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Houghton Conquest Parish Records, Bedfordshire

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Reference P11
Covering dates 1589-1981
Held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service
Extent 186 files
Creators Church of England, Houghton Conquest Parish, Bedfordshire

CHURCHWARDENS, Accounts  P11/5  [n.d.]

Volume of Churchwardens' accounts  P11/5/1  1775 - 1901

Receipts and detailed disbursements with some Vestry Minutes. Expenditure recorded includes:
1779-80 Repairs to the Church Wall
1780-81 Recasting the "Great bell".
1804-5 New lead
1819 "Paid W Dyer for the Salmes Singing Feast - £1..4s..6d"
1822 "Expence of a New Terrier for the parrish - 18s."
1823-25 Repairs to the tower stairs and floors, new church doors, and repairs to pews and floors.
1827 Vestry Minute re Church rate for repairs of the church
1841-43 Recasting the church bells
1844-46 Repairs to the tower
1847-48 "Paid Wildman a Bill for air arches round the church - £16"
1853-54 Reroofing part of the North aisle
1878 "Mr. Hill and Son, London, for organ Repairing - £5" "Charles Smart, Organ Boy - 14s"

Churchwardens' account book (receipts and payments)  P11/5/2  1933 - 1950

VESTRY  P11/8  [n.d.]

Related information: See also P11/5/1

Minute book  P11/8/1  1840-1867

With 4 notices of vestry meetings, 1837-1844, found loose inside

Minute book  P11/8/2  1868-1923, 1932-1945

Constables, Miscellaneous  P11/10  [n.d.]

List of persons qualified to serve  P11/10/1  1843

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Rates  P11/11  [n.d.]

Names and sums due  P11/11/1  1646

Copies information: copied c. 1700

Names and sums due  P11/11/2  1736

Rate book  P11/11/3  1827-1830

Rate book  P11/11/4  1830-1832

Rate book  P11/11/5  1832-1833

Rate book  P11/11/6  1834

Rate book  P11/11/7  1834

Rate book  P11/11/8  1834-1835

Rate book  P11/11/9  1836

Rate book  P11/11/10  1836

Rate book  P11/11/11  1869

Rate book  P11/11/12  1832-33

Arrangement: Arranged in three classes

Special assessments for "labour rate". At reverse end: detailed resolutions for employment of labourers and raising of labour rates, with long list of labourers

Valuation for new assessment.  P11/11/13  No date

Arrangement: Alphabetically arranged by occupiers

Also gives owners, quality (cultivation), acreage, annual value

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Accounts  P11/12  [n.d.]

Account Book  P11/12/1  1712-1735

Under each Easter: full copy of burials in parish register, with minister's certificate of burial in woollen. At beginning: names of church-wardens, overseers, surveyors and constables, 1714-35. Under April 1715: unusually full note of justices' approval of accounts at their "pettisessions at Ampthill in the Hundred of Redbour[n]stoke", 1715.

Account Book  P11/12/2  1765-1787

Under each Easter to about 1780; copy of burials [as above]. At beginning: 3 notes of agreements for boarding-out of children, 1768, 1786. At end: names of churchwardens, overseers and constables, 1772-90.

Account Book  P11/12/3  1787-1798

At end: names of churchwardens, overseers and constables, 1791-98.

Account Book  P11/12/4  1798-1818

At beginning: vestry resolution for annual subscription of £2. 2s. "for the benefit of that noble Institution, the Bedford Infirmary", 1805. At end: (a) inventories of goods at workhouse and poorhouse, 1816; (b) recipients of men's coats, women's gowns, and boys' coats (annual lists), under Sir Francis Clarke's charity, 1807-17; (c) farmers' agreement as to roundsmen, 1818; (d) contracts for medical attendance, 1801-15; (e) names of churchwardens, overseers & constables, 1798-1819. 1813 appeared to be building workhouse but still kept poorhouse ? (Cobb Hall).

Account Book  P11/12/5  1818-1828

At beginning: copy of agreement between overseers and 2 labourers as to expense of building their 2 cottages on the gravel pit and as to their rent, 1818. At reverse end: (a) contract for medical attendance, 1818-24; (b) agreement similar to that at beginning, 1826; (c) names of churchwardens, overseers and constables, 1807-36; (d) lists as in note (b) in P11/12/4.

2 bills for repair to old workhouse  P11/12/6  1842-1851

Receipt and Payment book  P11/12/7  1837-1865

OVERSEERS OF THE POOR, Settlement Papers  P11/13  [n.d.]

Indemnity certificates  P11/13/1/1-17  [n.d.]

Thomas Arnald and Catherine his wife of Houghton Conquest - addressed to Overseers of Newport Pagnell, Bucks.  P11/13/1/1  14 September 1723

Richard Whitebread and Elizabeth his wife, from Wilstead  P11/13/1/2  20 December 1737

William Waldeck and Judith his wife, and one son James Ambridge Waldeck, from Milton Ernest  P11/13/1/3  29 January 1741

Richard Whiteman, blacksmith, and Elizabeth his wife, from Sandy  P11/13/1/4  10 December 1747

John Peach and Christain his wife, from Silsoe  P11/13/1/5  9 June 1748

John Arms, labourer, and Esther his wife, from Marston  P11/13/1/6  ...1760

Edward Miller, schoolmaster, and Ann his wife, and their children Thomas, Frances, Catherine, James, Robert, and [? Sarah], from Ampthill  P11/13/1/7  21 June 1760

Daniel Brightman, labourer, and Ann his wife, and their children Mary, Richard, and James, from Ampthill  P11/13/1/8  1 April 1761

John Clarke, carpenter, and Jenny his wife, and their daughter Ann, from Lidlington  P11/13/1/9  12 May 1763

John Taylor, yeoman, from St. Mary's, Bedford  P11/13/1/10  7 April 1768

Thomas Cooper and Mary his wife, from Wilstead  P11/13/1/11  10 May 1776

James Parrot and Mary his wife, from Marston Moretaine  P11/13/1/12  25 July 1777

George Clark and Mary his wife, and son Benjamin, from Eversholt  P11/13/1/13  7 January 1779

Thomas Austin and Mary his wife, from Maulden  P11/13/1/14  16 February 1790

Thomas Winterborne and Elizabeth his wife, from Wootton  P11/13/1/15  5 April 1790

James Law and Mary his wife, from Wootton  P11/13/1/16  2 November 1793

Elizabeth Dyer, single and with child, from Westoning  P11/13/1/17  2 August 1824

Removal orders from the parish  P11/13/2/1-21  [n.d.]

John Windmill and Mary his wife, and their daughter Sarah (6 months) to Holwell, Beds.  P11/13/2/1  15 October 1736

Richard Holmes, to St. John's, Bedford  P11/13/2/2  9 February 1756

William Denton and Elizabeth his wife, to Shillington  P11/13/2/3  2 February 1784

Samuel Penwright and Mary his wife, to St. Mary's, Bedford  P11/13/2/4  14 March 1787

William Carter, to Streatley  P11/13/2/5  11 April 1804

Elizabeth Penwright to Haynes  P11/13/2/6  20 September 1804

Hannah Brooks to Wootton  P11/13/2/7  6 November 1805

James Ashbey aged 13 years, to Maulden  P11/13/2/8  15 November 1805

Jane Kemp, to Bromham  P11/13/2/9  21 March 1811

Thomas Berry, to Harlington  P11/13/2/10  10 December 1812

Thomas Gillet and Ann his wife, and their daughter Alice (aged less than one year) to Kempston  P11/13/2/11  21 January 1813

George Saville and Sarah his wife, to Steppingley  P11/13/2/12  16 March 1813

James Facer, to Lidlington  P11/13/2/13  18 April 1816

William Odell and Martha his wife, and their daughter Hannah, to Ridgmont  P11/13/2/14  8 May 1816

John Farr and Ann his wife, and their daughter Maria (9), to Westoning  P11/13/2/15  28 August 1816

James William Paggiter (2 yrs. 11 months), to St. Margaret's, Westminster, Middlesex  P11/13/2/16  21 October 1819

James William Paggiter finally removed - original order having been suspended due to his "tender age"  P11/13/2/17  21 February 1822

Frances Grey, singlewoman, to Elstow  P11/13/2/18  8 January 1820

James Daniel, wife Mary, and their son Joseph to Cardington  P11/13/2/19  21 February 1822

Henry Dyer, to South Mimms, Middlesex  P11/13/2/20  5 September 1822

Samuel Busby alias Armstrong and Ann his wife, to Elstow  P11/13/2/21  19 April 1827

Removal orders to the parish  P11/13/3/1-5  [n.d.]

William Richardson, a vagrant taken up in the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, to be taken to Ridge, Herts., and thence to the parish of "Hotton, Bedfordshire"  P11/13/3/1  22 March 1764

Settlement examination of William Richardson, a rogue and vagabond apprehended in the City of Westminster; Lived and rented a farm for 26 years in the parish of Hotton in Bedfordshire and paid yearly rent of £27 and all parochial taxes, and quitted the same about 13 years ago and has never since rented house or land, paid parochial or other taxes, nor by any other means acquired any subsequent settlement

William Inkersole and wife Frances, from Kempston  P11/13/3/2  30 January 1789

John Carter, from Maulden  P11/13/3/3  15 January 1801

Mary Smith, singlewoman, now with child, from Thurleigh  P11/13/3/4  15 October 1804

George Northwood, wife Rebecca, children Elizabeth (10), Rebecca (7), Louisa (5), and Elizabeth (2) from Maulden  P11/13/3/5  17 January 1811

Settlement Examinations  P11/13/4/1-6  [n.d.]

Wm Ward, labr bn Shillington, where his f. was legally settled.  P11/13/4/1  15.12.1800

At Ampthill statute 1799 hired himself to Wm Baker of Houghton Conquest, farmer for 1 yr from Michaelmas day 1799 - to Michaelmas 1800 and since that time has done nothing to gain legal settlement.

Jos Summerfield, bn Clophill.  P11/13/4/2  28.9.1803

About 4 yrs ago hired himself to Mr Smith of Sundon for a yr. and stayed 2 yrs. from thence to Toddington where he stayed for about ½ a yr, then returned to Clophill then went to Muggerhanger for ½ a yr. then let himself to Mr Batts of Clophill about a fortnight after Michaelmas to the Michaelmas following that he served Mr. Batts. He then let himself to Mr. Armstrong of Houghton Conquest on the day after Mich. to the Mich. following about a fortnight before Mich. he married and he and his master parted with mutual consent.

Jn Picket, bn Arlsey where his f. Jn Picket was legally settled.  P11/13/4/3  30.9.1803

He hired himself to Jn Pateman a little before Mich. 1800 as a servant in husbandry in Langford for 1 yr, and since then has done nothing to gain legal settlement.

Edw Arnold bn Wilshamstead abt 7 yrs ago hired himself, through his father, to Mr Batts of Wilshamstead before Mich and he continued in that service for only part of that yr. and he returned to the same service before the Mich. following & cont. till after Mich. in the year 1799.  P11/13/4/4  6.1.1806

In 1800 lived part of the yr. with Mr. Edw Kitchener of Hawnes, after Mich. 1800 let himself the day after Mich. to Mr Jn Spring of Houghton Conquest and lived in that service till the Mich. day following right in the yr 1801 that 14 days after Mich. 1801 he let himself to Mr Burr of Wilshamstead and staid till Mich. 1802. He did not go into any service till after Michaelmas 1804. He lived part of the yr. ending Mich 1805 with Ann Adams of Ridgemont. It happens therefore that his place of settlement is at Houghton Conquest.

Jn Whittamore.  P11/13/4/5  26.11.1812

Before Mich. 1800 he let himself for 1 yr to Wm. Baker of Houghton
Conquest he entered this service 2 days after Mich. and continued til the day after the following Mich. when he deceived his whole yrs wages and hired himself for another year to the same service and continued for about 6 wks. He never lived in any other place for a yr and has done nothing to gain legal settlement.

Geo.Saville.  P11/13/4/6  16.3.1813

At Ampthill Statutes about a fortnight before Mich. 1810 hired himself for 1 yr. to Wm. Goodman of Steppingley, he entered this service the day after Mich. and continued to serve till Mich. day 1811, then hired himself again to Wm. Goodman til 1812 Mich. and since then has done nothing to gain legal settlement.

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Apprenticeship  P11/14  [n.d.]

Apprenticeship indenture: 26 Apr 1798; Geo Plumer, aged 8, to Geo Carter, Maulden, his fa-in-law, shoemaker  P11/14/1  1798

Overseers of the Poor, Bastardy  P11/15  [n.d.]

Warrant for arrest of Rich Volentine, farmer, H.C., reputed father of male bastard ch(aged 13 mths) of Ann Holloway.  P11/15/1  27 June 1765

Bastardy bond (£80). Jn Redman, H.C., lab, indemnifies parish against charges of Martha (aged 6 or 7) and Jn (6 mths) bastard chs of Ann Kendall, H.C.  P11/15/2  25 July 1765

Warrant for arrest of Jas Crick, late of Clophill, cordwainer, reputed father of expected ch of Eliz Barrack.  P11/15/3  7 Sept 1780

Bastardy bond (£50). Sam Dunham, Wilstead, farmer, and son Jn, indemnifies parish against charges of expected ch of Sar Lacy. Jn being reputed father.  P11/15/4  24 Sept 1791

Bastardy bond (£80). Jn Cherry, H.C., yeom. indemnifies parish against charges of female bastard ch (aged 5) of Eliz Brightman, now of Bedford.  P11/15/5  1 Apr 1802

Order of filiation regarding male bastard ch of Ann Smith, H.C. Reputed father - Wm Furr, Ampthill, lab.  P11/15/6  17 Mar 1803

Bastardy bond (£80). Wm Chapman, Thickthorn, H.C., farmer, indemnifies parish against charges of expected bastard ch of Jane Kemp, H.C.  P11/15/7  6 Aug 1803

Warrant for arrest of Wm Furr, Kempston.  P11/15/8  21 Sept 1803

Order of filiation regarding female bastard ch of Mary Smith. Reputed father - Sam Spendilow.  P11/15/9  11 April 1804

Bastardy bond (£80). Wm Chapman, Flitton, yeom. indemnifies parish against charges of expected ch of Jane Kemp.  P11/15/10  29 July 1808

Order for filiation regarding female bastard ch of Sar Smith. Reputed father - Wm Smith, Clophill, lab.  P11/15/11  17 June 1811

Order for filiation regarding female bastard ch of Eliz Inkersole. Reputed father - Jn Smith, Lower Caldecote, Northill.  P11/15/12  23 June 1823

Order for filiation regarding female bastard ch of Mary Burnidge. Reputed father - Jn Cherry Penwright, H.C., lab.  P11/15/13  20 Jan 1825

Overseers of the Poor, Militia  P11/17  [n.d.]

Receipt for £2 15s 6d towards the expenses of the Ampthill Company of Bedford Volunteers.  P11/17/1  20 Dec 1804

Order for payment of £13 10s for volunteer, Thos Berry, H.C.  P11/17/2  13 Jan 1808

Ditto for Jas Gordon.  P11/17/3  13 Jan 1808

Overseers of the Poor, Miscellaneous  P11/18  [n.d.]

Inventory of goods of pauper, Wm Geary.  P11/18/1  1787

Account of persons in receipt of Constant relief.  P11/18/2  1787

Agreement of Northants man to maintain his niece, Dinah Drage.  P11/18/3  1788

OVERSEERS of the Poor, Poor Law Board and Board of Guardians  P11/19  [n.d.]

Certificate of election of a guardian, Geo Smith.  P11/19/1  1834

List of casual paupers relieved belonging to the parish.  P11/19/2  1836

Printed resolutions as to regulations affecting vagrancy.  P11/19/3  1839

Notice of meeting to consent to sale of workhouse.  P11/19/4  1841

Notice re display and audit of accounts.  P11/19/5  1843

Correspondence re sale of workhouse.  P11/19/6  1850

Notice of meeting to consent to sale or workhouse.  P11/19/7  1850

Parochial list of out-door poor.  P11/19/8  1851

2 parochial lists of paupers [in-complete]  P11/19/9  c. 1835

SURVEYORS of the Highways, Accounts  P11/21  [n.d.]

Account book  P11/21/1  1720-1804

rebound by Cockerell, 1938

CHARITIES  P11/25  [n.d.]

Dr Archer's Charity  P11/25/1-3  [n.d.]

Copy will of Thos Archer, Rector of Houghton Conquest  P11/25/1  1630

Feoffment to uses  P11/25/2  2 July 1708

(i) Jeremiah Pearce of H.C. (only surviving trustee)
(ii) Chas, Lord Bruce
Hon Robt Bruce
Jas Bruce, Esq
Thos Wyld of H.C., Esq
Nich Hackett of North Crawley, Bucks, Esq
Benedict Conquest of H.C. Esq
Jn Birch, Rector of H.C.
Thos Arnald of Ampthill, gent
Mich Arnauld, gent of Ampthill
Edwin Denbigh, gent of Ampthill
Jos Barber, grocer of Ampthill
Thos Smart, blacksmith of H.C.
Wm Bonner, yeom of H.C.

Feoffment to uses  P11/25/3  4 July 1724

Related information: See also P11/25/10 and 11

(i) Benedict Conquest
Jn Birch
Jeremiah Peirce
(surviving feoffes)
(ii) Chas, Lord Bruce
Pinsent Charnock of Holcote
Thos Wylde
Thos Armstrong, Esq
Jos Barber
Wm Morrice of Ampthill, blacksmith
Jos Clarke of H.C., yeomen
Wm Clarke of H.C., yeomen
Jas Redman of H.C., yeomen
-- 2 closes in How End in Houghton Conquest called the Poor Pightles
In trust for the proposes of Archer's Charity

Clerk's Charity  P11/25/4-9  [n.d.]

Lease and Release  P11/25/4 and 5  14 and 15 July 1720

release - in fragile condition

Related information: For a discharge of the £140 purchase money of above see x86/392.

(i) Fran Monke of Aspley Guise
(ii) Sir Humph Monoux of Wotton, bart
Thos Wylde of Worester, Esq (s., heir and exor of Robt Wylde of same, who was exor of Edm Wylde of Inner Temple, Esq)
Wm Farrer of Inner Temple, Esq
Wm Hillersdon of Elstow, Esq
Jn Cater of Kempston, Esq
Benedict Conquest of H.C. Esqs
Thos Armstrong of H.C. Esqs
Robt Bell of Bedford, Esq
(ii) Robt Wylde, gent (s. and heir Cont. apparent of sd Thos W)
Thos Farrer Hillersdon, gent (s. and heir apparent of sd Wm H)
Edw Cater (s. and heir apparent of sd Jn C)
Jn Armstrong, gent (s. and heir apparent of sd Thos A)
Jn Birch, clk
Jos Barber, jnr, of Ampthill, draper
Jos Dearmer churchwardens
Geoff Redman churchwardens
Wm Slatyer Overseer of H.C.
Wm Bosworth Overseer of H.C.
-- 4 closes arable in Aspley Guise called Barne Close, cont 6½a
E Jos Wiles
W Wooburn Lane
-- 6a. arable dispersed in fields of A.G.,
In the Field next Crawley
-- 1 a shooting to Daun Cross
N Ed Cope
S Jos Tilcocke
-- 2r more there
S Thos How, sen
N Jos Tilcocke
-- 3r. in Gravile Pit Furlong
N Wm Russell
S Mr Richardson
In Windmill Field:
-- 1a in Windmill Furlong
middle Geo Farrer
E Mr Richardson
W Jn Moores
-- 3r in Furlong shooting up to Windmill Furlong
E Job Arnold
W Wm Russell
-- 1½a more there
E Jas Ambridge
W Edw Cope
-- 1½a in Lince Furlong
W Edw Cope
E Mr Richardson
-- 1½a shooting up to Lince Furlong
N sd Jas Ambridge
S Wm Farr
-- 1 headland more there
N Wm Farr

Lease for 21 years (counter part)  P11/25/6  14 Jan 1762

(i) Wm Clark of How End, E.G., yeom trustees
Jas Baker of same, yeom trustees
Jn Cherry of H.C., yeoman trustees
Thos Old Churchwardens
Rich Fowkes Churchwardens
Geo Shaw Overseers
Jn Seabrook Overseers
(ii) Thos Butcher of Aspley Guise, butcher -- piece of land in Aspley G (being lately enclosed, cont. 6a [no details]

Lease for 6 years  P11/25/7  29 Apr 1813

(i) Hen Franklini Churchwardens
Jn Armstrong Churchwardens
Thos Gudgin Overseers
Wm Baker Overseers
Jn, Earl of Upper Ossory
Rev. Wm Pearce, D.D., Rector
Titus Cherry trustees
Wm Seabrook trustees
All of Houghton Conquest
(ii) Mary Wright of Aspley Guise, wid -- close in Aspley Guise, cont 4a

Counterpart of above  P11/25/8  29 Apr 1813

Lease for 6 years  P11/25/9  29 Apr 1813

(i) Same trustees as P11/25/6
(ii) Thos Cook of Woburn, victualler -- 2 closes arable with barn thereon Aspley cont. 8a

Archer's and Wylde's Charity  P11/25/10-11  [n.d.]

Related information: N.B. Wylde supplemented Clerke's foundation see P11/25/13

Feoffment to uses  P11/25/10  18 May 1793

(i) Jn Cherry of H.C. yeom (only surv trustee)
(ii) Fran, Duke of Bedford
Jn, Earl of Upper Ossory
Thos Potter of Ridgmont, Esq
Rev Wm Pearce, D.D., Rector
Jn Seabrooke of Maulden
Jn Armstrong of H.C. yeomen
Wm Seabrooke of H.C. yeomen
Titus Cherry of H.C. yeomen
Jas Redman of H.C. yeomen
Wm Gurney of H.C. yeomen
Wm Baker of H.C. yeomen
-- 2 closes in How End in H.C. called the Poor Pighties, cont 6a
W, E & N sd Earl
S lane from How End to Millbrook

Feoffment to uses  P11/25/11  6 Oct 1823

(i) Some of above trustees
(ii) Hen Rich Vassall, Lord Holland
Hon. Hen Fox, Son of above
Malcolm Macqueen of Hidgmont Esq doctor of medicine
Thos Potter Macqueen of same, Esq - Montague of -, Esq
Jos Morris of Ampthill, Esq Rev. Thos Barber of H.C., clk, B.D.
Jn Armstrong
Titus Cherry, sen
Wn Baker
Jn Wykes
Thos Alien
Thos Gudgin
Wm Robinson
-- property as in P11/25/10

Clerke's Charity  P11/25/12-13  [n.d.]

Copy appointment of new trustees  P11/25/12  18 Feb 1659

(i) Edm Wylde of the Inner Temple, Esq
(ii) Hen Chester of Lidlington, Esq, Oliv Luke of Haynes Esq, Tho Snagge of Millbrook Esq, Jas Beverley of Beggary, Eaton Socon, Esq, Humph Monoux of Wootton Esq, Geo Wylde of the Inner Temple Esq, Tho Daniel of Newbury, Silsoe, Esq, Fra Clerke of Wotton gent, Matth Denton of Houghton Conquest, gent, Tho Christie of Bedford gent.
(iii) Sam Christie and Nich King of Bedford and Edw Bride of Houghton Conquest.
Recites Order of Chancery, 13 Apr 1659, made at Bedford by Jn Harvey, Gaius Squire, Ric Edwards, Jn Cockayn and Wm Whitbread, reciting an inquisition by the Chancery Commissioners at Bedford, on the evidence of Fra Beckett, Ric Sugar jr, John Fary, John Higgins, Wm Wheeler, Jn Cox, Fra Clerke, Jn Perratt sr, Jn Church, Jn Loe, Jn Fitzhugh, Wm Mason, Wm King, Sic Deane and Jn Crouch, "honest and lawful men of this county", it appeared that Sir Francis Clerke late of Houghton Conquest, knt, on 5th June 8 Chas I was siesed of:
-- a new erected mess, in Houghton C, and a pightle of past, and dovehouse thereon standing, lately purch of Mayor and citizens of London, and also of the manor of Dame Ellensbury; also of mess and ground cd Sandys in Thickthorne End, late purchased of Ric Woodward. These he conveyed to trustees for school and almshouses (see elsewhere for details). Of the trustees the following are since dead: Ric Conquest, Saunders, Lewis Conquest, Audley, Wingate, Griggs and Woodward, Hen Pigott is now seised of Dame Ellensbury manor. Jn Hinde, clerk, was placed schoolmaster at Houghton by Sidney Sussex College from Ladyday, 1655 until 1658, followed by Wm Carr, who continues. Pigott has not paid the rentcharge out of the manor.
Commision ordered: Pigott to pay:
Wylde to pay Hind £8 due to him; and to Carr £16;
Wylde to make new feoffment.
A copy of the feoffment is to be kept in a chest in the chancel, the minister keeping one key, one of the churchwardens another, and the schoolmaster the third.
Present indenture is appointment in pursuance of order.

Extract from the will of Edm Wylde of the Inner Temple, London esq.  P11/25/13  22 Oct 1691; Pro 2 Jan 1695/6 [Dated in error, 1791]

Recites that Sir Fra. Clerke late of Houghton Conquest decd., Wyld's grandfather on his mother's side, founded and erected an almshouse and free school in Houghton and gave a close adjg, by deed of 5 June 8 Chas I with an annuity out of lands in Houghton. Wylde's exors are to pay to trustees of Clerke's charity 1 £140 to purchase lands near the almshouse, not above 5 miles away, for the further maintenance thereof. Any remainder of the yearly income the 6 poor people in the almshouses.

Miscellaneous  P11/25/14-17  [n.d.]

Agreement for sale of lands as in P11/25/4  P11/25/14  1720

Appointment of new trustees  P11/25/15  18 Dec 1845

(i) The Potter Macqueen esq
Wm Robinson of Houghton Conquest farmer, Titus Cherry of same farmer, surviving trees
(ii) Fra Duke of Bedford, Sir Jas Parke, Baron of the Exchequer, Hen Jn Rose, rector of Houghton C, Tho Beech Whitehurst of Ampthill clerk, Hen Ralph Smyth of Millbrook, clerk, Jn. Tho.Brooks of Flitwick, esq, Chas Moore of Maulden esq, Wm George, Jn Franklin and John Cherry Robinson of Houghton C, and Jn Seabrooke of Maulden farmers.
-- Archer's, Clerke's and Wylde's charities.

Lease for 99 years  P11/25/16  23 Apr 1851

(i) Martha Morris of Ampthill; House wid.
(ii) Hen Jn Rose Clerk, rector of Houghton Conquest.
-- clo in Houghton, 3r.17p, shown on plan attached
Envelope containing lease endorsed "since sold by Col J Green without the consent of the rector to Smart"

Agreement  P11/25/17  24 June 1891

(i) E W Bowling clerk, Wm Pennwright, farmer, Ph S Pryce Jones clerk, Jn Brown, farmer, Jn Fordham Wortley, wheelwright, trees of Houghton parish charities.
(ii) Tho Smart of Houghton Conquest shopkeeper. To convey to Smart a piece of ground (as shown on plan attached). Smart to release a right of way over adjg land, (also shown on plan). Trees to erect a fence.

Minute books, accounts and papers relating the charities  P11/25/18-21  [n.d.]

Minute book and accounts  P11/25/18  1810-1837

At reverse end account of timber, "an abstract of the various charities"; receipts and payments, Archer's and Fowler's, 1829-36; and minutes of a meeting, 1836.

Minute book of trustees' meetings  P11/25/19  1859-1900

At reverse end: copies of letters, 1885-95 "payments" (weekly)? relief, n.d

Small volume containing "Distribution of Sir Fra Clerke's charity in clothing", 1828-1889  P11/25/20  1828-1889

At reverse end "Distribution of Archer's and Fowler's charities", 1828-2
Notes on inside front cover as to Archer's and Fowler's charities.

Correspondence  P11/25/21  1848-1915

4 items

Financial Manuscript  P11/25/22-28  [n.d.]

Accounts of the Feoffees of the charities  P11/25/22  1850-52

Very small part of vol used

Receipts and payments book  P11/25/23  1885-1915

Divided under headings - Archer's, Clerk's and Fowler's;
Clerk's almshouse; Clerk's school charity;
Wylde's school and almshouse charity.
Also (p299-) rentals of the various charity lands; misc notes at beginning and end as to directions under the several charity deeds, the deeds in the possession of the rector, etc.

Statements of accounts (draft).  P11/25/24  1849-1914

4 items

Solicitor's bills  P11/25/25  1811-1851

3 items

Fuel account.  P11/25/26  1859

Accounts, (found inside minute book).  P11/25/27  1897

10 items

Miscellaneous papers  P11/25/28  C 19th

11 items

Includes notes on the charity trusts; printed form of notice for electing an almsperson; printed extract from Archer's will; clothing club card; Beds Standard for 1894.

School Records  P11/25/29-43  [n.d.]

Managers' minute book  P11/25/29  1875-78

Includes appointment of "schoolmaster, organist, choirmaster" etc. and his dismissal in three weeks for being drunk at choir practice

Managers' minute book  P11/25/30  1878-93

Managers' minute book.  P11/25/31  1893-1902

At reverse end, specification for new cloakroom, letters.

Managers' minute book  P11/25/32  1902-9

Managers' minute book  P11/25/33  1903-9

Notebook containing abstract of deed of 1659; copies of letters relating to appointment of a schoolmaster, advertisements of post, applications etc.  P11/25/34  1851-2

3 Cash books  P11/25/35-7  1875-1904

Bank book  P11/25/38  1902-10

Summary or General Register  P11/25/39  1878-80

2 "School Portfolios"  P11/25/40-1  1876-1904; C 19th and 20th

Arrangement: The contents of these, no longer agreeing with the indexes thereto, were roughly sorted

Include: Duplication examination schedules and annual reports, Circulars etc from Board of Education; return and claim to Beds Education Committee; estimate of expenses; reports on teaching staff; circulars etc from Education Committee; receipts book; etc

Correspondence  P11/25/42  1846-1882

9 items

Various school papers  P11/25/43  19th Cent

9 items

Appointments of schoolmasters  P11/25/44-46  [n.d.]

Indemnity bond (settlement)  P11/25/44  30 Nov 1812

Wm Long of Kempston esq, and Tho Whitworth, Jas Smith, Chas Mardling and Lewis Bartram of Kempston, yeomen, to Hen Franklin and Jn Armstrong churchwardens and Tho Gudgin and Wm Baker overseers of the poor of Houghton Conquest.
Recites that Jas Ambridge, his w Anne and 3 daus Eliz, Joyce and Mary, late of Wootton, are legally settled in Kempston, Ambridge has been appointed schoolmaster of Houghton C.

Agreement appointing assistant schoolmistress.  P11/25/45  1899

(i) Jn Brown, F Brown and Jn Garton, school managers.
(ii) Amelia Mewes, teacher.

Agreement appointing schoolmaster.  P11/25/46  1878

Related information: For appointment of Edwin and Anne Hillyard as schoolteachers see AD3700

(i) E W Bowling, Edm Day, Wm Readman, Benj Newman, managers.
(ii) Edwin Hillyard of Houghton Conquest, schoolmaster.

Fabric of almshouse and school building  P11/25/47-57  [n.d.]

2 Insurance policies (Norwich Union Fire).  P11/25/47-8  1811, 1821

Specification and contract for repairing and rebuilding, Rev H J Rose and Walter Parker of Thrapston.  P11/25/49  1852

Account for above.  P11/25/50  C 1852

Receipt in connection with above.  P11/25/51  1866

Specification and 4 letters - alterations  P11/25/52  1872

Specification, 2 bills and plan - alterations  P11/25/53  1893

Floor plan of upper storey.  P11/25/54  [C 19th]

Elevation (watercolour and ink) ? in connection with alterations, plan is signed by Walter Parker and others.  P11/25/55  1852

Plan of school floor and elevation of back ? as P11/25/55.  P11/25/56  [C 1852]

Unidentified pencil sketch.  P11/25/57  [C 19th]

Miscellaneous papers relating to Houghton Conquest Charities  P11/25/58-69  [n.d.]

Printed poster with an extract from the Will of Dr. Thomas Archer, formerly Rector of Houghton Conquest, concerning his bequest to the Poor of the parish, with an explanation of his meaning of the words "Poor People"  P11/25/58  n.d. [late C19th.]

3 copies

Copy of the Trust deed made in 1659 for the settlement of Sir Francis Clerke's Charity and Free School in Houghton Conquest  P11/25/59  n.d. [mid C19th]

Correspondence and papers concerning the parish charities, and relating to the establishment of a new scheme for the Houghton Conquest united charities, including Correspondence with the Charity Commission about John and Hester Bryan's Charity, 1905, and a draft scheme for the United Charities, 1914  P11/25/60  1913-1915

Correspondence between the Charity Commission and the Rector concerning the administration of the Houghton Conquest Charities  P11/25/61  1914-15

Letter concerning the new scheme for the management of the Houghton Conquest Charities and a discrepancy in the schedule of property, endorsed with notes by the Rev. R.K. Vinter concerning the election and first meeting of the New Trustees  P11/25/62  2 August 1915

Bundle of receipted bills marked "Foundation" and "United Charities" relating to the Charity accounts  P11/25/63  1916 - 1920

File of papers concerning the accounts of the Houghton Conquest United Charities  P11/25/64  1942 - 1955

File of correspondence and papers concerning the requisitioning by Ampthill Rural District Council of the Almshouses (Nos. 13, 19, 21 and 23, High Street, Houghton Conquest) in 1946-7 under the Defence Regulations, 1939; about the rent paid for the requisitioned property, 1947; and concerning derequisitioning and subsequent repairs, 1950  P11/25/65  1946 - 1950

Envelope containing copies of the "Almshouses Gazette" and other printed material published by the National Association of Almshouses  P11/25/66  1955- 1969

File of correspondence relating to Clerk's Almshouses, and membership of the National Association of Almshouses, including papers about repairs to the buildings, 1957-8  P11/25/67  1956 - 1960

File of general correspondence concerning the management of the Almshouses and Charities, including papers re repairs to the almshouses after fire damage, 1957, and about general repairs, maintenance and modernisation  P11/25/68  1956 - 1969

Charity Commission draft scheme for the administration of the Clerke and Wylde Educational Charities, Houghton Conquest  P11/25/69  n.d. [c.1960]

Enclosure Award  [no ref. or date]

Enclosure award (unsigned), paper, leather covered.  P11/26  1806

MISCELLANEOUS  P11/28  [n.d.]

Rectors' Commonplace Books  P11/28/1-2  [n.d.]

Dr Archer's Chronicle and Commonplace Book (rector, 1589-1630)  P11/28/1  c1589-1630

The first 13 folia were not numbered, and have been numbered 01, 02 etc in the lozenge stamp of the County Muniment Rooms. They have the same ruling and watermark as the rest of the volume (except two end leaves and the binder's additions), and much, if not all, of the writing seems to be in Mr Archer's hand.
Old (end-paper). Note of the origin and ownership of the volume: no date.
02 Note, inserted on binding, apparently in the same hand as the foregoing note, dated 1855, quoting a note in the cover of a MS of Aubrey's Lives which records that there were two thick 4 to volumes of Archer's MSS, and stating that this volume is inscribed "ParsIII", the inscription seems to have disappeared at the binding in 1873.
02d,03,03d Blank.
04 Signatures of some former Rectors.
04d-06 Blank.
06d-012 Collections for Briefs, 1614-1629: interspersed are names of Churchwardens and Surveyors; Rogues whipped, 09d; Plague of 1625 in London, 012.
013,013d Blank.
1-32d Blank. The upperpart of f.1, and the whole of ff. 7, 26, 27, 28, 30 are missing.
33 Note, in a hand apparently not of Mr Archer, of a great Bible which he gave to the church. 1630
33d Blank.
34-70d These were filled by Mr Archer himself. They include as subjects, the planting of trees and purchase of land (34); robbery of Houghton Church, (34d); obits of royalties Hen viii to James I (36), and obits of very many others, mostly local worthies, scattered throughout these pages; epitaphs and epigrams; list of the parsons of the two Rectories (37d); terrier of the parsonage land (38); proceedings relating to tithe, (38d.39); a note in another hand refers to Archer's Will "in the other old book" (39); valuation of the benefice (39d); inventory of church goods (40); benefactors to the church (40d) points in Mr Archer's own career (41,41d); his own benefactions (42); glebe land taken into Houghton Park (43,44); obits and baptisms (44d); terrier of the lands let to Urian Stockwell and Tho Purmy (45-46d); notes apparently on lost church property (47,47d); "Memorable Things", a chronicle which includes his own birth in 1554 (48-49);.... folia 50-59 missing; obits, marriages, and baptisms, mainly local, with notes of his Assise Funeral and Visitation sermons (60-64); royal epitaphs and obits (64d-65d); tithe able lands (66,67) obits, baptisms, receipts by churchwardens (67d,68); Sir Fra Clerk, High Sheriff, 1623 (68d); chronicle of events, chiefly plague, 1625-1630 (69-70d) Mr Archer's MS ends here. [Blank folia are not listed below].
71 Notes on the family on Conquest, self dated 1663.
72 Calculations.
73 Notes of Mr Will Pearce, Rector, on throwing together strips of meadow, and on dues to Ringers, 1789.
74d Notes of house linen.
75 Steward's Account, 1680. Inserted at the binding.
76 Lists of pewter and house linen; receipt for household goods, 1662.
79 Declaration by Ric Conquest of his consent to the amalgamation of the two Rectories, 1637.
79d Royal License for the amalgamation, 1638.
81-93 Extract from Report of Charity Commission in 1823 as to Charities of Houghton Conquest; copied 1876.
94 Account of Fund for Warming Apparatus for the Church, 1880.
94d Cuttings from Bedford Times and Bedford Mercury, pasted in, 1880.
97,97d Extract from Bedfordshire Times, Sept 9 and 23, as to a deed relating to Houghton.
98 Extract from Ill Lond News 1902 relating to sale of Mr Archer's copy of Caxton's "Book Ryal".
99 Illustration of the forementioned book.
100-128 Blank.
128d Churchwardens, Surveyors, and a Brief, 1625-1627, in Mr Archer's hand.
129,129d Instructions to Constables, 1616.
130,131 Blank. These are of a different paper and watermark from the main part of the volume.
132 Blank, inserted by binder.
133 End-paper, Pasted on to this are notes on church goods and alteration of field boundaries.

Dr Grey's MSS (rector, 1724-67).  P11/28/2  [c1724-67]

The first 9 leaves were unnumbered. The greater part of the volume was already paged, when received; the unnumbered leaves at the beginning and end have therefore been similarly paged. Papers of at least two water-marks (Dutch and English) seem to have been used by Dr Grey in this volume; but there were clearly numerous unused leaves of these papers in the volume before the binding in 1873, since Dean Burgon's Notes are on the (G.R) paper; the watermarks therefore give no clue to the date and writer of an entry. The official pagination is enclosed in a lozenge-stamp, where no earlier pagination existed.
02 (end-paper) Origin and custody of the volume.
07 Note by Dr Grey desiring his Executrix to give this volume to his successor.
09-013 List of the "MSS in this Volume", by Dr Grey with later additions.
1-15 Thos Johnson's "bequest to the parish of Lidlington", 1624, copied 1753. A Conveyance in trust of the rent of Bellows Mill in Eaton Bray.
17-36 Will of Mr Thos Archer. Probate granted 2 Mar 1630 to Anne Archer his widow.
20 "Nine Sort of Poor People distinguished by Lord Mayor of London and Some of the Alderman (upon the Order of Kg Edward 6 to take a proper Care of the Poor of London" etc).
37 Heading "Sr Fra Clerkes Donation at Houghton Conquest"; but filled with notes in a later hand on Mr Archer's Poor's Pightles and their successive Trustees.
38,40 and on the Houghton Poor's Lands at Aspley Guise.
41-56 Indenture tripartite by which the sole surviving feofee under Sir Fra Clerke's gift enfeoffed fresh Trustees in virtue of a decree of Chancery made on the findings of a local Inquisition, 1659.
57-61 Accounts of the Common at Lidlington, with Counsel's opinion, 1634.
63 Acreage of the three Fields of Houghton.
65-67 Tithes payable to the Rector.
68 Payments due from the Rector.
69,70 Tithes payable from the three Fields at How End; notes on Bosworth's Farm.
71-73 Small Tithes, and the value of the Living.
75 Ampthill Hospital; monumental inscription of John Crosse.
77-88 Will of John Crosse, 23 Nov 1697 (pp 85,86 inserted and blank).
89 Heading "Mr and Mrs Bryan's Wills" (see below for them).
93-96 Orders of the Feoffees of the Ampthill Charity, 1693.
97-110 Will of John Bryan with codicil, 1655.
111-116 Will of Mrs Hester Bryan, 1668.
117-123 Part of Mrs Villiers Fowler's Will, 1708.
125/1-125/24 Stitched on to a flap which seems to have been inserted at the binding in 1873.
125/1-125/4 Will of Edward Storey; bequest for 10 Almshouses at Cambridge, 1692.
125/7-125/21 Decree by Commissioners on Storey's Charity, with appointment of Dr Grey as Trustee, 1729.
125/23 Calendar of Gaol Delivery at Cambridge, 1713.
125/24 Endorsement of the above Decree.
125-130 Will of Arthur Wichalse, 1687. Part added in another hand.
131-134 Charities in Cambridge, extracted from the Mayor's Book (Ex Will Cole's collections in 1759), 1559-1668.
135-137 "From the Register of St Clements Cambridge" (Ex Will Cole's Dr. Grey's primary manuscript appears to end here collections).
139/2-139/3 Memoir of Archdeacon H J Rose, 1873 (press cutting).
139/5 Account of the Funeral of Archd H J Rose, 1873. (press cutting).
139-165 Account of Houghton Conquest, its Church, and its Rectors by Dean J W Burgon, brother in law of Archd. Rose.
167 Copy (in hand of ? c.1600) of a Petition by Devon fishermen to the Privy Council against the levy of tithe on the proceeds of their Newfoundland fishing.
183-230 Deed of Trust, Will, and Codicils, of Dr Richard Rawlinson; printed; stitched on to a flap apparently inserted at the binding in 1873.
231-290 L'Histoire de la Sainte Bible.
297-299 Bedfordshire Sheriffs, 1699-1745, with names of those who were submitted, but not pricked.
301 Judges at Bedford Assizes, 1718-1746. (Pages 297-301 seem to be in Dr Grey's hand).
305-308 List of Shakespear's Plays printed in 4 to before the Restoration; a copy of the advertisement of Edw Capell the Shakespearean commentator.
309-312 Assignment of copyright in Milton's "Judgment of Martin Bucer concerning Divorce", by Edward Vize to Joseph Watts, 1688 (original document, signed and sealed).
313-316 Assignment of copyright in Milton's Judgment of Martin pp.309,310,313,315 Pu [...] 704/91 Bucer and other his [prose] works, by his widow Eliz Milton to Joseph Watts, 1695 (original document, signed and sealed). With a list of the works assigned.
317 Notification by the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge of the subject of the Seaton Prize in English Vene for 1748; with a clause from Seaton's Will (printed).
319-322 Will of Alexander Pope, 1743.
323-324 License (Indenture of Agreement) by Sam Clarke (1626-1701) for Brabazon Aylmer to print an impression of his "Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments", (original document, signed and sealed), 1688.
325-328 Assignment of copyright in seven works of Dr Isaac Barrow (1630-1677) by his father Thos Barrow to Brabazon Aylmer, 1681 (original document, signed and sealed).
333-337 Estimate of Thos Mears to recast the Houghton Conquest Bells, memorandum of its acceptance and of the first ringing, 1840, 1841.

Agreement between rectors & "principal inhabitants" of Houghton Conquest & Haynes to refer disputes concerning boundaries between those parishes to 4 parishioners of Houghton Conquest & Haynes [named]. [½p.]  P11/28/3  1789

Volume of miscellaneous notes mostly in the handwriting of Rev Woolley Spencer curate (according to a note in the front; contains interesting information, such as "stove given by the rector and placed in the church on this day from Mr Howard, Bedford, used first time 5 Nov"; list of subscriptions for fuel for the church; poor men's garden ground regulations; lists of books at the school; the majority of the book being a "census" of the families in Houghton with ages, occupations etc Bound in as end papers, water-colour sketch of a lily  P11/28/4  1837

2 poems, printed: "Lines composed on the large fire at Houghton, which happened July 28th, 1849 by Jas Allen"; and Retrospective view of Houghton Conquest", August 18th 1855, by Wm Franklin late of Ampthill, formerly of Houghton Conquest Bury.  P11/28/5-6  1849 - 1855

The Houghton Conquest Almanac for 1892. Printed news-sheet, with picture of church.  P11/28/7  [n.d.]

Receipt & letter; contrib to defence  P11/28/8-9  1798

Stationer's advt (includes list of fairs)  P11/28/10  1830

Small paper-backed notebook entitled "Common Place Book of Passages relating to Houghton Conquest Rectory & the Parish Generally", containing a few notes on Rectors, Charities, School, and on the arms in the Church windows  P11/28/11  n.d. [c.1830]

Small notebook marked "de ecclesia H C" on the front cover, containing a few notes on the Church and its rectors  P11/28/12  n.d. [c.1930]

File of notes on the history of the church, including a typescript article on "Houghton Conquest, its Church and one-time Rector, Zachary Grey", by John Lea, c.1950; Report on the fabric of the church, 1940; and a letter from John H. Harvey to the Rector concerning the contract for building the tower, 1392, and its present whereabouts, 1947.  P11/28/13  c.1940-1950

"Houghton Conquest Church", by G.P.K. Winlaw, Rector, printed by C.F. Timaeus, Bedford, and sold in aid of the church Lighting fund.  P11/28/14  n.d. [c.1938]

Photograph of the Lady Altar in the North aisle of Houghton Conquest Church, by W.F. Graves, Bedford.  P11/28/15  n.d. [c.1960]

Two envelopes of papers, apparently concerning a bank account of the Rev. Henry J. Rose with the Savings Bank at Ampthill, and the position of a Mr. Marshall at the Bank  P11/28/16  c.1852

PARISH MAGAZINES  P11/30  [n.d.]

Parish Magazine  P11/30/1  August 1934

Parish Magazine  P11/30/2  May 1940

Parish Magazine  P11/30/3  Nov. 1965 - 1974

Incomplete set of odd copies

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL, Minutes  P11/32  [n.d.]

P.C.C. minute book  P11/32/1  1946 - 1959

P.C.C. minute book  P11/32/2  1959 - 1977

Parochial Church Council, Accounts  P11/33  [n.d.]

File of receipted bills, bank statements connected with the P.C.C. Church Funds accounts  P11/33/1  1953 - 1954

Parochial Church Council, Miscellaneous  P11/37  [n.d.]

Houghton Conquest Electoral roll, giving names, addresses, and date of enrolment of Church members  P11/37/1  compiled 1935; additions to c.19

Electoral roll  P11/37/2  1960 - 1981

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