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Reference KELLER
Covering dates 1944-2001
Held by University of Bristol Special Collections
Extent 2,450 items
Creators Keller, Andrew, 1925-1999, physicist

Administrative history:
Andras (anglicised as Andrew) Keller was born in Budapest, Hungary on 22 August 1925. He attended the University of Budapest, graduating B.Sc. in Chemistry in 1947, despite interruptions to his studies during the war. He went on to research under F. Körösy the volitilization of copper connected wth formation of volatile and unstable cuprous formate. He had completed his Ph.D. thesis and was awaiting his oral examination when in 1948 he left Hungary, largely prompted by the deteriorating political situation. Keller came to Britain and was appointed a Technical Officer in the Polymer Division of the Research Department ICI Dyestuffs Division. He served here to 1955, working on polymer characterisation, before joining the Department of Physics of the University of Bristol as a Research Assistant, supported by the Ministry of Supply (later Ministry of Aviation). Keller was subsequently appointed Lecturer in 1963, Reader 1965 and Research Professor in Polymers in 1969 (Emeritus 1991). Keller was W.W. Clyde Visiting Professor at the University of Utah 1982-1983 and in the late 1990s was Professor Associate in the Department of Materials Engineering at Brunel University. At Bristol Keller made significant contributions to polymer crystallisation and built up a large and successful research group. Perhaps Keller's most important scientific discovery followed his 1957 hypothesis that polymer crystals were formed by long molecules folding back on themselves in a process of 'chain folding'. This work was developed using polyethylene but later extended to other polymers. The concept of chain folding was valuable in understanding the physical and chemical properties of crystalline polymers. Keller was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1972 (Rumford Medal 1994). Among the honours he received were the High Polymer Prize of the American Physical Society (1964), the Swinburne Medal of the Plastics and Rubber Institute (1975), and the Max Born Medal of the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society. In 1998 Keller was elected an 'External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science. He died on 7 February 1999. For further information on the life and work of Keller see 'Andrew Keller (1925-1999)', by A.H. Windle, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society vol 47 (2001) pp 293-310.

BIOGRAPHICAL, A.1-A.94  KELLER/A  1948-2001

Former reference: SECTION A

76 items


Former reference: A.1, A.2

2 items

Obituaries  KELLER/A/1/1  1999

Former reference: A.1

University of Bristol Newsletter, 11 March 1999 Independent, 29 March 1999. By John D. Hoffman

Biographical memoir of Keller by A.H. Windle, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, vol 47 (2001), 295-310  KELLER/A/1/2  2001

Former reference: A.2



Former reference: A.3-A.9

7 items

Curricula vitae  KELLER/A/2/1  N.d.

Former reference: A.3

Entries for biographical directories  KELLER/A/2/2  1998

Former reference: A.4

Short autobiographical notes by Keller  KELLER/A/2/3  N.d.

Former reference: A.5

Profile of Keller in publication of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan  KELLER/A/2/4  1983

Former reference: A.6

Profile of Keller for Polymer News  KELLER/A/2/5  1985

Former reference: A.7

'Physics of Materials' by R.W. Cahn  KELLER/A/2/6  1995

Former reference: A.7A

Photocopy of chapter by Cahn from Twentieth-Century Physics, Vol.3. ed Pais, Brown & Pippard. Includes references to Keller's work.

Publications lists  KELLER/A/2/7  N.d

Former reference: A.8, A.9

2 folders.


Former reference: A.10-A.39

23 items

Ph.D. thesis 'Temperature-dependent decay of copper and silver salts of fatty acids', Budapest, 10 March 1948.  KELLER/A/3/1  1948

Former reference: A.10

37pp carbon typescript. In Hungarian.

Letter from Keller to Mr Hallward, Physical Chemical Research Department, Imperial Chemical Industries, Dyestuff Division, Blackley, Manchester re employment, 3 April 1948  KELLER/A/3/2  1948

Former reference: A.11

Typescript carbon. Keller's address is given as [c/o] George Hillier, 30 Brondesbury Park, London N.W.6.

Letter from Registrar, University of Bristol, to Keller re his appointment at Bristol from 1 March 1955, 11 December 1954  KELLER/A/3/3  1954

Former reference: A.12

'Past letters Job offers'  KELLER/A/3/4  1962-1969

Former reference: A.13-A.16

Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: correspondence re offers of employment in the UK and USA, research and visits.

High Polymer Physics Prize of the American Physical Society  KELLER/A/3/5  1964

Former reference: A.17

Correspondence, certificate, printed material.

Contents of folder divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re Visiting Professorship at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio and/or possible permanent relocation to the USA  KELLER/A/3/6  1968

Former reference: A.18, A.19

Includes correspondence with American Embassy in London and Immigration Service.

Correspondence re National Science Foundation Senior Scientist Fellowship to be held at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA  KELLER/A/3/7  1968-1969

Former reference: A.20, A.21

2 folders. In the end Keller was not able to take up the Fellowship because of his acceptance of the offer of the Visiting Professorship at Case Western Reserve.

Materials Science Club Prize  KELLER/A/3/8  1969

Former reference: A.22

Certificate and programme of meeting at which the award was presented.

Inaugural lecture as Research Professor in Polymers  KELLER/A/3/9  1970

Former reference: A.22A

Administrative history:
Keller was appointed Professor in 1969. He lectured on 'Macromolecules as a field for research and education'.

15pp typescript + figures and captions.

Election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society  KELLER/A/3/10  1972

Former reference: A.23-A.26

Letters of congratulation. Unindexed. 4 folders

Visiting Professorship, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA  KELLER/A/3/11  1973

Former reference: A.27

Correspondence re invitation.

Swinburne Gold Medal of the Plastics Institute  KELLER/A/3/12  1974

Former reference: A.28

Correspondence re award and address.

W.W. Clyde Visiting Professorship, University of Utah  KELLER/A/3/13  1983

Former reference: A.29

Administrative history:
Keller was Visiting Professor 1982-1983

Letter re arrangements, menu and list of guests for luncheon honouring Keller.

Max Born Prize of the Institute of Physics and the German Physical Society  KELLER/A/3/14  1983

Former reference: A.30

Related information: See A.55.

Printed and duplicated material; letter of congratulation.

Letter from Keller declining invitation to relocate to the University of Akron, Ohio, 10 May 1985  KELLER/A/3/15  1985

Former reference: A.31

Papers ?re nomination for a Wolf Foundation Prize  KELLER/A/3/16  1990

Former reference: A.32

Papers re Keller's official retirement at Bristol  KELLER/A/3/17  undated

Former reference: A.33

Includes programme of conference to mark his retirement and signed greetings card.

Special issue of journal Polymer in honour of Keller's retirement with covering letter from the publisher Butterworth Heinemann  KELLER/A/3/18  1992

Former reference: A.34

Papers re nomination for 'science pour l'art' prize  KELLER/A/3/19  1993

Former reference: A.34A

Related information: See also A.89.

Rumford Medal of the Royal Society  KELLER/A/3/20  1994

Former reference: A.35

Letter from the Royal Society informing Keller of the award and letters of congratulation.

Nomination of Keller 'for a civic award/honour through the Downing Street route'  KELLER/A/3/21  1995

Former reference: A.36

Senior Research Fellowship, University of Bristol  KELLER/A/3/22  1995-1999

Former reference: A.37

Appointment and re-appointment.

Honorary appointment as Professor Associate in the Department of Materials Engineering, Brunel University  KELLER/A/3/23  1995-1999

Former reference: A.38

Terms of agreement, continuation of appointment.

Announcement of death by family  KELLER/A/3/24  1999

Former reference: A.39

DIARIES  KELLER/A/4  1983-1992

Former reference: A.40-A.47

8 items

A sequence of Keller's appointments diaries for the period 1983-1992 (1984-1985 and 1985-1986 missing).

Diary  KELLER/A/4/1  1983-1984

Former reference: A.40

Includes many loose pages inserted into the diary.

Diary  KELLER/A/4/2  1986-1987

Former reference: A.41

Includes many loose pages inserted into the diary.

Diary  KELLER/A/4/3  1987-1988

Former reference: A.42

Diary  KELLER/A/4/4  1988-1989

Former reference: A.43

Diary  KELLER/A/4/5  1989-1990

Former reference: A.44

Diary  KELLER/A/4/6  1990-1991

Former reference: A.45

Diary  KELLER/A/4/7  1991-1992

Former reference: A.46

Diary  KELLER/A/4/8  1992

Former reference: A.47


Former reference: A.48-A.52

5 items

Invitations to social occasions: university, Royal Society etc  KELLER/A/5/1  1971-1990

Former reference: A.48

Letter from Keller to Max Stafford-Clark at the Royal Court Theatre, London, 15 March 1987, beginning 'As a survivor of the Hungarian Holocaust I have followed the various articles on the subject of 'Perdition'.'  KELLER/A/5/2  1987

Former reference: A.49

Photocopy. Stafford-Clark was Artistic Director of the Royal Court. Perdition was a play on the holocaust by Jim Allen that was scheduled for performance at the theatre but withdrawn at the last minute.

'Conformations'  KELLER/A/5/3  N.d.

Former reference: A.50-A.52

3 items

'Conformations' was described as 'Polymer Music in four (short) movements for two pianos'. Composed by Ronald Koningsveld it was dedicated to Professor Walter H. Stockmayer, who suggested the idea.

Copy of the score with explanatory notes  KELLER/A/5/3/1  undated

Former reference: A.50

Mono and stereo recordings of 'Polymer Music'  KELLER/A/5/3/2  undated

Former reference: A.51, A.52

2 items

The performers are Koningsveld and Stockmayer. The explanatory notes are read by Stockmayer. 2 items.

PHOTOGRAPHS  KELLER/A/6  1960-1996, n.d.

Former reference: A.53-A.94

31 items

Portrait photograph of Keller  KELLER/A/6/1  N.d.

Former reference: A.53

3 photographs of Keller in the laboratory with scientific equipment  KELLER/A/6/2  N.d.

Former reference: A.54

2 photographs of Keller on the occasion of the award of the Max Born Prize  KELLER/A/6/3  1983

Former reference: A.55

Related information: See A.30.

University of Bristol Polymer Physics Group photographs  KELLER/A/6/4  1984/1985-1985/1986, n.d.

Former reference: A.56-A.67

A sequence of group photographs, A.56-A.66, probably taken annually. Some have keys. However only the two at A.56 and A.57 are dated, 1984-1985 and 1985-1986, respectively. At A.67 are more informal photographs of Keller with colleagues. 12 folders.

Other University of Bristol photographs  KELLER/A/6/5  N.d., 1985, 1991

Former reference: A.68-A.71

4 items

Contents of envelope: 5 photographs including two of Keller with Japanese colleague  KELLER/A/6/5/1  N.d.

Former reference: A.68

The photographs are undated. Hovever, a formal group photograph appears to show M.H.L. Pryce as Director of the H.H. Wills Laboratory. Pryce left Bristol in 1964.

2 photographs of Keller delivering the address on the occasion of the award of an honorary degree to Ronald Koningsveld  KELLER/A/6/5/2  1985

Former reference: A.69

Related information: See B.19.

With letter from Koningsveld.

Group photograph taken at an occasion in honour of Keller's Bristol colleague, Sir Charles Frank, probably his 80th birthday. With key.  KELLER/A/6/5/3  N.d. [1991]

Former reference: A.70

Frank is seated at the centre of the front row. Others seated in the front row include P.-G. de Gennes, N.F. Mott, M.H.L. Pryce, Dorothy Hodgkin (in wheel chair) and J. Freidel.

2 photographs taken at the same occasion as A.71. One shows N.F. Mott making a presentation to Frank at a dinner.  KELLER/A/6/5/4  1991

Former reference: A.71

Visits and conferences  KELLER/A/6/6  1960-1996

Former reference: A.72-A.91

20 items

Related information: See section F.

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, New London, New Hampshire, USA, 4-8 July 1960  KELLER/A/6/6/1  1960

Former reference: A.72

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, New London, New Hampshire, USA, 6-10 July 1964  KELLER/A/6/6/2  1964

Former reference: A.73

With key.

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, Andover, New Hampshire, USA, 9-13 June 1969  KELLER/A/6/6/3  1969

Former reference: A.74

Group photograph: Foundation for Research Conferences in Chemistry Fourth Research Conference on High Polymers, Japan, May 1975  KELLER/A/6/6/4  1975

Former reference: A.75

With key.

7 informal photographs of Keller with colleagues probably taken at the same meeting in Japan as A.75  KELLER/A/6/6/5  ?1975

Former reference: A.76

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, Andover, New Hampshire, USA, 21-25 June 1976  KELLER/A/6/6/6  1976

Former reference: A.77

With key.

4 photographs taken at meeting in Vilafranca del Penedes, Spain, September 1982  KELLER/A/6/6/7  1982

Former reference: A.78

Includes newpaper report on meeting.

2 photographs ?taken at European Physical Society (EPS) meeting, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1985  KELLER/A/6/6/8  ?1985

Former reference: A.79

Includes letter from Czechoslovak colleague, 17 December 1985, enclosing two photographs of the EPS meeting. The photographs and letter were found separately.

Group photograph: meeting at Oberlech, Austria  KELLER/A/6/6/9  1985

Former reference: A.80

With covering letter and key.

Group photograph: meeting at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany  KELLER/A/6/6/10  1987

Former reference: A.81

Group photograph: meeting of Polymer Physics Group  KELLER/A/6/6/11  1987

Former reference: A.82

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Liquid Crystal Polymers, New London, New Hampshire, USA, 11-15 July 1988  KELLER/A/6/6/12  1988

Former reference: A.83

With key.

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, Andover, New Hampshire, USA, 18-22 July 1988  KELLER/A/6/6/13  1988

Former reference: A.84

With key.

Group photograph: symposium 'Future perspectives on the Processing of HMW-PE and Related Products', Vaalsbroek, The Netherlands, 4 May 1990  KELLER/A/6/6/14  1990

Former reference: A.85

With covering letter.

Photograph of Professor Ian Ward, University of Leeds with with colleagues on the occasion of an International conference on Polymer Physics to mark his birthday, Leeds, 21-23 April [1993]  KELLER/A/6/6/15  1993

Former reference: A.86

Group photograph: Osaka University Macromolecular Symposium, Osaka, Japan, 3-6 June 1993  KELLER/A/6/6/16  1993

Former reference: A.87

15 informal photographs from Osaka, conference including Keller lecturing  KELLER/A/6/6/17  1993

Former reference: A.88

3 photographs taken at 'science pour l'art' occasion, Paris, France, 6 July 1993  KELLER/A/6/6/18  6 July 1993

Former reference: A.89

Related information: See A.34A.

Group photograph: meeting at Lodz, Poland, 1995  KELLER/A/6/6/19  1995

Former reference: A.90

Group photograph: IUPAC International Symposium on Molecular Condensed State, Beijing, China, 20-25 August 1996.  KELLER/A/6/6/20  1996

Former reference: A.91

Outsize photographs  KELLER/A/6/7  1973-1994

Former reference: A.92-A.94

3 items

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 15-19 1973  KELLER/A/6/7/1  1973

Former reference: A.92

With key.

Group photograph: Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 9-13 January 1984  KELLER/A/6/7/2  1984

Former reference: A.93

Group photograph: Royal Society medallists 1994  KELLER/A/6/7/3  1994

Former reference: A.94


Former reference: SECTION B

97 items

Administrative history:
Keller joined the University of Bristol in 1955.


Former reference: B.1-B.24

18 items

Correspondence with University Officers  KELLER/B/1/1  1959-1991

Former reference: B.1-B.15

12 items

Vice-Chancellors  KELLER/B/1/1/1  1967-1991

Former reference: B.1-B.4

4 items

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/1/1  1967, 1970

Former reference: B.1

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/1/2  1974-1978

Former reference: B.2

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/1/3  1983-1986

Former reference: B.3

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/1/4  1987-1991

Former reference: B.4

Correspondence with Registrar and other senior members of the university administration  KELLER/B/1/1/2  1959-1988, n.d.

Former reference: B.5-B.12

6 items

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/1  1959

Former reference: B.5

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/2  1966-1969

Former reference: B.6

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/3  1970-1979

Former reference: B.7

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/4  1984

Former reference: B.8, B.9

2 folders.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/5  1985

Former reference: B.10, B.11

2 folders.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/1/1/2/6  1986-1988, n.d.

Former reference: B.12

Correspondence with Information Officer  KELLER/B/1/1/3  1984-1989

Former reference: B.13

Correspondence with Industrial Liaison Officer  KELLER/B/1/1/4  1987-1990

Former reference: B.14, B.15

2 folders.

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  KELLER/B/1/2  1972-1990

Former reference: B.16-B.24

6 items

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  KELLER/B/1/2/1  1972, 1980, 1990

Former reference: B.16

Colston Research Society  KELLER/B/1/2/2  1974-1975

Former reference: B.17, B.18

Committee papers, symposium programme etc. 2 folders

Honorary degree  KELLER/B/1/2/3  1985

Former reference: B.19

Related information: See also A.69.

Keller's public address on the occasion of the award of an honorary degree to R. Konigsveld.

Materials Research Centre proposal  KELLER/B/1/2/4  1986-1987

Former reference: B.20

Continuous Education proposal  KELLER/B/1/2/5  1987

Former reference: B.21

'Work Permits'  KELLER/B/1/2/6  1988-1989

Former reference: B.22-B.24

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: correspondence re work permits for foreign nationals who the University wished to employ. Correspondents include the Vice-Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, M.A. Epstein.


Former reference: B.25-B.213

79 items

Directors H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory  KELLER/B/2/1  1966-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.25-B.32

8 items

Correspondence with Directors and other senior members of the Laboratory.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/1  1966-1969

Former reference: B.25

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/2  1971-1974

Former reference: B.26

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/3  1976-1979

Former reference: B.27

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/4  1984

Former reference: B.28

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/5  1985

Former reference: B.29

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/6  1986

Former reference: B.30

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/7  1987-1989

Former reference: B.31

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/1/8  1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.32

Accommodation, budgets and staffing  KELLER/B/2/2  1967-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.33-B.40

6 items

Accommodation, budgets and staffing  KELLER/B/2/2/1  1967-1968 - 1972-1973

Former reference: B.33

'Lab Finances'  KELLER/B/2/2/2  1973-1975

Former reference: B.34, B.35

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference.

Accommodation, budgets and staffing  KELLER/B/2/2/3  1979

Former reference: B.36

'Case for Polymer Post'  KELLER/B/2/2/4  N.d. c.1984

Former reference: B.37, B.38

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference.

Accommodation, budgets and staffing  KELLER/B/2/2/5  1985-1988

Former reference: B.39

Accommodation, budgets and staffing  KELLER/B/2/2/6  1889-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.40

Equipment and supplies  KELLER/B/2/3  1957-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.41-B.63

15 items

Correspondence with suppliers, Bristol University colleagues, etc

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/1  1957, 1965

Former reference: B.41

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/2  1966

Former reference: B.42-B.44

3 folders.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/3  1967

Former reference: B.45, B.46

2 folders.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/4  1968

Former reference: B.47

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/5  1969-1970

Former reference: B.48

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/6  1971

Former reference: B.49

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/7  1972-1973

Former reference: B.50

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/8  1977, 1979

Former reference: B.51

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/9  1984

Former reference: B.52

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/10  1985

Former reference: B.53-B.58

Principally re University Grants Committee additional equipment grant. 6 folders.

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/11  1986

Former reference: B.59

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/12  1987

Former reference: B.60

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/13  1988-1989

Former reference: B.61

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/14  1990-1991

Former reference: B.62

Correspondence  KELLER/B/2/3/15  N.d.

Former reference: B.63

Library  KELLER/B/2/4  1968-1995, n.d.

Former reference: B.64-B.66

3 items

Includes Physics Library Committee papers.

Library  KELLER/B/2/4/1  1968-1973

Former reference: B.64

Library  KELLER/B/2/4/2  1974-1979

Former reference: B.65

Library  KELLER/B/2/4/3  1983, 1991, 1995, n.d.

Former reference: B.66

Research policy and administration  KELLER/B/2/5  1985-1991, n.d.

Former reference: B.67-B.79

9 items

Physics Department Research Plan  KELLER/B/2/5/1  1985

Former reference: B.67

'Draft for comment' of Outline Proposal on Aerospace Applications of Advanced Materials  KELLER/B/2/5/2  1987

Former reference: B.68

Proposal for an Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science and Technology  KELLER/B/2/5/3  1988

Former reference: B.69, B.70

2 folders.

'Dept. Research Plan Academic Plan 1989'  KELLER/B/2/5/4  1989

Former reference: B.71, B.72

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference.

Proposal for Institute of Advanced Materials  KELLER/B/2/5/5  1989

Former reference: B.73

Minutes of two Polymer Physics Group meetings  KELLER/B/2/5/6  1990

Former reference: B.74

Polymer Group Prospectus 1990-1991  KELLER/B/2/5/7  1991

Former reference: B.75

Memorandum by Keller 'Proposal on my staying on; the science, people, finance, and needs/requirements. Period: till end 1993 (first instance?)'  KELLER/B/2/5/8  1991

Former reference: B.76

Miscellaneous typescript and duplicated typescript notes and drafts re polymer and related research activities in teh department  KELLER/B/2/5/9  N.d.

Former reference: B.77-B.79

3 folders.

Safety  KELLER/B/2/6  1979-1987

Former reference: B.80, B.81

1 items

Correspondence etc re department safety. 2 folders.

Teaching  KELLER/B/2/7  N.d., 1966-1992

Former reference: B.82-B.148

19 items

Lecture notes  KELLER/B/2/7/1  N.d., 1979-1988

Former reference: B.82-B.122

16 items

'Nucleation Course'.  KELLER/B/2/7/1/1  N.d.

Former reference: B.82

Notebook so inscribed used for manuscript notes. Undated latest bibliographical reference 1962.

Typescript draft with a few manuscript pages paginated 1-41 for untitled course on optics.  KELLER/B/2/7/1/2  N.d.

Former reference: B.83-B.85

3 folders. At B.85 are miscellaneous manuscript notes found with paginated draft.

'Orientation'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/3  N.d.

Former reference: B.86, B.87

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes paginated 1-48.

'Interference Optics'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/4  N.d.

Former reference: B.88-B.92

Related information: see B.92

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into five for ease of reference: manuscript draft paginated 1-58, manuscript notes for examination questions etc. Undated but includes notes on back of list of first year special BA students for 1963.

'Geometrical Optics'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/5  N.d.

Former reference: B.93-B.95

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes paginated 1-36. A number of out of sequence sheets of notes were found at the front of the folder (B.93). The papers at B.93-B.95 were found in folders similar to those in which the groups of papers at B.86, B.87 and B.88-B.92 were found.

'Microscopy'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/6  N.d.

Former reference: B.96, B.97

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes paginated 1-36, miscellaneous manuscript notes etc. Undated but a copy of the University of Bristol Newsletter for 16 November 1972 was found with the notes.

'Lecture notes 3rd year Material Sci '  KELLER/B/2/7/1/7  N.d., 1980

Former reference: B.98-B.100

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: variously paginated sequences of manuscript notes on polymers (B.98, B.99) and photocopied manuscript notes on 'Polymeric Structure (Part I)' by Keller for Spring College on the Physics of Polymers, Liquid Crystals and Low-Dimensional Solids, 9 April - 20 June 1980 (B.100).

'3rd Year Students'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/8  1979

Former reference: B.101, B.102

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes, transparencies.

'Material Science Notes'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/9  N.d., 1980-1981

Former reference: B.103-B.105

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: duplicated manuscript notes (B.103, B.104), miscellaneous papers including course handout headed 'Materials Science Stage III 1980/81' (B.105)

'Lecture on Techniques'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/10  N.d.

Former reference: B.106

Transparencies, etc.

'Lecture Notes'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/11  N.d.

Former reference: B.107

Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript notes including paginated sequence headed 'Molecular weights'.

'Lecture Notes'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/12  N.d.

Former reference: B.108-B.110

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: includes variously paginated sequences of manuscript notes.

'Lecture Notes'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/13  N.d.

Former reference: B.111-B.114

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: includes variously paginated sequences of manuscript notes.

'Lecture Notes'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/14  N.d.

Former reference: B.115-B.118

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference: variously paginated typescript drafts including 'VI Lecture 'Thermodynamical treatment of rubber elasticity', 'Lecture VII The elasticity of a molecular network' and 'Lecture VIII Experimental examination of theory'.

'Basics MSc lecture Feb 1988'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/15  1988

Former reference: B.119, B.120

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes, transparencies and course booklet.

Duplicated typescript course notes for 'Chemistry 481' and 'Chemistry 482'  KELLER/B/2/7/1/16  N.d.

Former reference: B.121, B.122

Possibly American in origin but found with Bristol teaching material. Undated but latest bibliographical reference 1961. 2 folders.

Other papers re teaching  KELLER/B/2/7/2  1966-1992

Former reference: B.123-B.148

3 items

Timetable, booklist, examination questions etc for undergraduate courses  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1  1966-1990

Former reference: B.123-B.129

Manuscript draft examination questions etc for Subsidiary Optics  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/1  1966

Former reference: B.123

Contents of Keller's folder.

Discussion on 3rd Year Projects; timetable for 1968-1969; booklist and syllabus for 3rd Year Physics  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/2  1966, 1968, n.d.

Former reference: B.124

Manuscript draft of examination questions for Subsidiary Optics; circular re outline papers and examination questions  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/3  1971

Former reference: B.125

'Stage III Projects 1971/72'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/4  1971

Former reference: B.126

Duplicated typescript papers.

Mat. Phys. Exam questions'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/5  1982

Former reference: B.127

Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript and typescript drafts etc for 1982 questions.

'IIIrd year Materials option'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/6  N.d.

Former reference: B.128

Contents of folder so inscribed: duplicated typescript papers.

Copies of letters from J.W. Steeds re proposed undergraduate course in materials science.  KELLER/B/2/7/2/1/7  1990

Former reference: B.129

M.Sc. course etc.  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2  1966-1987

Former reference: B.130-B.147

Duplicated papers re postgraduate lectures, etc  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/1  1966, 1968

Former reference: B.130

Duplicated papers re M.Sc. Course in the Physics of Materials  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/2  1970-1971

Former reference: B.131

'MSc Projects'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/3  1971

Former reference: B.132

Contents of folder so inscribed: includes outlines of projects.

Examination questions and 'Sketch of Answers'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/4  1972, 1978, n.d.

Former reference: B.133

'M.Sc Projects'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/5  N.d.

Former reference: B.134

Contents of folder so inscribed: includes outlines of projects. Undated but latest bibliographical reference 1975.

M.Sc. course syllabus, seminars and examination questions  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/6  1975-1976

Former reference: B.135

'MSc exam questions'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/7  1976-1982

Former reference: B.136

Contents of folder so inscribed: includes examination questions for 1976 and 1981-1982 and project outlines.

'MSc. Projects 1976'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/8  1976

Former reference: B.137

Contents of folder so inscribed: project outlines.

'MSc Answers 1976 & 1977'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/9  1969-1977

Former reference: B.138, B139

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: typescript and manuscript drafts covering more extended period than folder title indicated.

'MSc Course'  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/10  1978-1979

Former reference: B.140

Contents of folder so inscribed: includes 'the new literature, timetable,etc for the academic year 1978/79'.

M.Sc. project outline  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/11  1982

Former reference: B.141

Miscellaneous papers re M.Sc. course  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/12  N.d.

Former reference: B.142-B.145

Includes project outlines. 4 folders.

Papers re MSc course in Physics of Semiconductor Materials  KELLER/B/2/7/2/2/13  1987

Former reference: B.146

Correspondence re Keller's lecture in Introduction to Polymer Science course  KELLER/B/2/7/2/3  1991-1992

Former reference: B.147

The course was given by the University of Bristol Department for Continuing Education.

Polymer Laboratory Personnel  KELLER/B/2/8  1966-1991

Former reference: B.148-B.213

25 items

Correspondence and papers re researchers and prospective researchers in Keller's laboratory. Includes research students, research assistants, postdoctoral researchers and senior visiting research workers. Presented in a chronological sequence. Includes references and recommendations.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/1  1966

Former reference: B.148

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/2  1967

Former reference: B.149-B.151

3 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/3  1968

Former reference: B.152, B.153

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/4  1969

Former reference: B.154, B.155

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/5  1970

Former reference: B.156, B.157

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/6  1971

Former reference: B.158-B.162

5 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/7  1972

Former reference: B.163, B.164

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/8  1973

Former reference: B.165, B.166

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/9  1974

Former reference: B.167, B.168

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/10  1975

Former reference: B.169-B.173

5 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/11  1976

Former reference: B.174, B.175

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/12  1977

Former reference: B.176

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/13  1978

Former reference: B.177

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/14  1979

Former reference: B.178

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/15  1981

Former reference: B.179

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/16  1983

Former reference: B.180

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/17  1984

Former reference: B.181, B.182

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/18  1985

Former reference: B.183, B.184

2 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/19  1986

Former reference: B.185-B.188

4 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/20  1987

Former reference: B.189-B.194

6 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/21  1988

Former reference: B.195-B.199

5 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/22  1989

Former reference: B.200-B.203

4 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/23  1990

Former reference: B.204-B.208

5 folders.

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/24  1991

Former reference: B.209-B.212

4 folders

Correspondance and Papers  KELLER/B/2/8/25  N.d.

Former reference: B.213

RESEARCH, C.1-C.464  KELLER/C  1944-1999

Former reference: SECTION C

368 items

NOTEBOOKS  KELLER/C/1  1940s [1946]-1978, n.d.

Former reference: C.1-C.64

64 items

Hungarian notebooks  KELLER/C/1/A  1940s

Former reference: C.1-C.28

28 items

These are soft back exercise books used for student notes (chiefly if not wholly undergraduate) and mathematical calculations. Nearly all the notes are in Hungarian with a very few pieces in English or German. Many have been used from the front and from the back for work at different periods or on different subjects. Most of the notebooks are inscribed on the front covers with Keller's name and a note of the subject. These inscriptions, also in Hungarian are often largely illegible. There is very little precisely dateable material but the notebooks are of Hungarian manufacture.

Secondary school exercise book used for notes on physics  KELLER/C/1/A/C.1  undated

Former reference: C.1

Printed table inside cover is for teacher's marking of work.

Used from the front for notes on Analytical Geometry and from the back for Chemistry notes  KELLER/C/1/A/C.2  undated

Former reference: C.2

The final pages of the notebook have been used by Keller for a Spanish-German glossary.

Used from the front for notes on Astrophysics and from the back for notes on Applied Physical Chemistry  KELLER/C/1/A/C.3  undated

Former reference: C.3

Used for work on Calculus  KELLER/C/1/A/C.4  undated

Former reference: C.4

Used for ?tutorial notes on Calculus  KELLER/C/1/A/C.5  undated

Former reference: C.5

Used for Mathematics notes including work on Calculus  KELLER/C/1/A/C.6  undated

Former reference: C.6

Used from the front for notes on Chemistry and from the back for mathematical calculations  KELLER/C/1/A/C.7  undated

Former reference: C.7

Untitled. Used for notes on Chemistry practicals  KELLER/C/1/A/C.8  undated

Former reference: C.8

Includes loose mathematics notes at front.

Used for notes on Chemistry  KELLER/C/1/A/C.9  undated

Former reference: C.9

Loose at front is certificate of attendance at university examinations, December 1947

Used for notes on Organic Chemistry practicals  KELLER/C/1/A/C.10  undated

Former reference: C.10

Used for notes on Colloid Chemistry  KELLER/C/1/A/C.11  undated

Former reference: C.11

At front of notebook is some mathematics work.

Used for notes on Colloid Technology  KELLER/C/1/A/C.12  undated

Former reference: C.12

Used for notes on Colloid Technology  KELLER/C/1/A/C.13  undated

Former reference: C.13

Used for notes on Colloid Technology  KELLER/C/1/A/C.14  undated

Former reference: C.14

Undergraduate notes on lectures of Dr Buzagh.

Used for notes on Colloid Technology  KELLER/C/1/A/C.15  undated

Former reference: C.15

Includes notes on molecular shape and chemical techniques in industry including distillation of oil and iron ore preparation.

'I'. Used for mathematics notes on Differential integrals  KELLER/C/1/A/C.16  undated

Former reference: C.16

'II'. Used for mathematics notes on Differential integrals (theory)  KELLER/C/1/A/C.17  undated

Former reference: C.17

Used for mathematics notes on Differential integrals (practical)  KELLER/C/1/A/C.18  undated

Former reference: C.18

Used for mathematics notes on Differential Equations  KELLER/C/1/A/C.19  undated

Former reference: C.19

Used for physics notes on General Relativity  KELLER/C/1/A/C.20  undated

Former reference: C.20

Untitled. First page headed 'Kinetics' and 'The chemistry of large molecules'  KELLER/C/1/A/C.21  undated

Former reference: C.21

There is only one page of notes (in Hungarian).

Used for physics notes on the theory of Light  KELLER/C/1/A/C.22  undated

Former reference: C.22

Undergraduate notes on lectures of Laszlo Zoltan.

Used for notes on Mineralogy  KELLER/C/1/A/C.23  undated

Former reference: C.23

One page has been signed by Keller's lecturer 'Budapest, 19 December 1946'.

Used from the front for physics notes on Optics and at the back for mathematical calculations  KELLER/C/1/A/C.24  undated

Former reference: C.24

Used for notes on Physics  KELLER/C/1/A/C.25  undated

Former reference: C.25

Undergraduate course.

Untitled. Used for notes on Plant Biochemistry  KELLER/C/1/A/C.26  undated

Former reference: C.26

Used at the front for French school homework, at the back for student notes on Relativity  KELLER/C/1/A/C.27  undated

Former reference: C.27

Lacks covers.  KELLER/C/1/A/C.28  undated

Former reference: C.28

Used by Keller for a variety of notes: English-German and Russian-Hungarian glossaries, school essays, ?postgraduate work on fatty acids and cellulose.

ICI and Bristol  KELLER/C/1/B  1949-1969, n.d.

Former reference: C.29-C.45

17 items

Softback duplicate book used for draft paper, reports, notes on the literature etc. Latest reference 1949.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.29  1949

Former reference: C.29

Hardback notebook labelled 'Orientation Keller' on front cover. Used for notes on the literature. Latest bibliographical reference 1949.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.30  c 1949

Former reference: C.30

Hardback notebook. Used for conference notes and notes on the literature. Latest bibliographical reference 1949.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.31  c 1949

Former reference: C.31

A little loose material intercalated at front.

Hardback notebook labelled 'Amorphous-Crystalline ratio'. Used for notes on the literature. Latest bibliographical reference 1950.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.32  c 1950

Former reference: C.32

Most pages not used.

Hardback notebook labelled 'Low-angle X-ray scattering'. Used chiefly for notes on the literature. Latest bibliographical reference 1951  KELLER/C/1/B/C.33  c 1951

Former reference: C.33

Hardback notebook labelled 'Literature of spherulites [ditto] of spiral structures'. Latest bibliographical reference 1954  KELLER/C/1/B/C.34  1954

Former reference: C.34

Hardback notebook used for miscellaneous notes. Latest reference 1957  KELLER/C/1/B/C.35  1957

Former reference: C.35

Hardback notebook used chiefly for calculations.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.36  1958

Former reference: C.36

Intercalated material at front includes notice for vacation school on dislocations 1958.

Hardback notebook used for miscellaneous notes. Latest bibliographical reference 1958  KELLER/C/1/B/C.37  c 1958

Former reference: C.37

Hardback notebook labelled 'Review of textbooks'. Latest bibliographical reference 1961  KELLER/C/1/B/C.38  c 1961

Former reference: C.38

Exercise book. Most pages not used  KELLER/C/1/B/C.39  c 1961

Former reference: C.39

Exercise book used for notes on Defects of solids and mathematical calculations  KELLER/C/1/B/C.40  1961

Former reference: C.40

Exercise book used for notes on waves in crystals, lecture notes etc.  KELLER/C/1/B/C.41  1962

Former reference: C.41

Hardback notebook inscribed 'List of Literature Borrowed' on front cover  KELLER/C/1/B/C.42  1964-1969

Former reference: C.42

Used to record books, journals, theses etc borrowed [?from Keller] 1964-1969.

Exercise book labelled on front cover 'Instruments on loan'  KELLER/C/1/B/C.43  1963

Former reference: C.43

Only one entry for apparatus borrowed (1963). Used from the back for calculations.

Exercise book inscribed 'Lattice instructions' on front cover  KELLER/C/1/B/C.44  N.d.

Former reference: C.44

Used for calculations

Hardback notebook labelled 'Lectures Wave Crystals. Prof Frank'. Used for notes on lectures by F.C. Frank  KELLER/C/1/B/C.45  N.d.

Former reference: C.45

At front of notebook are loose photographs.

Jotters and rough notes  KELLER/C/1/C  1977-1978, n.d.

Former reference: C.46-C.64

19 items

These notebooks, ranging from pocket notebooks to A4-size pads (some lacking covers), were used for calculations, notes on conferences, outlines for lectures, initial drafts and summaries of papers, bibliographical references, notes of meetings of colleagues and other jottings. Very few have any indication of date.

Hardback pocket notebook labelled '1977-78' on front cover  KELLER/C/1/C/C.46  1977-1978

Former reference: C.46

Hardback pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.47  c 1977

Former reference: C.47

Loose at front is letter from J.J. Point, November 1977.

Hardback pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.48  N.d.

Former reference: C.48

Hardback pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.49  N.d.

Former reference: C.49

Hardback pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.50  N.d.

Former reference: C.50

Hardback pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.51  N.d.

Former reference: C.51

Spiral bound pocket notebook  KELLER/C/1/C/C.52  N.d.

Former reference: C.52

Exercise book  KELLER/C/1/C/C.53  N.d.

Former reference: C.53

Most pages not used.

Spiral bound 'Stenographer's note book'  KELLER/C/1/C/C.54  N.d.

Former reference: C.54

The notebook is of US manufacture.

Notepad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.55  N.d.

Former reference: C.55

The notepad is of Polish manufacture.

A4 pad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.56  N.d.

Former reference: C.56

The paper is printed 'DSM'

A4 pad inscribed 'Masamichi Hikosaka' on front cover  KELLER/C/1/C/C.57  N.d.

Former reference: C.57

The pad is from the Technische Universitet Eindhoven.

A4 pad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.58  N.d.

Former reference: C.58

The pad is from the Technische Universitet Eindhoven.

A4 pad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.59  N.d.

Former reference: C.59

Of German manufacture

A4 pad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.60  N.d.

Former reference: C.60

A4 pad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.61  N.d.

Former reference: C.61

Letter-size notepad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.62  N.d.

Former reference: C.62

US format notepad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.63  N.d.

Former reference: C.63

US format notepad  KELLER/C/1/C/C.64  N.d.

Former reference: C.64

EARLY RESEARCH NOTES  KELLER/C/2  1940s [1944]-1950s

Former reference: C.65-C.81

9 items

Contents of Keller's folders: manuscript notes and calculations, duplicated typescript course work. Mostly in Hungarian.

'Különféle feljegyzések'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes  KELLER/C/2/1  1940s

Former reference: C.65-C.67

At C.65 is undated (and trimmed) postcard (in Hungarian).

'Függvény Tan'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference.  KELLER/C/2/2  1940s

Former reference: C.68-C.70

Manuscript notes on ?study of functions paginated 1-72.

'SI'. Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: manuscript notes  KELLER/C/2/3  1940s

Former reference: C.71-C.73

Untitled folder of manuscript notes  KELLER/C/2/4  1940s

Former reference: C.74

'Összetett Minöségi Analizis'  KELLER/C/2/5  1944

Former reference: C.75

Duplicated typescript notes by Dr János Richter, Budapest, 1944

'Kiegészités a Szervetlen Vegyületek Minóségi Analiziséhez'  KELLER/C/2/6  1945

Former reference: C.76

Duplicated typescript question sheets by Dr László Erdey, Budapest, 1945, with Keller's answers in manuscript.

'A Qualitativ Chemiai Analysis Elemei' by Dr László Szellédy  KELLER/C/2/7  1940s

Former reference: C.77

Duplicated typescript notes.

Untitled folder divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript notes paginated 1-47  KELLER/C/2/8  1951

Former reference: C.78, C.79

In English.

Untitled folder divided into two for ease of reference: manuscript calculations, diagrams, jottings etc.  KELLER/C/2/9  N.d.

Former reference: C.80, C.81

In English.

RESEARCH TOPICS  KELLER/C/3  1956-1994 and n.d.

Former reference: C.82-C.181

78 items

This is material found in Keller's folders and envelopes. It includes calculations, notes, drafts of papers and lectures, graphs and diagrams and correspondence. A significant proportion of the manuscript material is in hands other than Keller's but the authorship is not usually identified. It is presented in alphabetical order by title of topic.

'Calculations'  KELLER/C/3/1  1956, 1957

Former reference: C.82

'Calculations. Miscellaneous'  KELLER/C/3/2  N.d.

Former reference: C.83, C.84

2 folders.

'Chain extension'  KELLER/C/3/3  N.d.

Former reference: C.85

'Recognition of Chain Folding'  KELLER/C/3/4  c 1990

Former reference: C.86

'Collagen 21/4/75'  KELLER/C/3/5  1975

Former reference: C.87

'Collagen'  KELLER/C/3/6  1980-1981

Former reference: C.88, C.89

2 folders. C.89 includes photographs.

'Collagen. Current material for discussion [...] 1986'  KELLER/C/3/7  1986

Former reference: C.90

'Collagen'  KELLER/C/3/8  N.d.

Former reference: C.91

Chiefly on rat tail tendon (RTT) collagen.

'On the curvature of {100} sector boundaries'  KELLER/C/3/9  N.d.

Former reference: C.92

'Disclinations'  KELLER/C/3/10  c 1972

Former reference: C.93

Chiefly on spherulites. Includes photocopied manuscript work by F.C. Frank.

'E.M.'  KELLER/C/3/11  1972-1975

Former reference: C.94, C.95

Includes rough manuscript lecture drafts on electron-microscopy. 2 folders.

'Electron diffraction'  KELLER/C/3/12  c 1957

Former reference: C.96

Typescript 'Summary of electron diffraction studies on polymers' and photographic material.

'Fibres'  KELLER/C/3/13  N.d.

Former reference: C.97

'Flow'  KELLER/C/3/14  1983

Former reference: C.98

'Flow orientation'  KELLER/C/3/15  N.d.

Former reference: C.99, C.100

Includes rough manuscript draft of lecture. 2 folders.

'Flow orient.'  KELLER/C/3/16  1972-1974

Former reference: C.101

Includes sections of manuscript draft.

'Relating to Flow Orientation'  KELLER/C/3/17  1974

Former reference: C.102

'Folding'  KELLER/C/3/18  N.d.

Former reference: C.103

'4-roll mill'  KELLER/C/3/19  N.d.

Former reference: C.104

Work by C. Farrell and D.P. Pope.

'Fractionation'  KELLER/C/3/20  N.d.

Former reference: C.105

'Gelation'  KELLER/C/3/21  N.d.

Former reference: C.106

'Note on gels'  KELLER/C/3/22  1975

Former reference: C.107-C.110

Includes correspondence with N. Overbergh and others, 1975. 4 folders.

'Growth Twinning'  KELLER/C/3/23  N.d.

Former reference: C.111

'IPP Gels'  KELLER/C/3/24  1979

Former reference: C.112

Includes photocopy correspondence with P.J. Lemstra and notes of discussion with P. Hawkins.

'IPP work'  KELLER/C/3/25  1991

Former reference: C.113

Letter from B. Lotz enclosing data (transparencies).

'i-PS papers. X-ray section. DSC section'  KELLER/C/3/26  1970s

Former reference: C.114

Typescript and manuscript reports.

'i-PS [illegible]'  KELLER/C/3/27  N.d.

Former reference: C.115

'Isotactic Polypropylene Gels'  KELLER/C/3/28  N.d.

Former reference: C.116, C.117

Notes and data by ?P. Hawkins. 2 folders.

'Initial Fold Length'  KELLER/C/3/29  N.d.

Former reference: C.118

'Introduction to the Laplace Transform'  KELLER/C/3/31  N.d.

Former reference: C.119

8pp duplicated typescript.

'Leaf crystals'  KELLER/C/3/32  1963

Former reference: C.120

'MBPE'  KELLER/C/3/33  1991

Former reference: C.121

Detailed analysis by B. Wunderlich.

'Metastability & pressure crystal'  KELLER/C/3/34  N.d.

Former reference: C.122

Chiefly rough manuscript drafts.

'Methods'  KELLER/C/3/35  N.d.

Former reference: C.123

'Miscellaneous'  KELLER/C/3/36  N.d.

Former reference: C.124

'Molecular chain folding in polyethylene and cyclic hydrocarbons'  KELLER/C/3/37  1960

Former reference: C.125


'N.M.R.'  KELLER/C/3/38  1965-1966

Former reference: C.126-C.128

Correspondence and data from T. Connor, Molecular Science Division, National Physical Laboratory. 3 folders.

'N.M.R.'  KELLER/C/3/39  ?1959

Former reference: C.129

'Neutrons applications'  KELLER/C/3/40  N.d.

Former reference: C.130

'Neutrons - Latest Jan 1980'  KELLER/C/3/41  1978-1980

Former reference: C.131

'Neutrons. Current single cryst. problem'  KELLER/C/3/42  c 1977

Former reference: C.132

Includes manuscript notes for lectures.

'Non-equilibrium liquid crystal deficiency'  KELLER/C/3/43  N.d.

Former reference: C.133

'Nylon'  KELLER/C/3/44  N.d.

Former reference: C.134, C.135

2 folders.

'Nylon annealing'  KELLER/C/3/45  N.d.

Former reference: C.136

Manuscript note (not in Keller's hand) on 'Annealing behaviour of Nylon 6,6 single crystals', with manuscript annotation by Keller.

'Nylon fold length'  KELLER/C/3/46  N.d.

Former reference: C.137

Manuscript note (not in Keller's hand).

'Orientation'  KELLER/C/3/47  N.d.

Former reference: C.138

'Orientation phenomena'  KELLER/C/3/48  N.d.

Former reference: C.139

'Oriented crystallization'  KELLER/C/3/49  N.d.

Former reference: C.140-C.142

Photocopy manuscript and typescript draft and figures on 'Orientation and diffusion of rigid rod macromolecules'. 3 folders.

'P.E.'  KELLER/C/3/50  1972

Former reference: C.143, C.144

Includes correspondence from David [?],writing from the Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolecules, Strasbourg, France, and photocopy manuscript drafts on polyethylene work. 2 folders.

'PE' and 'Notes for DSM'  KELLER/C/3/51  N.d.

Former reference: C.145

'A summary of experiments in progress'.

'PE embedded in PST'  KELLER/C/3/52  N.d.

Former reference: C.146

'PHB'  KELLER/C/3/53  1980, 1984

Former reference: C.147

Includes interim report on PHB processing by Keller and P.J. Barham, 1980 and work by A.J. Owen, 1984.

'P.O.E. work'  KELLER/C/3/54  1959-1962

Former reference: C.148-C.151

Correspondence, notes, photographs, etc re work on Poly(ethyleneoxide) spherulites. 4 folders.

'PP' and 'ICI interim on gels'  KELLER/C/3/55  N.d.

Former reference: C.152

'PVC'. Contents of boxfile so inscribed.  KELLER/C/3/56  1979-1994 and n.d.

Former reference: C.153-C.162

7 items

Related information: See also C.241-C.263.

Includes contents of a number of titled folders and loose material.

'PVC I'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.153  N.d.

Former reference: C.153

Related information: See C.154

Manuscript sections of rough draft; tables etc. Possibly parts of unpublished 1979 work.

'PVC II'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.154  1991

Former reference: C.154

Fax to H. Soenen, 1991, refers to 1979 work on gelation of PVC.

'PVC III'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.155  N.d.

Former reference: C.155

Chiefly photographs.

'PVC'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.156  N.d.

Former reference: C.156

Manuscript data (not in Keller's hand).

'PVC [...] Mechanical latest. Modulus [?]'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.157  1994 and n.d.

Former reference: C.157

Includes manuscript (not in Keller's hand) and photocopy typescript data; letter 1994.

'General PVC'  KELLER/C/3/56/C.158-C.159  1982

Former reference: C.158, C.159

Draft of results sent to Keller by J.M. Guenet, with x-ray film 'so that you can check my interpretations'. 2 folders.

Sections of manuscript and typescript drafts, graphs etc.  KELLER/C/3/56/C.160-C.162  N.d.

Former reference: C.160-C.162

Found loose. 3 folders.

'PVC + iPS - story'  KELLER/C/3/57  1980-1981

Former reference: C.163-C.165

Related information: See also C.241-C.263.

Administrative history:
This is work with M. Nagy.

Includes exercise book inscribed 'IPS and PVC gels' on front cover, with notes in English and Hungarian, and correspondence. 3 folders.

'Periodic chains [...]'  KELLER/C/3/58  N.d.

Former reference: C.166

'On pressure program'  KELLER/C/3/59  N.d.

Former reference: C.167

'RA'  KELLER/C/3/60  N.d.

Former reference: C.168

'Radiation chemistry of paraffins'  KELLER/C/3/61  c 1970

Former reference: C.169

'Rubber elasticity'  KELLER/C/3/62  1965

Former reference: C.170

Duplicated instructions for experiments in polymer physics.

'SBS'  KELLER/C/3/63  1976

Former reference: C.171

'SBS'  KELLER/C/3/64  1977

Former reference: C.172, C.173

Work on polystyrene-polybutadiene-polystyrene (SBS), including 'only remaining sample' (C.173). 2 folders.

'The solidification of polyethylene under conditions of flow and pressure'  KELLER/C/3/65  N.d.

Former reference: C.174

'Strain note calculations'  KELLER/C/3/66  N.d.

Former reference: C.175

'Symmetry'  KELLER/C/3/67  N.d.

Former reference: C.176

Duplicated typescript.

'Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers'  KELLER/C/3/68  1992

Former reference: C.177

Typescript research report.

'Tritium x-ray [illegible] polythene'  KELLER/C/3/69  N.d.

Former reference: C.178

'Notes on unsuitability'  KELLER/C/3/70  N.d.

Former reference: C.179

'X-ray Bristol data'  KELLER/C/3/71  N.d.

Former reference: C.180

Miscellaneous material  KELLER/C/3/72  N.d.

Former reference: C.181


Former reference: C.182-C.297

99 items

This is chiefly material found in Keller's folders and envelopes organised by colleague, including members of Keller's research team (postgraduate students and post-doctoral research assistants), visiting researchers and departmental colleagues. The material presented here also includes some interim research reports found loose and B.Sc. and Ph.D. theses.

Barham, P.J.  KELLER/C/4/1  1975

Former reference: C.182

Administrative history:
Barham was an ICI Research Fellow in the Department 1975-1977. He continued his research under Keller funded by ICI grants to 1984 when he was appointed BP Venture Research Fellow. Barham was made Lecturer in Physics in 1985.

Manuscript research reports.

Bennet, R.  KELLER/C/4/2  1975

Former reference: C.183

Manuscript research report.

Burch, C.R.  KELLER/C/4/3  N.d.

Former reference: C.184

Administrative history:
Burch was Royal Society Warren Research Fellow in Physics, University of Bristol 1948-1966.

Manuscript notes on 'Discussion with Dr Burch'.

Callister, S.J.  KELLER/C/4/4  1988

Former reference: C.185

Research report, tables.

Charlesby, A.  KELLER/C/4/5  1975

Former reference: C.186

Administrative history:
Charlesby was Professor in the Department of Physics, Royal Military College, Shrivenham, Wiltshire.

Correspondence and papers re irradiation of samples, notes of discussion meeting.

Chivers, R.A.  KELLER/C/4/6  1980

Former reference: C.187, C.188

Manuscript and photocopy manuscript notes on research experiments on polyethylene. 2 folders.

Coombes, A.  KELLER/C/4/7  1976-1977

Former reference: C.189-C.192

4 items

Manuscript research report  KELLER/C/4/7/C.189  1976

Former reference: C.189

Research outline  KELLER/C/4/7/C.190  1977

Former reference: C.190

Comments on thesis  KELLER/C/4/7/C.191  N.d.

Former reference: C.191

Photographs  KELLER/C/4/7/C.192  N.d.

Former reference: C.192

Crowson, R.Y.  KELLER/C/4/8  1975

Former reference: C.193

Typescript research report.

Dlugosz, J.  KELLER/C/4/9  1972

Former reference: C.194

Manuscript and photocopy manuscript research reports on work on SBS.

Dreyfus, [?]  KELLER/C/4/10  N.d.

Former reference: C.195

Manuscript notes; photographs.

Farrell, C.J.  KELLER/C/4/11  1976, n.d.

Former reference: C.196

Typescript and photocopy manuscript research reports.

Fischer, H.  KELLER/C/4/12  1993

Former reference: C.197

Typescript report 'The phase diagram of the system PBZT/Polyphosphoric acid/Water'; figures.

Frank, F.C.  KELLER/C/4/13  1950s, 1974, n.d.

Former reference: C.198-C.200

3 items

Administrative history:
Frank was Melville Wills Professor of Physics at Bristol 1954-1969 and Henry Overton Wills Professor and Director of the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory 1969-1976.

'Notes of discussions with Prof. Frank & others'  KELLER/C/4/13/C.198  1950s

Former reference: C.198

Manuscript jottings and calculations.

Photocopy manuscript notes  KELLER/C/4/13/C.199  1974 and n.d.

Former reference: C.199

Photocopy typescript  KELLER/C/4/13/C.200  N.d.

Former reference: C.200

Fraser, G.V.  KELLER/C/4/14  1974-1979, n.d.

Former reference: C.201-C.211

10 items

Photocopy research reports  KELLER/C/4/14/C.201  1974-1975

Former reference: C.201

'Raman spectroscopy of polymers'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.202  1975

Former reference: C.202

Typescript report, November 1975.

Photocopy typescript research report  KELLER/C/4/14/C.203  1976

Former reference: C.203

'Preliminary survey of polyalkenamers'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.204  1977

Former reference: C.204

Typescript report, 'Spring 77'

'Recent developments in the study of polymer crystal morphology using low frequency Raman spectroscopy'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.205  c 1977

Former reference: C.205

Typescript 'Revised draft', latest bibliographical reference 1977.

Correspondence  KELLER/C/4/14/C.206  1978-1979

Former reference: C.206

'Polystyrene Gels. A preliminary examination using infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.207  1978

Former reference: C.207

Photocopy typescript.

'What is a carbon-chlorine stretching vibration in PVC?'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.208  1979

Former reference: C.208

Photocopy manuscript.

'Characterization of materials using Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy'  KELLER/C/4/14/C.209  1979

Former reference: C.209

Photocopy typescript.

Undated reports and drafts.  KELLER/C/4/14/C.210-C.211  N.d.

Former reference: C.210, C.211

2 folders.

Fulton, W.S.  KELLER/C/4/15  1981, 1983

Former reference: C.212, C.213

2 items

Manuscript report on investigation of polymer samples provided by ICI  KELLER/C/4/15/C.212  1981

Former reference: C.212

Bound Departmental 'Report 1: Collagen'.  KELLER/C/4/15/C.213  1983

Former reference: C.213

George, E.J.  KELLER/C/4/16  1976

Former reference: C.214

M.Sc. thesis 'Swelling of Polyethylene Single Crystals'

Grubb, D.T.  KELLER/C/4/17  1975

Former reference: C.215

Manuscript research reports.

Hawkins, P.  KELLER/C/4/18  N.d.

Former reference: C.216

Material found in folder inscribed 'Hawkins. Reports on gelation of PVC & PP'. There is no other evidence of authorship.

Hay, I.L.  KELLER/C/4/19  1967

Former reference: C.217

Ph.D. thesis 'Studies on Polymer Structure and Deformation with particular reference to Polyethylene'.

Hill, M.J.  KELLER/C/4/20  1966-1980, n.d.

Former reference: C.218-C.223

5 items

Administrative history:
Mary Hill (née Machin) was a longstanding research collaborator at Bristol.

Report on 'The deformation of stress crystallised, polyethylene films'  KELLER/C/4/20/C.218  c 1968

Former reference: C.218

Typescript + figures.

Contents of envelope inscribed 'P.T.C.F. AF M.J. Machin'  KELLER/C/4/20/C.219-C.220  1966

Former reference: C.219, C.220

Found with preceding. Photographic and other data. 2 folders.

Manuscript research report  KELLER/C/4/20/C.221  1980

Former reference: C.221

Typescript research report  KELLER/C/4/20/C.222  N.d.

Former reference: C.222

Miscellaneous material  KELLER/C/4/20/C.223  N.d.

Former reference: C.223

Not all in Hill's hand.

Jarvis, D.A.  KELLER/C/4/21  1980-1983, n.d.

Former reference: C.224-C.228

5 items

'Review of the use of infra-red spectroscopy for studying polystyrene in solution and in the form of a gel'  KELLER/C/4/21/C.224  1980

Former reference: C.224

Photocopy manuscript.

Reports on work on FT-IR investigations on gels  KELLER/C/4/21/C.225  1982

Former reference: C.225

Photocopy manuscript, May 1982.

'FT-IR: Spectral changes on heating a wet gel of PVC'  KELLER/C/4/21/C.226  1982

Former reference: C.226

Photocopy manuscript, June 1982.

'FTIR: Spectral changes on heating gels of PVC  KELLER/C/4/21/C.227  1983

Former reference: C.227

Photocopy manuscript, with manuscript annotation by Keller.

Undated reports  KELLER/C/4/21/C.228  N.d.

Former reference: C.228

Manuscript and photocopy manuscript.

Jenkins, H.  KELLER/C/4/22  1970

Former reference: C.229

Typescript account of work by Jenkins and A. Hall, 1969-1970.

Kiss, [?]  KELLER/C/4/23  ?1973

Former reference: C.230

Material on turbulent flow.

Lemstra, P.J.  KELLER/C/4/24  1979 and n.d.

Former reference: C.231

Miscellaneous material, including results of experimental work on gels.

Mackley, M.R.  KELLER/C/4/25  1974-1975, n.d.

Former reference: C.232, C.233

2 items

Photocopy manuscript and manuscript research reports  KELLER/C/4/25/C.232  1974-1975

Former reference: C.232

'Mackley's Patent'. Contents of folder so inscribed.  KELLER/C/4/25/C.233  N.d.

Former reference: C.233

Magill, J.H.  KELLER/C/4/26  1979-1980

Former reference: C.234-C.236

Related information: See also C.378

Administrative history:
Magill was Professor in the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering.

Correspondence and papers re visit to Bristol in 1979 and research collaboration and publication arising. 3 folders.

Marrucci, G.  KELLER/C/4/27  1978

Former reference: C.237

Administrative history:
Marrucci was at the University of Naples, Italy.

Note on theory of Marrucci from C.J. Farrell, with associated material.

Meader, D.  KELLER/C/4/28  1977

Former reference: C.238

Bound manuscript report 'Determination of the structure of isotactic Poly(methyl methacrylate)'

Miles, M.J.  KELLER/C/4/29  1980s

Former reference: C.239

Miscellaneous material.

Miyaska, K.  KELLER/C/4/30  c 1976

Former reference: C.240

Miscellaneous material re x-ray analysis of polystyrene gels.

Nagy, M.  KELLER/C/4/31  1980-1984,n.d.

Former reference: C.241-C.263

16 items

Related information: See also C.153-C.162.

Administrative history:
Nagy was a Hungarian colleague from the Department of Colloid Science, Lorand Eötvös University,Budapest, who visited Bristol for research for the year 1980-1981.

Contents of boxfile inscribed 'PVC Miklos'. Includes notebooks, contents of a number of titled folders and loose material.

Contents of boxfile inscribed 'PVC Miklos'  KELLER/C/4/31/A  1980-1984, n.d.

Former reference: C.241-C.259

14 items

Related information: See also C.153-C.162.

Includes notebooks, contents of a number of titled folders and loose material.

Hardback notebook, used for work at Bristol 10 December 1980-May 1981  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.241  1980-1981

Former reference: C.241

Loose material intercalated.

Hardback notebook, used July 1981  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.242  1981

Former reference: C.242

'Miklos - Old work & Notes. PVC'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.243-C.244  c 1981

Former reference: C.243, C.244

Graphs, calculations etc. 2 folders.

'X-rays Miklos'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.245  c 1981

Former reference: C.245

Photographic material. Retained in original envelope.

'Old work & notes. Description of work by M. Nagy'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.246  c 1981

Former reference: C.246

Miscellaneous notes, graphs etc.

'PVC Recent text & figures [...] Includes Miklos final draft'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.247  1982

Former reference: C.247

Graphs and manuscript notes on work on PVC gels.

'PVC DSC Miklos'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.248  1984

Former reference: C.248

Letter from Nagy with manuscript graphs. Original folder with manuscript notes has been retained.

'S45 PVC Gel'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.249  N.d.

Former reference: C.249

Data. Original folder with manuscript notes has been retained.

Nagy's manuscript notes on studies on PVC gels etc.  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.250  N.d.

Former reference: C.250

'PVC gels'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.251-C.253  N.d.

Former reference: C.251-C.253

Manuscript rough drafts; data; calculations etc. 3 folders.

'X-ray diffraction'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.254  N.d.

Former reference: C.254

Manuscript note in Keller's hand.

'PVC. Fragments for paper'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.255  N.d.

Former reference: C.255

Manuscript notes in Keller's and Nagy's hands.

'PVC. W.S. Fulton [...]'  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.256  N.d.

Former reference: C.256

Graphs. Found with Nagy material. Original folder with manuscript notes has been retained.

Miscellaneous notes and data found loose  KELLER/C/4/31/A/C.257-C.259  N.d.

Former reference: C.257-C.259

3 folders.

'Miklos PVC'  KELLER/C/4/31/B  1980

Former reference: C.260

Contents of folder: typescript notes etc. In Hungarian

Contents of untitled folder  KELLER/C/4/31/C  1980-1981

Former reference: C.261-C.263

Typescript drafts, some in Hungarian. Includes 'Some new aspects of research on polymer gels' (C.263). 3 folders.

Narh, K.A.  KELLER/C/4/32  N.d.

Former reference: C.264, C.265

2 items

'The effect of stirring on gelation of i-PS'  KELLER/C/4/32/C.264  undated

Former reference: C.264

Rough draft of work with Keller on 'Light scattering studies on the thermal behaviour of the banded spherulites of melt crystallized polyethylene and polyethylene adipate'  KELLER/C/4/32/C.265  N.d.

Former reference: C.265

Newman, B.A.  KELLER/C/4/33  c 1962

Former reference: C.266

Bound report on research in progress, latest bibliographical reference 1962.

Odell, J.A.  KELLER/C/4/34  1960s-1982, n.d.

Former reference: C.267-C.273

4 items

Manuscript report on research  KELLER/C/4/34/C.267  1960s

Former reference: C.267

'Jeff - The File'  KELLER/C/4/34/C.268  N.d.

Former reference: C.268

Contents of folder so inscribed: miscellaneous material. Includes photographic data.

Material re research application for Odell  KELLER/C/4/34/C.269  1982

Former reference: C.269

Photographs of crystal specimens sent to Odell by David [?Grubb]  KELLER/C/4/34/C.270-C.273  N.d.

Former reference: C.270-C.273

4 folders.

Overbergh, N.  KELLER/C/4/35  1975

Former reference: C.274, C.275

Correspondence; manuscript note on 'Irradiation of IPS'; graphs; photographs. 2 folders.

Patel, G.N.  KELLER/C/4/36  1960s, 1978

Former reference: C.276, C.277

Miscellaneous material found in folder inscribed 'Patel's work'. 2 folders.

Pope, D.P.  KELLER/C/4/37  1974-1978

Former reference: C.278, C.279

2 items

Manuscript and photocopy manuscript research reports  KELLER/C/4/37/C.278  1974-1975

Former reference: C.278

Correspondence and papers on work on samples of polystyrene  KELLER/C/4/37/C.279  1975, 1978

Former reference: C.279

Ramesh, C.  KELLER/C/4/38  1993

Former reference: C.280, C.281

Data found in envelopes inscribed 'Dr C. Ramesh. IR Anna's data'. 2 folders.

Sadler, D.M.  KELLER/C/4/39  1980-1981, n.d.

Former reference: C.282-C.286

5 items

Administrative history:
Sadler was a Research Associate at Bristol 1972-1980 and Research Fellow from 1980.

Typescript report on neutron scattering experiments  KELLER/C/4/39/C.282  1980

Former reference: C.282

Research applications  KELLER/C/4/39/C.283  1981

Former reference: C.283

Manuscript draft of research report for the period 1979-1981  KELLER/C/4/39/C.284  1981

Former reference: C.284

Photocopy manuscript 'Summary of analysis'  KELLER/C/4/39/C.285  1981

Former reference: C.285

Photocopy manuscript 'Comparison between scattering curves from computer models and experinental WANS data'  KELLER/C/4/39/C.286  N.d.

Former reference: C.286

Sluckin, T.  KELLER/C/4/40  1980

Former reference: C.287

'Phenomenological theory of influence of flow on nematic-isotropic transition'

Spells, S.J.  KELLER/C/4/41  c 1981

Former reference: C.288

Miscellaneous material.

Stejny, J.  KELLER/C/4/42  1980-1988, n.,d.

Former reference: C.289-C.291

3 items

Work on 'Analysis of CR-39 and the effect of additives', with manuscript data  KELLER/C/4/42/C.289  1983

Former reference: C.289

Miscellaneous material  KELLER/C/4/42/C.290  1988

Former reference: C.290

'Statistics'  KELLER/C/4/42/C.291  N.d.

Former reference: C.291

Transparencies and manuscript rough draft, found in envelope so inscribed.

Tanaka, K.  KELLER/C/4/43  1980

Former reference: C.292

Manscript note.

Ungar, G.  KELLER/C/4/44  1979

Former reference: C.293

Ph.D. thesis 'Crystalline Morphology and Irradiation Induced Processes in Polyethylene and n-Paraffins'.

'Clara's'  KELLER/C/4/45  N.d.

Former reference: C.294

Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript note on 'Polypropylene Polystyrene and high density Polyethylene-Polystyrene blends'

'Francesca'  KELLER/C/4/46  N.d.

Former reference: C.295

Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript notes and data.

Bound B.Sc. thesis  KELLER/C/4/47  c 1992

Former reference: C.296

Author unidentified. Photographic data intercalated at back of volume.

'Summary of observations. Elongational flow of HMNPE [...]'  KELLER/C/4/48  1986

Former reference: C.297

Not in Keller's hand. Author not identified.


Former reference: C.298-C.456

112 items

Arranged by grant giving body.


Former reference: C.298

1 item

Correspondence re application.


Former reference: C.299

1 item

Applications for: 'Molecular structure, shape and properties of the mucopolysaccharides associated with connective tissue' (1971); 'Investigation of mechanical behaviour and crimp morphology in diseased collagen tissues' (1977).


Former reference: C.300

1 item

Correspondence and papers re British Aerospace support of work at Bristol.


Former reference: C.301

1 item

Correspondence re British/Spanish Joint Research Programme.


Former reference: C.302

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller and F.C. Frank are on the circulation list.

Report on 'Electron microscopy of polymers. Part III [...]' by P.H. Harris


Former reference: C.303-C.310

8 items

Related information: See also G.6-G.8.

Correspondence re research  KELLER/C/5/6/C.303  1974-1975

Former reference: C.303

Research proposal on 'Extending chains; a new approach to macromolecular science'  KELLER/C/5/6/C.304  1984

Former reference: C.304

Correspondence re BP research support  KELLER/C/5/6/C.305  1984-1987

Former reference: C.305

Correspondence re BP Venture Research support  KELLER/C/5/6/C.306  1988

Former reference: C.306

Correspondence re BP Venture Research support  KELLER/C/5/6/C.307  1989

Former reference: C.307

Correspondence re BP Venture Research support  KELLER/C/5/6/C.308  1990

Former reference: C.308

Correspondence and papers  KELLER/C/5/6/C.309  1990-1991

Former reference: C.309

10pp typescript paper on 'transition dynamics of large molecules' inscribed 'File BP'  KELLER/C/5/6/C.310  N.d.

Former reference: C.310


Former reference: C.311-C.313

2 items

Correspondence and papers re application with V. Petraccone, University of Naples, 'Self reinforced composites based on semicrystalline thermoplastic polymers for structural appliances'  KELLER/C/5/7/C.311  1985

Former reference: C.311

BRITE Proposal P.1146-85.

Correspondence and papers re application with S. Piccarolo et al, 'Structure formation in semi-crystalline polymers during processing'  KELLER/C/5/7/C.312-C.313  1994-1995

Former reference: C.312, C.313

BRITE III Proposal.


Former reference: C.314

1 item

Correspondence and papers re application, 'Alignment of molecules in elongational flow'.


Former reference: C.315

Correspondence and papers re application.


Former reference: C.316

1 item

Application: 'Relation between structure and properties of high polymers'


Former reference: C.317

1 item

Brief correspondence re support of research.


Former reference: C.318-C.322

5 items

Administrative history:
Keller served as a consultant to DSM (see G.54-G.63), and conducted research with individual DSM employees.

Correspondence and papers relating to DSM support of research at the University of Bristol.

Correspondence and Papers  KELLER/C/5/12/C.318  1989-1990

Former reference: C.318

Correspondence and Papers  KELLER/C/5/12/C.319  1991

Former reference: C.319

Correspondence and Papers  KELLER/C/5/12/C.320  1992 January-August

Former reference: C.320

Correspondence and Papers  KELLER/C/5/12/C.321  1992 October-December

Former reference: C.321

Contents of Keller's folder inscribed 'DSM report July 1993': draft  KELLER/C/5/12/C.322  undated

Former reference: C.322


Former reference: C.323-C.327

5 items

Administrative history:
This was a successor body to the Science and Engineering Research Council (see C.416-C.438).

'Physical property enhancement of profile extrusion by purposeful control of polymer microstructure', GR/G/16922  KELLER/C/5/13/A  1995

Former reference: C.323

1 item

Re application.

'Identification and use of the low friction regime for soft solids under shear'  KELLER/C/5/13/B  1996-1997

Former reference: C.324

1 item

Administrative history:
This application was led by Brunel University.

Re application.

'Surface effects during the flow of polymer melts'  KELLER/C/5/13/C  1998

Former reference: C.325, C.326

2 items

Administrative history:
This application was led by Brunel University.

Re application  KELLER/C/5/13/C/C.325  undated

Former reference: C.325

Miscellaneous papers, parts of draft applications etc found with preceding  KELLER/C/5/13/C/C.326  undated

Former reference: C.326

'Crystallisation and melting in dilute polymer solutions'  KELLER/C/5/13/D  1999

Former reference: C.327

1 item

Application, with Bristol colleagues P.J. Barham and S. Hanna.


Former reference: C.328-C.338

7 items

Related information: For CASE and CAPS studentships see the Science Research Council and Science and Engineering Research Council (c.405-C.407, C.433-C.435).

Administrative history:
Keller was a consultant for ICI (see G.71-G.74).

Joint Research Proposals  KELLER/C/5/14/1  1974-1984, n.d.

Former reference: C.328-C.335

5 items

Correspondence re proposals, draft and final applications, etc.

'Elongational flow; chain orientation, crystallization and other effects as related to applications'  KELLER/C/5/14/1/C.328-C.329  1974

Former reference: C.328, C.329

2 folders

'Novel methods for producing oriented polymers with improved properties'  KELLER/C/5/14/1/C.330  1976

Former reference: C.330

'Ultra-oriented polymers with improved properties'  KELLER/C/5/14/1/C.331-C.333  1977-1979

Former reference: C.331-C.333

Administrative history:
This was a continuation of 'Novel methods for producing oriented polymers with improved properties' (C.330).

3 folders.

'Structure-property relationships in Biopol copolymers'  KELLER/C/5/14/1/C.334  1984

Former reference: C.334

'Study of the formation of shish-kebab fibrous formation and its consequences'  KELLER/C/5/14/1/C.335  N.d.

Former reference: C.335

Proposal only.

Research Fellowships  KELLER/C/5/14/2  1974-1979, n.d.

Former reference: C.336, C.337

1 item

2 folders.

General and miscellaneous  KELLER/C/5/14/3  1977, 1991

Former reference: C.338

1 item

Includes 1991 correspondence re Keller's concerns for the future of polymer physics at Bristol.


Former reference: C.339-C.342

4 items

Correspondence re proposals, draft and final applications, etc.

Application: 'Microstructure and properties of biologically significant polymers'  KELLER/C/5/15/C.339  1970

Former reference: C.339

Application: 'Collagen: relation between the nature of the cross-links and the mechanical properties of the fibre'  KELLER/C/5/15/C.340  1978-1979

Former reference: C.340

'Peridontal membrane'  KELLER/C/5/15/C.341  1978

Former reference: C.341

1p manuscript report on work for the MRC. Not otherwise documented.

Application: 'Investigation of the molecular organisation of the collagen fibre'  KELLER/C/5/15/C.342  1980, 1986

Former reference: C.342


Former reference: C.343-C.348

2 items

Administrative history:
The Ministry of Aviation was abolished in 1967 and the grant was thereafter administered by the Ministry of Technology.

The bulk of this material relates to Keller's rolling grant from 1962, 'The effect of crystalline structure on the properties of high polymers'. See also Ministry of Technology.

'The effect of crystalline structure on the properties of high polymers'  KELLER/C/5/16/C.343-C.347  1965-1974

Former reference: C.343-C.347

Includes reports, correspondence re renewals and terms of research contract, research staff employed etc. 5 folders.

Untitled Ministry of Aviation research contract PD/34/013  KELLER/C/5/16/C.348  1966

Former reference: C.348


Former reference: C.349

1 item

Correspondence and papers re application, 'Solidification of polymers with relevance to melt processing etc'. This grant was first proposed to the Ministry of Technology but came under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence in 1975.

MINISTRY OF TECHNOLOGY  KELLER/C/5/18  1972-1977, n.d.

Former reference: C.350-C.353

2 items

The bulk of this material relates to Keller's grant, 'Influence of melt processing on structure and properties of injection moulded crystalline polymers'.

'Influence of melt processing on structure and properties of injection moulded crystalline polymers'.  KELLER/C/5/18/C.350-C.352  1972-1977

Former reference: C.350-C.352

Includes reports, correspondence re renewals and terms of research contract, research staff employed etc. 3 folders.

Miscellaneous material found with Ministry of Technology papers  KELLER/C/5/18/C.353  1974, n.d.

Former reference: C.353


Former reference: C.354

1 item

One letter only.

NATO  KELLER/C/5/20  1978-1979

Former reference: C.355

1 item

Correspondence and papers re application, 'Raman intensity and frequency spectroscopy of normal alkanes as model compounds for the understanding the structure of hydrocarbon polymers'.


Former reference: C.356

1 item

Untitled 'Research project'


Former reference: C.357-C.415

41 items

Related information: See also Science and Engineering Research Council (C.416-C.438).

Research grants  KELLER/C/5/22/1  1965-1984

Former reference: C.357-C.401

27 items

This material includes grant applications, progress and final reports on the grant, and correspondence with the SRC and the university re grant adminsitration and research workers.

'Relation between structure and properties of high polymers', B/SR/2430  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.357-C.362  1965-1975

Former reference: C.357-C.362

This grant ran 1965-1974. 6 folders.

'Structure and properties of Collagen', B/RG/0950  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.363-C.366  1971-1978

Former reference: C.363-C.366

This grant ran 1971-1977. The final report is at C.366. 4 folders.

'Structure and properties of polymers: a new approach', B/RG/1576  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.367  1972

Former reference: C.367

This grant ran 1972.

Senior Visiting Fellowship for E. Martuscelli, B/RG/3095  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.368  1972

Former reference: C.368

This grant ran 1972.

'Electronmicroscopy, microstructure and deformation of crystalline bulk polymers', B/RG/3096  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.369  1972

Former reference: C.369

This application was to run 1972-1975.

'Characterization of polymer crystalllinity by low frequency Raman spectroscopy', B/RG/1959  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.370-C.371  1972-1974

Former reference: C.370, C.371

This grant ran 1972-1973. 2 folders.

'Microstructure of polymers and its influence on properties', B/RG/4562  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.372-C.375  1972-1976

Former reference: C.372-C.375

This grant ran 1972-1975. The final report is at C.375. 4 folders.

'Raman spectroscopy of Coordination Compounds', B/SR/8383  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.376  1973

Former reference: C.376

Application submitted by P.L. Goggin.

Senior Visiting Fellowship for F.P. Price, B/RG/6564.6  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.377  1973-1975

Former reference: C.377

This grant ran 1974-1975

Senior Visiting Fellowship for J.H. Magill, B/RG/7992.6  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.378  1974-1976

Former reference: C.378

Related information: See C.234-C.236.

This grant ran 1975.

'Low frequency Raman Spectroscopy for the study of polymer crystal morphology', B/RG/7143.2  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.379-C.380  1974-1977

Former reference: C.379, C.380

This grant ran 1974-1976. The final report is at C.380. 2 folders.

'Superstructure and related properties of collagen', B/RG/6565.3  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.381  1973

Former reference: C.381

This application was to run 1975-1977.

'Polymer crystallization and microstructure in relation to mechanical properties, molecular homogeneity, flow and processing', GRA/A/0285.5  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.382-C.384  1975-1978

Former reference: C.382-C.384

The grant ran 1976-1978. 3 folders.

'Fine structure of crystalline polymers as studied by scanning transmission electron-microscopy', GR/A/2563.2  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.385-C.386  1976-1978

Former reference: C.385, C.386

This grant ran 1977-1980. 2 folders.

'Elongational flow induced chain extension in stiff macromolecules especially biological polyelectrolytes', GR/A/6174.6  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.387  1978

Former reference: C.387

Application was to run 1978-1980

'Polymer adsorption layers and their implications for polymer processing', GR/A/7795.2  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.388-C.389  1977-1979

Former reference: C.388, C.389

Application made with M.J. Folkes of Brunel University to run 1978-1979. 2 folders.

'Polymer crystallinity: relation to molecular structure, properties and fabrication', GR/A/5333.8  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.390  1977-1979

Former reference: C.390

This grant ran 1978-1979

'Crystallisation, microstructure and related issues in polymers: relevance to properties', GR/A/8332.8  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.391  1978-1979

Former reference: C.391

This grant ran from 1979.

'Characterization of materials using Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)', GR/B/0516.4  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.392  1979

Former reference: C.392

Application, 1979.

'Two dimensional position sensitive x-ray counter for polymers', GR/B/0884.4  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.393  1979

Former reference: C.393

Application, 1979.

'Gel permeation chromatography in aid of research on polymer crystallization and microstructure', GR/B/0487.7  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.394  1979

Former reference: C.394

This application was for the purchase of equipment in 1979.

'Gel forming crystallization of polyolefins and its wider implications', GR/A/9344.0  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.395-C.396  1979-1984

Former reference: C.395, C.396

This grant ran 1979-1984. Continued under SERC auspices. Final report is at C.396. 2 folders.

Other research applications  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401  1967-1975

Former reference: C.397-C.401

'The application of convergent-beam and scanning transmission electron microscopy'  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401/C.397  1967

Former reference: C.397

Application by J.W. Steeds.

'Alignment of macromolecules in elongational flow'  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401/C.398  1971

Former reference: C.398

Application withdrawn.

'Structure and properties of polymers: a new approach to electron microscopy'  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401/C.399  1971

Former reference: C.399

'The trajectory of polymer chains within crystals'  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401/C.400  1975

Former reference: C.400

Application to use reactor facilities.

Application for Senior Visiting Rearch Fellowship for F.R.N. Nabarro.  KELLER/C/5/22/1/C.397-C.401/C.401  1975

Former reference: C.401

It was envisaged Nabarro would spend his time on a number of SRC funded projects.

General reports on research  KELLER/C/5/22/2  1969-c 1970

Former reference: C.402-C.404

3 items

Typescript reports sent to indicate polymer group strategy and requirements.

'Report on polymer research under the supervision or in association with A. Keller. Period: February 1968-April 1969 inclusive'  KELLER/C/5/22/2/C.402  1969

Former reference: C.402

Additions to preceding, August  KELLER/C/5/22/2/C.403  1969

Former reference: C.403

'Proposal for Polymer Research at H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory'  KELLER/C/5/22/2/C.404  c 1970

Former reference: C.404

CAPS and CASE awards  KELLER/C/5/22/3  1971-1976

Former reference: C.405-C.407

3 items

The SRC awarded Co-operative Awards in Pure Science (later Co-operative Awards in Pure Science and Engineering) to encourage co-operation between academic science departments and industry.

'Crystalline texture of polytetrafluorethylene'  KELLER/C/5/22/3/C.405  1971-1973

Former reference: C.405

In association with Wilkinson Sword (Research) Ltd.

'Crystalline texture in fibres forming polymers as related to spinning and drawing'  KELLER/C/5/22/3/C.406  1971

Former reference: C.406

In association with ICI Fibres Ltd

CASE ICI studentships  KELLER/C/5/22/3/C.407  1973-1976

Former reference: C.407

SRC Engineering Board Polymer Science Panel visit to Bristol, 24 October 1972  KELLER/C/5/22/4  1972

Former reference: C.408, C.409

2 items

Correspondence re arrangements and arising  KELLER/C/5/22/4/C.408  undated

Former reference: C.408

Papers for the visit  KELLER/C/5/22/4/C.408A  undated

Former reference: C.408A

Retained in original binding.

SRC Engineering Board Non-Metallics Subcommittee visit to Bristol, 6 December 1974  KELLER/C/5/22/5  1974

Former reference: C.409-C.412

3 items

Papers for visit  KELLER/C/5/22/5/C.409  undated

Former reference: C.409

'Polymer research in the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory'  KELLER/C/5/22/5/C.410-C.411  1973-1974

Former reference: C.410, C.411

In five parts. 2 folders.

Manuscript notes  KELLER/C/5/22/5/C.412  undated

Former reference: C.412

Miscellaneous SRC correspondence  KELLER/C/5/22/6  1966-1979

Former reference: C.413-C.415

3 items

Correspondence re individual students, SRC policy etc.

Miscellaneous SRC correspondence  KELLER/C/5/22/6/C.413  1966-1969

Former reference: C.413

Miscellaneous SRC correspondence  KELLER/C/5/22/6/C.414  1970-1974

Former reference: C.414

Miscellaneous SRC correspondence  KELLER/C/5/22/6/C.415  1975-1979

Former reference: C.415


Former reference: C.416-C.438

13 items

The SERC replaced the SRC (C.357-C.415).

Research grants  KELLER/C/5/23/1  1981-1991

Former reference: C.416-C.432

7 items

This material includes grant applications, progress and final reports on the grant, and correspondence with the SERC and the university re grant administration and research workers.

'Crystallisation, microstructure and related issues in polymers: relevance to properties'  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.416-C.423  1981-1989

Former reference: C.416-C.423

This was Keller's major rolling research grant employing up to seven research and technician posts. It had successive reference numbers GR/B/92164, GR/C/75406, GR/D/64490 and GR/E/78142. 8 folders.

'Hydrodynamic influence of dissolved macromolecules; the physics of entanglements', GR/C/62925  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.424  1985-1987

Former reference: C.424

This grant ran 1983-1987.

'Positron sensitive x-ray counter for use', GR/C/37725  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.425  1986

Former reference: C.425

This grant ran 1983-1986.

'Crystallization behaviour of synthetic polymers', GR/D/47752  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.426-C.429  1985-1991

Former reference: C.426-C.429

This grant ran 1985-1988. Chiefly re use of Synchrotron Radiation Source at Daresbury Laboratory. C.429 is material for application for follow up grant. 4 folders.

'Crystallization behaviour of synthetic polymers', GR/D/47752  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.430  1985-1990

Former reference: C.430

This grant ran 1985-1990.

'Crystalline, microstructure, related behaviour and relevance to properties of long chain molecules', GR/F/78842  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.431  1990

Former reference: C.431

Re application.

'Physical property enhancement of thermoplastics profile extrusions by purposeful control of polymer structures', GR/G/16922  KELLER/C/5/23/1/C.432  1990-1991

Former reference: C.432

This grant ran 1990-1994.

CAPS awards  KELLER/C/5/23/2  1984-1986

Former reference: C.433-C.435

3 items

The SERC awarded Co-operative Awards in Pure Science and Engineering to encourage co-operation between academic science departments and industry.

CAPS ICI applications  KELLER/C/5/23/2/C.433  1984-1986

Former reference: C.433

CAPS Edeco Developments application  KELLER/C/5/23/2/C.434  1985-1986

Former reference: C.434

CAPS National Physical Laboratory application  KELLER/C/5/23/2/C.435  1985-1986

Former reference: C.435

Other awards etc  KELLER/C/5/23/3  c 1986, 1992

Former reference: C.436,C.437

2 items

Photocopy manuscript note on grants.  KELLER/C/5/23/3/C.436  c 1986

Former reference: C.436

Application for use of European Synchrotron Facility  KELLER/C/5/23/3/C.437  1992

Former reference: C.437

Miscellaneous SERC correspondence  KELLER/C/5/23/4  1983-1988

Former reference: C.438

1 item

Includes arrangements for visiting panels to the Bristol physics department, 1983 and 1985.


Former reference: C.439-C.444

5 items

Research project 'Orientability of rigid macromolecules'  KELLER/C/5/24/C.439-C.440  1978-1979

Former reference: C.439, C.440

Includes visit to Dayton, Ohio for 'Ordered Polymers Research Review', June 1979. 2 folders.

Window on Science visit to the USAF Materials Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio  KELLER/C/5/24/C.441  1988-1989

Former reference: C.441

Administrative history:
Keller visited the Laboratory in May 1989 to give a seminar and to advise on work on progress for the USAF.

Correspondence re arrangements; Keller's report.

Research project on Rheological characterization of PBZT, PBO-PPA  KELLER/C/5/24/C.442  1992, 1994

Former reference: C.442

Window on Science visit to the USAF Materials Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio  KELLER/C/5/24/C.443  1995-1996

Former reference: C.443

Administrative history:
Keller visited the USAF Wright Laboratories in April 1996 to give a seminar and to discuss work in progress.

Correspondence re arrangements; Keller's report.

Research proposals arising from visit in April 1996  KELLER/C/5/24/C.444  1996

Former reference: C.444

Three 'White Paper' proposals: 'Shear induced textures and orientations in liquid crystal polymer materials', 'Polymer melt in confined spaces, the influence of surfaces' and 'A special melt flow effect in polymers; its utilization for extrusion'.


Former reference: C.445-C.452

2 items

Research projects commissioned by the European Research Office of the US Army.

'Hierarchical structure in polymeric solids and its influence on properties', DAJA45-85-C-0004  KELLER/C/5/25/C.445-C.449  1983-1989

Former reference: C.445-C.449

This grant ran 1984-1988 and was renewed into 1989. 5 folders.

'Hierarchical structure in advanced polymers; phase bhaviour, orientation, properties', DAJA45-89-C-0021  KELLER/C/5/25/C.450-C.452  1989-1992

Former reference: C.450-C.452

This grant ran 1989-1992. Also includes correspondence relating to US Army contract AMXSN-UK-FO 6011-MS-01. 3 folders.


Former reference: C.453

1 item

Application on behalf of L.J. Gathercole.

3M  KELLER/C/5/27  1992-1995

Former reference: C.454-C.456

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller was a consultant for 3M (see G.171-G.173). He also visited 3M's Technical Development division, St Paul's, Minnessota to give courses on polymers, see F.361.

Correspondence and papers re research projects.

'The behaviour of polymers with emphasis on polyolefins'  KELLER/C/5/27/C.454  1992-1993

Former reference: C.454

This grant ran 1992-1993.

'Proposal for the study of polymeric melts'  KELLER/C/5/27/C.455-C.456  1993-1995

Former reference: C.455, C.456

This grant ran 1993-1996, although Keller's involvement ended in 1995 when it was transferred to Queen Mary College London. 2 folders.

PATENTS  KELLER/C/6  1971-1989, n.d.

Former reference: C.457-C.464

8 items

'A special extrusion process for the preparation of macroscopic 'single crystals' of an S-B-S copolymer'  KELLER/C/6/C.457  1971

Former reference: C.457

Specification in names of Keller, M.J. Folkes and F.P. Scalisi; correspondence.

'Persistently extensional flow in liquid', application 29840/72  KELLER/C/6/C.458  1972-1973

Former reference: C.457

Provisional specification in names of Keller, F.C. Frank and M.R. Mackley; correspondence from ICI.

'Polymers, their production and their use in electron and ion beams resists suitable for use in microlithography', 8500360  KELLER/C/6/C.459  1984-1985

Former reference: C.458

Application; correspondence.

Method of heat treating polyolefin films, 7927412  KELLER/C/6/C.460  1984

Former reference: C.459

Correspondence re patent application.

'Ellipsoidal Particles'  KELLER/C/6/C.461  1988

Former reference: C.460

Application; correspondence.

'Process and device for the preparation of continuous objects of plastic'  KELLER/C/6/C.462  1989

Former reference: C.461

Application; correspondence.

Gel processing of polyolefins'  KELLER/C/6/C.463  1989

Former reference: C.462

Correspondence re patent application 1979.

Manuscript note re possible patent from C. Carr  KELLER/C/6/C.464  N.d.

Former reference: C.463

PUBLICATIONS, D.1-D.412  KELLER/D  1948-1999

Former reference: SECTION D

530 items

DRAFTS  KELLER/D/1  1957-1999, n.d.

Former reference: D.1-D.250

177 items

Further correspondence regarding publications by Keller and colleagues can be found in Editorial correspondence below.

'Large periods in polyethylene; the origin of low angle X-ray scattering', with A. O'Connor, Nature, vol 180 (1957)  KELLER/D/1/1  1957

Former reference: D.1

Typescript draft; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication.

'Observations on single crystals in polymers - evidence for chain folding', for British Journal of Applied Physics but no evidence of publication  KELLER/D/1/2  1957

Former reference: D.2

Typescript draft; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication.

'Deformation processes in polyethylene interpreted in terms of crystal plasticity', with F.C Frank and A. O'Connor, Phil. Mag., vol 3 (1958)  KELLER/D/1/3  1957

Former reference: D.3

Typescript draft; figures; exchange with Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, re clearance for publication.

'Study of single crystals and their association in polymers', with A. Connor, Disc. Far. Soc., vol 25 (1958)  KELLER/D/1/4  1957

Former reference: D.4

Typescript draft; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication.

Letters from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publications  KELLER/D/1/5  1957

Former reference: D.5

'Crystallinity effects on the electron microscopy of polyethylene', with A.W. Agard and F.C. Frank, Phil. Mag. vol 4 (1959)  KELLER/D/1/6  1958

Former reference: D.6

Typescript draft.

'Observations on single crystals of an isotactic polyolefin: morphology and chain packing in poly-4-methyl-pente-1', with F.C Frank and A. O'Connor, Phil. Mag., vol 4 (1959)  KELLER/D/1/7  1958

Former reference: D.7, D.8

Typescript draft; figures; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication. 2 folders.

'Similarities between the behaviour of single crystals and that of the bulk material on annealing in polyethylene', with D.C. Bassett, J. Polymer Sci. vol 40 (1959)  KELLER/D/1/8  1959

Former reference: D.9

Typescript draft; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication.

'Fibres naturelles et forme des chaines de polyethylene', with J.J. Point, G.A. Homes and A. O'Connnor, Compt. rend. vol 250 (1960)  KELLER/D/1/9  1958

Former reference: D.10

Typescript draft; letter from Director of Materials and Explosives Research and Development, Ministry of Supply, giving clearance for publication.

'Draft for diffraction paper' for Polymer, c 1962  KELLER/D/1/10  1962

Former reference: D.11

Contents of folder so inscribed. Letter from Butterworths, publishers of Polymer, 1962; manuscript drafts; manuscript notes.

'A suggested method for measuring surface areas of small particles by means of a density gradient column', with T. Kawai, Kolloid Z. vol 195 (1964)  KELLER/D/1/11  1964

Former reference: D.12

2pp typescript.

'Crystal configurations and their relevance to the crystalline texture and crystallization mechanism of polymers', Kolloid Z. vol 197 (1964)  KELLER/D/1/12  1964

Former reference: D.13, D.14

28pp typescript; references; legends for figures; figures; exchange with publishers. 2 folders.

'The effect of crystallization conditions on radiation induced cross-link formation in polyethylene. Part I. The basic radiation-solubility relationship', with T. Kawai, A. Charlesby and M.G. Ormerod, Phil. Mag. vol 12 (1965)  KELLER/D/1/13  1965

Former reference: D.15

Typescript draft + figures.

'Propriétés des copolymères biséquences Polyoxyéthylene-Polystyrolène. IV Morphology of single crystals', with B. Lotz, A.J. Kovacs and G.A. Bassett, c 1966  KELLER/D/1/14  c 1966

Former reference: D.16


Review of: Introduction to Polymer Crystallisation by A. Sharples (Edward Arnold, 1966)  KELLER/D/1/15  c 1966

Former reference: D.17

3pp typescript.

'X-ray and microscope observations on the texture and stability of polyethylene crystallized under pressure; some new observations on the triclinic crystal form', with P.J. Holdsworth, J. Macromol. Sci. B1 (3) (1967).  KELLER/D/1/16  1967

Former reference: D.18


'Experiments on the location of chain ends in monolayer single crystals of polyethylene', with D.J. Priest, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B2 (1968).  KELLER/D/1/17  1968

Former reference: D.19


'Controlled crystal growing procedures in polyethylene involving self-seeding; some novel twinning habits', with D.J. Blundell, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B2 (1968).  KELLER/D/1/18  1968

Former reference: D.20


'Macro-lattice from segregated amorphous phases of a three block copolymer', with E. Pedemonte and F.M. Willmouth, Kolloid Z. vol 238 (1970)  KELLER/D/1/19  1970

Former reference: D.21

Figures; proof copy.

'Beam-induced changes in the scanning electron microscope of poly(oxymethylene)', with J.W. Heavens, J.M. Pope and J.W. Rowell, J. Materials Science, vol 5 (1970)  KELLER/D/1/20  1970

Former reference: D.22


'On the fold surface of single crystals as revealed by degradation methods', with E. Martuscelli, D.J.Priest and Y. Udagawa  KELLER/D/1/21  c 1970

Former reference: D.23

Duplicated typescript with manuscript annotations.

'Further studies on polyethylene crystallized under stress: morphology, calorimetry and stress relaxation', with M. J. Hill, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B5 (1971).  KELLER/D/1/22  1971

Former reference: D.24


'Interlamellae ties paper', latest bibliographical reference 1971  KELLER/D/1/23  c 1971

Former reference: D.25

Contents of folder so inscribed: untitled manuscript draft; illustrations for figures.

'Elongational flow'  KELLER/D/1/24  c 1971

Former reference: D.26

Contents of folder so inscribed: untitled manuscript draft (?in F.C. Frank's hand); manuscript notes; photocopy manuscript 'Flow birefringence of polymer solutions in extensional flow'

'Crystallization of short aliphatic chains. Part I. General chain folding behaviour', with Y. Udagawa, J. Polymer Sci. A-2 vol 10 (1972)  KELLER/D/1/25  1972

Former reference: D.27

Figures; correspondence re publication.

'Crystallization of short aliphatic chains. Part II. An example of even fold surface with adjacent fold reentry and of a transition to chain extension', with L. D'Ilario and E. Martuscelli, J. Polymer Sci. A-2 vol 10 (1972)  KELLER/D/1/26  1972

Former reference: D.28

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'Origin of contrast effects in the electron microscopy of polymers. I. Polyethylene single crystals', with D.T. Grubb and G.W. Groves, J. Materials Science, vol 7 (1972)  KELLER/D/1/27  1972

Former reference: D.29

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'Origin of contrast effects in the electron microscopy of polymers. II. Polyethylene spherulites', with D.T. Grubb, J. Materials Science, vol 7 (1972)  KELLER/D/1/28  1972

Former reference: D.30


'Collagen: ultrastructure and its relation to mechanical properties as a function of ageing', with J. Diamant, et al, Proc. Roy. Soc. B. vol 180 (1972).  KELLER/D/1/29  1970

Former reference: D.31, D.32

Photocopy draft dated 1970, appendix and figures. 2 folders.

'On the ultrastructure of mammalian tendon', with W.C. Dale et al, Experientia, vol 28 (1972)  KELLER/D/1/30  1972

Former reference: D.33

Typescript draft + figures.

'Surface structure of polyethylene crystals as revealed by surface decoration III. Origin of mobilizable surfaces', with D.M. Sadler, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B7, (1973)  KELLER/D/1/31  1972

Former reference: D.34, D.35

Manuscript and typescript rough draft; letter from D.M. Sadler, 1972; figures. 2 folders.

'Morphology of block copolymers and its consequences', with M.J. Folkes, in Block and Graft Copolymers (Syracuse University Press, 1973)  KELLER/D/1/32  1973

Former reference: D.36

Proof copy; figures.

'Macrolattice based on a lamellar morphology in an SBS copolymer', with J. Dlugosz and M.J. Folkes, J. Polymer Sci. A-2 vol 11 (1973)  KELLER/D/1/33  1973

Former reference: D.37

Figures; correspondence re publication.

'Fold length of single crystals of polystyrene; a conflict with crystallization theories at high supercoolings', with D.H. Jones et al, J. Polymer Sci, A-2 vol 11 (1973)  KELLER/D/1/34  1973

Former reference: D.38-D.40

Typescript and manuscript draft sections; figures; correspondence re publication. 3 folders.

'Melting behaviour of virgin polyethylene folded chain crystals', with M. Girolamo, latest bibliographical reference 1973  KELLER/D/1/35  c 1973

Former reference: D.41

The title has been amended in pencil from the original 'The true melting of virgin polyethylene folded chain crystals'. Photocopy typescript and figures.

'The periodic wave pattern in native tendon collagen: correlation of polarising with scanning electron microscopy', with L.J. Gathercole and J.S. Shah, J. Microscopy vol 102 (1974)  KELLER/D/1/36  1974

Former reference: D.42

Photocopy typescript; figures.

'Light microscopic waveforms in collagenous tissues and their structural implications', in Structure of Fibrous Biopolymers, Colston Symposia vol 26 (1974)  KELLER/D/1/37  1974

Former reference: D.43-D.46

Photocopy typescript; figures. 4 folders.

'Properties of single crystals of IPS at large supercoolings', with N. Overbergh and M. Girolamo, latest bibliographical reference 1974  KELLER/D/1/38  c 1974

Former reference: D.47

Manuscript draft and figures.

'The many faces of order in solid polymers', Plastics and Polymers, vol 15 (1975)  KELLER/D/1/39  1975

Former reference: D.48, D.49

Typescript draft; captions; figure. 2 folders.

'Radiation induced changes in physical properties of bulk polyethylene. I. Effect of crystallization conditions', with H. Jenkins, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B11 (1975)  KELLER/D/1/40  1975

Former reference: D.50


Untitled manuscript draft on gelation of isotactic polystyrene, latest bibliographical reference 1975  KELLER/D/1/41  1975

Former reference: D.51

With manuscript notes etc.

'Gelation-crystallization in isotactic polystyrene solutions and its implcations to crystal morphology, to the origin and structure of gels and to the chemical homogeneity of polyolefins', with M. Girolamo et al, J. Polymer Sci. Phys. vol 14 (1976)  KELLER/D/1/42  1974

Former reference: D.52

Earlier version under title 'Gelation of isotactic polystyrene as a proposed model for fringed micelle type crystallization', with M. Girolamo. Photocopy typescript draft with manuscript corrections; referees' comments 1974.

'A re-examination of the necessity of the mosaic concept in polymer crystals', with I.R. Harrison et al, Polymer vol 17 (1976)  KELLER/D/1/43  1976

Former reference: D.53

Typescript; correspondence re publication.

'A current account of chain extension, fibrous crystallization, and fibre formation', J. Polymer Sci. Polymer Symposium, vol 58 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/44  1977

Former reference: D.54

Typescript draft; references and figures.

'Alignment of macromolecules in solution by elongational flow; a study of the effect of pure shear in a four roll mill', with D.P. Pope, Colloid and Polymer Sci., vol. 255 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/45  1977

Former reference: D.55, D.56

Figures. 2 folders.

'Long-period changes on annealing of doubly oriented nylon 66', with D.P. Pope, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B13 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/46  1977

Former reference: D.57


'Deformation of oriented polyethylene - additional effects observed at high temperatures', with D.P. Pope, J. Materials Sci. vol 12 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/47  1977

Former reference: D.58

Abstract; figures.

'Polymer research in the H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol', J. Polymer Sci., Polymer Letters vol 15 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/48  1975, 1976

Former reference: D.59

Photocopy typescript draft dated 1976; correspondence with editor.

'Direct ram extrusion of polyethylene; a correlation between chain-folding and tensile modulus', with C.J. Farrell, J. Materials Science, vol 12 (1977)  KELLER/D/1/49  1977

Former reference: D.60


Papers on 'Solution grown isotactic polystyrene crystals'  KELLER/D/1/50  1977

Former reference: D.61-D.69

6 items

Keller, N. Overbergh, D.M. Sadler and M. Girolamo co-authored two papers in this series, published in J. Polymer Sci., Polymer Physics, vol 15 (1977): 'I. Degree and distribution of crystallinity; thermal stability' (Keller, Overbergh and Girolamo) and 'II. Kinetics of thermal changes by X-ray diffraction', (Keller, Overbergh and Sadler). Some of the material is difficult to assign to either paper.

'I. Degree and distribution of crystallinity; thermal stability'  KELLER/D/1/50/A  undated

Former reference: D.61, D.62

Typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'II. Kinetics of thermal changes by X-ray diffraction'  KELLER/D/1/50/B  undated

Former reference: D.63, D.64

Typescript draft etc, figures. 2 folders.

Various typescript and manuscript drafts.  KELLER/D/1/50/C  undated

Former reference: D.65, D.66

2 folders.

'Reversibility and memory crystallisation of IPS single crystals', with Overbergh and Sadler  KELLER/D/1/50/D  undated

Former reference: D.67

Photocopy manuscript draft found with the 'Solution grown isotactic polystyrene crystals' material.

'Syndiotacity and fringed micellar crystallization as a source of thermal gelation in 'isotactic polystyrene' ', with Girolamo et al  KELLER/D/1/50/E  undated

Former reference: D.68

Incomplete typescript draft found with the 'Solution grown isotactic polystyrene crystals' material.

Miscellaneous captions, figures  KELLER/D/1/50/F  undated

Former reference: D.69

'Polymer crystals'  KELLER/D/1/51  ?1977

Former reference: D.70

Photocopy typescript; figures. Possibly related to 'Polymer crystallization: a survey and salient current issues', J. Polymer Sci. Polymer Symposium vol 59, 1977.

'A brief survey of chain folded crystallization in synthetic polymers with emphasis on short chains and with reference to biopolymers', latest bibliographical reference 1977  KELLER/D/1/52  c 1977

Former reference: D.71, D.72

Photocopy typescript; figures. 2 folders.

'The observation of high polymer chain extension with two counter-rotating rollers', with C.J. Farrell, Colloid and Polymer Sci., vol 256 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/53  1978

Former reference: D.73

Proof copy.

'Early development of crimping in rat tail tendon collagen: a polarizing optical and SEM study', with L.J. Gathercole, Micron, vol 9 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/54  1978

Former reference: D.74, D.75

Rough typescript and manuscript sections of draft. 2 folders.

'X-ray diffraction effects related to superstructure in rat tail tendon collagen', with L.J. Gathercole, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, vol 535 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/55  1978

Former reference: D.76

Manuscript outline; photocopy typescript draft.

'Gelation crystallization of poly(vinyl chloride)', with P.J. Lemstra and M. Cudby, J. Polymer Sci. Phys. vol 16 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/56  1978

Former reference: D.77

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'A study of the chain extending effect of elongational flow in polymer solutions', with D.P. Pope, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 256 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/57  1977, 1978

Former reference: D.78, D.79

Photocopy manuscript found in envelope marked 'Previous draft'; correspondence re publication. 2 folders.

'A method for obtaining high modulus polyethylene from the melt: the influence of crystal nucleation', with J.A. Odell, J. Polymer Sci.: Polymer Symposium vol 63 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/58  1977

Former reference: D.80

Based on lecture at Fraser Price Memorial Symposium, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, 16 May 1977. Figures.

'Low temperature electron diffraction and beam effects in 1 tendon collagen', with L.J. Gathercole, F.P. Booy and J. Dlugosz, Connective Tissue Research, vol 5 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/59  1978

Former reference: D.81

Typescript draft.

'The structure of polyethylene, as revealed by solvent extraction', with M.M. Winram and D.T. Grubb, J. Materials Sci. vol 13 (1978)  KELLER/D/1/60  1978

Former reference: D.82

Typescript draft.

'Routes to high modulus by ultra-orientation of flexible molecules'  KELLER/D/1/61  c 1978

Former reference: D.83

Photocopy typescript introduction; figures.

'Swelling of solution-grown crystals of polyethylene: some observations made by use of small-angle X-ray diffraction and low-frequency Raman spectroscopy', with G.V. Fraser et al, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B16 (1979)  KELLER/D/1/62  1979

Former reference: D.84


'Long range intermixing of paraffin molecules in the crystalline state' with G. Ungar, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 257 (1979)  KELLER/D/1/63  1978, 1979

Former reference: D.85

Submitted to Nature under similar title but not accepted for publication. Correspondence with Nature, 1978; photocopy typescript of paper as sent to Nature; figures for revised draft.

'Oriented polymers from solution. I. A novel method for producing polyethylene films', with A Coombes, J. Polymer Sci., vol 17 (1979)  KELLER/D/1/64  1979

Former reference: D.86


'Electron microscope diffraction characterization of the fibrous structure of poly(sulphur nitride) crystals', with J. Stejny and D. Dlugosz, J. Materials Sci., vol 14 (1979)  KELLER/D/1/65  1979

Former reference: D.87


'Neutron scattering of solution grown polymer crystals', with D.M. Sadler, Science, vol 19 (1979)  KELLER/D/1/66  1979

Former reference: D.88-D.90

Manuscript draft; untitled typescript draft; miscellaneous material. 3 folders.

'A study on the location of radiation induced cross-links in polyethylene single crystals by selective degradation', with G.N. Patel et al  KELLER/D/1/67  1970s

Former reference: D.91


'Study of crystal texture in PVC gels by X-ray diffraction and infrared dichroism', with S.J. Guerrero et al, J. Poly. Sci. Phys., vol 18 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/68  1980

Former reference: D.92


'Lamellar morphology of polyethylene: electron microscopy of a melt-crystallized sharp fraction', with D.T. Grubb, J. Polymer Sci. Phys. vol 18 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/69  1980

Former reference: D.93

'On the hairdressing of shish-kebabs', with M.J. Hill and P.J. Barham, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 258 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/70  1980

Former reference: D.94


'Gelation and the production of surface grown polyethylene fibres', with M.J. Hill and P.J. Barham, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 258 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/71  1980

Former reference: D.95

'Effect of radiation on the crystals of polyethylene and paraffins: 1. Formation of the hexagonal lattice and the destruction of crystallinity in polyethylene', with G. Ungar, Polymer, vol 21 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/72  1980

Former reference: D.96

'Effect of radiation on the crystals of polyethylene and paraffins. 3. Irradiation in the electron microscope', with G. Ungar and D.T. Grubb, Polymer, vol 21 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/73  1980

Former reference: D.97


'Conformational relaxation time in polymer solutions by elongational flow experiments: 1. Determination of extensional relaxation time and its molecular weight dependence', with C.J. Farrell et al, Polymer vol 21 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/74  1980

Former reference: D.98


'Conformational relaxation time in polymer solutions by elongational flow experiments: 2. preliminaries of further developments: chain retraction; identification of molecular weight fractions in a mixture', with M.J. Miles, Polymer, vol 21 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/75  1980

Former reference: D.99

Typescript draft; figures.

'Crystalline polymers; an introduction', Faraday Discussions of the Royal Society of Chemistry, No. 68 (1980)  KELLER/D/1/76  1980

Former reference: D.100, D.101

Typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'Phase segregation', latest bibliographical reference 1980  KELLER/D/1/77  c 1980

Former reference: D.102

Contents of folder so inscribed: untitled manuscript and typescript draft; figures and tables.

'On the methodology of morphological and structure research in solid polymers', eds. F. Ciardelli and P. Giusti, Structural Order in Polymers (Pergamon Press, 1981)  KELLER/D/1/78  1981

Former reference: D.103, D.104

Typescript. 2 folders.

'Extended-chain structure for isotactic polystyrene: additional X-ray diffraction and calorimetric results', with E.D.T. Atkins et al, Polymer, vol 22 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/79  1981

Former reference: D.105

Letter to Ernest [?] from P.J. Lemstra enclosing x-ray photographs; photocopy typescript; manuscript notes.

'Hairdressing shish-kebabs by melting', with M.J. Hill, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 259 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/80  1981

Former reference: D.106


'Study of texture in PVC gels by infra-red dichroism and X-ray diffraction', with S.J. Guerrero et al, J. Macromolecular Sci. Phys., B20 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/81  1981

Former reference: D.107, D.108

Figures for early version; typescript summary and figures. 2 folders.

'The gelation of PVC; characterization and control', with S.J. Guerrero, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys., B20 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/82  1981

Former reference: D.109

Typescript summary and figures.

'Structure changes in PVC at high temperatures as determined from X-ray diffractometer curves', with S.J. Guerrero and D. Meader, J. Macromol. Sci. Phys. B20 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/83  1981

Former reference: D.110

Typescript summary (under a slightly different title); figures.

'Crystallization and morphology of nylon 6.6 crystals: 1. Solution crystallization and solution annealing behaviour', with. J.H. Magill and M. Girolamo, Polymer, vol 22 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/84  1981

Former reference: D.111-D.113

Photocopy typescript; figures. 3 folders.

'A new look at the crystallization of polyethylene: I. The initial fold length of melt crystalized material', with P.J. Barham et al, J. Polymer Sci. Letters Ed. vol 19 (1981)  KELLER/D/1/85  1981

Former reference: D.114

Typescript draft.

'Resolution of the paradox of extensive cross-linking and low tensile strength of cuverian tubules collagen from the sea cucumber Holothuria forskali', with A.J. Bailey et al, annotated 'Submitted: B.B. Acta 6/81'  KELLER/D/1/86  1981

Former reference: D.115

Photocopy typescript.

'Effect of stirring on the gelation behaviour of high-density polyethylene solutions', with K.A. Narh and P.J. Barham, Macromolecules, vol 15 (1982)  KELLER/D/1/87  1981, 1982

Former reference: D.116

Referees' comments; 'Final' typescript draft.

'Radiation effects and crystallinity in polyethylene and paraffins', Chapter 2 of Developments in Crystalline Polymers, ed. D.C. Bassett (Applied Science Publishers, 1982)  KELLER/D/1/88  1982

Former reference: D.117, D.118

Figures. 2 folders.

'A new look at the crystallization of polyethylene. III crystallization from the melt at high supercoolings', with P. J. Barham and D.A Jarvis, J. Polymer Sci. Polymer Physics, vol 20 (1982)  KELLER/D/1/89  1982

Former reference: D.119, D.120

Two photocopy manuscript drafts. 2 folders.

'The effect of viscometer surface material on the measurement of viscosity', with R. Hikmet et al, latest bibliographical reference 1982  KELLER/D/1/90  c 1982

Former reference: D.121, D.122

Photocopy typescript draft; photocopy manuscript notes; manuscript graphs. 2 folders.

'Diffusion and orientability of rigid-rod molecules', with J.A Odell and E.D.T. Atkins, J. Polymer Sci. Letters. vol 21 (1983)  KELLER/D/1/91  1983

Former reference: D.123

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'Concerning gelation effects in atactic polystyrene solutions', with E. Baer et al, dated September 1983  KELLER/D/1/92  1983

Former reference: D.124

No evidence of publication. Photocopy typescript; covering letter from co-author A. Hiltner.

'Trends in the search for strong and stiff fibres from flexible molecules', latest bibliographical reference 1983  KELLER/D/1/93  c 1983

Former reference: D.125

Typescript draft.

'Polymeric Structure'  KELLER/D/1/94  c 1984

Former reference: D.126-D.134

2 items

This draft, apparently based on a course of lectures, may have been published as chapters in the book Polymers, Liquid Crystals, and Low-dimensional Solids, eds. N. March and M. Tosi (Plenum, New York and London, 1984).

Photocopy typescript draft paginated i-v, 1-153  KELLER/D/1/94/A  undated

Former reference: D.126-D.130

5 folders.

Figures  KELLER/D/1/94/B  undated

Former reference: D.131-D.134

4 folders.

Untitled draft on wide angle neutron scattering and Fourier Transform infra-red spectroscopy on solution-grown polyethylene, latest bibliographical reference 1984  KELLER/D/1/95  c 1984

Former reference: D.135, D.136

Photocopy manuscript; figures. 2 folders.

'Review: High strength polyethylene fibres from solution and gel spining', with P.J. Barham, J. Materials. Sci. vol 20 (1985)  KELLER/D/1/96  1985

Former reference: D.137

Untitled typescript draft; annotated photocopy of offprint.

'The spherulitic and lamellar morphology of melt-crystallized isotactic polypropylene', with D.R. Norton, Polymer, vol 26 (1985)  KELLER/D/1/97  1984, 1985

Former reference: D.138

Letter from I.M. Ward re publication, 1984; plates for figures; figures.

'On hexagonal phases of paraffins and polyethylenes', with A.S. Vaughan, et al, Polymer, vol 26 (1985)  KELLER/D/1/98  1985

Former reference: D.139, D.140

Typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'Adsorption-entanglement layers in flowing high-molecular weight polymer solutions: I. Direct observation of layer formation', with R.A.M. Hikmet, et al, Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science, vol 71 (1985)  KELLER/D/1/99  1985

Former reference: D.141, D.142

Typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'The crystallization of ultralong normal paraffins: the onset of chain folding', with G. Ungar et al, Science, vol 229 (1985)  KELLER/D/1/100  1984, 1985

Former reference: D.143

Correspondence with editor; figures.

'When is a nucleation theory not a nucleation theory?', latest bibliographical reference 1985  KELLER/D/1/101  c 1985

Former reference: D.144

It is not clear whether this draft is by Keller or whether he was commenting upon it. Typescript with extensive manuscript correction and annotation.

'Fast growth rates of polyethylene single crystals grown at high temperatures and their relevance to crystallization theories', with S.J. Organ, J. Polymer Sci.: Polymer Phys. Ed. Vol 24 (1986)  KELLER/D/1/102  1986

Former reference: D.145


'Flow-induced chain fracture of isolated linear macromolecules in solution', with J.A. Odell, J. Polymer Sci.: Polymer Phys. Ed., vol 24 (1986)  KELLER/D/1/103  1986

Former reference: D.146


'Adsorption-entanglement layers in flowing high molecular weight polymer solutions II. The effect of the nature of the surface', with K.A. Narh et al, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 264 (1986)  KELLER/D/1/104  1986

Former reference: D.147

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'Adsorption-entanglement layers in flowing high molecular weight polymer solutions III: solution concentration and solvent power', with P.J. Barham et al, Colloid and Polymer Science, vol 264 (1986)  KELLER/D/1/105  1986

Former reference: D.148

Photocopy typescript and figures.

'Time-resolved synchrotron x-ray study of chain-folded crystallization of long paraffins', with G. Ungar, Polymer, vol 27 (1986)  KELLER/D/1/106  1986

Former reference: D.149, D.150

Photocopy typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'Adsorption entanglement layers and flow induced phase separation in high molecular weight polymer solutions', with P.J. Barham and R.A.M. Hikmet, latest bibliographical reference 1986  KELLER/D/1/107  c 1986

Former reference: D.151

Typescript draft; figures; unfinished letter to Hikmet.

'Production of an oriented polyethylene fibre directly from melt spinning', with Z. Bashir and J.A. Odell, c 1986  KELLER/D/1/108  c 1986

Former reference: D.152, D.153

Contents of folder so inscribed: manuscript draft; figures (D.142). The original folder with extensive manuscript annotation commenting on the draft within is at D.153. 2 folders.

'Inversion of the temperature dependence of crystallization rates due to onset of chain folding', with G. Ungar, Polymer, vol 28 (1987)  KELLER/D/1/109  1986, 1987

Former reference: D.154

Letters from editors; 'Revised' photocopy typescript draft.

'X-linked ultra high strength polyethylene fibres', with R.A.M. Hikmet and P.J.Lemstra, Colloid & Polymer Science, vol 265 (1987)  KELLER/D/1/110  1987

Former reference: D.155, D.156

Photocopy manuscript draft; typescript drafts and figures; referees' comments. 2 folders.

'On the crystal texture of linear polyaryls (PEEK, PEK and PPS)', with A.J. Waddon et al, J. Materials Sci., vol 22 (1987)  KELLER/D/1/111  1987

Former reference: D.157

Typescript draft.

'The onset of chain folding in ultralong n-alkanes: an electron microscopic study of solution-grown crystals', with S.J. Organ, J. Polymer Sci.: Polymer Phys. Ed., vol 25 (1987)  KELLER/D/1/112  1986-1987

Former reference: D.158

Correspondence with editors, including referee's report.

'X-ray evidence for sharp chain folds in crystalline linear alkanes', with G. Ungar and S.J. Organ, J. Polymer Sci.: C. Polymer Letters vol 26 (1988)  KELLER/D/1/113  1988

Former reference: D.159

Correspondence with editors; typescript draft.

'Two-fluid phase separation: modified by a glass transition', with F.C. Frank, Polymer Communications vol 29 (1988)  KELLER/D/1/114  1988

Former reference: D.160

Photocopy typescript draft; proof copy with related correspondence.

'Direct evidence that an extended chain single crystal of polyethylene can be formed and grow only in hexagonal phase via lamellar thickening', with M. Hikosaka et al, Letter to Nature, September 1988  KELLER/D/1/115  1988

Former reference: D.161

No evidence of publication. Photocopy typescript draft; photocopy of covering letter from Hikosaka.

Obituary notice of D.M. Sadler for Macromolecular Bulletin, September 1988  KELLER/D/1/115A  1988

Former reference: D.161A

Typescript draft with covering letter.

Untitled paper beginning 'As well established, flexible polymer chains crystallize in a chain folded manner giving rise to lamellar crystals where the lamellar thickness corresponds to the chain length', with M. Hikosaka, 1988  KELLER/D/1/116  1988

Former reference: D.162, D.163

No evidence of publication. Correspondence with Hikosaka; photocopy manuscript notes; photocopy typescript draft with manuscript annotations; etc. 2 folders.

'Rate minimum in solution crystallization of long paraffins', with S.J.Organ and G. Ungar, Macromolecules vol 22 (1989)  KELLER/D/1/117  1989

Former reference: D.164

Photocopy typescript draft.

'The entanglement of polyethylene molecules in semi-dilute solutions and their assessment', with K.A. Narh, c late 1980s - early 1990s  KELLER/D/1/118  1980s-1990s

Former reference: D.165

Incomplete manuscript draft; figures.

'Polymer solution degradation: the combined effect of flow and temperature', with K.A. Narh et al., Polymer Communications vol 31 (1990)  KELLER/D/1/119  1990

Former reference: D.166

'On thermoreversible gels: their classification, relation to phase transitions and vitrification, their morphology and properties', with S. Callister and R.A.M. Hikmet, Makromol. Chem. Macromol. Symp. vol 39 (1990)  KELLER/D/1/120  1989, 1990

Former reference: D.167-D.170

Letter from editor re amendments to draft;untitled typescript draft and typescript 'Penultimate' version; figures. 4 folders.

'Flow-induced liquid-liquid phase separation and adsorption entanglement layer formation in high molecular weight polymer solutions', with P.J. Barham, Macromolecules, vol 23 (1990)  KELLER/D/1/121  1990

Former reference: D.171

Typescript draft; figures.

'Chain-folded crystallization of polymers from discovery to present day: a personalized journey', in Sir Charles Frank, OBE, FRS. An Eightieth Birthday Tribute, ed. R.G. Chambers et al (IOP Publishing, 1991)  KELLER/D/1/122  1989-1991

Former reference: D.172-D.174A

Correspondence with publishers; corrected pages, figures, etc.; typescript draft and figures. 4 folders.

'New crystallization mechanism of polymers - Lamellar thickening growth mechanism', submitted to Polymer, 7 May 1991  KELLER/D/1/123  1991

Former reference: D.175

Typescript draft.

'Elongational flow studies on DNA in aqueous solution and stress-induced scission of the double-helix molecule', latest bibliographical reference 1991  KELLER/D/1/124  c 1991

Former reference: D.176

No evidence of Keller's authorship. Typescript draft.

'Thermodynamic anomalies in the pressure-temperature phase diagram of poly 4-methyl pentene-1: melting of crystals on cooling', with S. Rastogi and M. Newman, Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science, vol 87 (1992)  KELLER/D/1/125  1992

Former reference: D.177

Typescript draft.

'Investigations on the crystallization of polyethylene under high pressure: role of mobile phases, lamellar thickeneing growth, phase transformations and morphology', J. Macromol. Sci. Physics B31 (1992)  KELLER/D/1/126  1991

Former reference: D.178

Letter from editor, May 1991.

'Equilibrium triple point pressure and pressure-temperature phase diagram of polyethylene', with M. Hikosaka et al, Polymer vol 33 (1992)  KELLER/D/1/127  1991

Former reference: D.179, D.180

Correspondence re referee's comments; typescript draft; figures. 2 folders.

'Macromolecules in flow fields; chain extension and crystallization', latest bibliographical reference 1992  KELLER/D/1/128  1992

Former reference: D.181-D.184

Manuscript draft; two typescript drafts; summaries in English and French; photocopy manuscript draft figures. 4 folders.

Untitled draft on research on crystallization under elevated pressure  KELLER/D/1/129  c 1993

Former reference: D.185

Incomplete typescript.

'Pressure-induced amorphization and disordering on cooling in semicrystalline polymers; calorimetric evidence for inverse melting in one component system', with S. Rastogi and G. Höhne, latest bibliographical reference 1993  KELLER/D/1/130  c 1993

Former reference: D.186

Typescript draft.

'An approach to the formation and growth of new phases with application to polymer crystallization: effect of finite size, metastability, and Ostwald's rule of stages', with M. Hikosaka et al, J. Materials Sci., vol 29 (1994)  KELLER/D/1/131  1993, 1994

Former reference: D.187-D.189

Correspondence re publication; typescript draft; appendices. 3 folders.

'A temperature window of reduced flow resistance in polyethylene with implications for melt fllow rheology: 1. The basic effect and principal parameters', with J.W.H. Kolnaar, Polymer, vol 35 (1994)  KELLER/D/1/132  1993, 1994

Former reference: D.190, D.191

Correspondence with publishers; typescript draft; proof copy. 2 folders.

'Large scale textures in nematic polyethers: 1. New aspects of formation', with M. Hoff et al, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., vol 241 (1994)  KELLER/D/1/133  1993

Former reference: D.192, D.193

Photocopy typescript; referees' comments; photocopy manuscript draft by Keller of revised version. 2 folders.

'Large scale textures in nematic polyethers: 2. New aspects of orientational order and structure hierarchy', with M. Hoff et al, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., vol 241 (1994)  KELLER/D/1/134  1993

Former reference: D.194, D.195

Photocopy typescript draft; referee's comment; typescript sections of revision. 2 folders.

'Structure formation in flowing melts', c 1994  KELLER/D/1/135  c 1994

Former reference: D.196

Photocopy manuscript draft.

'An approach to phase behaviour in polymers', Macromolecular Symposia vol 98 (1995)  KELLER/D/1/136  1995

Former reference: D.197

Typescript draft.

'Interrelation between crystallization and liquid crystal formation: a calorimetric and polarizing microscopical study on a monotropic polymer system', with D. Heberer and V. Perec, Polymer vol (1995)  KELLER/D/1/137  1994

Former reference: D.198, D.199

Correspondence with editor; typescript draft. 2 folders.

'A temperature window of reduced flow resistance in polyethylene with implications for melt flow rheology: 2. Rheological investigations in the extrusion window', with J.W.H. Kolnaar, Polymer, vol 36 (1995)  KELLER/D/1/138  1994, 1995

Former reference: D.200, D.201

Photocopy typescript draft and figures; proof copy with typescript corrections. 2 folders.

'A temperature window of reduced flow resistance in polyethylene: in situ WAXS', with H.M.M. van Bilsen, et al, Macromolecules, vol 28 (1995)  KELLER/D/1/139  1995

Former reference: D.201A

Conditions of access: Correspondence sensitive.

Correspondence re attribution of authorship of the paper; typescript abstract and introduction.

'Introductory Lecture; aspects of polymer gels', Faraday Discussions, vol 101 (1995)  KELLER/D/1/140  c 1994

Former reference: D.202-D.209

4 items

Manuscript draft  KELLER/D/1/140/A  undated

Former reference: D.202

3 folders.

Sections of typescript draft  KELLER/D/1/140/B  undated

Former reference: D.205-D.207

3 folders.

Figures  KELLER/D/1/140/C  undated

Former reference: D.208

Manuscript notes, typescript introduction etc.  KELLER/D/1/140/D  undated

Former reference: D.209

Self Order and Form in Polymeric Materials, ed. Keller, M. Warner and A.H. Windle (Chapman & Hall, London, 1995)  KELLER/D/1/141  1995

Former reference: D.210

Administrative history:
Keller et al contributed a chapter, 'The size factor in phase transitions: its role in polymer crystal formation and wider implications'.

Draft of book cover, correspondence.

'Shish-kebab crystals from flowing solutions', c 1995  KELLER/D/1/142  c 1995

Former reference: D.211

Photocopy manuscript draft.

Untitled draft with summary beginning 'Of the variety of avenues arising from our preceding investigations of Professor Perec's (Cleveland) special synthesized mesogenic polyethers...'  KELLER/D/1/143  c 1995

Former reference: D.212

Typescript draft.

'Polymer crystallization: fundamentals of structure and crystal growth of flexible chains', with G. Goldbeck-Wood, in eds G. Allen et al, Comprehensive Polymer Science; Second Supplement (Pergamon Press, 1996)  KELLER/D/1/144  1995, 1996

Former reference: D.213-D.218

Two different typescript versions, of 103pp and 20pp. 6 folders.

'The role of metastability in phase transformations: new pointers through polymer mesophases', with M. Hikosaka and S. Rastogi, Physica Scripta vol T66 (1996)  KELLER/D/1/145  c 1995

Former reference: D.219

Rough manuscript draft.

'A singularity in the melt flow of polyethylene with wider implications for polymer melt flow rheology', with J.W.H. Kolnaar, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., vol 67 (1996)  KELLER/D/1/146  1996

Former reference: D.220, D.221

Correspondence with co-author and editor re publication; typescript draft. 2 folders.

Correspondence with H. Fischer re joint paper  KELLER/D/1/147  1996

Former reference: D.222

'Flow-induced orientation and structure formation', with J.W.H. Kolnaar, in eds R.W.Cahn et al, Materials Science and Technology vol 18 'Processing of Polymers' (Weinheim, 1997)  KELLER/D/1/148  1995-1997

Former reference: D.223-D.226

Correspondence with Kolnaar and publishers; typescript drafts of 'Discussion' section and of whole chapter; proof copy. 4 folders.

'A temperature window of reduced flow resistance in polyethylene with implications for melt flow rheology: 3. Flow instabilities and extrudate distortions', with J.W.H. Kolnaar, Polymer, vol 38 (1997)  KELLER/D/1/149  1997

Former reference: D.227

Typescript draft.

Correspondence with S.Z.D. Cheng re possible joint publication; miscellaneous papers  KELLER/D/1/150  1997

Former reference: D.228

'The role of metastability in polymer phase transitions', with S.Z.D. Cheng, Polymer, vol 39 (1998)  KELLER/D/1/151  1998

Former reference: D.229-D.231

Correspondence with S.Z.D. Cheng and drafts of sections; typescript draft 3 folders.

'Professor Arthur Charlesby; personal reminiscences', Radiat. Phys. Chem. vol 51 (1998)  KELLER/D/1/152  1997

Former reference: D.232

Typescript draft; covering letter.

'Correlation between main chain chirality and crystal 'twist' direction in polymer spherulites', with K. Singfield and J.K. Hobbs, J. Crystal Growth, vol 183 (1998)  KELLER/D/1/153  1998

Former reference: D.233

Typescript draft; associated correpondence.

'Calorimetric evidence for inverse melting in a crystalline polymer; inversion in Clausius-Clapeyron equation at the melting temperature and exothermic melting below the glass transition temperature', with S. Rastogi and G.W.H. Höhne, submitted to Science, October 1997 and (revised) November 1998  KELLER/D/1/154  1997, 1998

Former reference: D.234-D.236

Correspondence with co-authors; photocopy typescripts with manuscript corrections of early draft (under shorter title) intended for submission to Nature; typescripts as submitted in 1997 and 1998. 3 folders.

'Reminiscences on the discovery of chain folded single crystals', for publication in J. Polymer Sci.: B: Polymer Physics, March 1999  KELLER/D/1/155  1998

Former reference: D.237

Correspondence re publication; manuscript and typescript drafts.

'Melting behaviour of negatively birefringent spherulites of nylon 610', with C. Ramesh and H. Bergmans, 1998  KELLER/D/1/156  1998

Former reference: D.238

Correspondence with Ramesh; typescript draft.

'The temperature-concentration phase diagrams of monodisperse alkanes with chains containing between 100 and 200 carbons', with J.K. Hobbs et al, latest bibliographical reference 1998  KELLER/D/1/157  c 1998

Former reference: D.239

Typescript draft.

'Unusual pressure-induced phase behaviour in crystalline poly-4-methyl pentene-1; calorimetric and spectroscopic results and further implications', with S. Rastogi and G.W.H. Höhne, submitted to Macromolecules 1998  KELLER/D/1/158  1998-1999

Former reference: D.240, D.241

Correspondence with Rastogi re paper; referees' comments on paper; manuscript notes; typescript draft. 2 folders.

'Spiralling optical morphologies in spherulites of poly(hydroxybutyrate)'  KELLER/D/1/159  1990s

Former reference: D.242

Typescript draft.

'Article for Newsletter' on research of the Polymer Group at Bristol University  KELLER/D/1/160  1990s

Former reference: D.243

Typescript draft.

'Review paper: Carrington, Odell, Keller'  KELLER/D/1/161  N.d.

Former reference: D.244

Typescript draft.

'Structure - Morphology - Orientation'  KELLER/D/1/162  N.d.

Former reference: D.245

Manuscript and photocopied typescript (or printed) rough draft.

'Polystyrene gels'  KELLER/D/1/163  N.d.

Former reference: D.246

Photocopy manuscript draft.

Untitled draft on the mesomorphic state  KELLER/D/1/164  N.d.

Former reference: D.247

Rough manuscript and typescript.

Outline draft on work on DNA  KELLER/D/1/165  N.d.

Former reference: D.248


'Physical gelation'  KELLER/D/1/166  N.d.

Former reference: D.249

Typescript draft.

'Two themes from recent work on LCPs: self-generated banded structures and competing crystallisation and liquid crystal formation in monotropic systems'  KELLER/D/1/167  N.d.

Former reference: D.250

Typescript draft.


Former reference: D.251-D.267

7 items

Set of plates and illustrations for figures for unidentified articles or groups of articles. Some found in envelopes or folders with a title inscribed thereon.

'High Mod. Films. Prints'  KELLER/D/2/1  undated

Former reference: D.251

'Polymer crystal photographs'  KELLER/D/2/2  undated

Former reference: D.252-D.254

3 folders.

'SBS prints'  KELLER/D/2/3  undated

Former reference: D.255-D.257

3 folders.

'Self-nucleation paper'  KELLER/D/2/4  undated

Former reference: D.258

'Paper submitted to Polymer'  KELLER/D/2/5  undated

Former reference: D.259

'Chapters 1 & 2'  KELLER/D/2/6  undated

Former reference: D.260-D.263

4 folders.

Untitled sets of figures  KELLER/D/2/7  undated

Former reference: D.264-D.267

4 folders.


Former reference: D.268-D.378

102 items

Arranged in alphabetical order by journal title or publisher.

Academic Press  KELLER/D/3/1  1965, 1989

Former reference: D.268

1 item

Invitation to write; request for advice.

Acta Crystallographica  KELLER/D/3/2  1972, 1986

Former reference: D.269

1 item


Aldus Books Ltd  KELLER/D/3/3  1967

Former reference: D.270

1 item

Reproduction of illustration.

Applied Science Publishers Ltd  KELLER/D/3/4  1972-1984

Former reference: D.271

1 item

Administrative history:
This was a company of Elsevier Science Publishers (D.280)

Contributions to books published by Applied Science Publishers.

Ben-Zvi Printing Enterprises Ltd  KELLER/D/3/5  1984

Former reference: D.272

1 item

Contribution to series Polymer Liquid Crystals.

British Polymer Journal  KELLER/D/3/6  1969-1973

Former reference: D.273

1 item


Cambridge University Press  KELLER/D/3/7  1984, 1988

Former reference: D.274

1 item

Possible contributions to books.

Chemical Society  KELLER/D/3/8  1967-1987

Former reference: D.275

Chiefly refereeing.

Clarendon Press, Oxford  KELLER/D/3/9  1967, 1972

Former reference: D.276

1 item

Possible book on Polymers.

Colloid and Polymer Science  KELLER/D/3/10  1966-1997

Former reference: D.277, D.278

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller joined the editorial board in 1973.

Correspondence re editorial board membership and papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/10/A  1966-1991

Former reference: D.277

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/10/B  1984-1997

Former reference: D.278

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Connective Tissue Research  KELLER/D/3/11  1978

Former reference: D.279

1 item

Article by Keller et al.

Elsevier Science Publishers  KELLER/D/3/12  1986-1994

Former reference: D.280, D.281

1 item

Related information: See also Applied Science Publishers Ltd, D.271

Contributions to books published by Elsevier Applied Science Publishers and Elsevier Science Ltd. 2 folders.

Hanser Publishing  KELLER/D/3/13  1990-1996

Former reference: D.282

1 item

Requests to contribute.

Institute of Physics Publishing  KELLER/D/3/14  1965-1987

Former reference: D.283, D.284

1 item

Chiefly re review articles on polymer crystals. 2 folders.

John Wiley & Sons Inc., Publishers  KELLER/D/3/15  1973-1990

Former reference: D.285, D.286

1 item

Chiefly correspondence re contribution to the Mark Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering, 1983-1985. 2 folders.

Journal of Applied Crystallography  KELLER/D/3/16  1970, 1978

Former reference: D.287

1 item


Journal of Applied Physics  KELLER/D/3/17  1967-1968

Former reference: D.288

1 item

Paper by Keller.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science  KELLER/D/3/18  1974-1998

Former reference: D.289, D.290

1 item

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Administrative history:
Keller was on the editorial board of the journal.

Chiefly refereeing. 2 folders.

Journal of Crystal Growth  KELLER/D/3/19  1967-1989

Former reference: D.291, D.292

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller was an associate editor of the journal.

Editorial matters  KELLER/D/3/19/A  1967-1974

Former reference: D.291

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/19/B  1984-1989

Former reference: D.292

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Journal of Macromolecular Physics  KELLER/D/3/20  1966-1997

Former reference: D.293-D.295

3 items

Administrative history:
This was renamed the Journal of Macromolecular Science - Physics

Editorial policy etc  KELLER/D/3/20/A  1966, 1967, 1996

Former reference: D.293

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/20/B  1967, 1997

Former reference: D.294

Papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/20/C  1967-1991

Former reference: D.295

Journal of Materials Science  KELLER/D/3/21  1965-1997

Former reference: D.296-D.334

37 items

Administrative history:
Keller joined the editorial board of the journal on its establishment in 1966.

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A  1965-1997

Former reference: D.296-D.303

8 items

Re policy, editorial board etc.

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/1  1965

Former reference: D.296

Re launch of journal

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/2  1966

Former reference: D.297

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/3  1967

Former reference: D.298

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/4  1968

Former reference: D.299

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/5  1972-1983

Former reference: D.300

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/6  1984-1986

Former reference: D.301

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/7  1987-1989

Former reference: D.302

General editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/21/A/8  1990-1997

Former reference: D.303

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B  1966-1997

Former reference: D.304-D.318

13 items

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/1  1966-1968

Former reference: D.304

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/2  1973-1974

Former reference: D.305

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/3  1975

Former reference: D.306

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/4  1976-1978

Former reference: D.307

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/5  1979

Former reference: D.308

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/6  1985-1986

Former reference: D.309

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/7  1987

Former reference: D.310

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/8  1988

Former reference: D.311

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/9  1989

Former reference: D.312, D.313

2 folders.

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/10  1990

Former reference: D.314

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/11  1991-1993

Former reference: D.315

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/12  1996

Former reference: D.316

Editorial Board meetings  KELLER/D/3/21/B/13  1997

Former reference: D.317, D.318

Correspondence re prospective articles and possible authors  KELLER/D/3/21/C  1967-1989

Former reference: D.317-D.321

4 items

Correspondence re prospective articles and possible authors  KELLER/D/3/21/C/1  1967

Former reference: D.317, D.318

2 folders.

Correspondence re prospective articles and possible authors  KELLER/D/3/21/C/2  1967-1979

Former reference: D.319

Correspondence re prospective articles and possible authors  KELLER/D/3/21/C/3  1988

Former reference: D.320

Correspondence re prospective articles and possible authors  KELLER/D/3/21/C/4  1989

Former reference: D.321

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D  1966-1991

Former reference: D.322-D.333

12 items

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/1  1966-1967

Former reference: D.322

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/2  1968

Former reference: D.323

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/3  1972 (1)

Former reference: D.324

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/4  1972 (2)

Former reference: D.325

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/5  1972 (3)

Former reference: D.326

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/6  1972 (4)

Former reference: D.327

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/7  1973-1974

Former reference: D.328

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/8  1975

Former reference: D.329

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/9  1976-1977

Former reference: D.330

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/10  1978-1979

Former reference: D.331

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/11  1983-1985

Former reference: D.332

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/21/D/12  1986-1991, n.d.

Former reference: D.333

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/21/E  1968-1989

Former reference: D.334

Journal of Molecular Biology  KELLER/D/3/22  1967-1987

Former reference: D.335, D.336

1 item

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Refereeing. 2 folders.

Journal of Polymer Science  KELLER/D/3/23  1966-1999

Former reference: D.337-D.348

12 items

Administrative history:
Keller was a member of the editorial board.

Editorial board correspondence  KELLER/D/3/23/A  1966-1999

Former reference: D.337

3 items

Editorial board correspondence  KELLER/D/3/23/A/1  1966

Former reference: D.337

Editorial board correspondence  KELLER/D/3/23/A/2  1967-1977

Former reference: D.338

Editorial board correspondence  KELLER/D/3/23/A/3  1989-1999

Former reference: D.339

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B  1966-1993

Former reference: D.340-D.344

5 items

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B/1  1966-1967

Former reference: D.340

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B/2  1968-1971

Former reference: D.341

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B/3  1972-1979

Former reference: D.342

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B/4  1982-1986

Former reference: D.343

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/23/B/5  1992-1993

Former reference: D.344

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/23/C  1967-1991

Former reference: D.345-D.348

4 items

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/23/C/1  1967-1970

Former reference: D.345

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/23/C/2  1971-1975

Former reference: D.346

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/23/C/3  1976-1979

Former reference: D.347

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/23/C/4  1986-1991

Former reference: D.348

Macromolecular Reports  KELLER/D/3/24  1989

Former reference: D.349

1 item

Re invitation to serve on the editorial board (accepted).

Macromolecules  KELLER/D/3/25  1977-1998

Former reference: D.350-D.352

2 items

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/25/A  1977-1998

Former reference: D.350, D.351

Conditions of access: Restrict: refeeeing

2 folders.

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/25/B  1977-1991

Former reference: D.352

Makromolekular Chemie  KELLER/D/3/26  1968-1975

Former reference: D.353, D.354

2 items

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/26/A  1968, 1971

Former reference: D.353

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/26/B  1974, 1975

Former reference: D.354

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Medical and Technical Publishers Co. Ltd  KELLER/D/3/27  1971-1973

Former reference: D.355

1 item

Correspondence re contribution by Keller to MTP International Review of Science.

Nature  KELLER/D/3/28  1968-1997

Former reference: D.356, D.357

2 items

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/28/A  1968-1997

Former reference: D.356

Correspondence re papers by Keller etc  KELLER/D/3/28/B  1984-1991

Former reference: D.357

Oxford University Press  KELLER/D/3/29  1977-1982

Former reference: D.358

1 item

Request to contribute etc.

Pergamon Press  KELLER/D/3/30  1966-1988

Former reference: D.359

1 item

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Philosophical Magazine  KELLER/D/3/31  1965-1979

Former reference: D.360

1 item

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Chiefly refereeing.

Physics Today  KELLER/D/3/32  1969-1970

Former reference: D.361

1 item

Correspondence re paper by Keller.

Plastics and Rubber Institute  KELLER/D/3/33  1970, 1977

Former reference: D.362

1 item

Includes 3pp typescript review of plastics related research at Bristol by Keller.

Polymer  KELLER/D/3/34  1968-1998

Former reference: D.363-D.366

3 items

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/34/A  1968-1998

Former reference: D.363, D.364

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/34/A/1  1968-1979

Former reference: D.363

Refereeing  KELLER/D/3/34/A/2  1984-1998

Former reference: D.364

Correspondence re papers by Keller  KELLER/D/3/34/B  1969-1993

Former reference: D.365, D.366

2 folders.

Polymer Engineering and Science  KELLER/D/3/35  1975-1988

Former reference: D.367

1 item

Chiefly refereeing.

Progress in Materials Science  KELLER/D/3/36  1968

Former reference: D.368

1 item

Correspondence re contribution by Keller.

La Recherche  KELLER/D/3/37  1970-1971

Former reference: D.369

1 item

Correspondence re possible contribution by Keller.

Reviews on Polymer Research and Engineering  KELLER/D/3/38  1979

Former reference: D.370

1 item

Invitation to join editorial board (accepted).

Royal Society  KELLER/D/3/39  1979

Former reference: D.370A


Science  KELLER/D/3/40  1978-1999

Former reference: D.371

1 item

Conditions of access: Restrict: referees' comments on paper by another

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Society of Chemical Industry  KELLER/D/3/41  1968, 1971

Former reference: D.372

1 item

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Miscellaneous refereeing  KELLER/D/3/42  [n.d.]

Former reference: D.373-D.375

3 items

Miscellaneous refereeing  KELLER/D/3/42/1  1968-1990

Former reference: D.373

Conditions of access: Restrict: refereeing

Miscellaneous refereeing  KELLER/D/3/42/2  1994-1999

Former reference: D.374

Miscellaneous refereeing  KELLER/D/3/42/3  N.d.

Former reference: D.375

Miscellaneous requests for contributions  KELLER/D/3/43  1966-1990

Former reference: D.376

Requests for reproduction rights.  KELLER/D/3/44  1970-1979

Former reference: D.377

Miscellaneous editorial correspondence  KELLER/D/3/45  1969-1994

Former reference: D.378

OFFPRINTS  KELLER/D/4  1948-1998

Former reference: D.379-D.412

244 items

This is an incomplete set of offprints and copies of Keller's publications. It dates from 1948 to 1998 and is arranged in chronological order.

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/1  1948-1959

Former reference: D.379

7 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/2  1960-1964

Former reference: D.380

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/3  1966-1967

Former reference: D.381

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/4  1968

Former reference: D.382

5 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/5  1969

Former reference: D.383

5 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/6  1970

Former reference: D.384

8 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/7  1971

Former reference: D.385

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/8  1972

Former reference: D.386

11 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/9  1973

Former reference: D.387

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/10  1974

Former reference: D.388

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/11  1975

Former reference: D.389

13 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/12  1976

Former reference: D.390

7 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/13  1977

Former reference: D.391

10 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/14  1978

Former reference: D.392

10 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/15  1979

Former reference: D.393

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/16  1980

Former reference: D.394

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/17  1981

Former reference: D.395

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/18  1982

Former reference: D.396

3 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/19  1983

Former reference: D.397

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/20  1984

Former reference: D.398

7 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/21  1985

Former reference: D.399

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/22  1986

Former reference: D.400

7 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/23  1987

Former reference: D.401

4 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/24  1988

Former reference: D.402

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/25  1989

Former reference: D.403

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/26  1990

Former reference: D.404

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/27  1991

Former reference: D.405

9 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/28  1992

Former reference: D.406

8 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/29  1993

Former reference: D.407

6 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/30  1994

Former reference: D.408

13 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/31  1995

Former reference: D.409

8 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/32  1996

Former reference: D.410

3 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/33  1997

Former reference: D.411

7 items

Offprints  KELLER/D/4/34  1998

Former reference: D.412

4 items

LECTURES, E.1-E.289  KELLER/E  1973-1999, n.d.

Former reference: SECTION E

200 items

Related information: For University of Bristol teaching material, see section B.82-B.122.

Principally contents of Keller's folders. Although most of the folders bear some inscription giving occasion, date and topic, few have all three. The material has therefore been divided into sequences to reflect this. The bulk of the materials are transparencies used as illustrations for lectures and talks. There may also be notes for the lecture, occasionally a script, and lists of transparencies and slides.


Former reference: E.1-E.114

71 items

Related information: For Keller's 1970 inaugural lecture see A.

'Chain folding'  KELLER/E/A/E.1-E.2  1973

Former reference: E.1, E.2

Polymer Conference lecture series, University of Utah, USA. Some notes in Hungarian. 2 folders.

'Bristol seminar Jan 1978'  KELLER/E/A/E.3  1978

Former reference: E.3

'Two general lectures. Cleveland Nov. 1978. 1) Self structural composite 2) Mark symposium (updated)'  KELLER/E/A/E.4-E.5  1978

Former reference: E.4, E.5

2 folders.

'London Lecture 1978 Dec Oxford 1979 March'  KELLER/E/A/E.6  1978, 1979

Former reference: E.6

'Bristol survey Jan 1979'  KELLER/E/A/E.7  1979

Former reference: E.7

'MRC - Cambridge Oct 1979'  KELLER/E/A/E.8  1979

Former reference: E.8

'Radiation Bristol 1980 Jan'  KELLER/E/A/E.9  1980

Former reference: E.9

'Spring College on the Physics of Polymers, Liquid Crystals and Low-dimensional solids', International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 9 April-20 June 1980  KELLER/E/A/E.10-E.13  1980

Former reference: E.10-E.13

Related information: See F.227-F.241. 4 folders.

'Cardiff 1980 Sept'  KELLER/E/A/E.14  1980

Former reference: E.14

'Departmental Colloq. on cryst. - neutron (PS) - nuclei refolding. Oct 1980'  KELLER/E/A/E.15  1980

Former reference: E.15

'Gel scripts'  KELLER/E/A/E.16-E.17  1980, 1981, 1985

Former reference: E.16, E.17

Related information: See also E.18.

Lectures on gels, 'Cambridge Nov. 1980', 'Baer Symp. Atlanta 1981' and June 1985. 2 folders. Some notes in Hungarian.

'Atlanta 1981 Cambrdge 1980 Nov. Networks. Gels. Also some shish'  KELLER/E/A/E.18  1980, 1981

Former reference: E.18

Related information: See also E.16,E.17.

'Crystallisation PARIS 1980'  KELLER/E/A/E.19  1980

Former reference: E.19

'Raychem June 1981' on classifications  KELLER/E/A/E.20  1981

Former reference: E.20

'Strasbourg Jul 1981'  KELLER/E/A/E.21  1981

Former reference: E.21

'Radiation Bristol Sept 1981, Japan 1985'  KELLER/E/A/E.22-E.24  1981, 1985

Former reference: E.22-E.24

3 folders.

'Crystallization. Exeter Nov 13 1981'  KELLER/E/A/E.25  1981

Former reference: E.25

Chain folding. 'Theory Holland Dec. 1981'  KELLER/E/A/E.26  1981

Former reference: E.26

'Cleveland 1981. New look'  KELLER/E/A/E.27  1981

Former reference: E.27

'Oslo Jan 1982'  KELLER/E/A/E.28  1982

Former reference: E.28

'Amherst July 1982'  KELLER/E/A/E.29  1982

Former reference: E.29

'Radiation. Dubrovnik Oct 1982'  KELLER/E/A/E.30  1982

Former reference: E.30

'King's College London Feb 1983'  KELLER/E/A/E.31  1983

Former reference: E.31

Material relates to meeting in Regensburg, Germany, March 1983.

'Crystallization. Neutron - IR. Cleveland Apr 1983'  KELLER/E/A/E.32-E.33  1983

Former reference: E.32, E.33

2 folders.

'Hamburg Sept 1983 Synchrotron'  KELLER/E/A/E.34-E.36  1983

Former reference: E.34-E.36

3 folders.

'London - EM structure 1983 Dec'  KELLER/E/A/E.37  1983

Former reference: E.37

'Regensburg 1983'  KELLER/E/A/E.38  1983

Former reference: E.38

Mostly in German.

'Reminiscences Bristol Feb 84'  KELLER/E/A/E.39  1984

Former reference: E.39

'Fibres. Capri script Oct 1984'  KELLER/E/A/E.40  1984

Former reference: E.40

'1984 Isothermal thickening'  KELLER/E/A/E.41  1984

Former reference: E.40

'Japan lecture 1985 Crystallization'  KELLER/E/A/E.42  1985

Former reference: E.41

'Crystallization Lecture 1985. General - structure script Incl Neutrons IR'  KELLER/E/A/E.43  1985

Former reference: E.42

'Bristol Jan 86.Isothermal thickening'  KELLER/E/A/E.44  1986

Former reference: E.44

'Flow (latest March 1986)'  KELLER/E/A/E.45  1986

Former reference: E.45

'PEEK Interface Conf. London 15 May 86'  KELLER/E/A/E.46  1986

Former reference: E.46

'Phase transform. Bristol seminar May 1986'  KELLER/E/A/E.47-E.48  1986

Former reference: E.47, E.48

2 folders.

'Bristol Jan 88. Liq Crystal Cleveland Nov. 1988. Gordon Conf. Nov. 1988'  KELLER/E/A/E.49-E.51  1988

Former reference: E.49-E.51

3 folders.

'General polymer physics. Trondheim Lecture May 1988'  KELLER/E/A/E.52  1988

Former reference: E.52

'Presentation. Extrusion of PE Mw=400-000 -? 10 [power of] 6. Oct 88  KELLER/E/A/E.53  1988

Former reference: E.53

'Rigid rod lecture. MRS Boston Nov. 88'  KELLER/E/A/E.54-E.56  1988

Former reference: E.54-E.56

3 folders.

'US Army Lecture Durham 1988. US Army Boston 1988'  KELLER/E/A/E.57-E.58  1988

Former reference: E.57, E.58

Related information: See also E.60.

2 folders

'Scripts Bristol 1988 Cleveland-Dayton 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.59  1988, 1989

Former reference: E.59

Also includes notes for lecture at Gordon Conference, May 1988.

'Scripts 88-89, 90 etc'  KELLER/E/A/E.60  1988-1990

Former reference: E.60

Lectures for US Army, Durham, April 1988 (see E.57, E.58), Bristol seminar November 1989 and 'ECC' St Austell, November 1990.

'PE Cleveland May 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.61-E.62  1989

Former reference: E.61, E.62

2 folders.

'Scissors Cleveland May 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.63-E.65  1989

Former reference: E.63-E.65

3 folders.

'Sheffield 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.66  1989

Former reference: E.66

'Mesophase Lecture Dayton 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.67  1989

Former reference: E.67

'Scripts Rolduc: Sciss. 1989 Exl. Flow'  KELLER/E/A/E.68  1989

Former reference: E.68

'Gel Lecture Leuven 1989'  KELLER/E/A/E.69-E.75  1989

Former reference: E.69-E.75

7 folders.

'Delhi. Delft 1990'  KELLER/E/A/E.76-E.77  1990

Former reference: E.76, E.77

Lectures on natural and synthetic materials, given at Delhi, India, February, and Delft, The Netherlands, November 1990. 2 folders.

'Sorrento'  KELLER/E/A/E.78, E.79  1990

Former reference: E.78, E.79

Lectures at Naples, Cleveland, Sorrento, Rolduc and Zurich. 2 folders.

'PEEK-PEK Bristol Jan 1991'  KELLER/E/A/E.80  1991

Former reference: E.80

'Gel'  KELLER/E/A/E.81-E.82  1991

Former reference: E.81, E.82

Includes lecture on gels at Moscow, April 1991. 2 folders.

'Retirement lecture'  KELLER/E/A/E.83  1991

Former reference: E.83

Also includes lecture given at Capri, June 1991

'Short course: Structure Property Relations of Polymers', Maastricht, The Netherlands, 5-7 November 1992  KELLER/E/A/E.84-E.85  1992

Former reference: E.84, E.85

Related information: See also F.326

Spiral bound volume of course notes (E.84); correspondence re arrangements (E.85). 2 folders.

'Stockholm Rolduc 92. Incl flow and scissors'  KELLER/E/A/E.86  1992

Former reference: E.86

'Bristol Undergraduates 1992'  KELLER/E/A/E.87  1992

Former reference: E.87

The notes for this general lecture begin 'End of my career -start of yours'. Also includes notes titled 'Faraday 1979'.

'Akron course 1993'  KELLER/E/A/E.88-E.93  1993

Former reference: E.88-E.93

2 items

Related information: See E.265-E.279 for further transparencies and K.184-K.196 for videotapes of the lectures.

'Polymer morphology with emphasis on crystallisation', course of 24 lectures by Keller at the Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron, USA, January-March.

Typescript lecture notes.  KELLER/E/A/E.88-E.93/E.88-E.90  undated

Former reference: E.88-E.90

3 folders.

Transparencies  KELLER/E/A/E.88-E.93/E.91-E.93  undated

Former reference: E.91-E.93

3 folders.

'Leeds Eindhoven'  KELLER/E/A/E.94, E.95  1993, 1995

Former reference: E.94, E.95

Lectures on melt rheology. Given at Leeds (April 1993), Eindhoven, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA (August 1993) and Israel 1995. 2 folders.

'Crystallization of polymers', May 1995  KELLER/E/A/E.96  1995

Former reference: E.96

'Hans 1995'  KELLER/E/A/E.97  1995

Former reference: E.97

'Brunel lectures. Structure methods 1996'  KELLER/E/A/E.98-E.104  1996

Former reference: E.98-E.104

4 items

Administrative history:
Keller was Professor Associate in the Department of Materials Engineering at Brunel University at this time.

Keller gave a course on 'Materials microstructure and design. Polymers' at Brunel University.

Lecture plan and general material.  KELLER/E/A/E.98-E.104/E.98  undated

Former reference: E.98

'Lecture Two'  KELLER/E/A/E.98-E.104/E.99  undated

Former reference: E.99

'Lecture three'  KELLER/E/A/E.98-E.104/E.100-E.102  undated

Former reference: E.100-E.102

3 folders.

Notes and transparencies  KELLER/E/A/E.98-E.104/E.103-E.104  undated

Former reference: E.103, E.104

2 folders.

'For Groningen (also Linz)'  KELLER/E/A/E.105-E.106  1997

Former reference: E.105, E.106

Related information: See F.358

Lecture given at Polymer Symposium in honour of Professor A.J. Pennings, Groningen, The Netherlands, 19 December 1987. 2 folders.

'Metastability San Francisco 1997'  KELLER/E/A/E.107  1997

Former reference: E.107

'Seminar Metastab. General'  KELLER/E/A/E.108  1998

Former reference: E.108

'Eindhoven course'  KELLER/E/A/E.109-E.110  1998

Former reference: E.109, E.110

2 folders.

'Morphology and Crystal Phase Transition in Polymers', 3M Technical Development, St Paul's, Minnesota, USA, 18-19 June 1998  KELLER/E/A/E.111  1998

Former reference: E.111

Related information: See also F.361

Ring binder of lecture notes and associated material. Retained in original binder.

'Cambridge 99'  KELLER/E/A/E.112-E.114  1999

Former reference: E.112-E.114

3 folders.


Former reference: E.115-E.237

81 items

Arranged by title of subject inscribed on the folder. Very little of the material has any indication of occasion or date.

'Acrylamide Polyethylene'  KELLER/E/B/E.115  undated

Former reference: E.115

'Annealing synchrotron'  KELLER/E/B/E.116  undated

Former reference: E.116

'Biopaper Atkins'  KELLER/E/B/E.117-E.118  undated

Former reference: E.117, E.118

2 folders.

'Breakage'  KELLER/E/B/E.119  undated

Former reference: E.119

'Chain extension'  KELLER/E/B/E.120  undated

Former reference: E.120

Some material dated 1988.

'Chain folding Main work (Sadler, Spells)' and 'IR Neutrons'  KELLER/E/B/E.121  undated

Former reference: E.121

'Collagen'  KELLER/E/B/E.122  undated

Former reference: E.122

Includes notes for lectures annotated 'Colston', 'Naples' and 'Cleveland'.

'Collagen'  KELLER/E/B/E.123-E.125  undated

Former reference: E.123-E.125

Includes notes on dental collagen work. 3 folders.

'Cross linking'  KELLER/E/B/E.126-E.127  undated

Former reference: E.126, E.127

2 folders.

'Crystals'  KELLER/E/B/E.128  undated

Former reference: E.128

Text on 'Importance of crystals'

'Crystal growth'  KELLER/E/B/E.129-E.130  undated

Former reference: E.129, E.130

Photocopy notes. 2 folders.

'Crystallization - general'  KELLER/E/B/E.131  undated

Former reference: E.131

'Crystallization kinetics'  KELLER/E/B/E.132-E.134  undated

Former reference: E.132-E.134

3 folders.

'Crystallogr. Memory'  KELLER/E/B/E.135  undated

Former reference: E.135

'Education'  KELLER/E/B/E.136  undated

Former reference: E.136

'Elongat. flow'  KELLER/E/B/E.137-E.138  undated

Former reference: E.137, E.138

2 folders.

'Entanglements'  KELLER/E/B/E.139  undated

Former reference: E.139

'Fibres. Shish kebabs'  KELLER/E/B/E.140  undated

Former reference: E.140

'Flow'  KELLER/E/B/E.141-E.146  undated

Former reference: E.141-E.146

6 folders.

'Flow scripts'  KELLER/E/B/E.147-E.148  undated

Former reference: E.147, E.148

Includes letter from A. Maconnachie re colloquium at Imperial College London, November 1983 (E.148). 2 folders.

'Flow - entanglement'  KELLER/E/B/E.149  undated

Former reference: E.149

'Flow. Transitions Flow fields'  KELLER/E/B/E.150  undated

Former reference: E.150

'Transp. Flow'  KELLER/E/B/E.151-E.153  undated

Former reference: E.151-E.153

3 folders.

'Flow-Gel' and 'Entanglements'  KELLER/E/B/E.154  undated

Former reference: E.154

'General - Folding'  KELLER/E/B/E.155  undated

Former reference: E.155

Includes notes for lectures at Manchester, Osaka and Aachen.

'Gel'  KELLER/E/B/E.156-E.157  undated

Former reference: E.156, E.157

2 folders.

'Gel. Types of chain'  KELLER/E/B/E.158  undated

Former reference: E.158

Includes notes for lecture at Budapest.

'Gel (Transp. Text)'  KELLER/E/B/E.159-E.161  undated

Former reference: E.159-E.161

Includes notes for lectures at Freiburg and Bristol. 3 folders.

'Gels'  KELLER/E/B/E.162  undated

Former reference: E.162

'Gel-Shish Kebab' and 'Barham-Hill'  KELLER/E/B/E.163  undated

Former reference: E.163

'Grubb'  KELLER/E/B/E.164  undated

Former reference: E.164

Refers to work of D.T. Grubb.

'IR Spells (latest 1985)'  KELLER/E/B/E.165-E.166  undated

Former reference: E.165, E.166

2 folders.

'IR - neutrons. Growth notes'  KELLER/E/B/E.167  undated

Former reference: E.167

'Irradiation'  KELLER/E/B/E.168  undated

Former reference: E.168

'Liquid crystals'  KELLER/E/B/E.169-E.171  undated

Former reference: E.169-E.171

Includes notes for lectures at Asilomar and Gordon Conference. 3 folders.

'Liquid crystals Odell'  KELLER/E/B/E.172  undated

Former reference: E.172

'Low angle X-ray'  KELLER/E/B/E.173  undated

Former reference: E.173

'Metastability. Phase metastability'  KELLER/E/B/E.174  undated

Former reference: E.174

'Morphology'  KELLER/E/B/E.175  undated

Former reference: E.175

Includes typescript draft of lecture.

'Neutron'  KELLER/E/B/E.176  undated

Former reference: E.176

'New look'  KELLER/E/B/E.177  undated

Former reference: E.177

Transparencies on melt crystallization.

'Orientation'  KELLER/E/B/E.178  undated

Former reference: E.178

'P4MPI'  KELLER/E/B/E.179-E.182  undated

Former reference: E.179-E.182

4 folders.

'PBD'  KELLER/E/B/E.183  undated

Former reference: E.183

'PBT'  KELLER/E/B/E.184  undated

Former reference: E.184

'Prints PBT (also old spherulite + gel drawing)'  KELLER/E/B/E.185-E.186  undated

Former reference: E.185, E.186

2 folders.

'PE Pressure irradiation'  KELLER/E/B/E.187  undated

Former reference: E.187

'PEEK'  KELLER/E/B/E.188-E.190  undated

Former reference: E.188-E.190

3 folders.

'Paraffins'  KELLER/E/B/E.191-E.197  undated

Former reference: E.191-E.197

Includes notes for lectures at Exeter and material on annealing experiments. 7 folders.

'Paraffin Lecture' and 'Ungar Whiting'  KELLER/E/B/E.198-E.199  undated

Former reference: E.198, E.199

Includes notes for lecture at Bristol 1984. 2 folders.

'Paraffin Synchrotron'  KELLER/E/B/E.200-E.201  undated

Former reference: E.200, E.201

2 folders.

'Phase diagr. Hikosaka'  KELLER/E/B/E.202  undated

Former reference: E.202

'Phase stability. Wedge P4BD etc'  KELLER/E/B/E.203  undated

Former reference: E.203

'Lecture notes on point defects'  KELLER/E/B/E.204  undated

Former reference: E.204

'Polymer crystall.'  KELLER/E/B/E.205  undated

Former reference: E.205

Chiefly corrected typescript pages of drafts on chain folding, with autobiographical reminscences of the work.

'Radiation. Ungar Steying'  KELLER/E/B/E.206-E.208  undated

Former reference: E.206-E.208

Includes notes for lecture at Royal Military College, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 1973. 3 folders.

'Radiation - (Latest transp)'  KELLER/E/B/E.209  undated

Former reference: E.209

'Radiation effects'  KELLER/E/B/E.210-E.212  undated

Former reference: E.210-E.212

3 folders.

'Rates Mesophases'  KELLER/E/B/E.213  undated

Former reference: E.213

Lecture notes annotated 'Roy. Soc'

'Reminiscences'  KELLER/E/B/E.214-E.215  undated

Former reference: E.214, E.215

Notes for retrospective lectures on research. 2 folders.

'Reversible Long Period'  KELLER/E/B/E.216  undated

Former reference: E.216

'Rigid rod script'  KELLER/E/B/E.217  undated

Former reference: E.217

'Rigid rod figures'  KELLER/E/B/E.218  undated

Former reference: E.218

'SBS'  KELLER/E/B/E.219  undated

Former reference: E.219

'(SN)X'  KELLER/E/B/E.220  undated

Former reference: E.220

Related information: See also E.16,E.17 For lecture on polymeric sulphur nitride.

'Scission X flow'  KELLER/E/B/E.221  undated

Former reference: E.221

'Shish-Kebab'  KELLER/E/B/E.222  undated

Former reference: E.222

'Shish kebab. Coombes'  KELLER/E/B/E.223  undated

Former reference: E.223

'Shish kebab hairdressing' and 'Script: Strasbourg'  KELLER/E/B/E.224  undated

Former reference: E.224

'Shish-kebab gel'  KELLER/E/B/E.225  undated

Former reference: E.225

'Reserve orientation Shish kebabs. Reminiscences'  KELLER/E/B/E.226  undated

Former reference: E.226

'Spherulite review'  KELLER/E/B/E.227  undated

Former reference: E.227

'Stirred gels'  KELLER/E/B/E.228  undated

Former reference: E.228

'On stretching'  KELLER/E/B/E.229-E.230  undated

Former reference: E.229, E.230

2 folders.

'Structure'  KELLER/E/B/E.231  undated

Former reference: E.231

'Structure hierarchy. Mech. prop.'  KELLER/E/B/E.232  undated

Former reference: E.232

'Thermodynamics'  KELLER/E/B/E.233  undated

Former reference: E.233

'Velocimetry'  KELLER/E/B/E.234  undated

Former reference: E.234

'Viscosity'  KELLER/E/B/E.235  undated

Former reference: E.235

'Viscosity. Melt'  KELLER/E/B/E.236  undated

Former reference: E.236

'Waddon'  KELLER/E/B/E.237  undated

Former reference: E.237


Former reference: E.238-E.261

21 items

These folders are arranged by occasion (i.e. place-name or named lecture) as inscribed on the folders.

'AFM Conf Transp'  KELLER/E/C/E.238  undated

Former reference: E.238, E.238A

2 folders.

'Balaton - Gels'  KELLER/E/C/E.239  undated

Former reference: E.239

'Barham script'  KELLER/E/C/E.240  undated

Former reference: E.240

'Bristol, Cleveland'  KELLER/E/C/E.241-E.242  undated

Former reference: E.241, E.242

2 folders.

'Budapest. Moreton Hampstead'  KELLER/E/C/E.243  undated

Former reference: E.243

'E.P.S. Lecture'  KELLER/E/C/E.244  undated

Former reference: E.244

'Ferrara'  KELLER/E/C/E.245  undated

Former reference: E.245

Typescript course outline.

'Jubilee lecture'  KELLER/E/C/E.246  undated

Former reference: E.246

'Louvain lecture'  KELLER/E/C/E.247  undated

Former reference: E.247

'Mainz' and 'relaxation time'  KELLER/E/C/E.248  undated

Former reference: E.248

'[?Mesophase] Ulm. Roy. Soc.'  KELLER/E/C/E.249  undated

Former reference: E.249

'Milan'  KELLER/E/C/E.250  undated

Former reference: E.250

'New Orleans'  KELLER/E/C/E.251  undated

Former reference: E.251

'Open Day lecture'  KELLER/E/C/E.252  undated

Former reference: E.252

'Presidential address'  KELLER/E/C/E.253  undated

Former reference: E.253

'Rolduc'  KELLER/E/C/E.254  undated

Former reference: E.254

'Sadler Memorial'  KELLER/E/C/E.255-E.256  undated

Former reference: E.255, E.256

Lecture in tribute to work of D.M. Sadler, a Bristol colleague. 2 folders.

'St Barbara. Amherst'  KELLER/E/C/E.257  undated

Former reference: E.257

'Stockholm. Gloucester'  KELLER/E/C/E.258  undated

Former reference: E.258

'Stockholm (background transp.)'  KELLER/E/C/E.259-E.260  undated

Former reference: E.259, E.260

Includes notes for lecture at Nice, 1990. 2 folders.

'Warsaw lecture'  KELLER/E/C/E.261  undated

Former reference: E.261


Former reference: E.262-E.289

27 items

Lectures series  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279  early 1990s

Former reference: E.262-E.279

17 items

Possibly lectures delivered at the University of Akron in the early 1990s.

Series of three lectures  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/1  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.262-E.264

3 items

'1st lecture'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/1/E.262  undated

Former reference: E.262

'2nd'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/1/E.263  undated

Former reference: E.263

'3rd lecture'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/1/E.264  undated

Former reference: E.264

Series of fourteen lectures  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2  [n.d.]

Former reference: E.265-E.279

14 items

'Lecture I'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.265  undated

Former reference: E.265

Folder also annotated 'Wednesday 20 Jan' and '1/20/93'.

'Lecture II (Monday)'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.266  undated

Former reference: E.266

'III What is a crystal?'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.267  undated

Former reference: E.267

'Lecture IV'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.268  undated

Former reference: E.268

'Lecture V'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.269  undated

Former reference: E.269

Folder also annotated 'Feb 3'

'Lecture VI'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.270  undated

Former reference: E.270

'Lecture VII. Modes'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.271  undated

Former reference: E.271

'Lecture VIII. SC Fold Length'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.272  undated

Former reference: E.272

'Keller IX Structure. Field surface'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.273  undated

Former reference: E.273

'Lecture X'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.274  undated

Former reference: E.274

'Lecture XI Alkanes'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.275  undated

Former reference: E.275

'XII Theory'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.276-E.277  undated

Former reference: E.276, E.277

2 folders.

'XIII'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.278  undated

Former reference: E.278

Folder also annotated 'Bristol matters' and 'Budapest Eindhoven'

'Lecture XIV'  KELLER/E/D/E.262-E.279/2/E.279  undated

Former reference: E.279

Untitled pages of manuscript lecture notes etc.  KELLER/E/D/E.280-E.282  undated

Former reference: E.280-E.282

3 items

3 folders.

Sets of transparencies.  KELLER/E/D/E.283-E.289  undated

Former reference: E.283-E.289

7 items

The sets are numbered I-X, XII, XIV and XV. It is not clear whether the sets correspond to subject matter, date compiled or occasion. They are all, to varying degrees, incomplete. 7 folders.


Former reference: SECTION F

300 items

Related information: For photographs taken at visits and conferences see A.74-A.91.


Former reference: F.1-F.365

279 items

This may include material re arrangements (correspondence, list of participants, programme), abstracts of Keller's contributions, manuscript notes on proceedings, etc.

Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group Spring Conference, Bristol, 30 March-1 April 1955  KELLER/F/1/1  1955

Former reference: F.1

1 item


Spring Conference on Graphisation in Cast Irons, Birmingham, spring 1955  KELLER/F/1/2  1955

Former reference: F.2-F.4

1 item

Manuscript notes; papers delivered, including report on research on solid polymers 1951-1952 by Keller. 3 folders.

Summer Course on Electron Microscopy, Royal Technical College, Glasgow, 27 June-4 July 1955  KELLER/F/1/3  1955

Former reference: F.5, F.6

2 items

Arrangements; duplicated typescript Royal Technical College sheets on electron microscopy. 2 folders.

Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group Autumn Conference on Semi- and Non-crystallline Materials, London, 18-19 November 1955  KELLER/F/1/4  1955-1956

Former reference: F.7

1 item

Arrangements; extract from discussion.

International Union of Crystallography Symposium on Structures on a scale between the atomic and microscopic dimensions, Madrid, Spain, 2-7 April 1956  KELLER/F/1/5  1956

Former reference: F.8, F.9

2 items

Arrangements, abstracts etc. 2 folders.

Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy Group Annual Conference, Reading, 24-26 July 1956  KELLER/F/1/6  1956

Former reference: F.10

1 item


Colloque sur les Bases Scientifiques des Essais Relatifs aux Elastomeres aux Fibres et aux Plastiques, Paris, France, 25-26 July 1957  KELLER/F/1/7  1957

Former reference: F.11, F.12

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts including Keller's contribution (with F.C. Frank and A. O'Connor); background material. 2 folders.

Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy Group Annual Conference, Bangor, 10-12 September 1957  KELLER/F/1/8  1957

Former reference: F.13


Faraday Society General Discusssion on Configurations and Interactions of Macromolecules and Liquid Crystals, Leeds, 15-17 April 1958  KELLER/F/1/9  1958

Former reference: F.14


German Physical Society Conference, Bad Nauheim, West Germany, 20-23 April 1958  KELLER/F/1/10  1958-1959

Former reference: F.15, F.16

2 items

Arrangements; proofs of Keller's lectures and contribution to discussion. 2 folders.

International High-Polymer Conference, Nottingham, 21-24 July 1958  KELLER/F/1/11  1958

Former reference: F.17

1 item

Circular, manuscript jottings.

International Conference on Crystal Growth, New York, USA, 27-29 August 1958  KELLER/F/1/12  1958

Former reference: F.18

Copy of humorous comments by F. Seitz. Not otherwise documented.

IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Wiesbaden, West Germany, 1959  KELLER/F/1/13  1958-1960

Former reference: F.19-F.23

4 items

Arrangements; typescript copy of Keller's paper with manuscript translation into German; discussion remarks etc. 5 folders.

'Proposed discussion contribution to the Royal Society Discussion'  KELLER/F/1/14  late 1950s

Former reference: F.24

Typescript draft + manuscript list of slides.

'Unpublished material proposed to be included in lectures...during a trip to Holland and Germany'  KELLER/F/1/15  1950s

Former reference: F.25

Typescript draft.

Symposium on Structures of Cellulose and other High Polymers, Sentralinstitutt for Industriell Forskning, Norway, 2-4 May 1960  KELLER/F/1/16  1960

Former reference: F.26

Volume of abstracts including Keller's contribution on 'Crystallinity and morphologic structure of high polymers', in Norwegian.

German Physical Society Conference, Wiesbaden, West Germany, 17-21 October 1960  KELLER/F/1/17  1960

Former reference: F.27


Summer School, Varenna, Italy  KELLER/F/1/18  1961

Former reference: F.28

Typescript draft 'The morphology of crystalline polymers' by Keller, described as 'a summary of two lectures...'

Institute of Physics Conference on the Physics of Polymers, Bristol, 10-12 January 1961  KELLER/F/1/19  1960-1961

Former reference: F.29-F.36

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller was an organiser of the Conference.

Correspondence with participants  KELLER/F/1/19/A  1960-1961

Former reference: F.29-F.34

6 folders

Conference arrangements  KELLER/F/1/19/B  1961

Former reference: F.35

Abstracts of contributions sent to Keller  KELLER/F/1/19/C  1961

Former reference: F.36

Second World Congress of Man-made Fibres, London, 1-4 May 1962  KELLER/F/1/20  1962

Former reference: F.37-F.41

5 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/20/A  undated

Former reference: F.37

'Polymer single crystals' by Keller  KELLER/F/1/20/B  undated

Former reference: F.38

Typescript draft + plates for figures.

Correspondence re publication of proceedings; typescript of Keller's discussion remarks  KELLER/F/1/20/C  undated

Former reference: F.39

Social occasions  KELLER/F/1/20/D  undated

Former reference: F.40

The Golden Book of Man-made Fibres  KELLER/F/1/20/E  undated

Former reference: F.41

Hardback conference volume, 435pp

Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group and X-ray Analysis Group Joint Conference on Inorganic and Intermetallic Crystals, Birmingham, 4-6 April 1963  KELLER/F/1/21  1963

Former reference: F.42

1 item


Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 2-6 July 1963  KELLER/F/1/22  1963

Former reference: F.43

1 item


Kolloid-Gesellschaft meeting, Bad Oeynhausen, West Germany, 24-25 October 1963  KELLER/F/1/23  1963

Former reference: F.44


Institute of Physics Materials and Testing Group Discusssion Meeting on Solidification and Crystallization, London, 28 February 1964  KELLER/F/1/24  1964

Former reference: F.45


Meeting on High Polymer Physics, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 23-26 March 1964  KELLER/F/1/25  1964

Former reference: F.46


Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Meeting, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 1-3 April 1964  KELLER/F/1/26  1963-1964

Former reference: F.47-F.50

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller was an organiser of the meeting.

Correspondence with participants  KELLER/F/1/26/A  1963-1964

Former reference: F.47-F.49

3 folders.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/26/B  1963-1964

Former reference: F.50

Deutsches Wollforschungsintitut Lehrstuhl für Textilchemie Colloquium, Aachen, West Germany, 26 May 1964  KELLER/F/1/27  1964

Former reference: F.51

Administrative history:
Keller gave the colloquium on 'Über die Kettenüberfaltung in Polymeren'.

Notice only.

Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, Colby Junior College, New Hampshire, USA, 6-10 July 1964  KELLER/F/1/28  1964

Former reference: F.52

1 item


K.N.C.V. Summer Congress, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 3-4 September, 1964  KELLER/F/1/29  1964

Former reference: F.53


Institute of Physics Conference on Solid State Physics, Bristol, 5-8 January 1965  KELLER/F/1/30  1965

Former reference: F.54

Provisional programme.

IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 30 August-4 September 1965  KELLER/F/1/31  1965

Former reference: F.55-F.58

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/31/A  undated

Former reference: F.55-F.57

3 folders.

Manuscript notes etc.  KELLER/F/1/31/B  undated

Former reference: F.58

British Polymer Physics Group meeting, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 15-17 September 1965  KELLER/F/1/32  1965

Former reference: F.59


Association Francaise de Cristallographie meeting, Montpellier, France, 17-19 March 1966  KELLER/F/1/33  1966

Former reference: F.60

Programme; volume of abstracts.

Glass and Plastics Lectures, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA, 30 March-1 April 1966  KELLER/F/1/34  1966

Former reference: F.61

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller gave lectures on crystalline polymers.


Symposium on Advances in Polymer Characterisation, Manchester, 20-21 April 1966  KELLER/F/1/35  1966

Former reference: F.62

1 item


Second European Conference on Plastics and Rubber, Paris, France, 20-27 May 1966  KELLER/F/1/36  1966

Former reference: F.63-F.65

3 items

Arrangements; abstracts; manuscript notes. 3 folders.

Visit to USA, June-July 1966  KELLER/F/1/37  1965-1966

Former reference: F.66-F.71

5 items

Administrative history:
Keller attended parts of the Third Biennial Polymer Symposium, Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, Ohio and the International Crystal Growth Conference, Boston, Massachusetts. He then went on to visit colleagues and research centres elsewhere in the US.

International Conference on Crystal Growth  KELLER/F/1/37/A  undated

Former reference: F.66-F.68

2 items

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's paper 'Regular rotation of growth terraces in polymers single crystals'; volume of abstracts. 3 folders.

Third Biennial Polymer Symposium  KELLER/F/1/37/B  undated

Former reference: F.69, F.70

2 items

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's paper 'On the duality of fibrous lamellar crystal morphology with particular reference to oriented crystallization'; volume of abstracts. 2 folders.

Correspondence re visits to Chemstrand Research Center and DuPont Experimental Station  KELLER/F/1/37/C  undated

Former reference: F.71

Institute of Physics Conference on Small-angle Scattering of Electrons and X-rays, London, 17-18 November 1966  KELLER/F/1/38  1966

Former reference: F.72

1 item


Institute of Physics Solid State Physics Sub-Committee 4th Annual Solid State Conference, Manchester, 4-7 January 1967  KELLER/F/1/39  1966-1967

Former reference: F.73, F.74


Arrangements; typescript of Keller's discussion contribution; conference volume including abstracts. 2 folders.

British Polymer Physics Group Symposium on Surface Characterization of Polymers, Churchill College Cambridge, 6-7 January 1967  KELLER/F/1/40  1967

Former reference: F.75


Visit to USA, April 1967  KELLER/F/1/41  1967

Former reference: F.76, F.77

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller attended the Conference on Polymer Structure and Mechanical Properties, US Army Natick Laboratories, Massachusetts, 19-21 April and the Conference on Properties of Polymers at Cryogenic Temperatures, Case Institute of Technology and Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 25-27 April.

Conference on Polymer Structure and Mechanical Properties  KELLER/F/1/41/A  undated

Former reference: F.76


Conference on Properties of Polymers at Cryogenic Temperatures  KELLER/F/1/41/B  undated

Former reference: F.77


British Polymer Physics Group Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 12-14 September 1967  KELLER/F/1/42  1967

Former reference: F.78

1 item

Programme; abstracts.

High Polymer Committee of the German Physical Society Discussion Meeting on Kristallisationserscheinungen in Hoch Polymeren, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 27-29 September 1967  KELLER/F/1/43  1966-1968

Former reference: F.79-F.81

3 items

Arrangements and publication of proceedings  KELLER/F/1/43/A  undated

Former reference: F.79

Typescript drafts of contributions to discussions  KELLER/F/1/43/B  undated

Former reference: F.80

Proof copy of Keller's contribution, 'Solution grown polymer crystals'  KELLER/F/1/43/C  undated

Former reference: F.81

Macromolecules Colloquium, Freiburg im Breisgau, West Germany, 29 February-2 March 1968  KELLER/F/1/44  1968

Former reference: F.82

1 item


62nd Weekend Course, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 28-30 June 1968  KELLER/F/1/45  1968

Former reference: F.83

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller lectured on Polymer crystallinity.


IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecular Chemistry, Toronto, Canada, 3-6 September 1968  KELLER/F/1/46  1967-1968

Former reference: F.84


Royal Microscopical Society Meeting on Microstructure of Materials, Oxford, 16-19 September 1968  KELLER/F/1/47  1968

Former reference: F.85


Visit to USA, October-November 1968  KELLER/F/1/48  1968

Former reference: F.86

2 items

Arrangements for visits to Case Western Reserve University; NASA Dialogue on Heterogenous Nucleation Theory and Experiment, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California; University of Akron, Ohio.

Institute of Physics X-ray Analysis Group and Carbon and Graphite Group Conference on Structural Studies of Partially Ordered Materials, University of Sussex, Brighton, 9-11 April 1969  KELLER/F/1/49  1969

Former reference: F.87

1 item

Arrangements; abstract of Keller's contribution on 'Order and disorder in polymer single crystals'.

3rd Molecular Club Meeting, Varenna, Italy, 28-30 May 1969  KELLER/F/1/50  1969

Former reference: F.88

1 item


Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, New Hampshire, USA, 9-13 June 1969  KELLER/F/1/51  1969

Former reference: F.89

1 item


Royal Society Conversazione, London, 26 June 1969  KELLER/F/1/52  1969

Former reference: F.90


British Polymer Physics Group Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 16-18 September 1969  KELLER/F/1/53  1969

Former reference: F.91

1 item

Arrangements; manuscript notes.

Colloquium on Chemical Physics, Imperial College London, 11 November 1969.  KELLER/F/1/54  1969

Former reference: F.92

Invitation (accepted).

Visit to ICI Petrochemical & Polymer Laboratory, Runcorn, Cheshire, 11 December 1969  KELLER/F/1/55  1969

Former reference: F.93

Correspondence re arrangements.

British Polymer Physics Group Conference on Polymer Chain Flexibility, Essex University, Colchester, 7-9 January 1970  KELLER/F/1/56  1969-1970

Former reference: F.94-F.97

3 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/56/A  undated

Former reference: F.94

Conference abstracts  KELLER/F/1/56/B  undated

Former reference: F.95-F.97

3 folders.

Royal Society Discussion Meeting on Strong Fibrous Solids, London, 29 January 1970  KELLER/F/1/57  1969

Former reference: F.98


Royal Society Discussion Meeting on New Developments in Electron Microscopy with Special Emphasis on their Application in Biology, London, 12-13 March 1970  KELLER/F/1/58  1970

Former reference: F.99


Conference on the Yield, Deformation and Fracture of Polymers, Churchill Collge Cambridge, 31 March-3 April 1970  KELLER/F/1/59  1970

Former reference: F.100, F.101

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook with abstracts. 2 folders.

Mott School on Crystal Growth, University of Bristol, 6-10 April 1970  KELLER/F/1/60  1969-1970

Former reference: F.102

1 item

Arrangements; duplicated typescript notes on lectures by Frank; abstract of Keller's lecture on 'Crystal growth in polymers'.

Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft meeting, Heidelberg, West Germany, 7-10 May 1970  KELLER/F/1/61  1970

Former reference: F.103

Invitation and programme.

Groupe Francais de Physique des Polymères meeting, Centre de Recherches sur les Macromolécules, Strasbourg, France, 21-22 May 1970  KELLER/F/1/62  1970

Former reference: F.104

1 item

Arrangements; abstracts.

2nd International Conference on Small-angle X-ray Scattering, Graz, Austria, 26-29 August 1970  KELLER/F/1/63  1969-1970

Former reference: F.105, F.106

Arrangements; printed abstracts. 2 folders.

IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Leiden, The Netherlands, 31 August-4 September 1970  KELLER/F/1/64  1970

Former reference: F.107, F.108

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts; manuscript notes. 2 folders.

British Biophysical Society and British Polymer Physics Group joint meeting on Structural Aspects Common to Synthetic and Biological Macromolecules, Queen Elizabeth College, London, 25 September 1970  KELLER/F/1/65  1970

Former reference: F.109


Seminar on Molecular Order-Molecular Motion and their response to Macroscopic Stresses (Kinetic Theory of High Polymer Failure), Battelle, Seattle Research Center, Washington, USA, 28-30 October 1970  KELLER/F/1/66  1970

Former reference: F.110, F.111

2 items

Arrangements; handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

British Biophysical Society Meeting, Leeds, 6-8 April 1971  KELLER/F/1/67  1971

Former reference: F.112, F.113

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts. 2 folders.

French Physical Society Colloquium, Evian, France, 25-29 May 1971  KELLER/F/1/68  1970-1971

Former reference: F.114, F.115

1 item

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution 'Cristallisation des molecules en chaine'. 2 folders.

Polymer Meeting, University of Essex, Colchester, 4 June 1971  KELLER/F/1/69  1971

Former reference: F.116

1 item

Arrangements; manuscript notes.

Visit to USA, July-August 1971  KELLER/F/1/70  1970-1971

Former reference: F.117-F.121

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller visited the USA to lecture at the University of Utah Conference on The Role of Crystallization in Govening Polymer Properties, 19-24 July and to attend the 23rd International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Boston, Massachusetts, 25-30 July 1971.

University of Utah Conference on The Role of Crystallization in Governing Polymer Properties  KELLER/F/1/70/A  undated

Former reference: F.117, F.118

1 item

Arrangements; summaries of Keller's lectures. 2 folders.

23rd International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry  KELLER/F/1/70/B  undated

Former reference: F.119-F.121

1 item

Arrangements. 3 folders.

IUPAC Microsymposium on Polymer Morphology, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 30 August-2 September 1971  KELLER/F/1/71  1970-1971

Former reference: F.122-F.124

3 items

Administrative history:
This was the first symposium on the 'morphology of polymers', a term coined by Keller.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/71/A  undated

Former reference: F.122

Manuscript draft of Keller's contribution  KELLER/F/1/71/B  undated

Former reference: F.123

Manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/71/C  undated

Former reference: F.124

Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 14-16 September 1971  KELLER/F/1/72  1971

Former reference: F.125, F.126

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/72/A  undated

Former reference: F.125

Abstracts submitted for consideration, with manuscript notes  KELLER/F/1/72/B  undated

Former reference: F.126

One Day Symposium on Uses of Neutron Beams in Materials Science and Engineering, Rutherford High Energy Laboratory, Didcot, Berkshire, 21 January 1972  KELLER/F/1/73  1972

Former reference: F.127

1 item

Arrangements; manuscript notes.

High Polymer Research Group 12th Moretonhampstead Conference on Multiphase Systems: their Production and Properties, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 8-12 May 1972  KELLER/F/1/74  1972

Former reference: F.128

1 item

Programme; exercise book used for manuscript notes on proceedings.

Conference on Radiation Scattering by Bulk Polymers, Strasbourg, France, 23-26 May 1972  KELLER/F/1/75  1972

Former reference: F.129, F.130

2 items

Arrangments; abstracts. 2 folders.

Europhysics Conference on Disclinations, Aussois, France, 21-23 June 1972  KELLER/F/1/76  1972

Former reference: F.131


Visit to the USA, June-July 1972  KELLER/F/1/77  1972

Former reference: F.132, F.133

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller attended the Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire, 26-30 June. He also made other visits, including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio to give a course of lectures in July.

Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics  KELLER/F/1/77/A  undated

Former reference: F.132


Correspondence re other visits in the USA  KELLER/F/1/77/B  undated

Former reference: F.133

19th Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference on Block and Graft Copolymers, Raquette Lake, New York, USA, 5-8 September 1972  KELLER/F/1/78  1972

Former reference: F.134

1 item


5th European Congress on Electron Microscopy (EMCON 72), Manchester, 5-12 September 1972  KELLER/F/1/79  1971-1972

Former reference: F.135-F.138

1 item

Arrangements. 4 folders.

Visit to Hungary, 22-29 September 1972  KELLER/F/1/80  1972

Former reference: F.139, F.140

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller visited colleagues at a number of research establishments.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/80/A  undated

Former reference: F.139

Exercise books used for manuscript notes on the visit  KELLER/F/1/80/B  undated

Former reference: F.140

Gordon Research Conference, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 15-19 January 1973  KELLER/F/1/81  1972

Former reference: F.141

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller also gave a lecture at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

Arrangements; manuscript notes on proceedings.

Conference on Yield, Deformation and Fracture of Polymers, Churchill College Cambridge, 26-29 March 1973  KELLER/F/1/82  1972

Former reference: F.142


IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Aberdeen, 10-14 September 1973  KELLER/F/1/83  1972

Former reference: F.143


Polymer Physics Group Discussion Meeting, Bristol, 16-18 September 1973  KELLER/F/1/84  1972-1973

Former reference: F.144

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was an organiser of the meeting.


Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 19-21 September 1973  KELLER/F/1/85  1973

Former reference: F.145, F.146

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

European Physical Society 2nd Europhysics Conference of the Section of Macromolecular Physics on State of Order in Amorphous Polymers, Naples, Italy, 3-5 October 1973  KELLER/F/1/86  1972-1973

Former reference: F.147

1 item

Administrative history:
The meeting was postponed to May 1974 (see F.156-F.157).


Shirley Institute seminar on Anatomy of Flexible Sheet Materials, Manchester, 13 December 1973  KELLER/F/1/87  1973

Former reference: F.148

1 item


Research colloquium, Queen Mary College London, 16 January 1974  KELLER/F/1/88  1974

Former reference: F.149

1 item


Visit to Belgium, 18-22 February 1974  KELLER/F/1/89  1974

Former reference: F.150

Arrangements. Includes annotated programme for unidentified conference.

Colston Research Society Symposium on the Structure of Fibrous Biopolymers, H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol, 2-4 April 1974  KELLER/F/1/90  1972-1974

Former reference: F.151, F.152

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller was Director of the symposium.

Arrangements, including papers of the Colston Research Society re the symposium; abstracts. 2 folders.

International School of Electron Microscopy, Erice, Italy, 6-20 April 1974  KELLER/F/1/91  1973-1974

Former reference: F.153, F.154

2 items

Arrangements, including summary of Keller's lecture; exercise book used for Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings.

Anglo-French Physics Conference, St Helier, Jersey, 5-9 April 1974  KELLER/F/1/92  1972-1974

Former reference: F.155

1 item

Administrative history:
The meeting was held to mark the foundations of the Société Francaise de Physique (1873) and the Physical Society of London (1874). Keller was initially involved in the preparations for the session on polymer physics but later this topic was removed from the meeting.


European Physical Society 2nd Europhysics Conference of the Section of Macromolecular Physics on State of Order in Amorphous Polymers, Sorrento, Italy, 1-3 May 1974  KELLER/F/1/93  1973-1974

Former reference: F.156, F.157

2 items

Administrative history:
This meeting had been postponed from 1973. See F.147.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/93/A  undated

Former reference: F.156

Abstracts; Keller's notes on proceedings.  KELLER/F/1/93/B  undated

Former reference: F.157

23rd IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Madrid, Spain, 15-20 September 1974  KELLER/F/1/94  1973-1974

Former reference: F.158

1 item


Symposium on Collagen in Health and Disease, Bristol, 27-28 September 1974  KELLER/F/1/95  1973

Former reference: F.159

1 item


Advice on possible speakers at European Physical Society Condensed Matter Division Conference, Budapest, Hungary, October 1974  KELLER/F/1/96  1973

Former reference: F.160

Administrative history:
No evidence of Keller's attendance.


Visit to Israel, 29 December 1974-12 January 1975  KELLER/F/1/97  1974

Former reference: F.161

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited colleagues at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Weizmann Institute of Science, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other research centres.


International Symposium on Macromolecules in Honor of Professor Herman F. Mark, New York, USA, 2-3 May 1975  KELLER/F/1/98  1975

Former reference: F.162

1 item


4th Research Conference on High Polymer, Ohtsu City, Japan, May 1975  KELLER/F/1/99  1974-1975

Former reference: F.163-F.165

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller also visited colleagues in Osaka and Kyoto.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/99/A  undated

Former reference: F.163

Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/99/B  undated

Former reference: F.164

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/99/C  undated

Former reference: F.165

Visit to Nottingham, July 1975  KELLER/F/1/100  1975

Former reference: F.166

Manuscript notes headed 'Nottingham. July 1975'.

Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference on Developments in Electron Microscopy and Analysis, Bristol, 8-11 September 1975  KELLER/F/1/101  1975

Former reference: F.167

1 item


Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 24-26 September 1975  KELLER/F/1/102  1975

Former reference: F.168

1 item

Arrangements; handbook of abstracts; photocopy manuscript 'rough notes'.

Groupe Francais d'Etudes et d'Applications des Polymeres Colloquium on Polymers in Paper, Grenoble, France, 16-17 October 1975  KELLER/F/1/103  1975

Former reference: F.169

1 item


Institute of Physics 13th Annual Solid State Physics Conference, Manchester, 5-7 January 1976  KELLER/F/1/104  1975-1976

Former reference: F.170, F.171

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

3rd International Conference on Yield, Deformation and Fracture of Polymers, Churchill College Cambridge, 29 March-1 April 1976  KELLER/F/1/105  1976

Former reference: F.172, F.173

2 items

Arrangements; handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

Research Meeting on Characterization and Utilization of Orientation in Polymeric Products, Cranfield Institute of Technology, 6 April 1976  KELLER/F/1/106  1975

Former reference: F.174

1 item

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution on 'Characterization and properties of ultra-oriented polyethylene'.

5th European Physical Society Conference on Macromolecular Physics on Orientation Effects in Solid Polymers, Budapest, Hungary, 27-30 April 1976  KELLER/F/1/107  1975-1976

Former reference: F.175-F.177

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/107/A  undated

Former reference: F.175, F.176

2 folders.

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/107/B  undated

Former reference: F.177

16th High Polymer Research Group Conference, Moretonhampstead, Devon, 11-13 May 1976  KELLER/F/1/108  1975-1976

Former reference: F.178, F.179

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/108/A  undated

Former reference: F.178

Manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/108/B  undated

Former reference: F.179

International Microsymposium on the Crystallization and Fusion of Polymers, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, 8-11 June 1976  KELLER/F/1/109  1976

Former reference: F.180, F.181

2 items

Arrangements; handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

Gordon Research Conference on Polymer Physics, Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire, USA, 21-25 June 1976  KELLER/F/1/110  1976

Former reference: F.182

1 item


11th Course of the Scuola Nazionale di Struttura della Materia, Perugia, Italy, 24 August-11 September 1976  KELLER/F/1/111  1976

Former reference: F.183, F.184

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/111/A  undated

Former reference: F.183

Manuscript notes and typescript abstracts of Keller's lectures on structural aspects of crystalline polymers  KELLER/F/1/111/B  undated

Former reference: F.184

Gordon Research Conference on Polymers, Santa Barbara, California, USA, 10-14 January 1977  KELLER/F/1/112  1976-1977

Former reference: F.185

2 items

Arrangements; Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings.

Society of Chemical Industry Plastics and Polymer Group Symposium on the Nature of the Glass Transition in Polymers, 22 February 1977  KELLER/F/1/113  1977

Former reference: F.186

1 item


Visit to the USA, May 1977  KELLER/F/1/114  1976-1977

Former reference: F.187

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller attended the Fraser Price Memorial Symposium at the University of Massachussets, Amherst and visited colleagues and lectured at other research centres including the Allied Chemical Corporation, Morristown, New Jersey, and Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey.

Arrangements, including itineraries for visits.

Seminar on Ultra-High Modulus Polymers, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, 23-27 May 1977  KELLER/F/1/115  1976-1977

Former reference: F.188

2 items

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution on 'Some new aspects of fibre formation, fibre structure and properties'; manuscript notes on proceedings.

Institut de la Vie 6th International Conference 'De la Physique Theorique a la Biologie' on Functional Organisation, from Molecule to Cell, Versailles, France, 20-25 June 1977  KELLER/F/1/116  1977

Former reference: F.189

2 items

Arrangements; manuscript notes on proceedings.

Neutron Scattering Group of the Institute of Physics and the Faraday Society Division of the Chemical Society Meeting on Low Angle Temperature Scattering from Polymers, London, 5 July 1977  KELLER/F/1/117  1977

Former reference: F.189A

2 items

Arrangements; manuscript notes on proceedings.

2nd International Conference on Drag Reduction, St John's College Cambridge, 31 August-2 September 1977  KELLER/F/1/118  1976-1977

Former reference: F.190

1 item

Arrangements, including copy of 'The possible relevance of persistent extensional flow on the interpretation of drag reduction phenomena' by Keller and M.R. Mackley.

Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, Wiltshire, 19-21 September 1977  KELLER/F/1/119  1977

Former reference: F.191

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts submitted with assessment of suitability.

Visit to the USA, 16-22 April 1978  KELLER/F/1/120  1978

Former reference: F.192

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited colleagues at the General Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio and the University of Akron.


Gordon Research Conference on Elastomers, Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, USA, 24-28 July 1978  KELLER/F/1/121  1977-1978

Former reference: F.192A

1 item

Arrangements; manuscript notes on proceedings.

European Physical Society 8th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics, Bristol, 19-22 September 1978  KELLER/F/1/122  1976-1978

Former reference: F.193-F.205

9 items

Administrative history:
Keller was an organiser of the conference.

Correspondence with European Physical Society re support for the conference  KELLER/F/1/122/A  1977

Former reference: F.193, F.194

2 folders.

Correspondence with Institute of Physics re organisation of the conference.  KELLER/F/1/122/B  1977-1978

Former reference: F.195

Correspondence with University of Bristol authorities etc.  KELLER/F/1/122/C  1977-1978

Former reference: F.196

Conference sponsorship  KELLER/F/1/122/D  1977-1978

Former reference: F.197

Lists of prospective participants and speakers  KELLER/F/1/122/E  1978

Former reference: F.198

Correspondence with prospective participants and speakers  KELLER/F/1/122/F  1976-1978

Former reference: F.199-F.202

4 folders.

Notices and publicity  KELLER/F/1/122/G  1977-1978

Former reference: F.203

Programme; list of participants  KELLER/F/1/122/H  1978

Former reference: F.204

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/122/I  1978

Former reference: F.205

Chemical Society Residential School on Recent Developments in Polymer Characterisation, Bristol, 25-27 September 1978  KELLER/F/1/123  1978

Former reference: F.206

1 item


Polymer Network Group 3rd Discussion Meeting, Breisach, Germany, 28-30 September 1978  KELLER/F/1/124  1978

Former reference: F.207

2 items

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution 'Crystal morphologies in bulk polymers'; manuscript notes on proceedings.

Polymer Properties Group of the Plastics and Rubber Institute Meeting on Crystalline Polymers - Structure and Properties, London, 14 December 1978  KELLER/F/1/125  1978

Former reference: F.208

1 item

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution 'Some salient recent examples of the existence, nature and importance of crystal morphologies in bulk polymers'.

9th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics, Jablonna, Poland, 23-28 April 1979  KELLER/F/1/126  1979

Former reference: F.208A

1 item


Society for Experimental Biology Symposium on Mechanical Properties of Biological Materials, Leeds, 4-6 September 1979  KELLER/F/1/127  1979

Former reference: F.209

Handbook of abstracts.

Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference on Physical Aspects of Polymer Science, National College of Food Technology, Weybridge, Surrey, 10-12 September 1979  KELLER/F/1/128  1979

Former reference: F.210, F.211

2 items

Arrangements; handbook of programme and abstracts. 2 folders.

26th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Mainz, West Germany, 17-21 September 1979  KELLER/F/1/129  1979

Former reference: F.212, F.213

2 items

Arrangements, including abstracts of Keller's and colleagues' communications; manuscript notes. 2 folders.

Chemical Society Faraday Discussion Meeting on Organization of Macromolecules in the Condensed Phase, Cambridge, 25-27 September 1979  KELLER/F/1/130  1979-1980

Former reference: F.214-F.224

3 items

Related information: See also G.18-G.25.
See also G.17-G.25.

Administrative history:
Keller served on the Organising Committee.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/130/A  1979

Former reference: F.214

Correspondence with Chemical Society re publication of proceedings  KELLER/F/1/130/B  1979-1980

Former reference: F.215

Transcripts of discussion contributions, questions and comments  KELLER/F/1/130/C  1979-1980

Former reference: F.216-F.224

9 folders.

Institute of Physics Polymer Physics Group Meeting on Elastic Moduli of High Polymers, London, 19 December 1979  KELLER/F/1/131  1979

Former reference: F.225

1 item


Plastics and Rubber Institute Forum on Polymer Education, London, 31 January 1980  KELLER/F/1/132  1979-1980

Former reference: F.226


Spring College on the Physics of Polymers, Liquid Crystals and Low-dimensional Solids, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 9 April-20 June 1980  KELLER/F/1/133  1979-1980

Former reference: F.227-F.241

4 items

Related information: See also E.10-E.13.

Administrative history:
Keller lectured on 'Polymeric structure' at the course 23 April-7 May 1980.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/133/A  undated

Former reference: F.227

Course information  KELLER/F/1/133/B  undated

Former reference: F.228

Includes programme, abstracts of lectures.

Photocopied manuscript course notes  KELLER/F/1/133/C  undated

Former reference: F.229

Manuscript and typescript lecture notes  KELLER/F/1/133/D  undated

Former reference: F.230-F.241

12 folders.

Visit to the USA, May-June 1980  KELLER/F/1/134  1980

Former reference: F.242

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller attended a meeting on Roles of Connective Tissue in Aging at Case Western Reserve University, 23 May, and visited colleagues at the Du Pont Research & Development Department, Wilmington, Delaware.


IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Florence, Italy, 7-12 September 1980  KELLER/F/1/135  1980

Former reference: F.243, F.244

1 item

Arrangements, including abstracts of Keller's lectures 'Highly extended helix of isotactic polystyrene found in gels' and 'On the methodology of morphological and structure research in solid polymers'. 2 folders.

Royal Society of Chemistry 80th Annual Meeting, University College Cardiff, 23-26 September 1980  KELLER/F/1/136  1980

Former reference: F.245

1 item


Nucleation Workshop, Les Houches, France, 18-28 February 1981  KELLER/F/1/137  1980-1981

Former reference: F.246, F.247

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

Polymer Physics Group and Macro UK Group Meeting on The Physical Ageing of Polymers, London, 3 March 1981  KELLER/F/1/138  1980-1981

Former reference: F.248

1 item


American Chemical Society 181st National Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 29 March-3 April 1981.  KELLER/F/1/139  1981

Former reference: F.249


Science Research Council Polymer Engineering Directorate Review Meeting, Loughborough, Leicestershire, 14-15 April 1981  KELLER/F/1/140  1981

Former reference: F.250, F.251

2 items

Conference handbook of information, programmes and abstracts  KELLER/F/1/140/A  undated

Former reference: F.250

Manuscript notes on proceedings etc  KELLER/F/1/140/B  undated

Former reference: F.251

Symposium on Morphology and Properties of Polyethylene, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, June 1981  KELLER/F/1/141  1981

Former reference: F.252, F.253

1 item

Arrangements. 2 folders.

27th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Strasbourg, France, 6-9 July 1981  KELLER/F/1/142  1981

Former reference: F.254-F.256

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/142/A  undated

Former reference: F.254, F.255

2 folders.

Manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/142/B  undated

Former reference: F.256

11th International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors, Bristol, 7-12 September 1981  KELLER/F/1/143  1981

Former reference: F.257, F.258

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

Polymer Physics Group Biennial Conference on Physical Aspects of Polymer Science, Reading, 14-16 September 1981  KELLER/F/1/144  1981

Former reference: F.259

1 item


Science and Engineering Research Council Synchrotron Radiation Source Users Meeting, Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, 18 November 1981  KELLER/F/1/145  1981

Former reference: F.260

1 item


Meeting on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Polymers, Birmingham, 6-7 January 1982  KELLER/F/1/146  1982

Former reference: F.261

1 item

Arrangements, including annotated programme.

Norwegian Chemical Society Section for Macromolecular Chemistry Symposium on Polymers, Oslo, Norway, 21-22 January 1982  KELLER/F/1/147  1982

Former reference: F.262

1 item


28th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, 12-16 July 1982  KELLER/F/1/148  1980-1982

Former reference: F.263-F.267

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/148/A  undated

Former reference: F.263-F.266

4 folders.

Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/148/B  undated

Former reference: F.267

Conference on the Neutron and its Applications, King's College Cambridge, 13-17 September 1982  KELLER/F/1/149  1982

Former reference: F.268-F.271

3 items

Administrative history:
This conference and exhibition were held to mark the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Neutron by Sir James Chadwick.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/149/A  undated

Former reference: F.268, F.269

2 folders.

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/149/B  undated

Former reference: F.270

50th anniversary issue of Physics Bulletin, vol 33 1982  KELLER/F/1/149/C  undated

Former reference: F.271

14th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics, Barcelona, Spain, 21-24 September 1982  KELLER/F/1/150  1981-1982

Former reference: F.272-F.274

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/150/A  undated

Former reference: F.272, F.273

2 folders.

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/150/B  undated

Former reference: F.274

4th International Meeting on Radiation Processing, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 4-8 October 1982  KELLER/F/1/151  1982

Former reference: F.275-F.278

4 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/151/A  undated

Former reference: F.275

Conference handbook of abstracts  KELLER/F/1/151/B  undated

Former reference: F.276

Conference handbook of invited papers  KELLER/F/1/151/C  undated

Former reference: F.277

Brochure for exhibition of publications  KELLER/F/1/151/D  undated

Former reference: F.278

Lecture course and colloquia on Polymer Science, College of Engineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Utah, USA, January 1983  KELLER/F/1/152  1983

Former reference: F.279

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was W.W. Clyde Visiting Professor at the University of Utah, 1982-1983.

Chiefly arrangements.

Polymer Physics Group Meeting on Cross Linking of Polyolefins. Recent Scientific and Technological Advances, London, 7 December 1983  KELLER/F/1/153  1983

Former reference: F.280

1 item


8th International Biophysics Congress, Bristol, 29 July-4 August 1984  KELLER/F/1/154  1984

Former reference: F.281, F.282

2 items

Arrangements; conference handbook of abstracts. 2 folders.

17th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 15-18 July 1985  KELLER/F/1/155  1984-1985

Former reference: F.283

1 item


Polymer Colloquium, Lech, Austria, 11-16 August 1985  KELLER/F/1/156  1985

Former reference: F.284

Brief correspondence re arrangements.

Microsymposium on Developments in Conducting Polymers, Reading, 18-20 December 1985  KELLER/F/1/157  1985

Former reference: F.285

1 item


Visit to Japan, 1985  KELLER/F/1/158  1985

Former reference: F.286

Brief correspondence.

Contribution to unidentified meeting, April 1986  KELLER/F/1/159  1986

Former reference: F.287

Typescript draft 'An investigation of collagen solutions in elongational flow including untwining and retwining of the triple-strand helix as a function of temperature', annotated 'April '86 Bristol meeting'.

Unidentified meeting, Gomadingen, West Germany, ?December 1986  KELLER/F/1/160  1985-1986

Former reference: F.288

Correspondence re arrangements.

3rd Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society, Stuttgart, West Germany, 7-10 April 1987  KELLER/F/1/161  1986-1987

Former reference: F.289

1 item


Visit to the USSR, 31 May-14 June 1987  KELLER/F/1/162  1986-1987

Former reference: F.290-F.292

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller visited colleagues in Leningrad and Moscow, initially at the invitation of the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/162/A  undated

Former reference: F.290, F.291

2 folders.

Keller's report on visit  KELLER/F/1/162/B  undated

Former reference: F.292


BP Venture Research Conference, London, 23-24 June 1987  KELLER/F/1/163  1987

Former reference: F.293

Brief correspondence re arrangements.

International Conference on Liquid Polymers, Bordeaux, France, 20-24 July 1987  KELLER/F/1/164  1987

Former reference: F.294

1 item


Institute of Physics Conference, Symposium on Polymers and Liquid Crystals, Bristol, 16-17 December 1987  KELLER/F/1/165  1987

Former reference: F.295

1 item


Symposium in Honour of Professor Albert Pennings, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 19 December 1987  KELLER/F/1/166  1987

Former reference: F.296

1 item


International Conference on Extensional Flow, Chamonix, France, 18-22 January 1988  KELLER/F/1/167  1988

Former reference: F.297

Exchange re arrangements.

European Physics Society 21st Conference on Physical Mechanisms in Polymer Failure, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1988  KELLER/F/1/168  1986

Former reference: F.298

Exchange re arrangements.

Department of Macromolecular Science, Case Western Reserve University 25th Anniversary Symposium, 15-17 November 1988  KELLER/F/1/169  1988

Former reference: F.299

Letter re arrangements.

Polymer Division of the American Chemical Society Meeting, Miami, Florida, USA, September 1989  KELLER/F/1/170  1989

Former reference: F.300, F.301

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts; manuscript notes on proceedings. 2 folders.

Visit to Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA, October 1989  KELLER/F/1/171  1989

Former reference: F.302

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was invited to Northwestern University by the Department of Material Science and Engineering to give the second Dow Distinguished Lecture.


Visit to China, 13-26 May 1990  KELLER/F/1/172  1990

Former reference: F.302A

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was based at Shanghai but also visited colleagues in Beijing, Xian and Hangzhou.

Arrangements; pocket notebook used on visit; report for Royal Society.

33rd IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Montreal, Canada, 8-13 July 1990  KELLER/F/1/173  1989-1990

Former reference: F.303-F.305

1 item

Arrangements. 3 folders.

BP Venture Research Conference, London, 25-27 June 1990  KELLER/F/1/174  1990

Former reference: F.306

Booking form only.

3rd European Polymer Federation Symposium on Polymeric Materials, Sorrento, Italy, 1-5 October 1990  KELLER/F/1/175  1990

Former reference: F.307, F.308

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/175/A  undated

Former reference: F.307

Mounted group photograph of participants  KELLER/F/1/175/B  undated

Former reference: F.308

European Congress on Engineering a Better World with Chemistry, The Hague, The Netherlands, 21-23 November 1990  KELLER/F/1/176  1990

Former reference: F.309

1 item


International Symposium on Polymer Materials: Preparation, Characterization and Properties, Melbourne, Australia, 10-15 February 1991  KELLER/F/1/177  1991

Former reference: F.310

1 item

Invitation, with Keller's reply indicating his wish to attend if funding could be found; arrangements.

Residential Course Introduction to Polymer Science, University of Bristol, 18-22 February 1991  KELLER/F/1/178  1990-1991

Former reference: F.311

1 item


Conference on Polymer Physics to mark the Retirement of Andrew Keller FRS, Bristol, 3-5 April 1991  KELLER/F/1/179  1991

Former reference: F.312

Conference handbook.

European Physical Society Meeting on Macromolecular Physics, Stockholm, Sweden, 26-31 May 1991  KELLER/F/1/180  1989-1991

Former reference: F.313, F.314

2 items

Arrangements; abstracts of Keller's and colleagues' contributions. 2 folders.

33rd IUPAC Congresss, Budapest, Hungary, 17-22 August 1991  KELLER/F/1/181  1991

Former reference: F.315

1 item

Arrangements and arising.

Institute of Physics, Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference EMAG 91, Bristol, 10-13 September 1991  KELLER/F/1/182  [n.d.]

Former reference: F.316

1 item

Visit to Max-Planck Institute für Polymerforschung, Mainz, Germany, 27-28 November 1991  KELLER/F/1/183  1991

Former reference: F.317


Visit to Capri, Naples, Italy, 1991  KELLER/F/1/184  1991

Former reference: F.318

1 item


Visit to Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 22-24 January 1992  KELLER/F/1/185  1991-1992

Former reference: F.319

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited to examine a Ph.D. thesis and deliver a lecture.


Visit to DSM Research, Geleen, The Netherlands, 28-31 January 1992  KELLER/F/1/186  1992

Former reference: F.320

1 item


Visit to China, 15-30 April 1992  KELLER/F/1/187  1991-1992

Former reference: F.321

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited China principally to attend the China-UK Meeting on Polymer Science, in Beijing 15-19 April 1992. He stayed on to visit colleagues at research centres elsewhere in China.


25th Europhysics Conference on Macromolecules, St Petersburg, Russia, 6-10 July 1992  KELLER/F/1/188  1991-1992

Former reference: F.322

1 item


Visit to Institute of Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25 July-3 August 1992  KELLER/F/1/189  1991-1992

Former reference: F.323

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited Bulgaria at the invitation of I. Gutzow.


1st European Tri-Service Advanced Materials Workshop: Compressive Strength in Rigid-Rod Polymers, Cambridge, 3-5 September 1992  KELLER/F/1/190  1992

Former reference: F.324

1 item


NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Crystallization of Polymers, Mons, Belgium, 7-11 September  KELLER/F/1/191  1991-1992

Former reference: F.325

1 item

Arrangements, including abstract for Keller's opening lecture 'A unifying scheme for polymer crystallization with wider implications for phase transformations'.

Short Course on Structure Property Relations of Polymers, DSM Research, The Netherlands, 5-7 November 1992  KELLER/F/1/192  1992

Former reference: F.326


Visit to unidentified venue, 16 February 1993  KELLER/F/1/193  1993

Former reference: F.327

Itinerary only.

95th Faraday Discussion on Crystal Growth, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 14-16 April 1993  KELLER/F/1/194  1992-1993

Former reference: F.328

Meeting in Leeds, April 1993  KELLER/F/1/195  1993

Former reference: F.329

Letter of thanks only.

Visit to Japan, May-June 1993  KELLER/F/1/196  1993

Former reference: F.330

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited Japan to attend the 42nd Society of Polymer Science Japan Annual Meeting, Kyoto, 31 May-2 June and the Osaka University Macromolecular Symposium on Ordering in Macromolecular Systems, 3-6 June.


Royal Society Discusssion Meeting on Self Order and Form in Polymeric Materials, London, 14-15 December 1993  KELLER/F/1/197  1992-1993

Former reference: F.331-F.334

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller and A.H. Windle were organisers of the meeting. It was preceded by an informal meeting of the principal speakers in Cambridge on 11-12 December 1993.

Proposal to Hooke Committee, Royal Society  KELLER/F/1/197/A  1992

Former reference: F.331

Includes Keller's initial manuscript notes.

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/197/B  undated

Former reference: F.332, F.333

2 folders.

Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings  KELLER/F/1/197/C  undated

Former reference: F.334

Visit to Naples, Italy, 23-25 May 1994  KELLER/F/1/198  1994

Former reference: F.335

1 item


35th IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecules, Akron, USA, 11-15 July 1994  KELLER/F/1/199  1994

Former reference: F.336

One letter re arrangements only.

Visit to Japan, October 1994  KELLER/F/1/200  1993-1994

Former reference: F.337, F.338

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller attended the International Polymer Physics Symposium Honoring Professor Tohru Kawai's 70th Birthday, Tokyo, 24-25 October and the International Symposium on Fiber Science and Technology, Yokohama, 26-28 October

Arrangements. 2 folders.

Course on Crystallization and Morphology of High Polymers, Collège de France, Paris, France, 17 November-17 December 1994  KELLER/F/1/201  1993-1994

Former reference: F.339

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was invited to deliver these lectures by P.G. de Gennes on behalf of the Collège.


Physics Graduate School, University of Bristol, 25-26 May 1995  KELLER/F/1/202  1995

Former reference: F.340


IUPAC International Symposium on Polymer Morphology and Electrical Properties, Lodz, Poland, 5-7 July 1995  KELLER/F/1/203  1994-1995

Former reference: F.341


European Physical Society Europhysics Conference on Macromolecular Physics on Morphology of Polymers, Prague, Czech Republic, 17-20 July 1995  KELLER/F/1/204  1994-1995

Former reference: F.342

1 item


101st Faraday Discussion on Gels, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, France, 6-8 September 1995  KELLER/F/1/205  1995

Former reference: F.343

1 item


European Physical Society Europhysics Conference on Gels, Budapest, Hungary, 25-29 September 1995  KELLER/F/1/206  1994-1995

Former reference: F.344, F.345

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was on the International Advisory Board of the Conference.

Arrangements. 2 folders.

Visit to Israel, 14-19 December 1995  KELLER/F/1/207  1995

Former reference: F.346

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was invited to Israel to attend the 24th Annual Meeting of the Israeli Polymer and Plastics Society, Tel Aviv, 19 December 1995. While in Israel he visited colleagues in Jerusalem and Rehovot.

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's paper 'Flow induced structure in polymer processing'.

Society of Plastics Engineers, Inc. 'ANTEC 1996', 5-6 May 1996  KELLER/F/1/208  1995

Former reference: F.347

1 item


2nd International Symposium on Molecular Order and Mobility and Polymer Systems, St Petersburg, Russia, 22-26 May 1996  KELLER/F/1/209  1995-1996

Former reference: F.348, F.349

2 items

Arrangements  KELLER/F/1/209/A  undated

Former reference: F.348

Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings; abstract of Keller's contribution 'Chain mobility and crystal formation: a new approach to polymer crystallization with wider implications'  KELLER/F/1/209/B  undated

Former reference: F.349

1st International Conference on Polymer-solvent complexes and intercalates, Meyrueis, France, 1-5 July 1996  KELLER/F/1/210  1995-1996

Former reference: F.350

1 item

IUPAC International Symposium on Macromolecular Condensed State, Beijing, China, 20-25 August 1996  KELLER/F/1/211  1994-1996

Former reference: F.351

1 item

Arrangements, including abstract of Keller's contribution 'Polymer crystallization: role of metastability and the confluence of thermodynamic and kinetic factors'

Visit to the USA, October/November 1996  KELLER/F/1/212  1996

Former reference: F.352

One letter only.

Visit to University of Edinburgh, January 1997  KELLER/F/1/213  1997

Former reference: F.353

Letter re arrangements.

18th Polymer Physics Group Biennial Meeting on Physical Aspects of Polymer Science, Bristol, 10-12 September 1997  KELLER/F/1/214  1997

Former reference: F.354, F.355

2 items

Conference handbook of programme and abstracts  KELLER/F/1/214/A  undated

Former reference: F.354

Typescript of Keller's 'After Dinner Address'  KELLER/F/1/214/B  undated

Former reference: F.355

Visit to China and Hong Kong, 22 November-6 December 1997  KELLER/F/1/215  1996-1997

Former reference: F.356, F.357

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller visited China to attend the International Microsymposium on Polymer Physics, Guilin, China, 20-25 November. He also visited colleagues in Hong Kong.

Arrangements. 2 folders.

Polymer Symposium in Honour of Professor A.J. Pennings, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 19 December 1997  KELLER/F/1/216  1997

Former reference: F.358

1 item

Related information: See E.105, E.106.


Visits to University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, February and April 1998  KELLER/F/1/217  1998

Former reference: F.359

Administrative history:
Keller visited Eindhoven 18-20 February and 28 April-2 May for the official opening of the Dutch Polymer Institute.

Arrangements; expenses.

Lecture course on Structure and Morphology of Polymers, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, USA, May 1998  KELLER/F/1/218  1997-1998

Former reference: F.360

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller and E.D.T. Atkins gave the course.


Lecture course at 3M Technical Development, St Paul's, Minnesota, USA, 17-22 June 1998  KELLER/F/1/219  1998

Former reference: F.361

1 item

Related information: See also E.111.


One-day Workshop on AFM and Polymers, Bristol, 7 September 1998  KELLER/F/1/220  1998

Former reference: F.362, F.363

2 items

Programme and abstracts  KELLER/F/1/220/A  undated

Former reference: F.362

Manuscript and photocopied manuscript notes  KELLER/F/1/220/B  undated

Former reference: F.363

Conference on New Polymers, 'Polymer 98', Brighton, Sussex, 9-11 September 1998  KELLER/F/1/221  1998

Former reference: F.364

Programme, with covering letter thanking Keller for his advice.

Visit to University of Akron, November 1998  KELLER/F/1/222  1998

Former reference: F.365

1 item



Former reference: F.366-F.370

5 items

Related information: See also Keller's jotters and pocket notebooks C.47-C.64.

Sets of Keller's manuscript notes on proceedings of unidentified meetings. 5 folders.


Former reference: F.371-F.380

10 items

Invitations, notices and circulars to conferences. No evidence of attendance.

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/1  1963-1969

Former reference: F.371

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/2  1970-1975

Former reference: F.372

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/3  1977-1979

Former reference: F.373

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/4  1980-1985

Former reference: F.374

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/5  1986-1987

Former reference: F.375

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/6  1988

Former reference: F.376

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/7  1989

Former reference: F.377

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/8  1990

Former reference: F.378

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/9  1991

Former reference: F.379

Invitations, notices and circulars  KELLER/F/3/10  1995

Former reference: F.380


Former reference: F.381-F.386

6 items

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/1  1967-1968

Former reference: F.381

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/2  1971-1972

Former reference: F.382

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/3  1973-1974

Former reference: F.383

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/4  1975

Former reference: F.384

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/5  1976-1979

Former reference: F.385

Invitations declined  KELLER/F/4/6  1985-1998

Former reference: F.386


Former reference: SECTION G

140 items

This section documents Keller's involvement as member, officer and/or consultant with 50 UK, overseas and international bodies. In alphabetical order.


Former reference: G.1

1 item

Keller's response to circular letter to members of the Academia Europaea relating to 'Identifying and Remedying Gaps in European Science'.


Former reference: G.2

1 item

'Brain Drain' questionnaire with Keller's response.


Former reference: G.3

1 item

Correspondence and papers re Keller's consultancy services in respect of a U.S. patent application by the company.


Former reference: G.4, G.5

2 items

Correspondence and papers re visit to Hungary by Keller (1972) and visits to Britain by overseas scientists under British Council auspices. 2 folders.


Former reference: G.6-G.8

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller served as a consultant.

Correspondence and papers re consultancy arrangements, patent questions, etc. 3 folders.


Former reference: G.9

1 item

Correspondence and papers re conference on 'Deformation and flow in High Polymer Systems'


Former reference: G.10-G.15

6 items

Administrative history:
Keller was Professor Associate and Consultant on the BRITE-EURAM Programme in the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing.

Correspondence and papers re research and teaching, background material re Brunel University etc.


Former reference: G.16

1 item

Brief correspondence re nomination to Comité Scientifique de l'Unité Propre de Recherche intituleé 'Institut Charles Sadron', agenda for meeting of committee.


Former reference: G.17-G.25

9 items

Chiefly relating to Keller's service on Chemical Society Faraday Division Organising Committee for the 1979 discussion meeting (see F.214-F.224). For material relating to the Macro Group UK, see under M.

General correspondence and papers  KELLER/G/9/1  1973-1986

Former reference: G.17

Correspondence and papers re Chemical Society Faraday Division Discussion on Organization of Macromolecules in the Condensed Phase, Cambridge, 25-27 September 1979  KELLER/G/9/2  1977-1979

Former reference: G.18-G.25

8 items

8 folders.

COLLAGEN CLUB  KELLER/G/10  1979, n.d.

Former reference: G.26

1 item

Copy of proposed constitution sent to members August 1979 and programme of club meeting, 21 September, no year.


Former reference: G.27-G.64

19 items

Administrative history:
The project on Structure DEvelopment during solidification in the processing of CRYstalline POlymers (DECRYPO) was funded by the European Commission under the BRITE/EURAM III (Industrial & Materials Technologies) Programme. Partners included Brunel University and DSM Research BV. Keller often refers to the project as DECRYPTO.

Project proposal and related papers  KELLER/G/11/1  1995

Former reference: G.27, G.28

2 folders.

'Annex 1 Work Programme', 15 January 1996  KELLER/G/11/2  1996

Former reference: G.29

Papers re 'Kick-Off' meeting, Brunel, 1-2 April 1996  KELLER/G/11/3  1996

Former reference: G.30

Includes letter from Keller to M.J. Bevis at Brunel re his own position in the project, 26 March 1996.

Consortium Agreement 'made the day of Apr 1st 1996'  KELLER/G/11/4  1996

Former reference: G.31

Correspondence and papers re DECRYPO 96 Symposium, Linz, Austria, 3-5 October 1996  KELLER/G/11/5  1996

Former reference: G.32-G.34

3 folders.

Correspondence re informal discussion meeting at Eindhoven, 4-5 February 1997.  KELLER/G/11/6  1997

Former reference: G.35

Correspondence and papers re DECRYPO meeting at Mondello, near Palermo, Sicily, 3-4 April 1997  KELLER/G/11/7  1997

Former reference: G.36, G.37

2 folders.

'Decrypto'  KELLER/G/11/8  1997

Former reference: G.38, G.39

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: 'Suggestions for Eindhoven Discussions, 4-5 February', 'Agenda for Decrypo meeting April 3-4 1997'. transparencies, manuscript notes etc.

'Decrypto A.K. Discussion Material'  KELLER/G/11/9  1997

Former reference: G.40

Contents of envelope so inscribed: includes 'Suggestions for Eindhoven Discussions' and 'Suggestions for Scientific Agenda, Decrypto [sic] Meeting Palermo'

'Decrypto Palermo'  KELLER/G/11/10  1997

Former reference: G.41, G.42

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: includes manuscript notes and photocopied material.

'Decrypto Palermo talk'  KELLER/G/11/11  1996-1997

Former reference: G.43-G.45

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into three for ease of reference: includes transparencies, manuscript notes and photocopied material. At G.45 is programme for Materials Research Society meeting on Polymer materials physics, San Francisco, 31 March-4 April 1997, that Keller attended immediately before the Palermo/Mondello meeting.

Correspondence and papers re DECRYPO meeting, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, 9-10 October 1997.  KELLER/G/11/12  1997

Former reference: G.46, G.47

2 folders.

'Decrypo Louvain 1997 Transparencies'  KELLER/G/11/13  1997

Former reference: G.48

Contents of folder so inscribed: includes manuscript notes

'Louvain Spares'  KELLER/G/11/14  [1997]

Former reference: G.49

Contents of folder so inscribed: transparencies.

Correspondence and papers re DECRYPO meeting, Maastricht, Netherlands, 16-17 April 1998  KELLER/G/11/15  1998

Former reference: G.50

Correspondence and papers re DECRYPO Symposium and Progress Meeting, Rust, Austria, 8 October - 10 October 1998  KELLER/G/11/16  1998

Former reference: G.51

Miscellaneous correspondence and papers  KELLER/G/11/17  [1996] -1998, n.d.

Former reference: G.52

Progress Reports  KELLER/G/11/18  1996-1998

Former reference: G.53-G.63

11 reports from a series of 15. Reports nos 9-12 missing.

Background material  KELLER/G/11/19  N.d.

Former reference: G.64


Former reference: G.65

1 item

Correspondence and papers re consultancy agreement.


Former reference: G.66-G.68

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller was a consultant for DSM. DSM also supported Keller's research at Bristol, see C.318-C.322.

Correspondence and papers re consultancy agreements, patent cases, etc 1 folder and 2 bundles of patent case papers..


Former reference: G.69

1 item

Correspondence and papers re consultancy.


Former reference: G.70, G.71

2 items

Administrative history:
Keller was elected chairman of the Macromolecular Section in 1984.

Correspondence and papers re Macromolecular Section etc. 2 folders.


Former reference: G.72

1 item

Papers re meetings.


Former reference: G.73-G.75

1 item

In Hungarian.


Former reference: G.76-G.81

6 items

Administrative history:
Keller was a consultant for ICI. ICI also supported Keller's research at Bristol, see C.328-C.338.

Correspondence re consultancy arrangements, visits, research etc. 6 folders.


Former reference: G.82

1 item

AGM notice only.


Former reference: G.83

1 item

Survey re education and training needs in materials technology.


Former reference: G.84-G.88

3 items

Related information: For material relating to the Polymer Physics Group, see G.130-G.149.

General correspondence and papers  KELLER/G/21/1  1972-1979

Former reference: G.84-G.86

Much of this material was circulated to Keller as Chairman of the Polymer Physics Group. 3 folders.

Crystallography Group  KELLER/G/21/2  1977

Former reference: G.87

Newsletter no.50, July 1977

Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group  KELLER/G/21/3  1966

Former reference: G.88

Includes Newsletters, June and October 1966


Former reference: G.89

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was appointed to serve on the Agency's Advisory Group on 'Stabilization of Polymers and Organic Materials in Radiation Field '

Correspondence and papers re appointment to Advisory Group and meeting.


Former reference: G.90-G.100

11 items

Administrative history:
At the 1972 General Assembly Keller was elected a member of the IUPAP Solid State Commission.

Correspondence and papers re the work of the Solid State Commission. 11 folders.

MACRO GROUP UK  KELLER/G/24  1980-1990

Former reference: G.101-G.103

3 items

Bulletins, July 1980 and January 1981  KELLER/G/24/1  1980-1981

Former reference: G.101

Bulletins, July 1985 and January 1987  KELLER/G/24/2  1985, 1987

Former reference: G.102

Circular and call for papers, etc for meeting on the aspects of synthetic and natural polymers  KELLER/G/24/3  1990

Former reference: G.103


Former reference: G.104

1 item

Keller's withdrawal from membership only


Former reference: G.105-G.107

3 items

Correspondence re Materials Science Club prize (awarded to Keller), membership, meeting, article for Bulletin  KELLER/G/26/1  1969

Former reference: G.105

Bulletin, March 1970  KELLER/G/26/2  1970

Former reference: G.106

Bulletin, December 1970  KELLER/G/26/3  1970

Former reference: G.107


Former reference: G.108-G.110

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller served on the MRC's Cell Board Subcommittee Visit to the Division of Structural Studies of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, 8 March 1979.

Correspondence and papers re Subcommittee visit. 3 folders.


Former reference: G.111

1 item

Brief correspondence re visit in connexion with research on polymer crystallisation, weekend courses in chemistry and physics at the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, etc.


Former reference: G.112

1 item

Brief correspondence re weekend course at the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham,


Former reference: G.113

1 item

Correspondence and papers re mutual resaearch interests and consultancy agreement.


Former reference: G.114

1 item

Annual Reports 1976-1977 and list of members with covering letter from the Secretary of the Group, '9.1.1978'.


Former reference: G.115-G.117

3 items

Correspondence re membership, meetings, etc. 3 folders.


Former reference: G.118-G.125

2 items

Related information: See also F.250, F.251.

Administrative history:
The Polymer Engineering Directorate was an arm of the Science Research Council. The Director was A.A.L.Challis.

General correspondence and papers re research proposals, meetings, visits, etc.  KELLER/G/33/1  undated

Former reference: G.118-G.120

3 folders.

Correspondence and papers re PEAL [Polymer Chain Entanglements and Adsorbed Layers] Committee  KELLER/G/33/2  1978-1979

Former reference: G.121-G.125

The Committee, of which Keller was a member, had the remit of assessing the importance of chain entanglements in general and in absorbed layers in particular in polymer processing and their influence, if any, on product properties. It was chaired by Challis, the Director of the PED. 5 folders.


Former reference: G.126, G.127

2 items

Administrative history:
The Group's remit was to promote research and development for the plastics and rubber industries.

Correspondence and papers re meeting and research proposal. 2 folders.


Former reference: G.128, G.129

2 items

Correspondence and papers. Principally re technology agreement between Polymer Laboratories Ltd and Bristol University in respect of elongation flow instrumentation. 2 folders.


Former reference: G.130-G.149

13 items

Administrative history:
In 1963 Keller and I.M. Ward carried out a preliminary survey to explore reactions to the forming of a group which might serve as a platform for those working in polymers, especially in physics and physical chemistry, to meet, present and discuss their work. A Polymer Physics Meeting was held at Shrivenham, April 1964 where the aims and status of a Polymer Physics Group was discussed. Initially an independent British Polymer Physics Group, it subsequently became a joint Group of the Institute of Physics and Chemical Society/Royal Society of Chemistry. Keller served the Group in many capacities, including membership of the original committee and Group chairman 1976-1981.

Correspondence and papers re the founding of the Group, business and scientific meetings, relations with sponsoring organisations etc. The bulk of the material is from the period of Keller's chairmanship.

Correspondence and papers re proposal to form a Polymer Physics Group  KELLER/G/36/1  1963

Former reference: G.130

Papers re Polymer Physics Meeting, Shrivenham, 1-3 April 1964  KELLER/G/36/2  1964

Former reference: G.131

Correspondence and papers re meetings  KELLER/G/36/3  1965-1967

Former reference: G.132

Correspondence and papers re meetings  KELLER/G/36/4  1968

Former reference: G.133, G.134

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers including draft constitution and rules for the group for consideration of the Group Committee, 5 December 1974  KELLER/G/36/5  1971-1975

Former reference: G.135

Contents of envelope inscribed 'Prof I made some notes on the Chemical Society meeting on Dec 9th about the proposed Review Symposium [on Polymers]. Graham'  KELLER/G/36/6  1975-1976

Former reference: G.136

Includes paper on proposed symposium and second draft constitution and rules of the Polymer Physics Group.

Correspondence and papers including papers re proposed union of the Society of Chemical Industry's Plastics and Polymer Group and the Macromolecular Group of the Chemical Society  KELLER/G/36/7  1976

Former reference: G.137

'For meeting Dec. 16 [1976]. On merger'  KELLER/G/36/8  1976

Former reference: G.138, G.139

Contents of folder so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference: correspondence and papers re proposed union of the Society of Chemical Industry's Plastics and Polymer Group and the Macromolecular Group of the Chemical Society.

Correspondence and papers re Group meetings, relations with other Groups etc.  KELLER/G/36/9  1977

Former reference: G.140, G.141

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re meetings etc  KELLER/G/36/10  1978

Former reference: G.142, G.143

Administrative history:
At G.142 is a copy of Macromolecular Group Bulletin, January 1978.

2 folders.

Correspondence and papers re meetings, etc  KELLER/G/36/11  1979

Former reference: G.144-G.147

4 folders.

Includes poster for 21st Anniversary Biennial meeting 1964-1985, 11-13 September 1985  KELLER/G/36/12  1983-1987

Former reference: G.148

Correspondence and papers re meetings  KELLER/G/36/13  1989-1991

Former reference: G.149

RAYCHEM  KELLER/G/37  1980, 1985

Former reference: G.150

1 item

Includes 'Report on Visits to the Universities of Akron and Massachusetts (in response to Raychem request)' by Keller, 18 June 1980. 1985 papers include letter re Keller's renewed consultancy agreement.


Former reference: G.151

1 item

Brief correspondence re meeting which Keller helped to organise.


Former reference: G.152-G.156

5 items

Administrative history:
Keller was elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society in 1972 (Rumford Medal 1994). In 1972 he visited Hungary under the Royal Society/Hungarian Academy of Sciences arrangements on exchanges. He served on Government Grant Board B, the Warren Research Fund Committee and Sectional Committee 2.

General correspondence and papers. 5 folders.


Former reference: G.157

1 item

Correspondence and papers re the RAPRA Polymer Supply and Characterisation Centre.


Former reference: G.158-G.161

4 items

Related information: For material relating to the Polymer Engineering Directorate see G.118-G.125.

Administrative history:
Keller served on a number of SRC bodies including the High Voltage Electron Microscope Panel and the Engineering Board Polymer Science Committee.

Correspondence and papers including papers on synchroton radiation research (G.159, G.160). 4 folders.


Former reference: G.162

1 item

Brief correspondence, calculations re discussions with Standard Telephones concerning polyethylene moulding problems.


Former reference: G.163

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller represented the British Polymer Physics Group.

Papers re first meeting of Council.


Former reference: G.163A

Correspondence re visit to Naval Research Laboratory, Arlington, Virginia.


Former reference: G.164-G.167

4 items

Related information: See also B.69, B.70.

Correspondence and papers. 3 folders and bound proposal document. This material relates to a proposed Interdisciplinary Research Centre in High Performance Materials Applications bringing together academics from the Universities of Bath and Bristol and Bristol Polytechnic.


Former reference: G.168

1 item

Administrative history:
Keller was a member of the University's Standing Panel of Experts in Crystallography.

Brief correspondence re re-appointment and continuing service.


Former reference: G.169, G.170

2 itemS

Papers re M.Sc course in Radiation and Environmental Protection. 2 folders.


Former reference: G.171

1 item

Includes Progress Reports.


Former reference: G.172-G.174

3 items

Administrative history:
The WEMMA is an independent regional scientific - technological association comprising the counties west of London. In October 1975 Keller lectured to the Association on the 'Crystallisation of Polymers'. He served as President of the Association, 1991-1993 and gave a Presidential Address on 'Basic Research and Application: Some Case Histories in Polymer Science and Technology' in May 1992.

Correspondence and papers. 3 folders.

3M  KELLER/G/50  1991-1996, n.d.

Former reference: G.175-G.177

3 items

Administrative history:
Keller was a consultant for 3M. The company also supported Keller's polymer research at Bristol (C.454-C.456). He also gave lecture courses at 3M's headquarters in the US.

Correspondence re research, teaching, visits etc. 3 folders.

CORRESPONDENCE, H.1-H.595  KELLER/H/  1955-1999

Former reference: SECTION H

590 items


Former reference: H.1-H.557

557 items

This sequence follows Keller's arrangement of his correspondence files by year and alphabetically within the year. No correspondence arranged thus survives before 1966 and even within the chronological sequence the correspondence for a number of years, 1980-1983, is completely missing. In addition a number of years, for example 1970 and 1971, are represented by an incomplete alphabetical sequence. A late discovery, correspondence for 1972, is presented at H.577-H.595. The correspondence deals with a wide range of Keller's activities as a research scientist including some represented elsewhere in the catalogue such as lectures, publications and visits and conferences.

1966  KELLER/H/1/1  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.1-H.19

19 items

A  KELLER/H/1/1/1  1966

Former reference: H.1

B  KELLER/H/1/1/2  1966

Former reference: H.2

C  KELLER/H/1/1/3  1966

Former reference: H.3

D  KELLER/H/1/1/4  1966

Former reference: H.4

E  KELLER/H/1/1/5  1966

Former reference: H.5

F  KELLER/H/1/1/6  1966

Former reference: H.6

G  KELLER/H/1/1/7  1966

Former reference: H.7

H  KELLER/H/1/1/8  1966

Former reference: H.8

I, J  KELLER/H/1/1/9  1966

Former reference: H.9

Ka - Kob  KELLER/H/1/1/10  1966

Former reference: H.10

Körösy, F.  KELLER/H/1/1/11  1966

Former reference: H.11

Kot - Kri  KELLER/H/1/1/12  1966

Former reference: H.12

M  KELLER/H/1/1/13  1966

Former reference: H.13

N  KELLER/H/1/1/14  1966

Former reference: H.14

P  KELLER/H/1/1/15  1966

Former reference: H.15

R  KELLER/H/1/1/16  1966

Former reference: H.16

S  KELLER/H/1/1/17  1966

Former reference: H.17

T, V  KELLER/H/1/1/18  1966

Former reference: H.18

W  KELLER/H/1/1/19  1966

Former reference: H.19

1967  KELLER/H/1/2  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.20-H.40

21 items

A  KELLER/H/1/2/1  1967

Former reference: H.20

Ba -Be  KELLER/H/1/2/2  1967

Former reference: H.21

Bi - Bu  KELLER/H/1/2/3  1967

Former reference: H.22

C  KELLER/H/1/2/4  1967

Former reference: H.23

D, E  KELLER/H/1/2/5  1967

Former reference: H.24

F  KELLER/H/1/2/6  1967

Former reference: H.25

G  KELLER/H/1/2/7  1967

Former reference: H.26

Ha - He  KELLER/H/1/2/8  1967

Former reference: H.27

Hi  KELLER/H/1/2/9  1967

Former reference: H.28

Ho - Hu  KELLER/H/1/2/10  1967

Former reference: H.29

I, J  KELLER/H/1/2/11  1967

Former reference: H.30

K  KELLER/H/1/2/12  1967

Former reference: H.31

L  KELLER/H/1/2/13  1967

Former reference: H.32

M  KELLER/H/1/2/14  1967

Former reference: H.33

Noether, H.D.  KELLER/H/1/2/15  1967

Former reference: H.34

O  KELLER/H/1/2/16  1967

Former reference: H.35

P  KELLER/H/1/2/17  1967

Former reference: H.36

R  KELLER/H/1/2/18  1967

Former reference: H.37

S  KELLER/H/1/2/19  1967

Former reference: H.38

T,U  KELLER/H/1/2/20  1967

Former reference: H.39

W, Z  KELLER/H/1/2/21  1967

Former reference: H.40

1968  KELLER/H/1/3  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.41-H.58

18 items

A  KELLER/H/1/3/1  1968

Former reference: H.41

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/3/2  1968

Former reference: H.42

Bi - Bu  KELLER/H/1/3/3  1968

Former reference: H.43

C  KELLER/H/1/3/4  1968

Former reference: H.44

D, E  KELLER/H/1/3/5  1968

Former reference: H.45

F  KELLER/H/1/3/6  1968

Former reference: H.46

G  KELLER/H/1/3/7  1968

Former reference: H.47

H  KELLER/H/1/3/8  1968

Former reference: H.48

I, J  KELLER/H/1/3/9  1968

Former reference: H.49

K, L  KELLER/H/1/3/10  1968

Former reference: H.50

M, O  KELLER/H/1/3/11  1968

Former reference: H.51

P  KELLER/H/1/3/12  1968

Former reference: H.52

Point, J.J.  KELLER/H/1/3/13  1968

Former reference: H.53

R  KELLER/H/1/3/14  1968

Former reference: H.54

Sa - Sta  KELLER/H/1/3/15  1968

Former reference: H.55

Ste - Sz  KELLER/H/1/3/16  1968

Former reference: H.56

T  KELLER/H/1/3/17  1968

Former reference: H.57

W  KELLER/H/1/3/18  1968

Former reference: H.58

1969  KELLER/H/1/4  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.59-H.70

12 items

Correspondence runs from B-K only.

Ba  KELLER/H/1/4/1  1969

Former reference: H.59

Be - By  KELLER/H/1/4/2  1969

Former reference: H.60

C  KELLER/H/1/4/3  1969

Former reference: H.61

D  KELLER/H/1/4/4  1969

Former reference: H.62

E  KELLER/H/1/4/5  1969

Former reference: H.63

F  KELLER/H/1/4/6  1969

Former reference: H.64

G  KELLER/H/1/4/7  1969

Former reference: H.65

Ha - Hi  KELLER/H/1/4/8  1969

Former reference: H.66

Hoffman, J.D.  KELLER/H/1/4/9  1969

Former reference: H.67

Hol - Hy  KELLER/H/1/4/10  1969

Former reference: H.68

I - J  KELLER/H/1/4/11  1969

Former reference: H.69

K  KELLER/H/1/4/12  1969

Former reference: H.70

1970  KELLER/H/1/5  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.71-H.84

14 items

Correspondence runs from A-M only.

A  KELLER/H/1/5/1  1970

Former reference: H.71

Ba  KELLER/H/1/5/2  1970

Former reference: H.72

Be - Bo  KELLER/H/1/5/3  1970

Former reference: H.73

C  KELLER/H/1/5/4  1970

Former reference: H.74

D  KELLER/H/1/5/5  1970

Former reference: H.75

E  KELLER/H/1/5/6  1970

Former reference: H.76

F  KELLER/H/1/5/7  1970

Former reference: H.77

Ga - Ge  KELLER/H/1/5/8  1970

Former reference: H.78

Go - Gu  KELLER/H/1/5/9  1970

Former reference: H.79

Ha  KELLER/H/1/5/10  1970

Former reference: H.80

He - Hy  KELLER/H/1/5/11  1970

Former reference: H.81

I, J  KELLER/H/1/5/12  1970

Former reference: H.82

K  KELLER/H/1/5/13  1970

Former reference: H.83

M  KELLER/H/1/5/14  1970

Former reference: H.84

1971  KELLER/H/1/6  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.85-H.96

12 items

A  KELLER/H/1/6/1  1971

Former reference: H.85

Ba  KELLER/H/1/6/2  1971

Former reference: H.86

Be - Bu  KELLER/H/1/6/3  1971

Former reference: H.87

C  KELLER/H/1/6/4  1971

Former reference: H.88

D, E  KELLER/H/1/6/5  1971

Former reference: H.89

F  KELLER/H/1/6/6  1971

Former reference: H.90

G  KELLER/H/1/6/7  1971

Former reference: H.91

H  KELLER/H/1/6/8  1971

Former reference: H.92

I, J  KELLER/H/1/6/9  1971

Former reference: H.93

K  KELLER/H/1/6/10  1971

Former reference: H.94

S  KELLER/H/1/6/11  1971

Former reference: H.95

U - W  KELLER/H/1/6/12  1971

Former reference: H.96

1973  KELLER/H/1/7  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.97-H.117

21 items

A  KELLER/H/1/7/1  1973

Former reference: H.97

Ba  KELLER/H/1/7/2  1973

Former reference: H.98

Be - Bu  KELLER/H/1/7/3  1973

Former reference: H.99

C  KELLER/H/1/7/4  1973

Former reference: H.100

D  KELLER/H/1/7/5  1973

Former reference: H.101

E, F  KELLER/H/1/7/6  1973

Former reference: H.102

G  KELLER/H/1/7/7  1973

Former reference: H.103

H  KELLER/H/1/7/8  1973

Former reference: H.104

J  KELLER/H/1/7/9  1973

Former reference: H.105

K  KELLER/H/1/7/10  1973

Former reference: H.106

L  KELLER/H/1/7/11  1973

Former reference: H.107

M  KELLER/H/1/7/12  1973

Former reference: H.108

N, O  KELLER/H/1/7/13  1973

Former reference: H.109

Pa - Pe  KELLER/H/1/7/14  1973

Former reference: H.110

Point, J.J.  KELLER/H/1/7/15  1973

Former reference: H.111

Po - Pu  KELLER/H/1/7/16  1973

Former reference: H.112

R  KELLER/H/1/7/17  1973

Former reference: H.113

S  KELLER/H/1/7/18  1973

Former reference: H.114

T, V  KELLER/H/1/7/19  1973

Former reference: H.115

W  KELLER/H/1/7/20  1973

Former reference: H.116

Y, Z  KELLER/H/1/7/21  1973

Former reference: H.117

1974  KELLER/H/1/8  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.118-H.142

25 items

A  KELLER/H/1/8/1  1974

Former reference: H.118

Ba  KELLER/H/1/8/2  1974

Former reference: H.119

Be - Br  KELLER/H/1/8/3  1974

Former reference: H.120

C  KELLER/H/1/8/4  1974

Former reference: H.121

D  KELLER/H/1/8/5  1974

Former reference: H.122

E  KELLER/H/1/8/6  1974

Former reference: H.123

Fa - Fl  KELLER/H/1/8/7  1974

Former reference: H.124

Fo - Fy  KELLER/H/1/8/8  1974

Former reference: H.125

G  KELLER/H/1/8/9  1974

Former reference: H.126

Ha - He  KELLER/H/1/8/10  1974

Former reference: H.127

Hi - Hu  KELLER/H/1/8/11  1974

Former reference: H.128

I, J  KELLER/H/1/8/12  1974

Former reference: H.129

K  KELLER/H/1/8/13  1974

Former reference: H.130

L  KELLER/H/1/8/14  1974

Former reference: H.131

McA - Mar  KELLER/H/1/8/15  1974

Former reference: H.132

Mo - My  KELLER/H/1/8/16  1974

Former reference: H.133

N  KELLER/H/1/8/17  1974

Former reference: H.134

O  KELLER/H/1/8/18  1974

Former reference: H.135

Pa - Pea  KELLER/H/1/8/19  1974

Former reference: H.136

Pen - Py  KELLER/H/1/8/20  1974

Former reference: H.137

R  KELLER/H/1/8/21  1974

Former reference: H.138

Sa - Si  KELLER/H/1/8/22  1974

Former reference: H.139

Sm - Sz  KELLER/H/1/8/23  1974

Former reference: H.140

T  KELLER/H/1/8/24  1974

Former reference: H.141

V-Z  KELLER/H/1/8/25  1974

Former reference: H.142

1975  KELLER/H/1/9  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.143-H.170

28 items

A  KELLER/H/1/9/1  1975

Former reference: H.143

Ba  KELLER/H/1/9/2  1975

Former reference: H.144

Be - Bu  KELLER/H/1/9/3  1975

Former reference: H.145

Cannon, C.G.  KELLER/H/1/9/4  1975

Former reference: H.146

Cha  KELLER/H/1/9/5  1975

Former reference: H.147

Cl - Cu  KELLER/H/1/9/6  1975

Former reference: H.148

D  KELLER/H/1/9/7  1975

Former reference: H.149

E  KELLER/H/1/9/8  1975

Former reference: H.150

F  KELLER/H/1/9/9  1975

Former reference: H.151

G  KELLER/H/1/9/10  1975

Former reference: H.152

Ha  KELLER/H/1/9/11  1975

Former reference: H.153

He  KELLER/H/1/9/12  1975

Former reference: H.154

Ho - Hu  KELLER/H/1/9/13  1975

Former reference: H.155

Ja  KELLER/H/1/9/14  1975

Former reference: H.156

Jennings, B.R.  KELLER/H/1/9/15  1975

Former reference: H.157

K  KELLER/H/1/9/16  1975

Former reference: H.158

L  KELLER/H/1/9/17  1975

Former reference: H.159

Mc, Ma  KELLER/H/1/9/18  1975

Former reference: H.160

Me - Mi  KELLER/H/1/9/19  1975

Former reference: H.161

Mo  KELLER/H/1/9/20  1975

Former reference: H.162

N  KELLER/H/1/9/21  1975

Former reference: H.163

Overbergh, N.  KELLER/H/1/9/22  1975

Former reference: H.164

P  KELLER/H/1/9/23  1975

Former reference: H.165

Rault, J.  KELLER/H/1/9/24  1975

Former reference: H.166

S  KELLER/H/1/9/25  1975

Former reference: H.167

T  KELLER/H/1/9/26  1975

Former reference: H.168

U, V  KELLER/H/1/9/27  1975

Former reference: H.169

W - Z  KELLER/H/1/9/28  1975

Former reference: H.170

1976  KELLER/H/1/10  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.171-H.182

14 items

A - B  KELLER/H/1/10/1  1976

Former reference: H.171

C - E  KELLER/H/1/10/2  1976

Former reference: H.171A

F, G  KELLER/H/1/10/3  1976

Former reference: H.172

H  KELLER/H/1/10/4  1976

Former reference: H.172A

J, K  KELLER/H/1/10/5  1976

Former reference: H.173

M  KELLER/H/1/10/6  1976

Former reference: H.174

N, O  KELLER/H/1/10/7  1976

Former reference: H.175

P, R  KELLER/H/1/10/8  1976

Former reference: H.176

S  KELLER/H/1/10/9  1976

Former reference: H.177

T  KELLER/H/1/10/10  1976

Former reference: H.178

V  KELLER/H/1/10/11  1976

Former reference: H.179

Wa - We  KELLER/H/1/10/12  1976

Former reference: H.180

Wh - Wr  KELLER/H/1/10/13  1976

Former reference: H.181

Z  KELLER/H/1/10/14  1976

Former reference: H.182

1977  KELLER/H/1/11  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.183-H.211

28 items

Ag - Ah  KELLER/H/1/11/1  1977

Former reference: H.183

Al - Ap  KELLER/H/1/11/2  1977

Former reference: H.184

Atkins, E.D.T.  KELLER/H/1/11/3  1977

Former reference: H.185, H.186

2 folders.

Ba  KELLER/H/1/11/4  1977

Former reference: H.187

Be - Bu  KELLER/H/1/11/5  1977

Former reference: H.188

C  KELLER/H/1/11/6  1977

Former reference: H.189

D  KELLER/H/1/11/7  1977

Former reference: H.190

E  KELLER/H/1/11/8  1977

Former reference: H.191

F  KELLER/H/1/11/9  1977

Former reference: H.192

G  KELLER/H/1/11/10  1977

Former reference: H.193

Ha  KELLER/H/1/11/11  1977

Former reference: H.194

He - Hu  KELLER/H/1/11/12  1977

Former reference: H.195

I, J  KELLER/H/1/11/13  1977

Former reference: H.196

K  KELLER/H/1/11/14  1977

Former reference: H.197

Mc  KELLER/H/1/11/15  1977

Former reference: H.198

Mac - Mag  KELLER/H/1/11/16  1977

Former reference: H.199

Mar - Mu  KELLER/H/1/11/17  1977

Former reference: H.200

N  KELLER/H/1/11/18  1977

Former reference: H.201

Overbergh, N.  KELLER/H/1/11/19  1977

Former reference: H.202

Pa - Poi  KELLER/H/1/11/20  1977

Former reference: H.203

Pope, D.P.  KELLER/H/1/11/21  1977

Former reference: H.204

Por - Pye  KELLER/H/1/11/22  1977

Former reference: H.205

R  KELLER/H/1/11/23  1977

Former reference: H.206

S  KELLER/H/1/11/24  1977

Former reference: H.207

T, V  KELLER/H/1/11/25  1977

Former reference: H.208

W,Y  KELLER/H/1/11/26  1977

Former reference: H.209

Za - Ze  KELLER/H/1/11/27  1977

Former reference: H.210

Zi  KELLER/H/1/11/28  1977

Former reference: H.211

1978  KELLER/H/1/12  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.212-H.235

24 items

A  KELLER/H/1/12/1  1978

Former reference: H.212

Bae - Bai  KELLER/H/1/12/2  1978

Former reference: H.213

Bal - Bar  KELLER/H/1/12/3  1978

Former reference: H.214

Bo - Br  KELLER/H/1/12/4  1978

Former reference: H.215

C, D  KELLER/H/1/12/5  1978

Former reference: H.216

E, F  KELLER/H/1/12/6  1978

Former reference: H.217

G  KELLER/H/1/12/7  1978

Former reference: H.218

H  KELLER/H/1/12/8  1978

Former reference: H.219

I, J  KELLER/H/1/12/9  1978

Former reference: H.220

K, L  KELLER/H/1/12/10  1978

Former reference: H.221

Mc, Ma  KELLER/H/1/12/11  1978

Former reference: H.222

Me - Mo  KELLER/H/1/12/12  1978

Former reference: H.223

O  KELLER/H/1/12/13  1978

Former reference: H.224

Pa  KELLER/H/1/12/14  1978

Former reference: H.225

Pe - Po  KELLER/H/1/12/15  1978

Former reference: H.226

R  KELLER/H/1/12/16  1978

Former reference: H.227

Sc  KELLER/H/1/12/17  1978

Former reference: H.228

Shah, J.S.  KELLER/H/1/12/18  1978

Former reference: H.229

Sh - Sp  KELLER/H/1/12/19  1978

Former reference: H.230

St - Su  KELLER/H/1/12/20  1978

Former reference: H.231

T  KELLER/H/1/12/21  1978

Former reference: H.232

U, V  KELLER/H/1/12/22  1978

Former reference: H.233

W  KELLER/H/1/12/23  1978

Former reference: H.234

Y, Z  KELLER/H/1/12/24  1978

Former reference: H.235

1979  KELLER/H/1/13  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.236-H.265

30 items

A  KELLER/H/1/13/1  1979

Former reference: H.236

Ba  KELLER/H/1/13/2  1979

Former reference: H.237

Be  KELLER/H/1/13/3  1979

Former reference: H.238

Bl - Bu  KELLER/H/1/13/4  1979

Former reference: H.239

C  KELLER/H/1/13/5  1979

Former reference: H.240

Da - Do  KELLER/H/1/13/6  1979

Former reference: H.241

Du Pont of Canada Ltd  KELLER/H/1/13/7  1979

Former reference: H.242

E  KELLER/H/1/13/8  1979

Former reference: H.243

F  KELLER/H/1/13/9  1979

Former reference: H.244

Ga - Go  KELLER/H/1/13/10  1979

Former reference: H.245

Gr  KELLER/H/1/13/11  1979

Former reference: H.246

Gu  KELLER/H/1/13/12  1979

Former reference: H.247

Ha  KELLER/H/1/13/13  1979

Former reference: H.248

He  KELLER/H/1/13/14  1979

Former reference: H.249

Hi - Hu  KELLER/H/1/13/15  1979

Former reference: H.250

I, J  KELLER/H/1/13/16  1979

Former reference: H.251

K  KELLER/H/1/13/17  1979

Former reference: H.252

L  KELLER/H/1/13/18  1979

Former reference: H.253

Mac - Mag  KELLER/H/1/13/19  1979

Former reference: H.254

Man - Mar  KELLER/H/1/13/20  1979

Former reference: H.255

N, O  KELLER/H/1/13/21  1979

Former reference: H.256

Pa - Pe  KELLER/H/1/13/22  1979

Former reference: H.257

Pi - Po  KELLER/H/1/13/23  1979

Former reference: H.258

R  KELLER/H/1/13/24  1979

Former reference: H.259

Sa - Sh  KELLER/H/1/13/25  1979

Former reference: H.260

Si - Su  KELLER/H/1/13/26  1979

Former reference: H.261

T  KELLER/H/1/13/27  1979

Former reference: H.262

U, V  KELLER/H/1/13/28  1979

Former reference: H.263

W  KELLER/H/1/13/29  1979

Former reference: H.264

Y, Z  KELLER/H/1/13/30  1979

Former reference: H.265

1984  KELLER/H/1/14  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.266-H.286

21 items

A  KELLER/H/1/14/1  1984

Former reference: H.266

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/14/2  1984

Former reference: H.267

Bo - Br  KELLER/H/1/14/3  1984

Former reference: H.268

C  KELLER/H/1/14/4  1984

Former reference: H.269

D  KELLER/H/1/14/5  1984

Former reference: H.270

E, F  KELLER/H/1/14/6  1984

Former reference: H.271

G  KELLER/H/1/14/7  1984

Former reference: H.272

H  KELLER/H/1/14/8  1984

Former reference: H.273

Ka  KELLER/H/1/14/9  1984

Former reference: H.274

Kl - Ku  KELLER/H/1/14/10  1984

Former reference: H.275

L  KELLER/H/1/14/11  1984

Former reference: H.276

Ma - Mi  KELLER/H/1/14/12  1984

Former reference: H.277

Mo  KELLER/H/1/14/13  1984

Former reference: H.278

N - O  KELLER/H/1/14/14  1984

Former reference: H.279

P  KELLER/H/1/14/15  1984

Former reference: H.280

R  KELLER/H/1/14/16  1984

Former reference: H.281

S  KELLER/H/1/14/17  1984

Former reference: H.282

T  KELLER/H/1/14/18  1984

Former reference: H.283

U, V  KELLER/H/1/14/19  1984

Former reference: H.284

W  KELLER/H/1/14/20  1984

Former reference: H.285

Z  KELLER/H/1/14/21  1984

Former reference: H.286

1985  KELLER/H/1/15  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.287-H.312

26 items

A  KELLER/H/1/15/1  1985

Former reference: H.287

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/15/2  1985

Former reference: H.288

Bi - Bo  KELLER/H/1/15/3  1985

Former reference: H.289

Br - Bu  KELLER/H/1/15/4  1985

Former reference: H.290

Ca  KELLER/H/1/15/5  1985

Former reference: H.291

Ch - Cu  KELLER/H/1/15/6  1985

Former reference: H.292

D  KELLER/H/1/15/7  1985

Former reference: H.293

F  KELLER/H/1/15/8  1985

Former reference: H.294

Ga - Ge  KELLER/H/1/15/9  1985

Former reference: H.295

Go - Gu  KELLER/H/1/15/10  1985

Former reference: H.296

H  KELLER/H/1/15/11  1985

Former reference: H.297

I, J  KELLER/H/1/15/12  1985

Former reference: H.298

Ka - Ki  KELLER/H/1/15/13  1985

Former reference: H.299

Kl - Kr  KELLER/H/1/15/14  1985

Former reference: H.300

L  KELLER/H/1/15/15  1985

Former reference: H.301

Ma  KELLER/H/1/15/16  1985

Former reference: H.302

Me - Mo  KELLER/H/1/15/17  1985

Former reference: H.303

N, O  KELLER/H/1/15/18  1985

Former reference: H.304

Pa - Pe  KELLER/H/1/15/19  1985

Former reference: H.305

Ph - Pr  KELLER/H/1/15/20  1985

Former reference: H.306

R  KELLER/H/1/15/21  1985

Former reference: H.307

S  KELLER/H/1/15/22  1985

Former reference: H.308

T  KELLER/H/1/15/23  1985

Former reference: H.309

U, V  KELLER/H/1/15/24  1985

Former reference: H.310

W  KELLER/H/1/15/25  1985

Former reference: H.311

Y, Z  KELLER/H/1/15/26  1985

Former reference: H.312

1986  KELLER/H/1/16  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.313-H.344

32 items

Ad - Al  KELLER/H/1/16/1  1986

Former reference: H.313

An - At  KELLER/H/1/16/2  1986

Former reference: H.314

Ba  KELLER/H/1/16/3  1986

Former reference: H.315

Be - Bl  KELLER/H/1/16/4  1986

Former reference: H.316

Bo  KELLER/H/1/16/5  1986

Former reference: H.317

Br - Bu  KELLER/H/1/16/6  1986

Former reference: H.318

C  KELLER/H/1/16/7  1986

Former reference: H.319

Da - De  KELLER/H/1/16/8  1986

Former reference: H.320

Dijkgraaf, C.  KELLER/H/1/16/9  1986

Former reference: H.321

Dr - Dy  KELLER/H/1/16/10  1986

Former reference: H.322

Edwards, S.F.  KELLER/H/1/16/11  1986

Former reference: H.323

F  KELLER/H/1/16/12  1986

Former reference: H.324

G  KELLER/H/1/16/13  1986

Former reference: H.325

H  KELLER/H/1/16/14  1986

Former reference: H.326

J  KELLER/H/1/16/15  1986

Former reference: H.327

Ka - Ke  KELLER/H/1/16/16  1986

Former reference: H.328

Ki - Kr  KELLER/H/1/16/17  1986

Former reference: H.329

L  KELLER/H/1/16/18  1986

Former reference: H.330

Mac - Man  KELLER/H/1/16/19  1986

Former reference: H.331

Mar -Mat  KELLER/H/1/16/20  1986

Former reference: H.332

Me - Mo  KELLER/H/1/16/21  1986

Former reference: H.333

N, O  KELLER/H/1/16/22  1986

Former reference: H.334

Pa - Pel  KELLER/H/1/16/23  1986

Former reference: H.335

Percec, V.  KELLER/H/1/16/24  1986

Former reference: H.336

Pet - Pr  KELLER/H/1/16/25  1986

Former reference: H.337

Ra  KELLER/H/1/16/26  1986

Former reference: H.338

Re - Ru  KELLER/H/1/16/27  1986

Former reference: H.339

S  KELLER/H/1/16/28  1986

Former reference: H.340

T - V  KELLER/H/1/16/29  1986

Former reference: H.341

Wa - Wh  KELLER/H/1/16/30  1986

Former reference: H.342

Wi - Wo  KELLER/H/1/16/31  1986

Former reference: H.343

Z  KELLER/H/1/16/32  1986

Former reference: H.344

1987  KELLER/H/1/17  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.345-H.366

22 items

A  KELLER/H/1/17/1  1987

Former reference: H.345

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/17/2  1987

Former reference: H.346

Bi - Bl  KELLER/H/1/17/3  1987

Former reference: H.347

Bo - Bu  KELLER/H/1/17/4  1987

Former reference: H.348

C  KELLER/H/1/17/5  1987

Former reference: H.349

D  KELLER/H/1/17/6  1987

Former reference: H.350

E  KELLER/H/1/17/7  1987

Former reference: H.351

F  KELLER/H/1/17/8  1987

Former reference: H.352

G  KELLER/H/1/17/9  1987

Former reference: H.353

Ha - He  KELLER/H/1/17/10  1987

Former reference: H.354

Hi - Ho  KELLER/H/1/17/11  1987

Former reference: H.355

K  KELLER/H/1/17/12  1987

Former reference: H.356

Kilian, H.-G.  KELLER/H/1/17/13  1987

Former reference: H.357

M  KELLER/H/1/17/14  1987

Former reference: H.358

N, O  KELLER/H/1/17/15  1987

Former reference: H.359

P  KELLER/H/1/17/16  1987

Former reference: H.360

R  KELLER/H/1/17/17  1987

Former reference: H.361

S  KELLER/H/1/17/18  1987

Former reference: H.362

T - V  KELLER/H/1/17/19  1987

Former reference: H.363

We - Wi  KELLER/H/1/17/20  1987

Former reference: H.364

Wo - Wu  KELLER/H/1/17/21  1987

Former reference: H.365

Z  KELLER/H/1/17/22  1987

Former reference: H.366

1988  KELLER/H/1/18  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.367-H.384

18 items

A  KELLER/H/1/18/1  1988

Former reference: H.367

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/18/2  1988

Former reference: H.368

Bl  KELLER/H/1/18/3  1988

Former reference: H.369

Bo - Bu  KELLER/H/1/18/4  1988

Former reference: H.370

C  KELLER/H/1/18/5  1988

Former reference: H.371

D  KELLER/H/1/18/6  1988

Former reference: H.372

E  KELLER/H/1/18/7  1988

Former reference: H.373

F  KELLER/H/1/18/8  1988

Former reference: H.374

G  KELLER/H/1/18/9  1988

Former reference: H.375

H, J  KELLER/H/1/18/10  1988

Former reference: H.376

Ka - Ke  KELLER/H/1/18/11  1988

Former reference: H.377

Ki - Kr  KELLER/H/1/18/12  1988

Former reference: H.378

M  KELLER/H/1/18/13  1988

Former reference: H.379

N, O  KELLER/H/1/18/14  1988

Former reference: H.380

P, R  KELLER/H/1/18/15  1988

Former reference: H.381

S  KELLER/H/1/18/16  1988

Former reference: H.382

T, U  KELLER/H/1/18/17  1988

Former reference: H.383

V - Y  KELLER/H/1/18/18  1988

Former reference: H.384

1989  KELLER/H/1/19  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.385-H.409

25 items

A  KELLER/H/1/19/1  1989

Former reference: H.385

Ba  KELLER/H/1/19/2  1989

Former reference: H.386

Be  KELLER/H/1/19/3  1989

Former reference: H.387

Bi - Bl  KELLER/H/1/19/4  1989

Former reference: H.388

Bo - Bu  KELLER/H/1/19/5  1989

Former reference: H.389

Ca - Ch  KELLER/H/1/19/6  1989

Former reference: H.390

Cl - Cr  KELLER/H/1/19/7  1989

Former reference: H.391

D  KELLER/H/1/19/8  1989

Former reference: H.392

E, F  KELLER/H/1/19/9  1989

Former reference: H.393

G  KELLER/H/1/19/10  1989

Former reference: H.394

H  KELLER/H/1/19/11  1989

Former reference: H.395

J  KELLER/H/1/19/12  1989

Former reference: H.396

Ka - Ki  KELLER/H/1/19/13  1989

Former reference: H.397

Ko - Ku  KELLER/H/1/19/14  1989

Former reference: H.398

L  KELLER/H/1/19/15  1989

Former reference: H.399

Mc - Man  KELLER/H/1/19/16  1989

Former reference: H.400

Mar - Mat  KELLER/H/1/19/17  1989

Former reference: H.401

Mi - My  KELLER/H/1/19/18  1989

Former reference: H.402

N, O  KELLER/H/1/19/19  1989

Former reference: H.403

Per - Poi  KELLER/H/1/19/20  1989

Former reference: H.404

Pon - Pun  KELLER/H/1/19/21  1989

Former reference: H.405

R  KELLER/H/1/19/22  1989

Former reference: H.406

S  KELLER/H/1/19/23  1989

Former reference: H.407

T - V  KELLER/H/1/19/24  1989

Former reference: H.408

W - Z  KELLER/H/1/19/25  1989

Former reference: H.409

1990  KELLER/H/1/20  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.410-H.436

27 items

A  KELLER/H/1/20/1  1990

Former reference: H.410

B  KELLER/H/1/20/2  1990

Former reference: H.411

C  KELLER/H/1/20/3  1990

Former reference: H.412

D  KELLER/H/1/20/4  1990

Former reference: H.413

F  KELLER/H/1/20/5  1990

Former reference: H.414

G  KELLER/H/1/20/6  1990

Former reference: H.415

Ha - He  KELLER/H/1/20/7  1990

Former reference: H.416

Hikosaka, M.  KELLER/H/1/20/8  1990

Former reference: H.417

Ho, C.C.  KELLER/H/1/20/9  1990

Former reference: H.418

Hoffman, J.D.  KELLER/H/1/20/10  1990

Former reference: H.419

I, J  KELLER/H/1/20/11  1990

Former reference: H.420

Ka  KELLER/H/1/20/12  1990

Former reference: H.421

Ke - Ki  KELLER/H/1/20/13  1990

Former reference: H.422

Kl -Ku  KELLER/H/1/20/14  1990

Former reference: H.423

L  KELLER/H/1/20/15  1990

Former reference: H.424

Mc - Me  KELLER/H/1/20/16  1990

Former reference: H.425

Mi - My  KELLER/H/1/20/17  1990

Former reference: H.426

Ohara, T.  KELLER/H/1/20/18  1990

Former reference: H.427

P  KELLER/H/1/20/19  1990

Former reference: H.428

Poliakoff, M.  KELLER/H/1/20/20  1990

Former reference: H.429

R  KELLER/H/1/20/21  1990

Former reference: H.430

S  KELLER/H/1/20/22  1990

Former reference: H.431

T  KELLER/H/1/20/23  1990

Former reference: H.432

U, V  KELLER/H/1/20/24  1990

Former reference: H.433

Waddon, A.J.  KELLER/H/1/20/25  1990

Former reference: H.434

War - Wu  KELLER/H/1/20/26  1990

Former reference: H.435

X, Z  KELLER/H/1/20/27  1990

Former reference: H.436

1991  KELLER/H/1/21  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.437-H.464

26 items

A  KELLER/H/1/21/1  1991

Former reference: H.437

Ba - Be  KELLER/H/1/21/2  1991

Former reference: H.438

Bo - Bu  KELLER/H/1/21/3  1991

Former reference: H.439

C  KELLER/H/1/21/4  1991

Former reference: H.440

D  KELLER/H/1/21/5  1991

Former reference: H.441

E  KELLER/H/1/21/6  1991

Former reference: H.442

F  KELLER/H/1/21/7  1991

Former reference: H.443

Ga - Ge  KELLER/H/1/21/8  1991

Former reference: H.444

Go - Gu  KELLER/H/1/21/9  1991

Former reference: H.445

H  KELLER/H/1/21/10  1991

Former reference: H.446

Hikosaka, M.  KELLER/H/1/21/11  1991

Former reference: H.447, H.448

2 folders.

J  KELLER/H/1/21/12  1991

Former reference: H.449

Ka - Ke  KELLER/H/1/21/13  1991

Former reference: H.450

Kh - Ko  KELLER/H/1/21/14  1991

Former reference: H.451

L  KELLER/H/1/21/15  1991

Former reference: H.452

M  KELLER/H/1/21/16  1991

Former reference: H.453

N, O  KELLER/H/1/21/17  1991

Former reference: H.454

P  KELLER/H/1/21/18  1991

Former reference: H.455

Piccarolo, S.  KELLER/H/1/21/19  1991

Former reference: H.456, H.457

2 folders.

R  KELLER/H/1/21/20  1991

Former reference: H.458

Rastogi, S.  KELLER/H/1/21/21  1991

Former reference: H.459

S  KELLER/H/1/21/22  1991

Former reference: H.460

T  KELLER/H/1/21/23  1991

Former reference: H.461

V  KELLER/H/1/21/24  1991

Former reference: H.462

W  KELLER/H/1/21/25  1991

Former reference: H.463

Y, Z  KELLER/H/1/21/26  1991

Former reference: H.464

1992  KELLER/H/1/22  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.465-H.486

19 items

A  KELLER/H/1/22/1  1992

Former reference: H.465

B  KELLER/H/1/22/2  1992

Former reference: H.466

Berghmans, H.  KELLER/H/1/22/3  1992

Former reference: H.467-H.469

3 folders.

C  KELLER/H/1/22/4  1992

Former reference: H.470

D  KELLER/H/1/22/5  1992

Former reference: H.471

F - H  KELLER/H/1/22/6  1992

Former reference: H.472

Hikosaka, M.  KELLER/H/1/22/7  1992

Former reference: H.473, H.474

2 folders.

I, J  KELLER/H/1/22/8  1992

Former reference: H.475

K  KELLER/H/1/22/9  1992

Former reference: H.476

L  KELLER/H/1/22/10  1992

Former reference: H.477

M  KELLER/H/1/22/11  1992

Former reference: H.478

Martuscelli, E.  KELLER/H/1/22/12  1992

Former reference: H.479

N - P  KELLER/H/1/22/13  1992

Former reference: H.480

R  KELLER/H/1/22/14  1992

Former reference: H.481

Rastogi, S.  KELLER/H/1/22/15  1992

Former reference: H.482

Saunders, D.W.  KELLER/H/1/22/16  1992

Former reference: H.483

T  KELLER/H/1/22/17  1992

Former reference: H.484

V  KELLER/H/1/22/18  1992

Former reference: H.485

W  KELLER/H/1/22/19  1992

Former reference: H.486

1993  KELLER/H/1/23  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.487-H.500

14 items

A  KELLER/H/1/23/1  1993

Former reference: H.487

B  KELLER/H/1/23/2  1993

Former reference: H.488

C  KELLER/H/1/23/3  1993

Former reference: H.489

D, F  KELLER/H/1/23/4  1993

Former reference: H.490

G  KELLER/H/1/23/5  1993

Former reference: H.491

H  KELLER/H/1/23/6  1993

Former reference: H.492

K  KELLER/H/1/23/7  1993

Former reference: H.493

Lemstra, P.J.  KELLER/H/1/23/8  1993

Former reference: H.494

M  KELLER/H/1/23/9  1993

Former reference: H.495

N, P  KELLER/H/1/23/10  1993

Former reference: H.496

R  KELLER/H/1/23/11  1993

Former reference: H.497

S, T  KELLER/H/1/23/12  1993

Former reference: H.498

Saunders, D.W.  KELLER/H/1/23/13  1993

Former reference: H.499

Conditions of access: [For Restriction ?]

U - Z  KELLER/H/1/23/14  1993

Former reference: H.500

1994  KELLER/H/1/24  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.501-H.513

13 items

Alfonso, G.C.  KELLER/H/1/24/1  1994

Former reference: H.501

B - E  KELLER/H/1/24/2  1994

Former reference: H.502

F, G  KELLER/H/1/24/3  1994

Former reference: H.503

H  KELLER/H/1/24/4  1994

Former reference: H.504

Izod, T.  KELLER/H/1/24/5  1994

Former reference: H.505

K  KELLER/H/1/24/6  1994

Former reference: H.506

L  KELLER/H/1/24/7  1994

Former reference: H.507

M  KELLER/H/1/24/8  1994

Former reference: H.508

Mashelkar, R.A.  KELLER/H/1/24/9  1994

Former reference: H.509

P  KELLER/H/1/24/10  1994

Former reference: H.510

R  KELLER/H/1/24/11  1994

Former reference: H.511

S, T  KELLER/H/1/24/12  1994

Former reference: H.512

V, W  KELLER/H/1/24/13  1994

Former reference: H.513

1995  KELLER/H/1/25  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.514-H.528

15 items

A  KELLER/H/1/25/1  1995

Former reference: H.514

B  KELLER/H/1/25/2  1995

Former reference: H.515

C  KELLER/H/1/25/3  1995

Former reference: H.516

D  KELLER/H/1/25/4  1995

Former reference: H.517

E, F  KELLER/H/1/25/5  1995

Former reference: H.518

G, H  KELLER/H/1/25/6  1995

Former reference: H.519

J, K  KELLER/H/1/25/7  1995

Former reference: H.520

Lemstra, P.J.  KELLER/H/1/25/8  1995

Former reference: H.521

Mar  KELLER/H/1/25/9  1995

Former reference: H.522

Mas - Mei  KELLER/H/1/25/10  1995

Former reference: H.523

N - P  KELLER/H/1/25/11  1995

Former reference: H.524

R  KELLER/H/1/25/12  1995

Former reference: H.525

S  KELLER/H/1/25/13  1995

Former reference: H.526

T - V  KELLER/H/1/25/14  1995

Former reference: H.527

W, Z  KELLER/H/1/25/15  1995

Former reference: H.528

1996  KELLER/H/1/26  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.529-H.538

10 items

B  KELLER/H/1/26/1  1996

Former reference: H.529

D, E  KELLER/H/1/26/2  1996

Former reference: H.530

F, G  KELLER/H/1/26/3  1996

Former reference: H.531

H, J  KELLER/H/1/26/4  1996

Former reference: H.532

K  KELLER/H/1/26/5  1996

Former reference: H.533

L  KELLER/H/1/26/6  1996

Former reference: H.534

M  KELLER/H/1/26/7  1996

Former reference: H.535

N, P  KELLER/H/1/26/8  1996

Former reference: H.536

R - T  KELLER/H/1/26/9  1996

Former reference: H.537

W - Z  KELLER/H/1/26/10  1996

Former reference: H.538

1997  KELLER/H/1/27  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.539-H.549

11 items

B  KELLER/H/1/27/1  1997

Former reference: H.539

Cheng, S.Z.  KELLER/H/1/27/2  1997

Former reference: H.540

D - F  KELLER/H/1/27/3  1997

Former reference: H.541

G - I  KELLER/H/1/27/4  1997

Former reference: H.542

J - L  KELLER/H/1/27/5  1997

Former reference: H.543

M - P  KELLER/H/1/27/6  1997

Former reference: H.544

Petermann, J.  KELLER/H/1/27/7  1997

Former reference: H.545

R  KELLER/H/1/27/8  1997

Former reference: H.546

T, V  KELLER/H/1/27/9  1997

Former reference: H.547

W - X  KELLER/H/1/27/10  1997

Former reference: H.548

Windle, A.H.  KELLER/H/1/27/11  1997

Former reference: H.549

1998  KELLER/H/1/28  [n.d.]

Former reference: H.550-H.556

6 items

B - I  KELLER/H/1/28/1  1998

Former reference: H.550

J - L  KELLER/H/1/28/2  1998

Former reference: H.551

M  KELLER/H/1/28/3  1998

Former reference: H.552

P  KELLER/H/1/28/4  1998

Former reference: H.553

Ramesh, C.  KELLER/H/1/28/5  1998

Former reference: H.554, H.555

2 folders.

S - W  KELLER/H/1/28/6  1998

Former reference: H.556

1999  KELLER/H/1/29  1999

Former reference: H.557

1 item

MISCELLANEOUS  KELLER/H/2  1955-1998, n.d.

Former reference: H.558-H.576

14 items

Chronological sequence. Undated letters at H.572-H.576.

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/1  1955-1958

Former reference: H.558

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/2  1959

Former reference: H.559

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/3  1960

Former reference: H.560

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/4  1961-1964

Former reference: H.561

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/5  1965 August, October

Former reference: H.562

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/6  1965 November

Former reference: H.563, H.564

2 folders.

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/7  1965 December

Former reference: H.565

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/8  1966

Former reference: H.566

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/9  1972-1978

Former reference: H.567

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/10  1980-1982

Former reference: H.568

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/11  1983, 1985

Former reference: H.569

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/12  1989

Former reference: H.570

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/13  1992-1998

Former reference: H.571

Miscellaneous  KELLER/H/2/14  N.d.

Former reference: H.572-H.576

5 folders.


Former reference: H.577-H.595

19 items

This is correspondence for 1972 that was missing from the main sequence above.

A  KELLER/H/3/1  1972

Former reference: H.577

B  KELLER/H/3/2  1972

Former reference: H.578

C  KELLER/H/3/3  1972

Former reference: H.579

D  KELLER/H/3/4  1972

Former reference: H.580

E, F  KELLER/H/3/5  1972

Former reference: H.581

G  KELLER/H/3/6  1972

Former reference: H.582

H  KELLER/H/3/7  1972

Former reference: H.583

J  KELLER/H/3/8  1972

Former reference: H.584

K  KELLER/H/3/9  1972

Former reference: H.585

L  KELLER/H/3/10  1972

Former reference: H.586

Mac - Mat  KELLER/H/3/11  1972

Former reference: H.587

Mi - Mu  KELLER/H/3/12  1972

Former reference: H.588

N, O  KELLER/H/3/13  1972

Former reference: H.589

Pa - Po  KELLER/H/3/14  1972

Former reference: H.590

Pr - Pu  KELLER/H/3/15  1972

Former reference: H.591

Q, R  KELLER/H/3/16  1972

Former reference: H.592

S  KELLER/H/3/17  1972

Former reference: H.593

T, V  KELLER/H/3/18  1972

Former reference: H.594

W  KELLER/H/3/19  1972

Former reference: H.595


Former reference: SECTION J

93 items

HIGHER DEGREES  KELLER/J/1  1967-1996, n.d.

Former reference: J.1-J.17

11 items

The material includes invitations to examine theses and advise on higher degrees, arrangements for oral examinations, correspondence with co-examiners of candidates, notes on theses, suggestions for corrections and final reports.

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1  1967-1996, n.d.

Former reference: J.1-J.11

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/1  1967-1969

Former reference: J.1

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/2  1970-1972

Former reference: J.2

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/3  1973

Former reference: J.3

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/4  1976-1977

Former reference: J.4

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/5  1978-1979

Former reference: J.5

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/6  1984-1987

Former reference: J.6

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/7  1988

Former reference: J.7

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/8  1989

Former reference: J.8

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/9  1990-1993

Former reference: J.9

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/10  1994-1995

Former reference: J.10

Ph.D  KELLER/J/1/1/11  1996, n.d.

Former reference: J.11

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2  1972-1991

Former reference: J.12-J.17

6 items

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/1  1972

Former reference: J.12

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/2  1975-1977

Former reference: J.13

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/3  1978

Former reference: J.14

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/4  1984-1986

Former reference: J.15

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/5  1989

Former reference: J.16

D.Sc.  KELLER/J/1/2/6  1990-1991

Former reference: J.17


Former reference: J.18-J.97

31 items

These are predominantly Keller's own references for individual candidates for appointments and promotions at colleges, universities and commercial organisations in the UK and abroad. Some may extend over several years and may include correspondence on research and careers, comparative evaluations, or updating of previous recommendations. They are presented chronologically by year.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/1  1959

Former reference: J.18

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/2  1966

Former reference: J.19

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/3  1967

Former reference: J.20, J.21

2 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/4  1968-1969

Former reference: J.22

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/5  1970

Former reference: J.23

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/6  1971

Former reference: J.24

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/7  1972

Former reference: J.25-J.28

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/8  1973

Former reference: J.29-J.32

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/9  1974

Former reference: J.33, J.34

2 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/10  1975

Former reference: J.35-J.40

6 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/11  1976

Former reference: J.41-J.46

6 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/12  1977

Former reference: J.47-J.50

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/13  1978

Former reference: J.51-J.54

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/14  1979

Former reference: J.55-J.57

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/15  1981-1982

Former reference: J.58

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/16  1983

Former reference: J.59

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/17  1984

Former reference: J.60-J.62

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/18  1985

Former reference: J.63-J.65

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/19  1986

Former reference: J.66-J.69

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/20  1987

Former reference: J.70, J.71

2 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/21  1988

Former reference: J.72-J.75

4 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/22  1989

Former reference: J.76-J.80

5 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/23  1990

Former reference: J.81-J.83

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/24  1991

Former reference: J.84-J.86

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/25  1992

Former reference: J.87, J.88

2 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/26  1993

Former reference: J.89, J.90

2 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/27  1994

Former reference: J.91-J.93

3 folders.

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/28  1995

Former reference: J.94

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/29  1996

Former reference: J.95

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/30  1997

Former reference: J.96

Appointments  KELLER/J/2/31  1998

Former reference: J.97


Former reference: J.98-J.123

24 items

UK institutions  KELLER/J/3/1  1968-1994

Former reference: J.98-J.119

20 items

Arthritis & Rheumatism Council  KELLER/J/3/1/1  1974-1986

Former reference: J.98, J.99

2 items

Arthritis & Rheumatism Council  KELLER/J/3/1/1/1  1974

Former reference: J.98

Arthritis & Rheumatism Council  KELLER/J/3/1/1/2  1985-1986

Former reference: J.99

British Council  KELLER/J/3/1/2  1974-1991

Former reference: J.100-J.102

3 items

British Council  KELLER/J/3/1/2/1  1974

Former reference: J.100

British Council  KELLER/J/3/1/2/2  1985

Former reference: J.101

British Council  KELLER/J/3/1/2/3  1989-1991

Former reference: J.102

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3  1971-1994, n.d.

Former reference: J.103-J.118

14 items

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/1  1971

Former reference: J.103

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/2  1972

Former reference: J.104

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/3  1973

Former reference: J.105, J.106

2 folders.

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/4  1974

Former reference: J.107, J.108

2 folders.

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/5  1975-1976

Former reference: J.109

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/6  1977

Former reference: J.110

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/7  1978

Former reference: J.111

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/8  1979

Former reference: J.112

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/9  1980

Former reference: J.113

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/10  1984

Former reference: J.114

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/11  1985-1988

Former reference: J.115

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/12  1992-1993

Former reference: J.116

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/13  1994

Former reference: J.117

Science Research Council/Science and Engineering Research Council  KELLER/J/3/1/3/14  N.d.

Former reference: J.118

Miscellaneous  KELLER/J/3/1/4  1968-1988

Former reference: J.119

1 item

Overseas institutions  KELLER/J/3/2  1972-1996

Former reference: J.120-J.123

4 items

Australia  KELLER/J/3/2/1  1974, 1988

Former reference: J.120

Belgium  KELLER/J/3/2/2  1974-1986

Former reference: J.121

Canada, Germany, Ireland  KELLER/J/3/2/3  1972-1991

Former reference: J.122

USA  KELLER/J/3/2/4  1974-1996

Former reference: J.123


Former reference: J.124-J.140

17 items

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1  1972-1998, n.d

Former reference: J.124-J.137

14 items

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/1  1972, 1974

Former reference: J.124

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/2  1975-1977

Former reference: J.125

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/3  1978-1979

Former reference: J.126

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/4  1982-1983

Former reference: J.127

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/5  1984

Former reference: J.128

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/6  1985

Former reference: J.129

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/7  1987

Former reference: J.130

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/8  1988

Former reference: J.131

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/9  1989

Former reference: J.132

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/10  1990

Former reference: J.133

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/11  1991

Former reference: J.134

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/12  1992-1994

Former reference: J.135

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/13  1995

Former reference: J.136

Fellowship  KELLER/J/4/1/14  1998, n.d.

Former reference: J.137

Miscellaneous  KELLER/J/4/2  1968-1997

Former reference: J.138-J.140

3 items

Miscellaneous  KELLER/J/4/2/1  1968-1979

Former reference: J.138

Miscellaneous  KELLER/J/4/2/2  1985, 1989

Former reference: J.139

Miscellaneous  KELLER/J/4/2/3  1991-1997

Former reference: J.140


Former reference: J.141-J.150

10 items

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/1  1969, 1973

Former reference: J.141

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/2  1974

Former reference: J.142

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/3  1977-1984

Former reference: J.143

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/4  1985

Former reference: J.144

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/5  1986

Former reference: J.145

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/6  1987-1989

Former reference: J.146

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/7  1990-1991

Former reference: J.147

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/8  1994

Former reference: J.148

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/9  1995

Former reference: J.149

Awards, prizes and honours  KELLER/J/5/10  1996-1997

Former reference: J.150

NON-TEXTUAL MATERIAL, K.1-K.199  KELLER/K  1958-1993 and n.d.

Former reference: SECTION K

This section comprises illustrative material of various types, chiefly relating to Keller's research.

Photographic material  KELLER/K/1  1958-1993 and n.d.

Former reference: K.1-K.176

Where appropriate the material has been retained in its original packaging.

Photographs  KELLER/K/1/1  1958-1984 and n.d.

Former reference: K.1-K.53

36 items

Contents of Keller's envelopes, photograph boxes and boxfiles. As far as possible it is presented in alphabetical order by title of topic. Many of the photographs have inscriptions giving some identification of topic on the verso. There are biographical photographs in section A, A.53-A.94.

'Cambios de [?] en monocristalles [...]  KELLER/K/1/1/K.1-K.2  N.d.

Former reference: K.1, K.2

Contents of Keller's envelope so inscribed. 2 folders.

'Collagen E.M.'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.3  N.d.

Former reference: K.3

Contents of Keller's envelope so inscribed.

'Decoration. Allen'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.4  N.d.

Former reference: K.4

Contents of Keller's box so inscribed: H.H. Wills Laboratory electron micrographs.

'Photos for electron low-angles'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.5  N.d.

Former reference: K.5

Contents of Keller's envelope so inscribed.

'Flow Jets'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.6  N.d.

Former reference: K.6

Contents of Keller's box so inscribed.

'Jarvis E.M.'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.7-K.12  1980-1982

Former reference: K.7-K.12

4 items

Contents of boxfile so inscribed.

'D. Grubb's Marlex photos'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.7-K.12/K.7  undated

Former reference: K.7

Contents of envelope so inscribed.

'E.M. Marlex 600 [...] June '82'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.7-K.12/K.8  1982

Former reference: K.8

Contents of box so inscribed. Includes negatives.

'PE Mats M.E.'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.7-K.12/K.9  1980

Former reference: K.9

Contents of envelope so inscribed: negatives, with manuscript note December 1980

Loose photographs  KELLER/K/1/1/K.7-K.12/K.10-K.12  undated

Former reference: K.10-K.12

3 folders.

'Leaf crystal'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23  N.d.

Former reference: K.13-K.23

7 items

Contents of Keller's boxfile. The material is presented in the order within the boxfile.

'Film XII* [...]'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.13-K.14  undated

Former reference: K.13, K.14

Contents of envelope so inscribed. Original folder retained at K.13. 2 folders.

'Twisted crystal'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.15  undated

Former reference: K.15

Contents of Keller's folder.

'Leaf shaped crystals'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.16  undated

Former reference: K.16

Contents of envelope so inscribed.

'Leaf photo micrographs'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.17-K.18  undated

Former reference: K.17-K.18

Contents of envelope so inscribed. 2 folders.

'Film XXXV* [...]'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.19-K.20  undated

Former reference: K.19, K.20

Contents of envelope so inscribed. Original folder retained at K.19. 2 folders.

Envelopes of glass slides  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.21  undated

Former reference: K.21

Contents of untitled folder.  KELLER/K/1/1/K.13-K.23/K.22-K.23  undated

Former reference: K.22, K.23

Miscellaneous photographs. 2 folders.

'Lotz Kovacs'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.24-K.27  N.d.

Former reference: K.24-K.27

Contents of Keller's box. The photographs were found in envelopes inscribed with information on the work represented. 4 folders.

'Lotz-Kovacs PEO'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.28-K.31  N.d.

Former reference: K.28-K.31

3 items

Contents of Keller's boxfile: photographs and negatives.

Photographs  KELLER/K/1/1/K.28-K.31/K.28  undated

Former reference: K.28

Glass plate negatives  KELLER/K/1/1/K.28-K.31/K.29-K.30  undated

Former reference: K.29, K.30

2 boxes.

Roll of negatives  KELLER/K/1/1/K.28-K.31/K.31  undated

Former reference: K.31

'Norton Blend'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.32  1984

Former reference: K.32

Contents of Keller's box. Includes note from David Norton to Keller beginning 'I have included a few extra photographs'.

'Octane crystals'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.33-K.35  N.d.

Former reference: K.33-K.35

Contents of Keller's folder divided into three for ease of reference.

'PE fast growth [?] crystals. Flow - gels PP. gel X-ray'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.36  1984

Former reference: K.36

Contents of Keller's box: miscellaneous photographs, including three of Keller's laboratory with covering letter.

'Polyamides'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.37  1958

Former reference: K.37

Contents of Keller's envelope so inscribed: photographs; letter 1958.

'Spherulites'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.38-K.40  N.d.

Former reference: K.38-K.40

Contents of Keller's box. 3 folders.

Contents of Keller's untitled envelope  KELLER/K/1/1/K.41  1971

Former reference: K.41

Administrative history:
Photographs sent to C.-M. von Meysenburg and returned by him to Keller.

Photographs with covering letter.

Contents of Keller's untitled folder  KELLER/K/1/1/K.42-K.44  N.d.

Former reference: K.42-K.44

3 folders.

'Photos for reproduction, loan etc'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52  N.d.

Former reference: K.45-K.52

7 items

Contents of Keller's boxfile. The material is presented in the order within the boxfile.

Contents of untitled envelope  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.45  undated

Former reference: K.45

'Prints for Varenne'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.46  undated

Former reference: K.46

Contents of envelope so inscribed.

Photographs for figures, some mounted.  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.47  undated

Former reference: K.47

'Gold decor'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.48  undated

Former reference: K.48

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'EPS'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.49  undated

Former reference: K.49

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Electr. Microsp.'  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.50-K.51  undated

Former reference: K.50, K.51

Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference.

Photographs found loose  KELLER/K/1/1/K.45-K.52/K.52  undated

Former reference: K.52

Miscellaneous photographs found loose  KELLER/K/1/1/K.53  N.d.

Former reference: K.53

Negatives and slides  KELLER/K/1/2  1961-1993 and n.d.

Former reference: K.54-K.176

103 items

Where appropriate the material has been retained in its original packaging.

Glass plates  KELLER/K/1/2/1  1961, 1962 and n.d.

Former reference: K.54-K.58

5 items

Arranged in alphabetical order by Keller's inscription.

'Etched terylene spherulites'  KELLER/K/1/2/1/K.54  1962

Former reference: K.54

Contents of box so inscribed

'Etching of leaves etc'  KELLER/K/1/2/1/K.55  N.d.

Former reference: K.55

Contents of box so inscribed

'...(old ICI) negatives EM special samples'  KELLER/K/1/2/1/K.56  1961 and n.d.

Former reference: K.56

Contents of box so inscribed: glass and celluloid negatives.

'Leaf crystals'.  KELLER/K/1/2/1/K.57  N.d.

Former reference: K.57

Contents of box so inscribed.

'PPX'  KELLER/K/1/2/1/K.58  N.d.

Former reference: K.58

Contents of box so inscribed.

Glass negatives and slides  KELLER/K/1/2/2  N.d.

Former reference: K.59-K.112

39 items

Small format. Arranged in alphabetical order by Keller's inscription. Retained in original boxes.

'Andrew (latest paper)'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.59  undated

Former reference: K.59

'Artefact'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.60  undated

Former reference: K.60

'Au decor'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.61  undated

Former reference: K.61

'Basic crystals'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.62  undated

Former reference: K.62

'BASIC Pyramids Single crystals'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.63  undated

Former reference: K.63

'Dislocation -diffr. [?] moire'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.64-K.65  undated

Former reference: K.64, K.65

2 boxes.

'Electron diffr'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.66-K.67  undated

Former reference: K.66, K.67

'General'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.68  undated

Former reference: K.68

'Gold decor'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.69  undated

Former reference: K.69

'Growth habit'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.70-K.71  undated

Former reference: K.70, K.71

2 boxes.

'Hay'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.72-K.77  undated

Former reference: K.72-K.77

6 boxes sellotaped together.

'He[?]'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.78  undated

Former reference: K.78

'Kovacs'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.79  undated

Former reference: K.79

'Low angle electric'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.80  undated

Former reference: K.80

'Low angle X-ray'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.81-K.82  undated

Former reference: K.81, K.82

2 boxes.

'Martuscelli'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.83  undated

Former reference: K.83

'Mary latest'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.84  undated

Former reference: K.84

'Mary's stress cryst'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.85  undated

Former reference: K.85

'Miscellaneous polymers'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.86-K.88  undated

Former reference: K.86-K.88

3 boxes.

'Multilayers'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.89-K.91  undated

Former reference: K.89-K.91

3 boxes.

'Odell SBS'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.92  undated

Former reference: K.92

'Paraffins'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.93  undated

Former reference: K.93

'Paraffins orient. Hay'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.94  undated

Former reference: K.94

'Patel (degradation)'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.95  undated

Former reference: K.95

'PEO'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.96  undated

Former reference: K.96

'POE'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.97  undated

Former reference: K.97

'Pyramids etc. Films - sheaves'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.97A  undated

Former reference: K.97A

'SC Picture home'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.98  undated

Former reference: K.98

'Sections Dlugosz'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.99  undated

Former reference: K.99

'Single cryst. general'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.100  undated

Former reference: K.100

'Single cryst. melting immediat.'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.101  undated

Former reference: K.101

'Shish kebab'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.102-K.103  undated

Former reference: K.102, K.103

2 boxes.

'Shish-keb. Mary'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.104  undated

Former reference: K.104

'Spherulites'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.105  undated

Former reference: K.105

'Spherulites deformation'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.106-K.107  undated

Former reference: K.106, K.107

2 boxes.

'Stress-induced cryst. Mary's'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.108  undated

Former reference: K.108

'Teach'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.109  undated

Former reference: K.109

'Windle Annealing paper'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.110  undated

Former reference: K.110

'Drawings of models. Diagrams, Structures'  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.111  undated

Former reference: K.111

Untitled  KELLER/K/1/2/2/K.112  undated

Former reference: K.112

Non-glass negatives  KELLER/K/1/2/3  1965-1993, n.d.

Former reference: K.113-K.122

9 items

Arranged in alphabetical order by Keller's inscription.

'Bashir'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.113  1986

Former reference: K.113

Contents of folder so inscribed: sheets of negatives.

'i.P.P. Gels'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.114  1976, 1979

Former reference: K.114

Contents of box so inscribed.

'Lemstra i-PS'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.115  N.d.

Former reference: K.115

Contents of envelope so inscribed.

'Norton P.P.'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.116  N.d.

Former reference: K.116

Contents of box so inscribed.

'Photo micr. [?] Films'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.117  1965

Former reference: K.117

Contents of box so inscribed.

'X-ray patterns. Oriented spin'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.118  1993

Former reference: K.118

Contents of envelope so inscribed.

'X-ray photographs for [?Hou Kins] report'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.119  N.d.

Former reference: K.119

Untitled  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.120  1970

Former reference: K.120

Contents of box. Includes letter and notes found with the negatives.

'Negatives + optical micrographs'  KELLER/K/1/2/3/K.121-K.122  undated

Former reference: K.121, K.122

Contents of envelope so inscribed divided into two for ease of reference.

Plastic mounted slides  KELLER/K/1/2/4  N.d.

Former reference: K.123-K.176

49 items

Arranged in alphabetical order by Keller's inscription.

'Collagen'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.123-K.125  undated

Former reference: K.123-K.125

Plastic wallets of slides so labelled. 3 wallets.

'Collagen'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.126  undated

Former reference: K.126

Contents of card box so inscribed.

'Deformation Pope work'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.127  undated

Former reference: K.127

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Disloc.- Extended chain - (SN)x - mono Gold decor - Disloc. - (curves)'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.128  undated

Former reference: K.128

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'EM - Bulk - Fractionation. Neutrons - IR. Kovacs. Grubb EM. El. Diffs - Fold models. Crystal growth - Paraffin'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.129  undated

Former reference: K.129

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Fibres. Odell Barham'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.130  undated

Former reference: K.130

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Flow. Old Classics'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.131  undated

Former reference: K.131

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Flow'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.132  undated

Former reference: K.132

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Flow'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.133-K.134  undated

Former reference: K.133, K.134

Plastic wallets of slides so labelled. 2 wallets.

'Gel. SBS LC'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.135  undated

Former reference: K.135

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'[D.T.] Grubb'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.136  undated

Former reference: K.136

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Liq. Crystals'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.137  undated

Former reference: K.137

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Dr M. Miles'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.138  undated

Former reference: K.138

Contents of card box so inscribed.

'Nylons (Theory)'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.139  undated

Former reference: K.139

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Nucleation'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.140  undated

Former reference: K.140

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Odell. Script Folding. Shish-kebab'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.141  undated

Former reference: K.141

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Optical Micr-Single crys. Low X-Ray-Isoth. annealing. Single Crystal Optical Micr'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.142  undated

Former reference: K.142

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Orientation'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.143-K.144  undated

Former reference: K.143, K.144

Plastic wallets of slides so labelled. 2 wallets.

'Orientation. Lquid crystal [...]'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.145  undated

Former reference: K.145

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Orientation. [?Leave home]'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.146  undated

Former reference: K.146

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'PBT Flow [...]'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.147  undated

Former reference: K.147

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'PEEK'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.148  undated

Former reference: K.148

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'PEEK compounds'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.149  undated

Former reference: K.149

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'PHB'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.150  undated

Former reference: K.150

Contents of plastic slide holder so inscribed.

'PS'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.151  undated

Former reference: K.151

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'PVC. Also Mary's latest'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.152  undated

Former reference: K.152

Contents of card box so inscribed.

'P4MPI'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.153  undated

Former reference: K.153

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Paraffin - (gel)'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.154  undated

Former reference: K.154

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Paraffins ...Sorrento'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.155  undated

Former reference: K.155

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Paraffins' and 'Pressure Liq Cryst'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.156  undated

Former reference: K.156

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Paraffins'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.157  undated

Former reference: K.157

Contents of box so inscribed.

'Radiation'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.158  undated

Former reference: K.158

Polaroid slides found in envelope so inscribed. Envelope not retained.

'Radiation'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.159  undated

Former reference: K.159

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'S.B.S. Slides'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.160  undated

Former reference: K.160

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Shish kebabs. Merry-old'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.161  undated

Former reference: K.161

Contents of folder so inscribed.

'Single Crystal E.M.'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.162  undated

Former reference: K.162

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Single Crystal general'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.163  undated

Former reference: K.163

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Spherulites Basic'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.164  undated

Former reference: K.164

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Spherulite'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.165  undated

Former reference: K.165

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Spherulites Slides [...] Charles Frank'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.166  undated

Former reference: K.166

Contents of envelope.

'Spherulites (Ishikawa) Standard'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.167  undated

Former reference: K.167

Contents of box so inscribed.

'S.A.N.'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.168  undated

Former reference: K.168

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'TOP course'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.169  undated

Former reference: K.169

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

'Wagner P.(SN)y'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.170  undated

Former reference: K.170

Contents of box so inscribed.

'Dr Windle'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.171  undated

Former reference: K.171

Contents of box so inscribed.

'Miscellaneous'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.172  undated

Former reference: K.172

Plastic wallet of slides so labelled.

Untitled plastic wallet of slides.  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.173  undated

Former reference: K.173

Untitled box of polaroid slides.  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.174  undated

Former reference: K.174

Untitled box of slides  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.175  undated

Former reference: K.175

'Slides'  KELLER/K/1/2/4/K.176  undated

Former reference: K.176

Envelope so inscribed. Contains inscribed photographic bags of slides: 'Gold dec', 'Jo', 'Leaf crystals', 'Low angle electron',, 'Misc', 'Model diagrams', 'Single crystals'.

Reel to reel tapes  KELLER/K/2  N.d.

Former reference: K.177, K.178

2 items

Colour 16mm Film of 'Melt Crystallization'  KELLER/K/2/K.177  undated

Former reference: K.177

Second copy of K.177  KELLER/K/2/K.178  undated

Former reference: K.178

Labelled 'Melt crystallization. Mackley & Keller. Run at 18-16 frames/sec if possible'

Video cassette tapes  KELLER/K/3  c 1983-1993

Former reference: K.179-K.196

17 items

Non-standard format video cassette of annealing process  KELLER/K/3/K.179  c 1983

Former reference: K.179

Found in envelope postmarked 1983. Includes manuscript description of contents of tape.

VHS Video inscribed 'Polymer Diffraction at CHESS. D.T. Grubb'  KELLER/K/3/K.180  N.d.

Former reference: K.180

Found in envelope inscribed: 'CHESS SUMMARY. 1) PESC MAT ANNEAL. 2) STRETCHING RUBBER, PE. 3) CRAZES IN PS, FATIGUE.' Includes manuscript description of contents of tape.

VHS Videos of proceedings of Polymer Physics Conference to mark the Retirement of Keller, 3-5 April 1991  KELLER/K/3/K.181-K.182  1991

Former reference: K.181, K.182

2 items

Related information: See also F.312.

Filmed lectures by colleagues paying tribute to Keller and his contributions to Bristol University, the Physics Department and polymer physics.

Part I  KELLER/K/3/K.181-K.182/K.181  undated

Former reference: K.181

Part II  KELLER/K/3/K.181-K.182/K.182  undated

Former reference: K.182

Includes Keller.

VHS Video 'A lifetime in polymer physics'  KELLER/K/3/K.183  1992

Former reference: K.183

Administrative history:
The video concentrates on Keller's work on chain folding at Bristol. University of Bristol video produced by Department of Continuing Education 1992.

Interview with Keller after his retirement, March 1992.

NOT USED  KELLER/K/3/K.184  [n.d.]

Former reference: K.184

VHS Videos of Keller's lecture course on Polymer Morphology, Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron, USA, January-March 1993  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196  1993

Former reference: K.185-K.196

12 items

'1st lecture 1/20/93 2nd lecture 1/25/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.185  undated

Former reference: K.185

'Lecture 2 (cont) 1/25/93 Lecture 3 1/27/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.186  undated

Former reference: K.186

'Dr Keller #4 2/1/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.187  undated

Former reference: K.187

'Dr Keller Lecture 5. 2/3/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.188  undated

Former reference: K.188

'2/8/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.189  undated

Former reference: K.189

'2/10/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.190  undated

Former reference: K.190

'2/19/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.191  undated

Former reference: K.191

'3/2/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.192  undated

Former reference: K.192

'3/3/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.193  undated

Former reference: K.193

'3/8/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.194  undated

Former reference: K.194

'3/10/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.195  undated

Former reference: K.195

'3/17/93'  KELLER/K/3/K.185-K.196/K.196  undated

Former reference: K.196

Specimens and artefacts  KELLER/K/4  N.d.

Former reference: K.197-K.199

Samples of polyethylene and marlex  KELLER/K/4/K.197  undated

Former reference: K.197

Samples of polypropylene  KELLER/K/4/K.198  undated

Former reference: K.198

Glass pipette  KELLER/K/4/K.199  undated

Former reference: K.199

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