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Clophill Parish Records, Bedfordshire

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Reference P45
Covering dates 1236 - 1992
Held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service
Extent 225 files

No further details   John Day of Victoria Terrace, Bedford to Rector, re repairs to church.  P45/2/15  10 May - 7 July 1879
No further details   Rector's correspondence re restoration of Church.  P45/2/16  March 1920 - Sept. 1921
No further details   Letter. Arthur Day of Diocesan Registry to Rector, re installing cathedral glass in a window, advising him to get a faculty if there is a chance of divergence of opinion in parish.  P45/2/17  7 Sept. 1926
No further details   Rector's correspondence re proposed alterations at church, including architect's report.  P45/2/18  6 May - 10 July 1937
No further details   Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Assessment. Clophill  P45/2/19  19 Oct. 1956
No further details   Copy Instrument under hand and seal of Thomas, Bishop of Ely, substituting the new Church of St. Mary, Clophill, as the future Parish Church instead of the old Church, and also transferring from the latter to the former all the endowments, emoluments, and rights belonging thereto.  P45/2/31  4 August 1849

Folder icon  Roll of plans of proposed alterations to St. Mary's (new) Church, Clophill, by J. Gedge, architect, Bedford.  P45/2/32  1956-1957

1. Ground plan, showing stages of work. 4': 1". Nov. 1956
2. Sketch of proposed alterations to Sanctuary, with new altar rail. ½" scale. Nov. 1956
3. Altered orientation of organ and new Memorial Chapel. Plans, elevations etc. ½" scale. Dec. 1956
4. Detail of proposed new altar. Jan. 1957
5. Sketch of new screen to form choir vestry beneath the tower. Plan and elevation. Jan. 1957
6. Detail of proposed new altar rail. ½" & full. Feb. 1957
7. Sketch of new credence table. 1" scale. April 1957
8. Detail of altar rail for Memorial Chapel (to be made from C18th staircase, and new oak required to be taken from the Old Church). 1" & full. Oct. 1957
9. Proposed prayer desk to be made from the existing desk. Oct. 1957

No further details   Letter. Church Commissionrs to Rector notifying that St. Mary, Clophill. is included in list of buildings of special historical and architectural interest.  P45/2/20  5 May 1961

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