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Reference P105
Covering dates 1576 - 1969
Held by Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service
Extent 71 files
Creators Church of England, Old Warden Parish, Bedfordshire
Related information See PE 194 for Poor rate assessment, 1770

Licences for Incumbent or Curate; service registers  [no ref. or date]

Register of sermons, preachers etc.  P105/0/1  1899 - 1906

PARISH REGISTERS  [no ref. or date]

Conditions of access: Transcribed and indexed to 1812, see B.P.R.S. Vol.10, and register for 1576-1719 microfilmed, see MIC 184/38

General register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1576-1639, 1641-1719  P105/1/1  1576-1719

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

Also includes numerous memoranda, many of which are interspersed among the register entries (the year being denoted below by square brackets).
(at front) index to "places remarkable in this book" 1590-1673
(Loose leaf i) Picture of a house with a man standing in the doorway and people looking out of upper windows, n.d. [C17th.], and (on dorse) note on death and burial of Will Marel, dissenter, 1719.
(Loose leaf ii) various jottings.
(at front) notes on the purchase of the book, and on copying of entries from the old book into the new, 1648
(Among entries) [1639] note on hiatus in the register after Mr. Eaton's decease, 1639-1641; [1653] note on election of Lewis Day as "Parish Register", signed by Rich. Edwards and W. Bedford, 22 September 1653; [1671] note on pension to the Vicar payable out of the Abbey lands at Old Warden, n.d. [c.1671?]; [1671-3] note on induction of Rev. Matthew Handscome as Vicar, 6 May 1727, followed by detailed notes on tithes, clerk's fees, dues etc., with list of farms, tenements and cottages paying small tithes, 1727; [1673] note on advice to clergy given at Bishop's Visitation, 1727; [1694] further notes on tithes, c.1727; [1706] note on the duties and wages of the parish clerk, n.d. [early C18th.]

General register of Baptisms and Burials 1720 - 1812; Marriages 1720 - 1753  P105/1/2  1720-1812

Conditions of access: Restricted Access

Creator(s): By Cockrill and Sellek, Architects and Surveyors, 7 St. Paul's Square, Bedford, and Biggleswade.

Also contains numerous memoranda etc., including:
(pasted in at front) Certificate of redemption of Land Tax on various glebe lands including the new Vicarage, 3 March 1804.
(Loose at front) Notes on tithes, apparently copied from the old register, 1727.
(At front) notes on incumbents of Old Warden, 1727-1770.
(Among entries, 1732) Note on erection of the Vicarage House, 1732.
(At back) Glebe terrier, 1728; details of grant from Queen Anne's Bounty in 1743, and on purchase of property at Riseley, 1770, with note on loss of land at the Inclosure, 1793; Notes on fees paid to Vicar for gravestones and tomb in the Churchyard, 1770-1772.

Register of Marriages 1754 - 1812; Banns 1754 - 1813  P105/1/3  1754-1813

Register of Marriages  P105/1/4  1813 - 1837

Register of baptisms  P105/1/5  1813 - 1848

Register of Baptisms  P105/1/6  1855 - 1882

This is a draft register, with many entries defaced and some pages cut out.

Register of Burials  P105/1/7  1813 - 1893

(At front) population figures, 1801; and note on the population and Church seating accommodation, 1815

Register of Burials  P105/1/8  1861 - 1884

This is a draft register, c.f. P105/1/6

Banns register  P105/1/9  1824 - 1969

Confirmation register  P105/1/10  1893 - 1902

Glebe, Church, Churchyard and Parsonage  [no ref. or date]

Benefice and Glebe (including terriers)  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also X 321/38 for papers concerning dilapidations, 1899 and P105/1/2 for Glebe terrier, 1728; note on purchase in 1770 of land at Riseley with grant for Queen Anne's Bounty made in 1743, and on loss of land under the Riseley inclosure, 1793; Certificate of redemption of land tax on glebe lands, 1804.

Union of Southill with Old Warden (copy)  P105/2/1/1  29 April 1797

Recites petition of Samuel Whitbread Esq., of Cardington, and Lawrence Smith, clerk, that Whitbread is Patron (except for the next turn) of Southill and Old Warden, and that Smith is Vicar of both churches and patron for the next turn only, that the parishes are contiguous and the churches are not more than one mile distant from one another, that there are about 100 houses in Southill and not more than 47 in Old Warden, that the annual value of Southill is £120 and that Vicarage of Old Warden is £86, and that they are not sufficient decently to maintain and support two Incumbents, that the Vicarage house of Old Warden has for many years past been unfit for the Residence of a Vicar thereof, being a mere cottage now let to a Labourer, and that the Consolidation and perpetual Union of the said Churches and Vicarages would be in no ways detrimental to the Inhabitants of either parish but tend to encourage and enable worthy men to reside and keep up hospitality amongst them
NOW the Bishop by these presents unite, annex, incorporate, and Consolidate the Church and Vicarage of Old Warden with its rights, profits and appurtenances to the Church and Vicarage of Southill etc. and we do add & annex the cure of souls within the said parish of Old Warden to the Church and Incumbent of the Vicarage of Southill. Lawrence Smith to be the Vicar, and after his resignation, death or cession, the Churches are to be taken as one benefice of Southill with Old Warden.
Payments of fees and dues to the Bishops of Lincoln and to the Archdeacon of Bedford to continue as though the Union had not been made.
On dorse Letter from R.Smith, Buckden, to the Rev.F. H. Neve, Old Warden, sending copy of the Union, 2 January 1822.

Copy Draft Conveyance  P105/2/1/2  19 December 1881

1) Rev. Francis Bourdillon, Vicar of Old Warden
2) Ecclesiastical Commissioners
3) Samuel Whitbread of Southill Park Esq. (Patron)
4) Joseph Shuttleworth of Old Warden Park Esq.
Whereas 1) is seized in fee of certain hereditaments intended to be conveyed, and it has been made to appear to 2) that the land may be sold to the permanent advantage of the Vicarage, and under the Ecclesiastical Leasing Acts with the consent of 2) and 3), 1) has agreed to sell the land to 4)
Consideration: £14,466 13s. 4d. new 3% annuities transferred by 4) to 2) in the books of the Governors of the Bank of England etc., 1) grants to 4):
- all those pieces or parcels of land in the parish of Old Warden, lately called the Vicarage Farm (117a. 1r. 11p.) [details given in schedule I]
- and also all those pieces or parcels of land in the parish of Old Warden called the Oak Farm (107a. 1r. 9p.) [details in schedule II]
With all mines, minerals, ways, watercourses, timber etc. etc.

Terrier and Inventory  P105/2/1/3  23 April 1925

Wayleave agreement between the Vicar and the Borough of Bedford electricity supply authority for three electricity poles on Glebe land, with plan.  P105/2/1/4  20 January 1932

CHURCH  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See P105/1/7 for brief note on Church seating accommodation, 1815.

Citation with intimation for Faculty to confirm the construction of the burial vault erected in the Churchyard for Joseph Shuttleworth (died 1883) and to appropriate the vault as a burial place for his son Major Frank Shuttleworth and members of the family as long as they continue inhabitants of the Mansion of Old Warden, with covering letter from Diocesan Registrar.  P105/2/2/1  22 March 1889

"The Church Bells" - a printed circular signed by R.Lang, Vicar, concerning the restoration and augmentation of the bells as a permanent memorial of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria  P105/2/2/2  May 1899

2 copies

Faculty for a marble tablet in the Church in memory of Robert Lang, a former Rector, and his wife, in the South West wall of the Chancel, at an estimated cost of £65 to be raised by private subscription.  P105/2/2/3  26 March 1912

Faculty for the installation of electric light  P105/2/2/4  25 January 1933

Faculty  P105/2/2/5  17 September 1935

For (1) underpinning the angle buttresses of the South aisle, repairing and strengthening the battlements on the south aisle and carrying out general surface repairs; repairing a fissure at the junction of the East and South walls of the tower, and reconstructing the mullions of the tracery of the Belfry windows in tiles, and (2) reversing several pieces of stained glass in a window in the North Aisle, Mr. Shuttleworth having agreed to pay for the repairs of the tower and the glass.

Report by Mrs. K.A.Esdaile on the monuments in the Church, 1937, with letter from Mrs. Dorothy Shuttleworth relating to the upkeep of the vault and Churchyard, 1940.  P105/2/2/6  1937, 1940

In original envelope bearing desription of the documents within

Faculty  P105/2/2/7  23 July 1941

For (1) a carved oak tablet beneath the West window of the Church in memory of Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth, deceased, (2) a bronze tablet on an oak mount in the belfry in memory of Robert Charles Vaughan Lang, dec., and other members of his family, and (3) to remove part of the inscription from a white memorial tablet on the North wall of the Chancel and to add a further inscription in memory of the said Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth

Faculty to erect a timber porch adjoining the South wall of the Parish Church of Old Warden with an inscription as a memorial to the late Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth, pilot officer, R.A.F.V.R., at an estimated cost of £299 10s. promised by Mrs. Shuttleworth of Hill House, Old Warden  P105/2/2/8  22 November 1951

File of correspondence, plans and other papers concerning the repairs to the Church, the erection of the new porch etc., including letters from Professor A.E.Richardson, architect.  P105/2/2/9  1949 - 1952

Faculty for the erection of a circular bronze tablet in the tower in memory of Col. Eustace Arthur Lang, the Rev. Harold Montgomery Lang, and the Rev. Frank Hope Lang, 12 February 1953, with correspondence with the Diocesan Advisory Committee about the design of the plaque, 1952.  P105/2/2/10  1952 - 1953

File of correspondence and papers concerning the repair of the South aisle of the Church.  P105/2/2/11  1955 - 1958

Including minutes of site meetings between the architect (V.J.F.Farrar of Richardson & Houfe, London and Ampthill) and the parish, letters relating to raising of money from the St.Albans Diocesan Board of Finance and the William Johnston Yapp Charitable Trust etc., and letter in support of the appeal written by Professor A.E.Richardson

Duplicated appeal leaflet containing copies of architect's reports on the condition of the South East corner of the Church and the roof over it, produced for circulation to the Press.  P105/2/2/12  1955

3 copies

Plans for the restoration of the South East corner of the Church, by Professor A.E.Richardson and E.A. S. Houfe, architects, Ampthill, Beds.  P105/2/2/13  1955-1956

i) Ground plan, showing details of various works. (22/1) 1955
ii) Ground plan, as above (22/1), marked "superceded". 1955
iii) Details of altar, altar rails and credence table (22/2) stemped with approval of Diocesan Advisory Committee, and endorsed "superceded". October 1955.
iv) Details of altar etc (22/2) marked "superceded". Oct. 1955
v) Plan showing the position of numbered tiles in the Lady Chapel (22/3) October 1955
vi) Plan of tiles (22/3), marked to show the numbers and the names of the donors. October 1955
vii) details of altar (22/4) July 1956
viii) details of credence & altar rail (22/5) August 1956
ix) details of proposed prayer desk (22/6) October 1956

Faculty for repairs to the roof and south aisle of the Church occasioned by death watch beetle etc., according to the scheme proposed by Professor Richardson at a cost of £1026 10s.  P105/2/2/14  25 November 1955

Bundle of letters from contributors to the Restoration fund and purchasers of floor tiles etc., with copy appeal letter written by Prof.A.E.Richardson, President of the Royal Academy  P105/2/2/15  1955 - 1956


Bundle of completed application forms for floor tiles for the Lady Chapel of the Church, each tile to contain a parchment slip bearing the donor's name preserved in an airtight recess within it, and the position of the tiles and donors' names to be recorded in a Memorial book  P105/2/2/16  n.d. [1955-6]

Miscellaneous items relating to restoration of the South aisle, including press cuttings and pages from the Parish Magazine, and list of subscribers etc.  P105/2/2/17  1955 - 1956

Faculty for an engraved bronze tablet in memory of the late Arthur Lang on the wall beneath the balcony, and to move the two existing plaques in memory of members of the same family from the tower to the wall beneath the balcony, 7 August 1958, with correspondence between the Rev. B.F. Bond, Mrs. Shuttleworth, and the Diocesan Advisory Committee concerning the inscription and design of the plaque, 1957-8  P105/2/2/18  1957 - 1958

Faculty to replace the existing brass lectern with a new carved oak lectern  P105/2/2/19  17 December 1958

Faculty to instal fully automatic oil firing to the existing boiler serving the central heating and to fit an oak wall cupboard in the tower over the electric fuses, switches etc.  P105/2/2/20  16 September 1960

Faculty for a processional cross of brass, silver plated, with oxidised Agnus Dei on enamel field, mounted on polished oak pole, with inscription in memory of Edith Mary Lang etc.  P105/2/2/21  27 September 1961

Faculty to remove the front seat and back rest of the group of pews in the south west corner of the Church and to utilise the wood to provide a back rest for the near pew against the south wall.  P105/2/2/22  11 December 1961

Draft application to the Diocesan Board of Finance for a loan of £600 for repairs to the Church, with statement regarding repairs carried out between 1955 and 1965, and analysis of expenditure 1951-1964.  P105/2/2/23  24 August 1966

Faculty to add the name of the mother of Princess Anne Croy of Austria to an existing memorial in the Churchyard, and to add the name and years of birth and death of Mrs.Shuttleworth to an existing memorial tablet in the Chancel  P105/2/2/24  19 August 1969

CHURCHYARD  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also P105/1/2 for note on fees for gravestones and tombs in the Churchyard, 1770-1772

Conveyance of Churchyard extension  P105/2/3/1  13 March 1923

1) Alfred Shuttleworth of Eastgage House, Lincoln, William Frederick Ashby Fletcher of Biggleswade, solicitor, and Robert Charles Vaughan Lang of Rottingdean, Sussex, Esq., trustees of the will of the late Col. Frank Shuttleworth of Old Warden Park
2) person or persons in whom the Churchyard is vested Conveyance by 1) to 2) under the Consecration of Churchyards Act, 1867, of:
- all that piece or parcel of land on the west side of and adjoining the existing Churchyard at Old Warden PLAN in margin
Endorsed: Certificate of Consecration of ground by Bishop E.N. Hodges on 21 November 1923.
Signatures: i)

Plan of Old Warden Churchyard and Burial ground, showing grave spaces in the Churchyard extension.  P105/2/3/2  10 March 1926


Scale 25': 1".

Correspondence concerning the conveyance of the Churchyard extension and fencing of the ground  P105/2/3/3  1956

4 letters

Conditions of access: PERMANENTLY WITHDRAWN 1 Jan 1982

Certified copy of faculty for reservation of gravespaces for Owen George Dawson and Irene Ethel Dawson of 38 Shefford Road, Clifton  P105/2/3/4  3 October 1961

Certified copy of faculty for reservation of gravespace for Tom Newton of 1 Bedford Road, Old Warden.  P105/2/3/5  18 September 1963

VICARAGE HOUSE  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also X 321/38 for papers concerning dilapidations, 1899 and P105/1/2 for note on building of new Vicarage, 1732, and redemption of Land Tax on new Vicarage house, 1804.
and P105/2/1/1 for note on condition of house in 1797

Copy purchase deed of Vicarage House  P105/2/4/1  16 April 1937

1) Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth of Old Warden Esq., vendor
2) Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty
3) Rev. Edward Wells, Vicar of Old Warden
Consideration £1250 paid by 2) to 1), 1) grants to 3)
- all that piece of land in Old Warden consisting of area no. 82 and part of area no. 81 on the Ordnance Survey map (2nd. Ed., 1901), being 2r. 39p., together with the dwellinghouse and outbuildings thereon, known as Beech Cottage
PLAN attached
Schedule of conditions and stipulations etc.
Schedule of title deeds to premises, 1872-1932

Papers concerning repairs to the Vicarage house.  P105/2/4/2  1955 - 1959

Including Quinquennial report under the Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measures, December 1957, and correspondence about repairs and alterations carried out in 1958.

TITHES AND Benefice INCOME  [no ref. or date]

Related information: See also P105/1/1-2 for detailed notes on Tithes, 1727

Volume containing Vicarage accounts of receipts for glebe rents, tithes and dues etc., and of expenditure on repairs to the house and glebe buildings during the incumbency of the Rev. Laurence Smith, inducted as Vicar in January 1770  P105/3/1  1769 - 1800

Memorandum on the Incumbent taking Ellis's Land (9 acres) at £15 a year with a Dovehouse in lieu of Lord Torrington's dues for Southill, and other notes on the exchange, 1773, and accounts of Ellis's Land 1773 - 1788

Bill of William Bunting for work done for the Revd. Mr. Smyth, including masonry repairs, knife grinding, hay binding, "oile for the Jack", repairs to Bellows, and several journies on errands  P105/3/2  1810-11

1 sheet

Printed Memorandum on provisions in Acts of Parliament for the redemption of the Land Tax  P105/3/3  n.d. [c.1820]

"An Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales", 6 and 7 Geo.IV, cap.LXXI (printed)  P105/3/4  13 August 1836

Churchwardens, Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Churchwardens' account book (receipts and detailed disbursements)  P105/5/1  1874 - 1941

Church account book (receipts and payments)  P105/5/2  1942 - 1963

VESTRY  [no ref. or date]

Vestry Minute Book  P105/8/1  1857 - 1920

Overseers of the Poor, Poor Law Board and Boards of Guardians (after 1834)  [no ref. or date]

Papers concerning the consent of the Poor Law Commissioners for the sale of the Old Warden parish workhouse, described as "a brickbuilt messuage or tenement with yard, garden and appurtenances".  P105/19/1  April - Aug. 1836

2 documents

Statement showing the contributions and expenditure of parishes in Biggleswade Union for the half year ending 25th December 1836  P105/19/2  1836


Orders and regulations for the Government of the workhouses and poorhouses of the Biggleswade Union  P105/19/3  n.d. [w/m 1835]


"An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Removal of the Poor", 9 and 10 Vict., cap.LXVI  P105/19/4  26 August 1846


CHARITIES  [no ref. or date]

Peake's Charity (Cottage in Old Warden)  [no ref. or date]

Conveyance (Feoffment)  P105/25/1  4 November 1650

1) Sir William Palmer of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, and Richard Sucklyn of Warden, shoemaker
2) Sir William Palmer of Hill in the parish of Old Warden; Robert Audley, Charles Wilson and Thomas Bridges of Old Warden, gentlemen; Thomas Best of Old Warden, yeoman; Thomas Prior of Hill, husbandman; John Baker junior of Warden, butcher; James Fisher, William Albon, Richard Landes and Thomas King of Old Warden, dairymen; and John Killingworth of Warden, husbandman
Conveyance by 1) to 2) for "divers good causes", of:
- cottage and close in Old Warden, in the occupation of John Underwood
To hold with all profits to the use of 1) for lives, and then to 2) for ever ON TRUST as follows:
1) during lives to pay from rents and profits to the Churchwarden: and Constables of Old Warden, 5 shillings at Easter and All Saints (i.e. in two equal portions) for the maintenance of the poor of Old Warden. This to be distributed yearly by the Churchwardens and Constables in the presence of the Vicar or curate. The sum of 5s. to be allotted for the repair of the highway between Old Warden and Hill, "which oftentymes with abundance of waters is very noysome and dangerous", according to the terms of the will of Edward Peake Esq., deceased.
Surplus of rents to be paid to the Vicar or Minister and Churchwardens to distribute in Whitsun week and the first week in Lent among twelve "of the poorest people inhabitantes and housekeepers of the Parish of Old Warden"
After the decease of 1), 2) are to lease the cottage from year to year according to the best value and to keep it in repair, or if rented under its value then repairs are to be paid by the tenant by annual agreement with the feoffees.
When nine of the above trustees are dead, or when nine of other feoffees appointed are dead, then twelve persons of the "chiefest and most substantiall" inhabitants of Old Warden shall be elected as feoffees by "the greater number of Freeholders & subsidiemen" of Old Warden. The original feoffees still surviving to convey the premises to the twelve persons elected at the cost of the parishioners of Old Warden, for the same uses and intents as above, "the sayde assurance and Conveyance to be raysed and taxed in such manner & forme as the sayde inhabitantes used to make their rates for the reliefe of the poore of the sayde parishe."
Witnesses: John Cradock, Lewis Day, Nicholas Day
Seals: twelve seal strips à double queue, with fragments of two seals remaining.

Conveyance (lease and Release)  P105/25/2-3  8/9 September 1685

1) Robert Audley Esq., formerly of Old Warden but now of Biggleswade; Thomas King of Old Warden, dairyman; and John Baker of Old Warden, butcher. (Surviving Trustees of Charity deed of 4 November 1650 - P105/25/1)
2) Hon. Pawlet St. John Esq., of Old Warden; William Palmer (sen.) Esq., and William Palmer (jun.) of Hill in the parish of Old Warden; Thomas Palmer Esq. of Warden Street, Old Warden; Edward Taverner Esq., of Hill; John Whitfield, John Goods, John Taylor, and Richard Woodward of Old Warden, husbandman; Thomas Trnor (jun.) of Old Warden, Thomas King of Hill, and Thomas Day of Sweete Bryar Lane, Old Warden, dairymen
Recites Trust deed of 4 Nov. 1650 (ref: P105/25/1)
For preserving charitable uses and trusts, 1) grant to 2) - premises as above, formerly in occ. of John Underwood, but now of William Matthew
1) to fulfil the terms of the original deed, and after their decease 2) to comply with trusts, including measures for renewal of Feoffees etc.
Witnesses: Thomas Bromsall, Thomas Miles, S. Hamwell, Thomas Gardiner, Bernard Halfpenny, John Child, Walter Carter, Michael Harding, and William Cate.
Seals: eleven seal strips and one slit a double queue, with signet seals (2 missing). Seal strips broken from Lease.

Account book of the Feoffees of the Old Warden Charity Estate  P105/25/4  1852 - 1902

Copies of Peake's Charity deeds of 1650 and 1685 (refs: P105/25/1-3)  P105/25/5  n.d. [c.1830]; watermarked 1828

3 items


MISCELLANEOUS  [no ref. or date]

Old Warden Church Visitors' Books  P105/28/1  1845-1885

3 volumes

1) Visitors book 1845 - 1853
2) Visitors book 1854 - 1869
3) Visitors book 1869 - 1885
(At back) list of members of the Church choir, 1870

"An Act for Dividing and Inclosing the Open and Common Fields, Meadows, Pastures, Waste Lands, and other Commonable Lands and Grounds in the Parish of Southill in the County of Bedford"  P105/28/2  37 Geo.III 1797


"An Act for Marriages in England" and "An Act for registering Births, Deaths and Marriages in England", 6 and 7 Geo.IV, caps. LXXXV and LXXXVI (printed) with circulars from the General Register Office concerning the Acts.  P105/28/3  1836-7

Minute book of the Old Warden War Memorial Committee, 1919-1921, with related papers including estimate and bill of Styles & Son, monumental masons, Biggleswade, for supplying the Memorial, and statement of accounts, 1921  P105/28/4  1919 - 1921

6 loose items

Order of Service for Unveiling and Rededication of the War Memorial Cross, with a list of the men from the parish who fell in the two World Wars  P105/28/5  14 November 1948


2 copies

PARISH MAGAZINES  [no ref. or date]

Old Warden Parish Magazine  P105/30/1  May 1952

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL, Minutes  [no ref. or date]

P.C.C. Minute book  P105/32/1  1920 - 1940

Including minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and the Easter Vestry

P.C.C. Minute book  P105/32/2  1941 - 1950

Parochial Church Council, Accounts  [no ref. or date]

Church accounts  P105/33/1  1960 - 1962

duplicated sheets

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