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Catalogue of papers and correspondence of ARTHUR RODERICK COLLAR FRS (1908 - 1986)

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Reference NCUACS 3.2.88
Covering dates 1935-1987
Held by University of Bristol Special Collections
Source of acquisition The papers were received from Professor Alan Simpson, Collar's colleague in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol University, and Mr M J Collar, elder son, in March and May 1988, respectively.
Creators Collar, Arthur Roderick, 1908-1986, scientist
Supplementary information For a full account of the life and work of Collar see R E D Bishop, 'Arthur Roderick Collar 1908-1986', Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 33, 1987.
Related information A small collection of papers dealing with the family business of Arthur Collar Ltd., Household and General Ironmongers of Whitstable, Kent, together with the diaries of Arthur Collar (A R Collar's father and founder of the business), is deposited with the Kent Archives Office, Maidstone.
Note Compiled by Peter Harper and Timothy E Powell
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We are very grateful to Professor Simpson and Mr Collar for making the material available, and for their advice and encouragement.

Administrative history:
Arthur Roderick Collar was born in West Ealing on 22 February 1908. He was educated at the Simon Langton School in Canterbury, before winning a scholarship to Emmanuel College Cambridge in 1926 to read for the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Triposes.
He graduated in 1929, joining the Aerodynamics Department at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington. Here Collar worked on propellors, airship dynamics, wind-tunnel design, and particularly on flutter and matrix analysis. His book, Elementary Matrices, written in 1938 with colleagues R A Frazer and W J Duncan, soon became a standard work in this field. From 1936 Collar was also involved with the work of the Aeronautical Research Committee (later Council). He served in various capacities with the Council and its subcommittees until its abolition in 1980, holding the Chairmanship 1964-68. During the war Collar headed research work on aeroelasticity at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough.
In 1946, partly through his pre-war work for the Aeronautical Research Committee, Collar was offered the newly established Sir George White Chair of Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol University. In addition to his duties as Professor, he served as Dean of the Engineering Faculty 1954-57, and in 1968-69 temporarily as Vice-Chancellor. An honorary Doctorate of Laws was conferred upon him in 1969 and upon retirement in 1973 Collar was appointed Professor Emeritus.
Among many other distinctions gained, Collar was made a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 1944, serving as President 1963-64. He was awarded the Society's Gold Medal in 1966 and Hodgkin Prize in 1979. Collar was honoured with the CBE in 1964 and elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society a year later.

SECTION B, AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (ARC) With an introductory note NCUACS 3.2.88/B.1-B.22
The presentation of the material follows the sequence given in the List of Contents. In this small collection Collar's lectures and, to a lesser extent, his Aeronautical Research Committee (later Council) papers predominate.
Section A (Biographical) is very slight but includes notes on his professional career sent to the Minister of Technology in 1967 (NCUACS 3.2.88/A.2) and a copy of R E D Bishop's Royal Society memoir (NCUACS 3.2.88/A.5).
Section B (Aeronautical Research Council) presents a sequence of research papers and papers dealing with matters of internal organisation covering the period 1935-80; of some interest are items NCUACS 3.2.88/B.13 - B.15 which relate to the 1958 Munich air disaster. Also included in this section are a number of research papers prepared while Collar worked for the Royal Aircraft Establishment during the war. It should be noted that a great part of Collar's Aeronautical Research Council papers were destroyed at his own request after his death.
Section C (Lectures, Broadcasts and Publications) is the most substantial of the collection. There are lectures on aeronautics and matrices and lectures to a wide variety of audiences on more general scientific topics, such as engineering education and science and society. In his later years Collar gave talks on humorous poetry, of which he was both very fond and extremely knowledgeable. A few sets of ms notes for these talks can be found at NCUACS 3.2.88/C.45.
Section D (Scientific Correspondence) is again slight, but what survives serves chiefly to illustrate Collar's interest in matrices, a field in which he was an acknowledged authority.

SECTION A BIOGRAPHICAL  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.1  18 March 1965

Certificate of election as a Fellow of the Royal Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.2  1966

Notes on the Professional Career of Collar. 2pp typescript and 4pp list of publications dated November 1966. With ms additions and note "as sent to Minister of Technology 22 iii 67".

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.3  22 November 1968

Interview given to Nonesuch, the Bristol University student newspaper
In his capacity as Vice-Chancellor, Collar discusses the issue of student participation in university administration in the light of student discontent.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.4  25 October 1973

Certificate of election as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.5  33, 1987

'Arthur Roderick Collar 1908-1986' by R E D Bishop, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/A.6  nd

1p ms (photocopy).

Collar Family Tree.


Administrative history:
Collar's association with the Aeronautical Research Committee (later Council) dates from 1936, when he became Secretary of the Oscillation Subcommittee; he was appointed Assistant Secretary of the ARC 1939-40. Collar's acceptance of the Sir George White Chair in Aeronautics at Bristol University in 1946 took him out of the scientific civil service and he was therefore able to sit on the reconstituted ARC as an Independent (as opposed to Official) Member. Collar was the first person to chair all three of its standing committees (Materials and Structures, Aerodynamics and Propulsion) and served as ARC Chairman 1964-68. His membership of various committees and subcommittees of the ARC continued until its abolition in 1980.

The material consists of a chronological sequence of duplicated typescript papers prepared by Collar for the ARC and its committees and subcommittees, together with a number of notes and reports he wrote while working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), Farnborough, during the course of his wartime work on aeroelasticity. Collar's association with the investigations into the Munich air disaster of 1958 is represented by NCUACS 3.2.88/B.13 - B.15. See NCUACS 3.2.88/B.22 for a photocopy of the 1909 interim report of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (the predecessor of the ARC) which Collar kept with his ARC papers.

Aeronautical Research Council  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.1  1935-1940

ARC Stability and Control Subcommittee, 'Note on the Use of a Dead-Centre Control as a Safety Device' 20 November 1935. 2pp.
ARC Aerodynamics Subcommittee, 'The Performance of the "Hurricane" and "Spitfire" Aeroplanes', 24 June 1940. 1p and 3pp figs.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.2  1943-1944

RAE Technical Note, 'Interim note on Typhoon elevator flutter', August 1943. 10pp and 3pp figs.
RAE Technical Note, 'Virtual Inertia and Control Surface Flutter', February 1944. 3pp.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.3  1944

ARC Oscillation Subcommittee, 'Mass Balancing of Controls and Flutter Prevention Devices', 29 July 1944. 5pp.
ARC Oscillation Subcommittee, 'Note on the Computation of the Sub-Dominant Latent Roots of a Matrix', 28 September 1944. 5pp.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.4  December 1944

5 pp.

RAE Technical Note, 'A proposal for a control system operated by an aerodynamic servo and avoiding large mass-balance weights', 2 copies, the second with ms note "SRI has been asked for authority to put job out to Lockheed's".

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.5  October 1945

RAE Report, 'Mass-balance for spring tab flutter prevention' (with G D Sharpe) 19pp and 1p ms table showing the effectiveness of mass-balancing for various aircraft.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.6  1 January 1946

4 pp.

ARC Stability and Control Subcommittee, 'Some Problems in the Design of Sweptback Wings'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.7  January 1946

28pp and 8pp figs.

RAE Report, 'An Elaboration of the Criterion for Wing Torsional Stiffness' (with E G Broadbent and Elizabeth B Puttick), with an appendix on 'The Effect of Taper on Wing Flexure-Torsion Flutter Speeds' by E G Broadbent and Elizabeth B Puttick

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.8  1946

29 pp.

British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee reports, 'German Aircraft Industry - Aeroelasticity' (with H A Jahn, A Robinson and E G Broadbent). Received 30 May 1946.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.9  1946

8 pp

Paper 'On the Solution of a Particular Set of Linear Algebraic Equations'. Stamped "Aeronautical Research Council".
Received 8 October 1949.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.10  10 November 1953

3 pp.

ARC Oscillation Subcommittee, 'Note on Irreversible Controls'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.11  28 November 1953

5 pp.

ARC Oscillation Subcommittee, 'Note on the Development of Stiffness Criteria'. With related correspondence.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.12  June 1954

5pp and 1p figs.

ARC, 'On the Effect of Wing Bending on the Acceleration due to Landing Impact'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.13  9 January 1961

14pp and 2pp figs.

ARC, 'On the Drag Due to Slush'
This report considers the effect of slush on the tricycle undercarriage in impeding the normal take-off of aircraft. This was the principal cause of the crash of the BEA Elizabethan aircraft on 6 February 1958 in which eight members of the Manchester United football team were killed. Items NCUACS 3.2.88/B.14 and NCUACS 3.2.88/B.15 below are Collar's copies of the reports of the subsequent inquiries.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.14  1965

'Report by the Federal Republic of Germany relating to the Inquiry into the Accident to G-ALZU AS 57 Ambassador (Elizabethan) on 6ht February 1958 at Munich - Riem Airport', 1959, repr. 1965.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.15  1967

'Report of the German Federal Office of Aviation relating to the re-opened Inquiry into the Accident to BEA Ambassador (Elizabethan) Aircraft G-ALZU on 6ht February 1958 at Munich Riem Airport and RAE memorandum on "Application of the Results of Slush Drag Tests on the Ambassador to the Accident at Munich" submitted as evidence to the Inquiry'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.16  1967

5pp and 3pp figs.

ARC Constitution Panel, 'A possible new A.R.C. structure', 19 April 1967. 3pp
ARC Constitution Panel report on ARC committee structure, 26 April 1967. 1967

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.17  1972

ARC, 'A note on the possible utilization of very long-range aircraft', (ARC No.30151). 3pp.
ARC Civil Aircraft Research Committee, 'Long-term civil aircraft requirements: a note on the volume of air traffic in A.D.2000'. Received 5 January 1972. 5pp and 2pp figs.
With 1p ms continuation.
Both items were attached to NCUACS 3.2.88/C.44.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.18  1975-1976

ARC, 'Note on a Systems Committee', 11 April 1975. 3pp.
ARC, 'The ARC and Flight Systems', 31 October 1975. 2pp and 2pp figs.
ARC, Flight Systems Committee, 'The Genesis of the Flight Systems Committee of the Aeronautical Research Council', 29 June 1976. 2pp.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.19  21 November 1976

2 pp.

ARC Working Party on Committee Structure, 'A Further Note on ARC Committee Structure'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.20  March 1977

4 pp.

ARC Aerodynamics Committee, 'A Note on Trailing Vortices'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.21  April 1980

7 pp.

ARC, 13ht and Final Report of the Airframe Materials and Structures Committee
In its first year in office the newly elected Conservative government abolished numerous 'quangos', among them the ARC and its committees. As a prologue to this report Collar laments the dissolution of the Council in verse.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/B.22  1909

Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Interim Report.
5pp and 1p list of committee members (photocopy).


NCUACS 3.2.88/C. 1-C.45 LECTURES
NCUACS 3.2.88/C. 1-C.25 Aeronautics
NCUACS 3.2.88/C.26 Matrix Algebra
NCUACS 3.2.88/C.27-C.44 General Scientific Topics
NCUACS 3.2.88/C.45 Literary Topics

LECTURES  [no ref. or date]

Aeronautics  [no ref. or date]

A chronological sequence of drafts and notes for lectures on aeronautics delivered between 1947 and 1977.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.1  4 March 1947

13pp typescript draft and 1p list of slides.

'Some Aspects of Stability and Control', Bristol Branch, Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.2  17 March 1947

12pp typescript draft.

'Stiffness and Strength', Bristol University Engineering Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.3  14 January 1948

13pp typescript draft and 1p list of slides.

'The Effects of Distortion on Stability and Control', College of Aeronautics

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.4  16 November 1949

13pp typescript draft

'Stiffness and Strength', Brough Branch, Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.5  26 November 1949

25pp typescript draft with ms corrections.

'Some Speculations on the Aeroelastic Problems of Rotary Wing Systems', Helicopter Association of Great Britain and the Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.6  Part 1, 7 February 1950; part 2, 21 February 1950

7pp typescript notes with ms additions.

'The Influence of Aeronautics on History', Social and Economic History students, University of Bristol.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.7  10 March 1950

2pp typescript notes and 1p ms notes.


[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.8  13 September 1950

8pp typescript notes with ms additions.

'The Influence of Aeronautics on History', Ottawa Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.9  c.1950

1p typescript notes with ms notes of audience and approximate date, and 1p typescript list of slides.

'Aeronautics - Larger and Faster', Bristol Science Club

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.10  30 October 1952

2pp typescript notes.

'After Farnborough, what?', [Bristol ?] University Air Squadron

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.11  13 March 1953

18pp typescript draft and 1p typescript summary.

'Aeroelasticity', Manchester University

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.12  7 October 1953

13pp typescript draft and 3pp ms notes.

'Flutter', Preston Branch, Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.13  27 October 1956

7pp ms notes.

'Barriers in Flight', Colston's School Science Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.14  c. 1961

2pp ms notes with later ms note of audience and approximate date.

'Aeroelasticity', RAF course

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.15  c.1961

6pp ms notes with later ms note of approximate date.

'Some physical problems posed by hypersonic gas speeds'

[no title or date]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.16

15pp ms draft with later note 'Date and purpose not known prob. RAF course circa 1961'.

'The compressibility phenomena arising from increase of aircraft speed'.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.17  7 July 1962

'Trouble crossing the Severn', Institute of Physics and the Physical Society, Swansea, 1p ms notes and 1p list of slides.
Seven over the Severn, Aluminium Wire and Cable Co.Ltd. (1960).
8pp brochure on the construction of seven conductors to carry electricity across the rivers Wye and Severn. Found with the preceding.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.18  10 October 1964

1p ms notes.

'Industrial aerodynamics', Clifton College

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.19  17 February 1965

6pp ms notes.

'Research in the University of Bristol', Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.20  1965-1966

Lecture on the use of models and wind tunnels, 4 March 1965. 1p ms notes headed "architects. 4 iii 65".
'The Use of Wind Tunnels in the Study of Problems in Industrial Aerodynamics', Royal Aeronautical Society, 1 December 1965. 9pp typescript and 1p ms list of slides and 1p fig with ms corrections.
'The Use of Wind Tunnels in the Study of Industrial Aerodynamic Problems', 1966. 16pp ms draft and 1p refs headed 'Basis of Lecture to architects, March 1966' with later note 'Original of R.Ae.Soc.'

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.21  1968

'Aeronautics Down to Earth', The Kingsford-Smith Memorial Lecture, Sydney, 21 August 1968. 9pp typescript draft.
'Down-to-Earth Aerodynamics', Southern Africa Division, Royal Aeronautical Society, Johannesburg, 5 September 1968. 9pp typescript draft.
'Aeronautics Down to Earth', 17pp ms draft for the preceding.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.22  5 March 1970

1p ms notes.

'Aeronautical Research', first stage students, University of Bristol

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.23  14 October 1975

8pp ms notes.

'Industrial Aerodynamics', Presidential address, Bristol Association of Engineers

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.24  22 January 1976

6pp ms notes.

'Aeroelasticity', first stage students, Aeronautics Department, University of Bristol
'Aeroelasticity', first stage students, Aeronautics Department, University of Bristol, 18 January 1977. 1p ms notes forming new first paragraph to the above.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.25  13 December 1977

18pp typescript draft and title page with summary.

'The First Fifty Years of Aeroelasticity', Royal Aeronautical Society Historical Group

Matrix Algebra  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.26  n.d

12pp ms draft 'Purpose, date not known'.

'Matrix Algebra'

General Scientific Topics  [no ref. or date]

A chronological sequence of notes and drafts for lectures delivered between 1952-1975 to audiences of both scientists and laymen on a wide variety of subjects with a less specialised scientific content.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.27  8 December 1952

2pp typescript introduction with ms notes for lecture on back of page 2.

'Mathematics From the Point of View of the Engineer', Bristol Mathematical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.28  19 February 1953

8pp typescript synopsis with ms corrections.

Lecture on Isaac Newton, Presidential address, Engineering Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.29  18 and 22 October 1956; 13 March 1957; 30 October 1957

8pp typescript draft and 2pp typescript insertions for 22 October lecture.

'Technical Education'. Rotary Clubs of Swindon and Bristol
'A Specification for Engineering Education', The Fourth Barnwell Memorial Lecture 20pp typescript draft with ms corrections.
'Engineering Education', Southampton branch, Royal Aeronautical Society 6pp ms notes.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.30  25 November 1957

18pp typescript draft with ms corrections, and 2pp typescript account of the lecture.

'Moths and Caterpillars', Presidential address on mechanical transport, Bristol University Engineering Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.31  8 August 1960

10pp ms draft

'The work of the National Council for Technological Awards', Kent Summer School

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.32  5 October 1960

19pp typescript draft with ms corrections, and 1p ms list of slides.

'Earth, Water, Fire and Air', Presidential address on transport, Bristol branch, Royal Aeronautical Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.33  29 October 1964

1p ms notes

'Supersonic Flight', O.L.A.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.34  1971

'Technology and Change', Coombe Lodge, Bristol, 15 January 1971. 7pp ms notes (photocopy) and 4pp ms diagrams.
'On the Future of Further Education', Coombe Lodge Reports vol 4, no 1 (1971). An account of Collar's lecture is given pp 17 - 24.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.35  6 March 1971

2pp ms notes

'Space Exploration', Clifton College Sixth Form

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.36  6 December 1971

3pp ms notes and 1p diagram

'Science and Society', Bristol Grammar School

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.37  11 January 1972

7pp ms notes and 5pp diagrams

'Social Reactions to Science', British Commonwealth Society

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.38  25 June 1974

2pp ms notes

'Isaac Newton', Bristol Probus Club

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.39  1972-1973

'Science, Space and Society', Evesham Rotary Club, 31 October 1972 Postcard with ms notes.
'Space, Science and Society', Soroptimists, 12 November 1973.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.40  20 May 1975

2pp ms notes

'Science and Society', Bristol District Retirement Council

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.41  16 December 1975

1p ms notes

'Engineering and Economics', Rolls-Royce Technical College

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.42  n.d

1p ms notes


[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.43  n.d

'Social Responsibility'
1p ms 'summary of Dainton's lecture to RMCS' delivered 8 February 1973 which Collar intended to incorporate into a lecture

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.44  n.d

4pp ms notes and 7pp diagrams

Related information: See NCUACS 3.2.88/B.17 for ARC papers found with these notes.

'The folly of prognostication in aviation'

Literary Topics  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.45  1968-1982

Brief ms notes for eight lectures on the theme of humorous poetry delivered between 4 April 1973 - 6 September 1982.
Extract from William Morris's A Dream of John Ball, dated 1 October 1968.

BROADCASTS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.46  27 June 1962

'Supersonic Airliners' 15pp duplicated typescript copy of BBC West of England Home Service radio discussion in which Collar participated, together with related material on the sonic boom.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.47  n.d

'Aerodynamics Down to Earth', 4pp ms draft (photocopy) headed 'University Outlook', possibly a radio talk.

PUBLICATIONS  [no ref. or date]

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.48  1961-1962

'On centrosymmetric and centroskew matrices', Q. Jl. Mech. appl. Math, vol 15, no 3 (1962). Correspondence with A C Aitken who encouraged publication and the editors of the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and applied Mathematics, D M A Leggett and C W Jones, 20 April 1961 - 16 January 1962.
Among the correspondence with Aitken is a letter, dated 15 May 1961, in which Aitken apologises for not replying to a letter of Collar's, explaining that the delay was due to a recurrent condition "thought by my doctor to be a long-range after-effect of 13 days in the first battle of the Somme". Aitken refers to an account of his wartime experiences, published in 1963 as Gallipoli to the Somme.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/C.49  14 July 1971

3pp typescript draft

Education in Engineering', Western Daily Press


[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.1  1965

British Cellophane Ltd.
Reports of investigations into the performance of a chimney stack at Barrow-in-Furness, with note acknowledging payment of consultancy fee.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.2  1960

Conn, J F C
Paper by Collar (and R W Traill-Nash) on the effects of shear flexibility and rotatory inertia on bending vibrations.
Dubris, Yolande 1961
Matrix problems.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.3  1956-60

Duncan, W J
Matrices, Aeronautical Research Council.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.4  1964-65

Dunning, J E P
Solution of geometrical problem.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.5  1981

Garrick, I E
Collar's letter commenting on draft paper on 'Historical Development of Flutter' by Garrick and Wilmer H Reed III and the draft paper with Collar's ms comments.

[no title]  NCUACS 3.2.88/D.6  1959-60

Goodey, W J
Approximate solutions of linear second-order differential equations.
Mott, N F 1957-58
Correspondence re Mott's 'Elements of Wave Mechanics'.

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