  P5/16  [n.d.]

Solicitor's bill as to several settlement cases  P5/16/1  1837-1839

2 items

Conditions of access: Filmed see MIC 184/40

Overseers of the Poor, Militia  P5/17  [n.d.]

Precepts to overseers to pay (a) allowances to wives of men serving in Militia, and (b) bounties to men; also several papers as to substitutes  P5/17  1798-1812

18 items

Conditions of access: These records now catalogued fully, June 1991

Overseers of the Poor, Miscellaneous  [no ref. or date]

Printed notices of vestry to make rates  P5/18/1  1763-1841

booklet, 1845

Also: Lease for 20 years to overseers of 3 messuages [? for a poorhouse], 1763
Fire insurance policy on the workhouses for old and young, 1788
Coroner's precept for attendance of surgeon at inquest, 1833
And High Constable's precept for payment of county rates, 1841

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Militia  P5/17  [n.d.]

Justices' precept to Biggleswade Overseers to maintain militia man's family.  P5/17/1  15 March 1798

Mary Cubis, Biggleswade, wife of William Cubis, a private in the supplementary militia, serving as a substitute for Richard Ryecraft of Northill. Allowed 4s a week for herself and two children aged under 10 years.

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man employing a substitute.  P5/17/2  23 April 1798

Richard Ryecraft, Northill, chosen by lot to serve in the supplementary militia, has provided William Cubis as substitute. Ryecraft to receive 4 guineas, half the price of a volunteer.

Receipt for allowance. Northill parish to Biggleswade.  P5/17/3  3 November 1798

William Cubis's wife and two children, at 1s 2d for 30 weeks. 5 5s.

Receipt for allowance.  P5/17/4  5 November 1798

Received of the Caldecote Overseer, 5 guineas for William Cubis's wife and children. Benjn. Munn

Receipt for allowance.  P5/17/5  23 March 1799

Caldecote parish to Biggleswade for William Cubis's wife and child at 2s 4d per week for 20 weeks. 2 6s 8d. Benjn Munn

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man employing a substitute.  P5/17/6  2 May 1798

Thomas Shelton, Northill, labourer, chosen by lot to serve in the supplementary militia, has provided
Thomas Grover as substitute. Shelton to receive 4 guineas, half the price of a volunteer.

Justices' precept to Northill Overseers to maintain militia mans wife.  P5/17/7  31 October 1798

Mary Daniel, Northill, wife of Joseph Daniel a militia man serving in Ireland to receive 9s 4d, 8 weeks allowance.

Receipted bill from Northill Overseers to Bedford St Paul Overseers.  P5/17/8  18 March 1799

To a Bill up to Dec 29 1798 7 18s 8d. Paid Thomas Barker's wife and 3 children, 12 weeks from 29 Dec 1798 to 23 March 1799, 2 16s.
Barker serves for William Page in the supplementary militia.
Receipted: 18 March 1799. Settled this account up to 23 March 1799 J Emery, Overseer, St Paul, Bedford

Justices' precept to Northill Overseers to maintain militia man's family.  P5/17/9  18 July 1800

Pro forma. Jane Laighton, Northill, wife of James Laighton, serving in the Bedford militia as a substitute for John Brimley of Cople. Allowed 5s 4d weekly for herself and three children under 10 years. Allowance of 2d per head more to commence from 2 May [1799], 7s 4d weekly.

Justices' precept to Great Barford Overseers to maintain militia mans wife.  P5/17/10  28 January 1802; 2 January 1802

John Knight on behalf of his wife Mary, serving in the Bedfordshire Militia as a substitute for William Foot, Northill. Allowed 16d weekly, from 25 December [1801]
Attached Militia service certificate. John Knight, private in the Bedfordshire Militia sworn 1 February 1792 as a substitute for William Foot of Northill, now serving in Colonel Moore's company

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man employing a substitute.  P5/17/11  22 April 1803

Pro forma.
Henry Thompson, Northill, chosen by lot to serve in the Bedfordshire Militia, has provided William Hart as substitute. Thompson to receive 6 guineas, half the price of a volunteer.

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Eaton Socon to pay lump sum to drawn man employing a substitute.  P5/17/12  16 August 1803

Pro forma.
Matthew Croft, Eaton Socon, balloted to serve in the militia, has provided an [unnamed] substitute. To be paid 6 guineas, half the current price for a volunteer.

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man employing a substitute.  P5/17/13  22 August [...] 180

Pro forma.
Richard Vintner, Northill, balloted to serve in the militia, has provided John Barnard as substitute, and receives 6 guineas, half the price of a volunteer. Receipted by Richard Vintinner.

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man.  P5/17/14  27 January 1808; 27 February 1808

Pro forma.
William Endersby, Northill, balloted to serve in the militia and sworn in, paid 13 10s the current price of a volunteer.
Receipted: Received of Mr Stevens 13 10s by Mr John Barker for the use of Wm. Endersby

Justices' precept to Churchwardens and Overseers of Northill to pay lump sum to drawn man.  P5/17/15  27 January 1808; 4 March 1808

Pro forma.
William Jakes, Northill, balloted to serve in the militia and paid 13 10s.
Receipted by William Jakes
Note: Jakes probably served in the militia as he was paid full bounty, but the section of the pro forma concerning the provision of a substitute has not been deleted.

Justices' precept to Northill Overseers to maintain militia mans family.  P5/17/16  30 January 1808; 19 December 1810; 25 January 1808

Pro forma.
Mary Smith, Northill, wife of William Smith, serving in the Bedfordshire Militia as a substitute for Edmund Garner, Biggleswade, unable to support herself and one child under age of 10 years. To be paid 3s per week from 23 December 1807.
Amendment: Mary Smith and her 2 children to be paid 2s weekly from 3 November 1810. Frances Pym JP
Attached: Militia service certificate. William Smith, private in Captain Horner's company, was enrolled as a substitute for Edmund Garner, Biggleswade, on 23 December 1807, and is still serving.

Justices' precept to Northill overseers to maintain militia man's wife.  P5/17/17  10 July 1811; 26 May 1811

Elizabeth Stokes, Northill, wife of Samuel Stokes, serving in the Bedfordshire Militia, to be paid 2s weekly, commencing 26 May [1811] the sum to be reimbursed by the Warden Overseer.
Attached: Militia service certificate. Samuel Stokes enrolled 19 April 1811 as a substitute for James Fowster of Warden.

Justices' certificate.  P5/17/18  13 August 1812

Laurence Cumberland acting for Stevington Overseers has paid to Mary Aspley and one child, Stevington, wife of William Aspley, serving in the Bedfordshire Militia as a substitute for Eaton Socon parish 50 weeks allowance at 4s, from 12 April 1811 to 27 March 1812.

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Poor Law Board and Board of Guardians  P5/19  [n.d.]

Precept to Overseers from Guardians to pay rates to Union Treasurer  P5/19/1  1841-1842

SURVEYORS of the Highways, Rates  P5/20  [n.d.]

Detailed assessments  P5/20/1  1837

Detailed assessments  P5/20/2  1844

Detailed assessments  P5/20/3  1845

Detailed assessments  P5/20/4  1850's

Detailed assessments  P5/20/5  1850's

Surveyors of the Highways, Accounts  P5/21  [n.d.]

Detailed disbursements  P5/21/1  1836

Related information: [...] see also P5/9

Detailed disbursements  P5/21/2  1837

Detailed disbursements  P5/21/3  1838-9

Detailed disbursements  P5/21/4  1840

Detailed disbursements  P5/21/5  1849-50

Loose bills  P5/21/6  1835-40

Surveyors of the Highways, Miscellaneous  P5/22  [n.d.]

Misc. 6 letters  P5/22/1  1838

CHARITIES (including Town Lands)  P5/25  [n.d.]

Related information: For lists of recipients of occasional legacies (from 1596) see P5/12/1, 3, 4.

Poors Land  P5/25/1-7  [n.d.]

Memorandum of agreement as to lease of land for 9 years.  P5/25/1  1765

Eaton Barley List" (names of 33 recipients).  P5/25/2  1767

Enclosure of Eaton Socon: commissioners' precepts for payment of rates for fencing allotments, receipts, etc.  P5/25/3  1797-99

Rough note of agreement for lease of land for 12 years.  P5/25/4  [?c. 1800]

Lease for 14 years  P5/25/5  1808

Minute book Trustees E.S. Poors Land Charity  P5/25/7  21 Sep 1863 - 15 Mar 1929

Related information: It is possible that some of the deeds, etc. noted under P5/28 belong to this section

Oldham's Gift.  P5/25/6  [n.d.]

Will of Simon Oldham of Colmworth, yeoman.  P5/25/6/1  1630/1

Extract only, as to 2 closes called Basings & the Lye: No mention of gift.

Enclosure awards  P5/26  [n.d.]

Enclosure map  P5/26/1  1799

Source of acquisition: Received from Parish Council, 1928

Valuation of whole parish "as settled by the Commissioners for....... inclosing the parish"  P5/26/2  n.d. [c.1800]

Proprietors, occupiers, value per annum - total for each occupier; arranged alphabetically by proprietors

Enclosure award  P5/26/3  1800

MISCELLANEOUS  P5/28  [n.d.]

Deeds, Wills, etc.  P5/28/1-8  [n.d.]

Bond for 20 marks: Thos. London, yeoman, Sam Hunt, Clerk, both of Graffham (co. Hunts.), & Paul Astwood of Abbotsley (co.Hunts.), yeoman, to Geo. Covington, one of the sons of Geo.C. of Eaton, yeoman, decd. - For payment of £6 13s.4d. at Mich. 1625. Witnesses: Rich. Francke, John Topham, Edw. Lynford.  P5/28/1  1616

? A bastardy bond

Will of Jane Leete of Wyboston, widow.  P5/28/2  1728

To kinsman Wm Medbury, cottage in Wyboston Street in occ. of Thos. Oatey; to kinswoman Eliz. Swan, house for life, then to kinswoman (her dau.); W.M. & E.S. paying 10s. each yearly to testratrix's bro. Rich. Medbury for life. Res. legatee & exor.: said W.M. Witn: Eliz Wiles, Ann Quarrell, John Smith. Proved 1729 [...] Copy

Lease for a year John Waller, gent., to Rob. Fisher jun., husbandman, both of St. Neots (co. Hunts.) - A cottage in Eaton Socon at Maltmans Garden in occ. of John Bundy.  P5/28/3  1744

Release missing

Bond to £110: Attwood Fisher of Eynesbury (co. Hunts.), baker, to Rich. Brown of Eaton Socon, cordwainer.  P5/28/4  1759

For quiet enjoyment of a cottage in occ. of Wm. Williams, and another cottage at Maltmans Garden in occ. of John Hull & Mary Weed.

Will of John Whisson of Wyboston, yeoman.  P5/28/5  1783

To dau. Mary (wife of John Riddle of Hemingford Abbots (co.Hunts.), yeoman), all her messuages & lands in Eaton Socon [no details]; to said dau., all personal estate. Execx.: daid dau. Wit: Henry Fryer, John Fryer, John Waller. Proved 1784 [...] Copy

Another copy  P5/28/6  n.d

Deed to lead the uses of a Fine  P5/28/7  1784

John Riddel [as in P5/28/5] and wife Mary, and Wm. Halliley of St. Neots (Co.Hunts.), surgeon. - A cottage in Cow Turd Lane, and 10 ac. land dispersed in open fields, in Eaton Socon [no details], in occ. of John Boston; also 13¾ ac. in open fields of Wyboston in same occ.; all described in a deed, dated 1755, between Thos. Boston of St. Neots, butcher, and Jas. Bruce of same, victualler, decd. Also 3 selions of land cont.1 a. 1½ r. in open fields of Wyboston; 1a. 3r. in Lammas Meadow in Wyboston, described in a deed, dated 1759, between John Waller of St. Neots, gent., & John Whisson of Wyboston, yeoman; and 1 a. in Bulling Field in Wyboston in Plumptree Furlong. To use of such persons as J.R. shall thereafter appoint. Copy

Agreement: John Loxley and Wm.Wright, both of Colmworth, bricklayers.  P5/28/8  1794

For employment by J.L. of W.W. as assistant or journeyman.
[Copy: made perhaps in connection with a settlement case].

Fire engine  P5/28/9-9a  [n.d.]

Subscription list, detailed invoice for fire engine and associated apparatus, and bill for building the Engine house etc.  P5/28/9  1830 - 1833

Small volume, with many names

Receipt by W.Banyard for Messrs. Hadley and Simpson, for £14 4s. paid by Mr.Walker for fire buckets etc.  P5/28/9a  7 April 1804

Registration of electors  P5/28/10  [n.d.]

Several claims and lists  P5/28/10/1  1842

Miscellaneous  P5/28/11-14  [n.d.]

Parish magazine subscription and distribution account book, with (inside front cover) sketch map of the parish.  P5/28/11  1922 - 1944

Also includes accounts for sale of work (item, value, name of maker and sale price), 1922, and accounts of Sunday School Treat Fund, 1919-1922

Statistical returns of Parochial Work  P5/28/12  1920-1940, 1953

Incomplete series of copy returns

Memoirs of Church Life in Eaton Socon, 1918 to 1978.  P5/28/13  comp. c.1978


St.Mary's Wives Group: Treasurer's book  P5/28/14  1974 - 1993

Accounts and membership lists etc.

PRINTED Books  P5/31  [n.d.]

"Certaine Sermons or Homilies intended to be read in churches in the time of the late Queene Elizabeth of famous memory And now thought fit to bee reprinted by Authority from the Kings most Excellent Maiestie" London, 1623.  P5/31/1  1623

viii + 98pp

Printed by John Bill, printer to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie.
Bound with
"The Second Tome of Homilies...". London 1623. iv + 320 + iv pp. Also printed by John Bill. 1623
The above include various manuscript notes recording that the book belongs to the church of Eaton Socon, and (at front) a note by the Rev.Henry Cobbe, Milton Bryan Rectory, that the book was found at Milton Bryan and returned by Cobbe to the Rev.E.Horley, Rector of Eaton Socon, on 2 September 1878. Cobbe notes that "it no doubt came to Milton Bryan with the Rev.W.Capel Jr. (son of the Rector of Milton Bryan) who was Vicar of Eaton Socon 1738-1761"


Related information: see also P5/8/3 for unofficial minutes of meetings 1933-1942

[no title or date]  P5/32/1

Number reserved for minutes 1920-1946 - not deposited

P.C.C. minute book (including minutes of Easter vestry and Annual Parochial Church meetings)  P5/32/2  1946 - 1951

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/3  1951 - 1953

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/4  1953 - 1956

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/5  1956 - 1958

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/6  1958 - 1962

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/7  1963 - 1965

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/8  1965 - 1971

P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/2  P5/32/9  1972 - 1976

File of copy minutes of P.C.C. meetings  P5/32/10  1977 - 1979


P.C.C. minute book as P5/32/10  P5/32/11  1976 - 1987

Continued from 1979 as minute book of Easter Vestry and Annual Parochial Church meetings only

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL, Accounts  P5/33  [n.d.]

File of annual statements of accounts (income and expenditure), balance sheets, and schedules of investments etc.  P5/33/1  1953 - 1983

incomplete series

P.C.C. account book (income and expenditure)  P5/33/2  1923 - 1936

P.C.C. account book (income and expenditure)  P5/33/3  1937 - 1950

P.C.C. account book (income and expenditure)  P5/33/4  1951 - 1957

P.C.C. account book (income and expenditure)  P5/33/5  1958 - 1960

P.C.C. account book (analysis book)  P5/33/6  1952 - 1960

P.C.C. account book (receipts)  P5/33/7  1960 - 1975

P.C.C. account book (expenditure)  P5/33/8  1960 - 1969

P.C.C. account book (analysed income ledger)  P5/33/9  1975 - 1979

Conditions of access: formerly classed as P5/33/2

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL, Correspondence  P5/34  [n.d.]

P.C.C. correspondence file  P5/34/1  1957 - 1974


P.C.C. correspondence file  P5/34/2  1974 - 1985


PCC, Sub-committees with finance  P5/36  [n.d.]

Christian Stewardship Committee minute book  P5/36/1  1959 - 1978

File of expired deeds of covenant to the P.C.C.  P5/36/2  1959 - 1981

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